Love You Some Day

Virtue Fell

Chapter Eleven:

Virtue Fell

The last piece of business on Friday, before the birthday weekend could commence, was auditioning bands for the Snowflake Ball. It was tedious work, but at least Serena stuck around to keep Blair company. The blonde's bubbly energy was infectious. One of the bands began to play a catchy jazz tune. Serena took this opportunity to pull her from her seat and dance.

Later that night, Blair found herself humming the tune as she prepared for bed. Somehow she fell asleep that night, in spite of her excitement for the weekend ahead. Thoughts of Chuck filled her dreams, and mixed with that catchy tune.

She stood in a pretty pink dress. The music started and she saw Chuck. He wore black trousers, a white dress shirt, sleeves rolled up, with suspenders. The lyrics of the song began to come out of his mouth as he grabbed her hand:

You could have a great career, and you should; yes you should.

He nodded at her, then held up his hand.

Only one thing stops you dear: You're too good, way too good!

He shook his head and smirked at her.

If you want a future, darlin', Why don't you get a past?

'Cause that fateful moment's comin' at last...

He grabbed her hand, spinning her in a circle, and then brought her in close, holding her in his arms. The feel of him left her breathless.

We're all alone, no chaperone, can get our number

The world's in slumber-let's misbehave!

His eyes twinkled, and he ran his hands down the front her body as he invited her to misbehave.

There's something wild about you child; that's so contagious

Let's be outrageous-let's misbehave!

She turned and strutted away from him, teasing him with the sway of her hips. He smacked her ass then grabbed her hand.

When Adam won Eve's hand

He wouldn't stand for teasin'.

Chuck waggled his finger at her.

He didn't care about those apples out of season.

Leaning in, he kissed her on the cheek.

They say that spring means just one little thing to little lovebirds

We're not above birds-let's misbehave!

Chuck unbuttoned his dress shirt, exposing his skin… the hard body underneath. Blair licked her lips.

It's getting late and while I wait

He slipped his suspenders down

My poor heart aches on

He touched his heart, and pouted at her

Why keep the breaks on? Let's misbehave!

He reached out, and with the slightest tug to her dress, it fell away, leaving her in the black lace lingerie with stockings and heels.

I feel quite sure affaire d'amour

Would be attractive

His hands cupped her breasts, then ran down her abdomen.

While we're still active, let's misbehave!

You know my heart is true

And you say you for me care...

Somebody's sure to tell,

But what the heck do we care?

He pushed her back, and she fell onto a bed. He slowly crawled up her body.

They say that bears have love affairs

And even camels

We're men and mammals-let's misbehave!

He kissed her full on the mouth, as his body pressed down against her, his hardness pressing between her legs. Her back arched, her hips pushed back against his, a moan of desire rumbled in her throat…. the song ended and her mind went black.

Blair awoke feeling hot, the images of Chuck still fresh in her mind. Her thighs were slick, and she felt that tightness below. She groaned and got out of bed; she did not want to think about needing to do such a thing this morning. She wanted to focus on her birthday and having fun- not how hot and bothered Chuck made her.

The daytime was spent at the spa with Serena, laughing and being pampered.

"So, do you know what Chuck is getting you for your birthday?" Serena fished.

"No… I'm trying not to think about it, thank you! Papa and Roman sent me gifts from Paris, and I'm sure there will be something I set aside at the jewelers from Mom later."

"Well, being such a good friend as I am, I did let him know you had some pieces set aside. You can't just leave these things up to guys, you know." Serena examined her nails, avoiding her friend's gaze.

"What? S, what did you do!" Blair turned a shade paler; the butterflies began swirling in her stomach.

"I like to think I made your 16th birthday that much better!" Serena shot Blair a giant smile, "Now, tell me, what are you doing with your hair?"

That night, Blair stood in front of her mirror smiling when Dorota came in.

"Mister Chuck is here for you. Oh! Miss Blair, you look…"

She turned to her maid and hugged her. "Thank you, Dorota. Have a good night!"

And with that she left her room and descended the stairs to meet Chuck.

As Chuck waited in the foyer, he was feeling nervous and having his own internal struggle. While he was excited to be with Blair tonight, part of him wondered at what exactly he was doing. Chuck Bass did not do dates- or girlfriends. But, here he stood, as Blair's date, on her birthday- at his request. And for some reason, the idea of having her for a girlfriend did not repulse him; he almost liked the sound of it: Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck. The jewelry case in his breast pocket pressed against his heart, and then he saw coming down the stairs.

She wore a tight black dress that hugged her curves and was cut in such a way as to tempt him with the sight of the white skin of her breasts. Soft curls were loosely tied back away from her neck; Chuck's mouth went dry recalling the memory of pressing his lips there, tasting her, listening to her moan in his ear. Her eyes met his, and in spite of his desire, he smiled at her. He took her hand as she walked down the last few steps, "Blair, you look… incredible."

She took in the sight of Chuck in a black suit, black shirt, the top button undone, and the pop of a pink pocket square. He looked dangerous and seductive. What a pair we make, she thought.

"Thank you." She leaned in to kiss him on the cheek, "Is that all you have to say to me?"

Chuck felt her breasts press against him; the touch of her soft lips on his skin, and it took every ounce of his self-control to not moan, grab her, and take her back up stairs. "Happy birthday."

"Should we get going?" Blair went to move towards the elevator, but Chuck stopped her, grabbing her hand.

"If it's okay with you, I want to give you your birthday present first."

She felt her stomach drop; she was terribly nervous. Blair did not know if she was strong enough to see what he might give her; she was still reeling inside from the keycard. Her eyes followed his hand as he reached into his breast pocket and pulled out the iconic red and gold box. Cartier? I hadn't asked for anything from Cartier….

"I hope you don't mind too much, but when Dorota told me what you wanted most… I happened to find a superior version."

Blair's mind spun, oh god oh god oh god, as she watched him lift the lid. A brilliant white diamond lay nestled in velvet. Lifting it from the case, the diamond was set in a delicate chain. She barely managed a reverent whisper, "Chuck."

He moved to stand behind her as she pulled her hair aside for him. The diamond sat just below her collarbone and twinkled even in the soft light of the foyer. Fixing the clasp, Chuck could not resist the closeness of her and kissed her neck.

Blair felt she could scarcely breathe as she felt the cool gem lay on her skin. When his lips press against her neck, she closed her eyes as a delicious sigh fled from her lips. Before he pulled completely away, she felt his hot breath in her ear.

"Tonight you are light and dark, and no one can deny you."

She turned to him, a flurry of emotions urging her forward. The look on his face… she could not find a word for it. There was desire- always desire, but so much more too. As she leaned in to kiss him, his mouth turn upwards into a soft smirk, and Blair found herself mirroring him perfectly as her lips pressed against his. His arms wrapped around her and Blair felt such happiness. Aside from all the pleasure, the warmth, and desire kissing Chuck made her feel, she realized something new; it also felt right.

Chuck's own control began to deteriorate as she kissed him; she slipped her tongue into his mouth, and pressed her tight little body against him. He wanted to die, fucking party. He gently pulled away from her, and had to swallow hard, if only it was not her own birthday party, they would be on the floor right now…

"We should… probably get going, don't you think?" Chuck swore that was the hardest thing he had ever done, just now.

Blair took his hand in hers and smiled, "Okay."

As they exited Blair's building, she saw Chuck's sleek black limo waiting for them. "Chuck!"

"Really? After that kiss in front of the entire school the other day, you are still going to try and tell me you won't get in the limo?"

He had a point, but she still looked up at him, not completely convinced.

"What if I told you I had it freshly detailed, just for you?"

"Not quite sterilization," Blair teased as she touched the diamond around her throat instinctively, "But… it was going to happen sooner or later."

Chuck watched her thoughtfully as he helped her into the limo. It almost felt like she could have been talking about something else. He sat down next to her on the seat, doing his utmost not to stare at her breasts; his fingers tingled with the memory of how they felt in his hands. Lowering his eyes, he realized how short the little back dress was, and rather wondered…

"So, tell me…" He drawled, purring in her ear, "what are you wearing underneath your dress tonight?"

"Well…" Blair smirked at him, "No bra… obviously…" She then turned to him, putting one of her legs over his, half straddling him, "As for the rest…"

She placed his hand on her naked thigh. His hand slid along the back of her leg, slipping under the tight fabric, he grasped her bare ass. A low moan of approval, Chuck pressed his face in between her breasts, his tongue tasting the soft outline of them that the dress so dangerously left exposed. Her fingers were in his hair; soft sounds of pleasure fell from her lips. His hand sought the warmth between her legs, and he delighted to find she had not even bothered with a thong- she was completely naked underneath her dress.

The limo jostled them as it came to a stop. Blair untangled herself from him as Chuck made a small cry in protest; she slid away from him declaring, "Oh, we're here!"

He gave her a mean look as he watched Arthur hand her out of the limo. There was no doubt in his mind- he had created an absolute vixen. What a tease!

"Coming, Chuck?"

Not yet, he thought. She was smirking at him and he smirked back. Fine, if that is how she wanted to play.

It had been awhile since they were the elevator together that would take them up the van der Woodsen penthouse. Chuck wanted to make sure Blair would be the one panting and desperate when the elevator doors opened this time.

She held his hand as they stepped into the elevator. Chuck licked his lips as he watched the metal doors slide shut. He shoved her against the wall, pressing his body against hers, one hand dragged up her thigh, the other on her neck.

"Birthday girl or not, don't forget, Blair," He breathed heavily into her ear, "I'm still Chuck Bass."

He listened to her moan as he licked along the outline of her ear, "You want to know the dangerous thing about short dresses and no underwear?"

Her voice was barely a whisper, "What?"

"Someone might notice how wet you are for me when it's running down your legs." He shoved two of his fingers inside her, feeling her tremble and hearing her gasp. His kisses were rough as he worked her, feeling her hips buck against his hand. Looking up at the display, they were nearly to the penthouse. The pad of his thumb rubbed against her clit for a few delicious seconds as he watched her cry out his name, begging.

With only a couple floors left to ascend, Chuck pulled away completely. He stared into her glazed over eyes as he licked his fingers clean, then drying them, ever so gentlemanly on his handkerchief. He offered his arm to her, and she took it, still trembling, just as the bell of the elevator rang.

"Basshole." She grumbled.

"Tease." He responded as the doors slid open to the party.

Everyone yelled happy birthday as they stepped off the elevator. Serena emerged from the crowd and hugged Blair, "B! Happy Sweet 16!"

"Thank you S, this party is incredible!" Blair murmured; the room was crowded with people, and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Pulling out of the hug, Serena saw the light twinkle around Blair's neck, "Oh my god- not half as incredible as that necklace. Tell me that's not a diamond?"

Blair blushed, her hand flying up self-consciously to touch the large stone. She looked over at Chuck through veiled lashes, who had gone to get them drinks. "It was a birthday present…"

Serena followed where her friend's eyes were lingering. "No…" she deadpanned.

Chuck returned, handing Blair a glass of champagne. He looked from Blair to Serena and back again, wondering at their expressions. He had not stepped away that long, yet he clearly had missed something.

Serena just stared at the diamond; it was at least half an inch wide, and flawless. Then she noticed the dress Blair was wearing. Black, sexy, seductive- where was she when Blair picked that dress out? Her best friend was changing, and it was a bit unnerving to watch. She cleared her throat, "I was just admiring Blair's necklace. It's so stunning!"

"You really think so?" Chuck looked at Blair, "It is quite pretty, but I rather think the model is a great deal more beautiful."

Blair's cheeks turned an intense shade of pink at all of this attention. Serena was looking at her funny, and she was still feeling shaky from Chuck's assault in the elevator. She had no idea how she was going to make it through the party at this rate.

"Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to steal my date back." Chuck winked at Serena as his arm wrapped around Blair's waist, pulling her away.

Blair greeted several more friends as they walked through the throng of people. Then she turned to Chuck, "Dance with me?"

"The only dancing in Chuck Bass' vocabulary is lap dances."

She rolled her eyes in response, "Really? Well, it's my party; I'm going to go dance with Serena."

Chuck traded his champagne for a glass of scotch and sat back to watch Blair bump and grind with Serena, letting time pass, unmarked as the songs merged from one to the next. Why would he ever want to join in such a thing when watching it was so enjoyable? Serena might be tall and bright, but he could not take his eyes off of Blair. He loved watching her body move, the black dress leaving very little to the imagination. Seeing the sparkle of the diamond he gave her made him grin with smug satisfaction. He would be surprised if everyone in the room did not know by now who had given it to Blair.

Perhaps his thoughts were a bit hasty. His eyes clouded over as he watched some guy begin slinking up to Blair- watching her, dancing closer and closer to her, putting his hands on her. Chuck instantly stood up and walked onto the dance floor, people moving away from him as if they somehow knew. Stopping next to Blair, he stared mercilessly at her new dancing partner.

"Hey Bass, what's up?" He smiled, as though he knew Chuck.

Chuck's face was cold and unreadable. He made no reply except to reach out, taking Blair's arm and pulling her away from the intruder. He turned his gaze to Blair, and she smirked at him. Minx he thought, yet he could not help but smirk back. His fingers wrapped around her hips and he pulled her roughly to him, possessively, before his head dropped down and claimed her lips, kissing her deeply. After a brief pause of stunned silence, the crowd started jeering at them.

The music came back on, and Blair wrapped her arms around Chuck before he could try and get away. She pushed her hips against his and moved to the beat. She could feel how hard he was through his trousers and smiled up at him coyly.

"Blair…" He growled at her.

"It's my birthday. And you did say no one could deny me tonight." Her smile was sugary sweet and she fluttered her long lashes at him. She watched the muscles in his jaw flex, his eyes black.

Chuck said nothing, but placed his hands back on her hips. He moved with her, mostly following Blair's lead, as she wrapped herself around him, writhing in his arms. The adrenaline had made her brown eyes hazy, her skin was hot, and his eyes caught sight of a bead of sweat as it ran down the exposed curve of her breast. He lost some control at that moment, leaning down to bury his face in her hair, and kiss her neck. He tasted the salt on her skin; she tasted- smelled, like sex.

This is why Chuck Bass never danced; watching made the activity appear more like art- or pornography, but to engage in this 'club style' dancing was masochistic. His cock ached as she ground herself against him. He bit and sucked on her neck in revenge, listening to her cry out. It was torment of the worst kind, to have to feel her like this and know he could not have her. As the song changed to a slower one, he felt half blind with lust and half ill with want.

Blair had been in heaven as they danced, rubbing their bodies together. She felt like a cat in heat, and when he had attacked her neck, she mewed. Only wanting to be close to him, her naivety meant she had no idea the full extent of what she was doing to Chuck.

He pulled away and led her from the crowd and the loud music. Enough, he could not take anymore. He needed space- to breathe, clear his head, try to relax.

"I need to go," He had pulled out his phone to text the limo, "Text Arthur when you're done for the night, yeah?"

Blair furrowed her brow, confused as she listened to his hurried speech. She was absolutely dumbfounded, and nodded her head at him, unable to fully process what had just happened as she watched him go.

Serena saw Chuck walk past her as he left and turning, she saw the look on Blair's face. Seeing her best friend look so confused, Serena went to her. "B, where is Chuck going?"

"I don't know." Blair had no clue what was going on. "We were just dancing…"

"Oh, I know that… I think everyone saw you two dancing." Serena added.

"And he said he had to go… That's it."

"What is it you do to him, Blair?" Serena giggled a little.

"I really have no idea." Blair shook her head.

"I guess the dancing was a little too much for him?"

Blair thought about it and realized Serena could be right. They were always playing, but what if it had finally gone too far? "I should probably go make sure he's okay."

"But it's your party!" Serena could not believe Blair would leave so soon, but saw that she already seemed to be somewhere else, "At least blow out the candles on your cake?"

This made Blair smile, and she agreed. It only took a few minutes, and gave her time to text Arthur. Blowing out the candles, she managed a smile for the photos, but was only thinking of Chuck. She kissed Serena on the cheek goodbye.

Arthur waited for her as she swiftly walked out of the building, "Take me home Arthur, but then wait for me? I need to you take me to Chuck."

The valet nodded and helped her into the limo. There was a little smile on her face as her hand touched the leather seat. Had it really only been a few short hours ago they were tormenting each other in this very spot? She felt silly because she wanted him. They could not keep off of each other when they were alone together and when they were in public he was good to her. She was not scared, or nervous, she knew what she needed to do- and she wanted to do it.

Once home, she hurried to her room, kicking off her heels and tugging the dress from her body. She slipped on the little negligee from Bergdorf's, and after throwing together an over night bag, she swallowed hard as she retrieved the keycard. Finally, she wrapped her Burberry trench around her tightly and slipped into her heels. Hurrying back to the limo, Blair was in a haze of excitement, barely registering when they came to a stop in front of the Palace.

In his room, Chuck paced furiously. He had pretty much decided leaving Blair was a mistake. He was incredibly horny, but he could not even think of calling any of the numbers in his little black book. He wanted Blair, no one else. The glass of scotch he had downed only served to make him feel hotter as he discarded his jacked and unbuttoned his shirt. Frustrated, he leaned against the full-length mirror in his bedroom and stared at his dim reflection in the dark room.

The brass numbers reading 1812 seemed to sparkle at her as she pushed the door open. Her hand felt tingly holding the keycard. It was dark in the suite, and she wondered if perhaps he might already be asleep? Quietly, she removed her shoes and coat. She had planned- hoped for the darkness. Pulling a small candle from her bag, she lit it, and holding it in her hands, she walked to Chuck's room. The door opened with the smallest nudge, and she saw him, leaning against the wall, his hair disheveled, his frustration written clearly on his face. Then, he turned his head and clapped eyes on her.

A light in his doorway… no… it was Blair. The soft light twinkled in the diamond around her neck and in her beautiful brown eyes. He felt lightheaded, and it was difficult to breathe as he looked at her. She was wearing almost nothing- a wisp of soft sheer fabric fell from her shoulders to mid-thigh, held loosely together with a ribbon around her waist. He could see her curves, the texture of her skin, the contrast of her taunt pink nipples atop her creamy white breasts. Chuck thought if he were not already dead, he was about to be. Oh god, what is she doing?

"Chuck," she whispered setting the candle on his dresser as she stepped closer to him. He turned to face her completely, and she could see the frustration on his face change into a longing desperation.

"Blair… what are you doing? Why are you..."

"Chuck-" Blair repeated, her fingers reaching out to place feather light touches across his torso, "I want you."

And with that small admission, he pulled her against his body and kissed her. A wave of heat bloomed in his chest as their lips met, soft, gentle- devoid of the lust and urgency he had rather come to expect. Her fingers pushed his shirt away, then came up to trace along the line of his jaw. He found the ribbon of her negligee and with a small tug it came apart. Slipping his hands inside, he swept the fabric away, banishing it to the floor.

Blair's fingers fumbled with his trousers as he kissed her earnestly. I'm undressing a man she thought, making her heart beat even more wildly. She was excited, if a little anxious. It was all so new to her. She pushed his trousers and underwear down- they were both naked now. His hands fanned out against her back, pulling her tight against him, naked skin met naked skin, her tongue slid into his mouth. As they kissed, Blair grew more eager as she felt the heat and hardness of his erection pressing against the flat of her stomach.

Chuck's mind was hazy with bliss. He had wanted this- dreamed of this, for weeks. Pulling his mouth from hers, he smiled, and stared into her beautiful eyes as he knelt down to scoop her up into his arms. He laid her down so gently onto his bed and she caressed his cheek. Only after taking in the sight of her naked form did he join her; he ran his hand along one of her pale, slender thighs. He watched them part and he lowered himself onto the bed, between her legs. He kissed her mouth again, soaking in the feel of her body beneath him, controlling the urge to claim her when he could feel her, just… right there. He started kissing down her body, intending to give her more pleasure. She was already moaning, her fingers tangled in his hair as he kissed further down. She squirmed under him as his mouth reached her stomach. She pulled on his hair painfully hard, pulling him back up to her face.

"We have all night," Blair growled at him, "Take me now, Chuck, I need you."

He smirked at her, and here I was concerned with being sweet and gentle, he thought. He settled his hips against hers, and pinned her hands above her head; he wanted to watch, un-obscured, to begin. Ever so deliciously, so very slowly, he pressed into her, feeling the heat of her body taking him deeper and deeper, and then… no deeper. He hated the thought that it was going to cause her pain, but he would spend the rest of the night making it up to her. He leaned down to kiss her mouth as he pulled out and then; forcefully he rammed into her, feeling her body arch beneath him, she turned her head from their kiss, crying out in a sob of pain as he broke through, sinking even deeper into her body.

Chuck captured her lips again as he stilled inside her, letting her feel him. He felt her lips tremble against his as he pulled out. Lifting his head, he watched her face as he began to slowly thrust into her.

Blair kept her eyes closed, and bit her lip as her body adjusted to him. Sooner than she would have expected, the pain ebbed away and melted into pleasure. The small waves of pleasure relaxed her, and she opened her eyes to see Chuck staring intensely down at her. Her heart fluttered in her chest from something all together different than from giving in to her lust.

He watched her face- no, her whole body, transition from pain and discomfort to relaxing into his motion and becoming pleasurable. When she opened her eyes, he drank in the fiery brown pools that stared up at him. Letting go of her hands, he reached one hand down to where they were coupled. His hand spread across her stomach as he pulled out almost completely. Hearing her whimper he said, "You want to feel me deep inside you, don't you Blair?"

There was no need for a response, and as he slid back into her, his fingers pressed into her soft flesh of her lower abdomen, feeling her body change as he filled her, "Feel how deep I am in you?"

He pushed his hips into hers that much harder and his cock flexed inside her. He smiled as Blair cried with pleasure, her eyes rolled back, and she writhed against him, wanting more.

"Tell me," He commanded, as he moved ever so slowly inside her, "Are you tired of me treating you like a virgin yet?"

Blair's eyes snapped open, her body trembled a moment, and she gave him a cold stare before grabbing his hair, pulling him down to her. She kissed him furiously, every ounce of the weeks of pent up lust spilling forth as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

He began thrusting in earnest, but he broke their kiss- she still had not answered his question. "Blair," he growled, "tell me."

His head dropped to bite her neck, making her cry.

"Fuck…" she hissed, "Oh god… fuck me, Chuck, please!" She pleaded.

And he did, faster and harder, he fucked her, riding her with reckless abandon as she clung to him in ecstasy. Her nails raked down his back, biting into his skin, as she cried out. It was all too much; his cock ached as he filled her over and over again, never enough. His movements became erratic as he pushed, harder… faster… his body tensed. He revealed in crying out Blair's name as him came, at last, his cock bursting inside her.

AN: Chapter title taken from the epic dark AU story by the incredible The Very Last Valkyrie.

Blair's dress: Raina's dress from 4x18 in black.

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