Something To Protect

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The pain in her heart was unlike anything she'd ever felt, it was searing, mind numbing. It coursed through her veins, burning her from the inside out. Nothing would make it go away.

'God make it stop!' She begged. After everything they had been through, after everything he promised her, it had all been a lie. She wiped at her tears willing them to stop, though it was no use.

The muscles in her legs began to burn and she could feel blisters staring to form on her toes. How long had she been running? Where was she? Her mind finally catching up with her body forced her to slow down.

Leaning against the wall and gasping for breath Kagome felt her heart continue to slowly rip in two, everything hurt, and it was all her fault. It was her fault for trusting him, for believing in him.

Forget about him.

The voice in her head was small, it almost skirted past her senses. Her gut twisted in anxiousness and she wasn’t if this voice was trying to help her or corrupt her.

I’m only to do what’s best for you. Don't you want the pain to go away?

"Yes." She whispered. "Please, make it stop." Sobs once again racked her body. She felt sick.

Then let go. Focus only on your pain; embrace it. Only then will it stop.

Kagome closed her eyes as memories of Kikyou and Inuyasha together blazed through her mind, heating her skin, setting her blood on fire...and the pain intensified.

Darkness was creeping into the edges of her vision, the heat of her pain suddenly being numbed by the overwhelming cold crawling over her nerves, and she couldn't tell which sensation was worse.

Hate him.

The voice called to the darkness in her soul. It was feasting on it. Slowly gaining more power.

He hurt you, he betrayed you. He deserves your hate.

Hate Inuyasha? Could she do that? No, she didn't think she could. She loved him more than she thought she could ever love anyone, but now it was clear now that her feelings would never be returned.

Just as Kagome felt herself going over the edge, welcoming her decent into darkness, crimson eyes flash in her mind and she laughed bitterly.

She should have known.

Kikyou's lips were still pressed against Inuyasha's. The shock finally wore off and he pushed her back, their mouths disconnecting with a pop.

"What do you think your doing?" he asked practically hysterical.

"Kissing you, is my touch not satisfactory for you?" Kikyou replied. Inuyasha blushed and crossed his arms over his chest.



"Why are you doing this Princess?"

"Oh Inuyasha drop the formalities, we're gonna be married soon so-"

"We're gonna be what?" Inuyasha cut her off. He backed up when she started walking towards him. Oh no, he wasn't falling for that again.

"I said we're gonna be married soon. Our parents think it's a good idea and I for one am not complaining." She said smirking.

"Kikyou you're a nice girl and all but I-"

"But what? Are in love with that filthy servant? You'd pick her over me?" Kikyou seethed, her cool demeanor cracking with every question.

"I don't know what you’re talking about." Inuyasha turned his head away to conceal the telling blush dusted across his nose.

"Yes you do. The bond you two share is incredible, which is why it’s needs to be severed…permanently."

"What are you going on about?"

Save her.

Inuyasha's body froze. What was that? The feeling creeping up his spine made goose bumps dance across his skin.

You have to find her. Save her.

'Save who?'

Kagome. Time is running out.

The voice faded and Inuyasha took off into a dead sprint, not giving a second thought the girl he left alone in the hall. He didn't know where he was going, but the feeling in his gut told him it was the right direction.

He finally had her right where he wanted her.

A desperate mind is one easily broken.

Kagome was within his grasp. So close, a few more steps and she'd be his completely.

A wicked grin spread across his face when he thought about all the 'fun' they would soon be having.

Now it was time to deal with the little prince.

And the Princess Kikyou...yes, she too was very much in his way. Always telling him what to do, thinking she was still in charge and running the show.

She’d learned soon that this game had never been hers to play, and while she thought of herself as a queen in this game of chest, she was merely another pawn soon to be sacrificed.

He could sense Inuyasha coming.

Looking at the shell of what once was a young girl, he smirked to himself. He’d have a little more fun with the prince before he completely destroyed him.

Let the games begin.

Miroku slowly stirred. Gingerly rubbing the sleep from his eyes he stood and stretched his unused muscles. Looking down he saw that Sango was still fast asleep. He also noticed that both Inuyasha and Kagome's bedding were empty. It looked as if they had been gone for quite some time.

A lecherous grin spread across his face. 'Inuyasha you sly dog!'

Before his mind could wander too far he gently shook Sango. She awoke with a loud yawn.

"Good morning." she said, her voice hoarse from sleep.

"Morning. So my lovely what adventures await us today?" Miroku asked.

"Not sure, are Inuyasha and Kagome awake?"

"I would assume so. When I woke up they weren't here." Sango quickly turned her head to see the two empty futons.

"Sango are you okay?" Miroku scooted a little closer to the flushed girl.

"Something's not right." She shivered and wrapped her arms around herself. "Come on Miroku. We need to find them and quick."

Inuyasha continued to run. His lungs burned with the need for more oxygen, his legs felt heavy and his muscles screamed that he needed to slow down or take a break. But he didn't have that kind of time. He had get to Kagome.


Inuyasha willed himself not to panic, but the voice had never sounded this...urgent before.

"Who are you?" Inuyasha spoke out loud.

Who I am is not pertinent to you right now, only the girl

"It would be a hell of a lot easier to find her if I knew where she was, or what direction to go in!" Inuyasha countered.

Trust yourself, you will find her. Pray that it will not be too late.

"Is something happening to her?" His panic was slowly rising, and when the voice didn’t respond he felt bile burn the back of his throat.

Inuyasha slip around a sharp corner, and suddenly all his body heat left him. It took everything in him to suppress his shiver. His breath wouldn’t catch and his body felt heavy, like his bones were weighing him down or gravity itself was pressing down on him.

"I see you've found us Inuyasha. Though I expected you to be a little faster than that." Inuyasha recognized that voice anywhere.

"Naraku..." he spit out. Even saying his name made him want to vomit.

"Aw it sounds like you’re not happy to see me little prince." Inuyasha wanted to punch that fake puppy dog pout right off his face.

"I'm busy you bastard so what the hell do you want?"

"Not so fast boy, I think I have something you might be interested in." Naraku said.

"You don’t have anything I could ever want!" Inuyasha yelled.

"Oh but I think I do." Naraku stepped to the side and Inuyasha’s heart skipped a beat.


You're too late.

Kagome drifted in the darkness. She felt numb from head to toe, the blackness consumed everything and she couldn’t see.

"What's happened to me?" Her voice sounded so far away. Kagome continued to float in the recesses of her conscious and then she began to remember.


This was what she wanted, to be free from that all consuming pain that came with her love for Inuyasha.


Just his name alone caused her nerves react, made her feel warm in the coldness of the abyss she dwelled in. Closing her eyes Kagome realized how tired she felt. She figured she should be. She'd been up since early this morning, before the sun had risen.

Kagome could feel sleep coming for her when a sudden blinding white light, snapped her lids back open. Now aware and more awake then ever Kagome could hear voices. But who were they?

'Aw it sounds like you’re not happy to see me.' A voice filled with malice and ill intent had her heart beating against her ribs. It scared her.

'I'm busy so what they hell do you want?' This voice was different from the first. It brought her comfort, made her feel safe. He felt familiar to her, though she couldn’t picture his face, and his name was sitting just on the edge of her memory.

'Not so fast little Prince I think I have something you might be interested in.' The evil voice spoke again. Taunting whomever he was talking to.

'You don’t have anything I could ever want!' Kagome wanted so badly to remember his name. Fragments of memories floated by her, yet she didn't have the strength to put the pieces together.

'Oh but I think I do.' Then everything snapped. The darkness gave way to light and the fog in her mind cleared. When she came to she felt wrong in her body, like it didn't belong to her. Kagome looked at her surroundings and violet eyes were first to greet her.

'Inuyasha!' She tried to speak the words aloud and call out to him, but her mouth would not move. When she tried to walk to him her legs didn't take her forward. What was going on?

"Do you see my creation Inuyasha? Isn't she wonderful." Kagome felt hands gently turn her head and she found Naraku standing before her. She wanted to run and go to Inuyasha. She wanted him to protect her.

'Inuyasha help me!' Still her mouth failed to produce any sound.

"What did you do to her?" Inuyasha yelled to Naraku. Inuyasha looked at Kagome, her eyes cold and unfocused.

Naraku laughed, "nothing she didn't ask for."

"How dare you?"

Naraku pulled Kagome closer to his body. God she wanted to get away.

"Kagome asked for this. No, more like begged." Naraku smirked.


"Am I? You hurt her, she was desperate to make the heartache go away, and who am I to deny the wishes of a beautiful girl? She's nothing more than an empty shell now, though her mind is still intact. Every time she cuts your flesh and makes you bleed, she’ll know and she’ll remember, but she won’t be able to stop herself." When Inuyasha growled Naraku's smirk only widened. He was putty in his hands.

"And just what do you gain from this?" Inuyasha asked.

"Everything. You'll be dead, and Kagome will be mine as well as this kingdom." Naraku stepped away from Kagome, but Inuyasha wasn’t ready to let him get away that easy.

"Where are you going you asshole? Get back here and fight me like a man!"

"You thought I would be the one to kill you? There’s no fun in predictability little prince, instead you'll be killed by the woman you love."

'No! Inuyasha run!' Kagome yelled, the meaning of Naraku's finally dawning on her.

"The woman I love?" Inuyasha felt a foreboding pulse move through the air, and watched as Kagome's eyes faded from their normal chocolate hue to crimson, like Naraku’s.

"Kill him."

Kagome's nails turned into glowing claws and before Inuyasha could move out of her path, they racked through his skin and the strong scent of his blood assaulted his nose.

Damn. He should have known.

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