Love You Some Day

Rules of Engagement

Chapter Ten:

Rules of Engagement

When Blair entered her bedroom, Serena was sitting on the bed, waiting. She paused in the doorway as the blonde looked up at her, bright blue eyes pleading.

"B, I'm so sorry! Please… please don't be made at me. Laurel just attacked me, I didn't know it was just going to be me!"

"Stop it S, I know. It's just how my mother is." Blair heaved a sigh; a little annoyed at being reminded why she had ended up running to Chuck.

Relieved, Serena furrowed her brow as she realized what Blair was wearing. "By the way… what happened to you?"

Blair fidgeted with the hem of Chuck's shirt; a giant smile spread across her face, of which she instantly tried to hide, "Nothing, I just had to get out of the house…"

Serena stood up and approached her best friend. Leaning down, she inhaled deeply. "Oh, so that's what Chuck Bass smells like?"

Blair hid half of her face behind her hands. "I was so angry, and I had no where to go! I just… sort of ended up there."

"And he consoled you?" Serena mocked her friend- and the idea of Chuck Bass being sweet and caring.

Narrowing her eyes, Blair gave her friend a curt smile, "Haha, yes, Chuck Bass a giant sweetie, who knew!" Her voice dripped with sarcasm, then softened, "But… he did make me feel better."

"Then, ah, what's with the shirt? Don't tell me you're no longer…" Serena raised her eyebrow in question.

"No!" Blair sputtered, mentally adding barely. "My dress got dirty was all. And I mean ALL."

They sat down on the bed together, "Awww, so my best friend is going to date the most infamous playboy in town, and I'm not going to get any juicy details, huh?"

Blair lifted her chin, "A lady never tells." They both giggled.

"Then, you two are okay again? It will be good to not see you so sad all the time." Serena asked the question that had been hanging in the air since the first mention of Chuck.

Blair nodded her head and hugged her friend close. A little bubble of happiness rose inside her; she was excited about what tomorrow would bring.

The next morning, Blair spent extra time getting dressed. The lingerie Chuck had given her was back in her good graces. She could not resist the temptation of wearing the white set- the one he had caught her wearing and had first kissed her in. Little butterflies fluttered in her stomach, and she had to focus her breathing in order to keep herself in check. He was still Chuck Bass, and she would be smart to not forget it.

Chuck had to fight his own little butterflies when she came down that morning. He felt a mix of happiness and arousal. His eyes drifted to that little plaid skirt and the image of her naked in his shower last night… And here Chuck thought he had taken care of that this morning, in the aforementioned shower.

His heart skipped when she held his hand. He knew things were still delicate between them, and he swore to himself he would not mess it up. "So, how are things? Better?"

"Serena and I are fine, we talked. My mother? That is just who she is." Blair shrugged her shoulders.

They talked only a little on their short walk. As they departed for their separate sides of the school, Chuck moved to kiss her hand, as he looked deep into her eyes, watching the color rise in her cheeks.

The next day, it was the same. Only this time, Blair kissed him on the cheek to say goodbye.

At lunch, Serena showed Blair the picture that was circulating of her chaste kiss on his cheek.

"You are going to ruin his bad boy image if you keep that up." Serena chuckled.

"I really cannot believe people don't have better things to do." Blair scoffed.

"Ah, they're all just hoping for a sex tape. Chuck Bass and the uptight nerdy little virgin. Every boys wet dream."

Blair rolled her eyes, "He's actually nice to me, and… I'm still a virgin…"

"For now." Serena gave Blair that look. "I'm sure I can only imagine the things you two have done."

Serena watched Blair turn pink, "Ha! I knew it. I don't know how… or why really, you are holding out. You know he is going to be amazing, right?"

"I think I should be finding someone else to eat lunch with!" Blair managed to choke out.

Hugging her best friend, Serena said, "Ah, you don't mean it. Plus, no one else is already planning your birthday party for next weekend!"

The conversation moved on from talking about Chuck, much to Blair's relief. The topic of actually sleeping with Chuck made her incredibly nervous. There was no doubt he would be good- but what about her?

That afternoon was student council and committee meetings. The Snowflake Ball plans were in full swing, and they were preparing for the venue selection. In Blair's mind, this was no difficult task, but the committee members seemed to have other ideas.

"I think using the Hayden Planetarium would be perfect." Penelope proposed. The other girls nodded their heads in agreement.

"Snowflakes Under the Stars." Hazel chimed in.

"Are you kidding me?" Blair balked at the idea. "It's on the Upper WEST Side. And it's a planetarium. This is Constance, not some lame public school."

"Well, I have connections. Do you have something better, Ms. Committee Chair?" Penelope shot back.

"The Grand Ballroom at the Plaza would truly be perfect." Blair stated.

The other girls, aside from Penelope, made approving noises.

"Like that's going to be cheap! Do you have a proposal already?" Penelope was growing defensive.

"I've been working on one." As in: no, not yet, because I do not have connections and am desperately trying to find a way to get it, and at a good price. She looked down at her watch, "Well, that's it for this meeting, Penelope, bring your proposal on Monday and we'll select the venue then. Hazel, I want the catering contract by then, too. No excuses."

Blair was thankful for the cool blast of wind that swept over her as she exited the school. She was in over her head, but the thought of the planetarium… she shuddered. Turning out of the courtyard, she found Chuck waiting for her.

"Chuck!" She tried to sound cool, like she was not totally thrilled to see him.

"Hey." He leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. "How were the meetings?"

Blair inhaled the scent of him, felt the warmth he emitted as he kissed her. She was momentarily dazed at the unexpected pleasure of being near him.

"Hm? Oh… yeah, the meetings." Blair huffed for a moment. "This ball is going to suck!"

"That can't be true- you're in charge of it." Chuck countered.

"Doesn't seem that way." She replied, her frustration pushing his compliment aside, "Penelope is taking over- she proposed the planetarium for the venue of the Snowflake Ball."

"Really? That's… interesting." Chuck watched her as he listened.

"And I'm going to have no choice. I've been trying to get the Grand Ballroom at the Plaza, but it's out of budget and they're not exactly enticed at the prospect of a bunch of high schoolers having a party there, no matter how well off our families are."

"I could see that." He paused to see if she had anymore to say. When she did not continue, he asked, "How important is this to you?"

"What? You mean, not losing face? Putting those girls in their places? Representing Constance well? Going to Yale? No, that's not important to me at all" Blair ended sarcastically, the pressure of her philosophical slippery slope weighing on her.

"I could help- but only if you want. If not, I will never mention it again."

Blair looked up at him, "Really?" She then eyed him suspiciously, "What's the deal I'd have to make?"

"Hmm…" Chuck looked thoughtful as he pondered the opportunity. There was something that had been on his mind, and he needed to know... "If I should get the Plaza for you, I get to be your date to your birthday party next weekend."

"Excuse me?" Blair looked at him with shock and total disbelief. She had been waiting for some sort of sexual favor or, something equally appalling. He wanted to be her date?

"You heard me. Is it worth it?" Chuck was a little taken back by just how surprised she was.

"Yes! Of course!" She sputtered. "But… how are you going to get the Plaza?"

He smirked at her, "Now, now," he put his hands over her ears, "That's nothing some sweet little virgin like you should be hearing."

The look she gave him was half dirty, half pout. "By the way, what were you doing at school this late?"

Chuck shrugged like it was no big deal, "Just, you know… stuff."

Blair leaned into him and sniffed, "Wow, not pot?"

He playfully rolled his eyes at her. They had reached her place, and though he knew he should leave, the thought of it was displeasing.

Blair could see this on his face, but she had a lot to do- and to think about. "Thanks for walking me home."

Chuck's limo arrived, as if on cue. "Well, I suppose I have some work to do. Wish me luck?"

Blair saw the twinkle in his eyes and smiled. She leaned into him, as Chuck cupped her face in his hands. Their lips met, and all the drama of the day melted away. She wanted to drag him into that damned limo and show him just how much she appreciated him. Her body remembered being wrapped around him as he pressed her against the wall. She might need to take a small... reprieve before starting her schoolwork. Pulling away, Blair gave him a small smile. "Good luck."

Chuck watched her hips sway as she walked inside. Slipping into his limo, he went straight to work. Chuck Bass hated to lose a bet.

By Friday morning, Chuck greeted Blair with the Plaza contract in hand. Shuffling through the pages, she could scarcely believe it. She smiled, half jumping, she hugged him, "You did it!"

Chuck had a smug look on his face, "Of course I did it, I'm Chuck Bass."

She blushed a little, "So, I guess I should make sure Serena knows you are my date next weekend. She'll want to make sure you have all the details."

"I wouldn't want to pick the birthday girl up late; it's true." Chuck reached out to hold her hand as they started walking to school.

When Blair came home in the afternoon, she smiled to find a Bergdorf's box waiting on her bed.

I do owe you…


Opening it, she found a set of black lace lingerie. There was always something more exciting about lingerie when Chuck bought it for her. But there was another card inside. Furrowing her brow, she pulled the envelope open.

If you should ever need more shirts…

Or me?

Blair's heart thudded in her chest; there was a Palace keycard with the note. Her head spun, she tried furiously to keep calm, but she had no idea how to respond- or process what it meant. She had access to Chuck's suite.

Serena walked in at the moment, "I changed my mind, I just want to go shopping straight away. It's not like anyone is at home waiting for me…." Registering the look on he friends face, "Blair? What is it?"

Serena glimpsed the keycard in her friend's hand, "What is that to?"

Blair look up at Serena, "I… Chuck."

"Chuck? Oh my god, that's to his suite?"

All Blair could manage was a nod.

A small chuckle, "Well, that's temptation. There's no way you can hold out that much longer…"

The brunette shot her friend a dirty look; "I almost want to lose it so YOU stop harassing me about it."

Serena laughed again, "Come on, let's go shopping! Stop thinking about Chuck and come play with me!"

The girls were once again in the lingerie section at Bergdorf's. Blair found herself drawn to one particular manikin. She fingered the delicate material and imagined…

"Oh, that's beautiful, B. You're not…"

Blair shot Serena a look, cutting her off mid-sentence.

"Right, I get it. But that really is quite pretty."

"It couldn't hurt to try it on?"

"That's my girl!" Serena egged her on.

In the dressing room, Blair's reflection took her breath away. This was it. It was that simple. She felt giddy watching the salesgirl package it up for her and her fingers tingled holding the bag in her hand.

Returning home, she reverently tucked it away. Blair was not quite ready, but something told her… soon.

Monday afternoon, Blair crushed Penelope with the Plaza contract. It was beyond satisfying. The other girls all admired her, and while Penelope looked thoroughly disgusted, she seemed to back off.

"I expect the work of this committee to meet the standards set by having such an historic, prestigious venue for our event." Blair made sure to give Penelope a good hard look as she spoke. She saw Penelope snicker to the girl next to her.

"Is there a problem Penelope?"

"I was just wondering what you had to promise Chuck Bass to secure the Plaza?"

The peanut gallery twittered.

"Just an invitation to my birthday party, actually. Why? What did you have to do to secure a venue like the planetarium?" Blair arched her eyebrow as she watched the girl blush and mumble something inaudible. "That's what I thought. If that is now settled, we should proceed with the next stage of planning."

Blair later relayed the story to Serena, who laughed, imagining the scene.

"Chuck really saved you only asking to come to your party… as if he wasn't invited?"

"He really did," Blair nodded, "Though, I didn't phrase it the way he did… you know, that he wanted to be my date. I just… couldn't give them that much information."

"Plus, won't it be more fun to surprise them?" Serena laughed. "You know, we should probably do something to make sure Penelope keeps in line."

"You think so? Like what?"

The next morning, Blair arrived at school early, meeting Serena, who handed her a spoon, and a cup of yogurt. "Ready?"

They waited for Penelope to start up the stairs to the courtyard, then…. Plop. Two spoonfuls of yogurt landed in her immaculate hair. The girl shrieked and ran inside to the bathroom as Blair and Serena laughed.

Chuck watched from the shadows. He had wondered what had made Blair want to come to school early today. He walked over to her as she was disposing of her yogurt cup, "Congratulations. I think you won't have any more problems with the committee?"

Blair smiled at him, "Thanks to you… and a little yogurt."

She felt so good! She was happy, and excited and… she threw her arms around him, in the center of the courtyard, and kissed him.

Chuck was a little surprised, but that did not stop him from pulling her close and kissing her back. Good lord she feels incredible.

Everyone in the courtyard turned to watch. After several long moments, someone called out, "Finally!" and the St. Jude boys started whistling, causing them to at last pull apart.

Blair turned pink, but it only added to the broad smirk on her face. "Have a good day?"

He smirked back at her, "It's off to a good start."

She winked at him, and then turned to walk to class.

AN: Chapter title taken from one of the great Isabelle's one-shots.

Happy birthday to my friend and fellow GG author, the fabulous Poinsettia! I hope it is as fantastic as you truly deserve, mon amie.

Gossip Girl did you know? Whether or not you use Nightingale-Bamford (the school Constance is based off of) or the Russian Orthodox Church Synod of Bishops (used for filming the school) it is only a four minute walk from Blair's building?

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