Love You Some Day

Definitions of Bliss

Chapter Twelve:

Definitions of Bliss

"Stop it." Chuck grumbled. Blair was curled up against him, her head resting on his chest. He could feel her smile and he knew what she was thinking.

"I wasn't doing anything." She pouted, even though she knew.

"I know what you're thinking." I know you. He purred in her ear, "You're not a virgin anymore."

He heard her sigh happily as he ran his hand along her body. He moved to untangle himself and slip out of bed, listening to her protest. He picked her up in his arms and carried her towards the bathroom, "You said we had all night."

He sat her in the bathtub and turned on the lights, she cried, "It's cold! And bright!"

Blair covered her eyes for a moment as he turned the faucet on. Peaking through her fingers she watched Chuck reach out and touch her thigh. Her eyes fell on the smear of blood on her legs and her heart pounded in her chest, seeing the undeniable truth written on her body. As the tub filled, she watched with wide eyes as he cleaned the blood away with a washcloth. He turned his head and smiled at her.

"There, all better." His eyes were hazel and gold as he looked at her. She leaned in and kissed him; Serena was right- he was amazing. And gorgeous; he pulled away and she silently watched him as he dumped oil and bubble bath into the tub. The slight tone of his body as he moved, seeing the hair that started at his chest and ran all the way down to there. She blushed a little, embarrassed at her thoughts; she distracted herself by tying her hair into a knot at her neck and enjoying the feel of the warm water.

Chuck slipped in the large bathtub behind her, his arms wrapping around her waist, pulling her against him. Her head lay back on his chest and he heard her sigh. They lay together, relaxed, one of his hands caressing the soft, sensitive underside of her breast.

"Are you upset?" Chuck murmured.

"Mm, no. Should I be?" Blair replied, feeling only blissful, she wondered why she should be upset.

"You didn't come." His free hand snaked down between her legs, his fingers stroked against her.

"Oh…" Her body jolted as his finger circled her clit. Blair became intensely aware of the tightness inside her; she did not just want to come, she needed to come. Excitement rose at the idea of coming with him inside her. She focused her thoughts, and clearing her throat she said, "What do you suppose we do about it?"

"First," Chuck kissed his favorite spot on her neck, evoking a moan from her, "proper foreplay."

He reached for a sponge, and immersing it in the water, he spoke softly to her, "The stunning thing about virgins," he pressed the sponge onto her back, watching rivulets form and run down her skin, "they are a blank canvas of pleasure."

His fingers traced over the notches of the vertebrae in her spine, he leaned down and pressed his lips behind her ear. "We can try anything… everything… to learn what pleases you."

"What do you get out of it?" Blair queried, her voice uneven as his hands came around to cup her breasts, his thumbs making delicious circles around her pert nipples.

"The challenge…" He kissed her ear, "the exploration…" he kissed her other ear, "the knowledge that I am the only man in the world who will know how to bring you to your knees…" his hand dropped between her legs, making her tremble as he touched her, "make you beg with want, and cry out my name." Chuck kissed her neck, his teeth grazed the skin as he sucked on her, making her gasp and cry out.

Blair bit her lip at the promise in his words. Just the thought of what he was saying made her want to climb into his lap and escape into the white light that flooded her mind when he was inside of her. She breathed out a small moan. She heard the low rumble of a chuckle.

"I suppose I should not be quite so surprised you enjoy it when I talk dirty to you. I imagine you might like being pushed around a bit too, told what to do, no?"

She blushed, but her heartbeat quickened; she did like the idea. Chuck was strong, and powerful. She wanted to feel that.

"Up." He pushed her away from him, "Sit on the ledge and open your legs."

Rising from the tub, she complied, sitting on the edge of the bathtub, the water lapping around her ankles. Hiding in the darkness, it was easier to submit to pleasure. But now… her cheeks were a furious shade of pink, and a modicum of embarrassment kept her from opening her legs to him.

"Blair, open your legs." Chuck commanded, moving to kneel in front of her. She submitted this time, but turned her head to look away from him. He reached up and turned her face to him, "And you will watch me, until you no longer can because your eyes have rolled back in pleasure."

Her eyes were wide, and she bit her lip once more as she watched his head drop down between her thighs. She leaned back against the wall behind her as his fingers spread her apart and his tongue reached inside her body, sending tremors through her.

Chuck moaned at the taste of her and his tongue reached deeper. He slipped a finger inside, listening to her moan his name, her fingers curling in his hair. Adding a second finger, he moved his mouth up, and blew on her clit, smiling as he listened to her cry with pleasure. He wrapped his tongue around her clit, sucking it as his fingers stroked her. She shook against him with want.

Gripping his hair harder, she pushed his face down, "Oh god, Chuck…. Please!" She was so very close, just a little more. His fingers worked her faster, and then, with the simple flick of his tongue against her clit, Blair was spiraling through ecstasy. Chuck's fingers continued to press into her as she slowly came down, her hips still rolling against his hand. When she at last stilled, he pulled his fingers away, his tongue licking one long stroke, tasting her full pleasure. The eyes she could not remember closing slowly came open to the sight of Chuck licking his fingers clean, that smirk on his face. The orgasm that had just swept through her was rendered useless by the look in his eyes, his naked body so close to hers. She wanted- needed more of him.

Chuck helped her out of the bathtub. He was still grinning as he watched her move, the turn of the soft curves of her body. As he watched her reach out for a towel, desire bolted through him, his need overriding everything else. He pushed her forward, catching her hips in his hands as she cried his name and grabbed the counter top in front of her. Looking into the mirror, he saw her fiery brown eyes looking back at him. He leaned down; his hands cupped her breasts and his hips settled against hers, the head of his cock pressing ever so slightly into her wet opening from behind.

"Shall we see if you like it like this?" His voice was thick with desire and he felt her want as she tightened around the small part of his cock that had just barely moved inside her, her body begging for more.

"Unless…" He slowly pulled his hips back, his eyes staring into the reflection of hers in the mirror, "it is too soon… you don't want this?"

"No!" Blair gasped, pushing her hips back against him.

"My, my, so needy already." He lightly pinched her nipples, making her cry out as he slowly filled her. He groaned with pleasure when they were at last fully coupled; she was so tight around him and he held her there, grinding himself against her, reaching that tiny bit further into her delicious body. He watched as she sighed, her eyes closing, her head dropping down.

"No," Chuck growled, one hand snaked up her chest, his hand wrapping around her neck, forcing her head up. "You will watch as I fuck you."

Blair's eyes were a haze of brown and black as she stared up at his reflection in the mirror. All she could think, looking at him, was how gorgeous he was wrapped around her- inside of her. He was thrusting into her in earnest now, and she panted for more. She gripped the countertop so hard her hands hurt; she was on the precipice, so close it ached inside. She could barely keep her eyes open now, and his name fell from her lips, begging, "Chuck…"

His grin was wicked as the hand that was not grasping her neck slid down to tweak the spot that would give her release. It took but a few gentle caresses to have her shake and tremble against him. "That's right…" He moaned in her ear, "Come all over me."

Blair gasped, her eyes at last rolling back. Cursing and crying his name as she came, her body tightened around him even more. His hands moved to her hips, and she half opened her eyes to look at his reflection, a blissful smile on her face.

He saw her looking at him, and that did it. Those brown eyes, glazed over in ecstasy, staring at him. Chuck gritted his teeth with that final thrust, halfway pulling out as he felt her body try to desperately hold on to him, only serving to milk him harder.

Blair cried out when he refused to bury himself deep inside her as he came. Blair felt his hips still as he pulsed inside her. A few moments passed before Chuck pulled out of her completely, and she pouted in disapproval. When she moved to stand upright, he stopped her.

"No, you stay right there, I want to watch." Chuck was not looking at her in the mirror, but down at her sex. His left hand ran over her ass and along her thigh as he watched.

"You wanted to be a bad girl, well… now you are properly fifthly." His grin was broad as his eyes flicked up to look at her for a moment.

Blair flushed, and her body instinctively clenched at the memory of him inside her. She heard him murmur with approval before she felt it- wetness, coating her. She felt horrified and embarrassed as Chuck's come dripped and slowly slid down her leg. She started but he held her still.

"No… it's beautiful. I loved feeling you come all over my cock. Now, you're feeling me run down your legs." His hand continued to caress her for a few long moments before he was satisfied with her. He lightly smacked her ass, a petulant smile on his face.

"Clean up, and then maybe I'll let you think about sleeping." Chuck sauntered back to the bed.

Her feelings were initially mixed at his gift, but Blair found herself grinning with secret delight. What he had done was so dirty, it excited her, and something about the act made her feel it was somehow possessive. Weariness at last began to settle in however, as she slid under the covers next to him. Chuck felt so warm, as she curled up next to him. She drank in the feel of his body pressed against hers. "Sleep?"

Chuck's arm came up and pulled her closer. "For now." He murmured, pressing a kiss against her forehead.

Blair rolled over and smashed her face into something warm. She grumbled and inhaled deeply. Chuck, why could she smell Chuck…? Oh god! Her eyes fluttered open. Early morning light fell through the narrow slits of the blinds above them. Chuck lay next to her on his back, one arm lying above his head. His face was relaxed, stubble ran along his jawline, his hair was a tousled mess that tugged at her heart and made her smile.

Her eyes traveled down his body. He had pushed nearly all the sheets aside, and with a small tug, his naked body was on full display. Blair sat for a moment, absorbing the knowledge of it all. For her sixteenth birthday she had tormented Chuck Bass until he could not take it any longer, in which she came to him, gave him her virginity, had sex a second time, and then slept through the night with him. A giant smile spread across her face. For this moment, it was a delicious secret, no one but her and Chuck knew that this had happened, and she felt wild and free as she remembered the feel of him, the sound of him urging her on. Her hand reached up and caressed the diamond around her neck as she stared awhile longer at his body in beautiful repose.

Until the naughtiness began to creep in- he was naked. Chuck had given her so much pleasure the night before. He had been sweet, and dirty, and… just the thought of what they had done aroused her need. She also thought she knew of a wonderful way of waking him. Ever so slowly, she crept down to the center of the bed. She licked her lips, pulled her hair back, and leaned down, wrapping her mouth around his cock. He quickly grew hard in her mouth as her tongue stroked him.

Chuck moaned, his mind felt so fuzzy, and his hands instinctively flew to where the waves of pleasure his body was registering were radiating from. His fingers tangled in long hair, and he knew he was not dreaming. His brain was still offline, and half dazed, he opened his eyes. He knew that long brown hair… Blair. And suddenly he was that much harder, and the memory of last night came back to him. She took him deep into her mouth just then and he groaned.

"Fuck… Blair…" Chuck pulled her off of him, hungrily kissing her, grasping her hips, dragging her to sit astride him. She let out little giggles until she sighed with pleasure as he penetrated her.

Blair leaned over him, her hands curled in little fists, grasping the sheets; her nipples grazed his chest as her hips ground against his. The friction felt heavenly, and he was buried so fantastically deep inside her. She pouted when he pulled away from their kiss.

"Isn't it amazing, Blair?" He whispered in her ear, "How quickly a teasing little virgin can become such a dirty vixen."

Chuck then dropped his head to her neck, his teeth scraping the skin as he sucked hard. She gasped, rocking back as his hands wrapping tighter around her hips. Without even needing to touch her, he watched as she threw her head back and cried out, her body shook and trembled as the orgasm rippled through her.

The sight of her in so much pleasure; the curve of her long neck, dusty pink nipples atop her creamy full breast, the flat of her stomach extending down to where his large hands wrapped around her waist sent that final surge of blood through his cock.

"Yes… fuck… Blair…" His eyes rolled back as she rode him hard through the final waves of her climax. Chuck's hips jerked against hers as he groaned, his pleasure flooding into her for the third time. Their hips slowed from rocking, and Blair curled up upon his chest in her post-orgasm bliss. Chuck simply stroked her hair, smiling. Once their heartbeats had finally slowed, their skin cooled, he at last jostled her, thinking perhaps she may have fallen asleep.

"Come on, this is the not fun part."

Blair protested as his hips moved beneath hers, "No, I don't want you to…"

His cock was still rather hard as he slipped out from inside her.

"Leave me." She finished, rolling to her side, sighing and pouting up at him.

"You are just trying to prove what I said, aren't you?" Chuck grinned, kissing her forehead.

"I have no idea what you are referring to." She gave him a petulant look.

"That overnight you've become a complete vixen." He growled in her ear, pulling her close and kissing the spot on her neck that always made her moan.

Blair reveled in the feel of him holding her- he felt so amazing. Her eyes began to glaze over with lust as he kissed her, but not before they fell on the clock setting on his nightstand first. She gasped, pushing him away.

"Is that the time? Oh my…" She clamored up from the bed.

"Hey, where are you going?" Chuck objected.

"My mother will be home from Paris in an hour! We are to have brunch together for my birthday." Blair returned with her overnight bag only to move directly into the bathroom.

Chuck unhappily extracted himself from the bed and followed her. A pink frock dress hung from the door, her womanly accouterments were haphazardly scattered across the bathroom counter. Blair had just stepped under the shower, and he swallowed, watching the water roll over her skin. He grew hard instantly, groaning to himself. We just had sex… He saw the diamond glimmer around her neck as he stepped in behind her.

"Hey." His hand moved toward her neck, "You shouldn't wear this in the shower."

"No!" Blair hands flew up to grasp the stone, "I don't want to take it off." Ever.

"If you're sure." He smiled at her, "Just take good care of it, yeah?"

She gave him a giant smile in return, "I will, I promise."

"Now," He poured her shampoo in his hand and began washing her hair, "how are you going to make it through brunch with your mother?"

"By secretly stabbing myself with a fork underneath the table?" Her voice dripped with sarcasm. The water rinsed the shampoo from her long hair as the smile slowly slipped from her face, and the twinkle in her eyes went matte, her mind picturing how the brunch would most likely turn out.

Chuck saw this and grasped her shoulders, "Don't do that. It doesn't help."

Blair looked up at him, her eyes wide, "I don't know what more I can do. I've done everything she's ever asked, done all I could think of to please her…"

Images flashed in her mind of her mother's general indifference or all the times she disapproved, making offhanded comments about Blair's appearance or behavior. Her eyes welled up and she sniffed, trying to hold on to her collected demeanor. Chuck's hand came up to caress her cheek, his brown eyes full of concern.

"You really don't see it, do you?"

Blair flushed under the intensity of his gaze, and she had to look away. She had no idea what he could be talking about, but she felt hot, and her heart thudded wildly in her chest.

He pulled her against his body, his mouth burned against her ear, like the words he was whispering.

"God, you are so incredible." He half moaned, "So smart, and driven… and so beautiful."

The feel of her body against him had instantly made him hard again. Lust swept through him at her nearness, her soft mouth, her supple breasts pressing into his skin. "Fuck, Blair," Chuck gasped, "Look what you do to me…"

Her hands came up to his face, looking into his eyes before she leaned up and kissed him. He drank in the feel of her perfect mouth on his; she was much too good for him- so many things he was not. Yet she was more than that, and he ached with the need she caused to boil hot in his blood. He spun her around, pushing her against the wall. Picking her up, she wrapped her legs around him, allowing him to slip blissfully inside her once more.

It was hot and raw. His fingers dug deep into her skin, he panted and groaned as he brutally fucked her. Something had clicked inside him and he had to possess her. It was hard, and much too fast. More, more, more… it pounded in his ears as he pounded into her.

Blair found herself in a haze of elation. His lack of restraint, the near violence of his need after so much, it pleased her. She held onto him, gripping his shoulders just as hard, if not harder, than he was her. In a daze she panted and whimpered, consumed by her climax, she cried out to him.

Her cries of pleasure sent him over the edge. Chuck shuddered, and rocked her hips against his as he spent himself inside her once more. With as much care as he could manage, he lowered her back down to the ground and then leaned against the wall, exhausted.

Blair simply could not stand. Her legs wobbled beneath her, and she sank down to the ground. She was half dizzy; her eyes still clouded over with pleasure as she leaned her head back to look up at Chuck. His eyes looked the same as hers.

Silence stretched out between them, the only sound from the water splashing against the floor. At last, Blair managed to breathe out what had been spinning though her mind, "What… was that?"

Chuck half smirked at her, his voice hoarse from their exertions, "That… was what you do to me."

She swallowed, biting her lip a moment, her only response, "Oh."

Feeling his own strength again, he reached down to help her from the floor. "Time to get you to your mother, come on."

Chuck behaved himself for the rest of his time with Blair. He just… watched her. He made her smile by letting her apply shaving cream to his face. He fought her for her towel, so he could slowly towel her dry, leaving a trail of kisses all over her body. Finally, she goaded him out of the bathroom when she could not take his distractions anymore. So he dressed, every so often glancing at the bathroom door, waiting for it to open.

At last, she stood in the doorway. Grasping the doorframe, she leaned over, adjusting the pink heel on her right foot. Soft, loose brown curls tumbled over her shoulder; the pink dress was cute and sweet, yet sophisticated, and as she leaned down, a soft blush of the top of her breasts peaked out, his diamond twinkling above.

Her shoe fixed, Blair looked up to him, her pink glossy lips smiling. Chuck was gorgeous all in gray and purple, oddly in a complimentary color palette.

"Time to go." Her little smile was laced with sadness.

Chuck walked her down to his waiting limo. He pressed her against the car, holding her tight to him, giving her a last blissful kiss goodbye before she slipped away from him.

In their passionate embrace, neither of them caught sight of the classmate taking a photo of them with his cellphone.

AN: Chapter title from Sky Samuelle's post 2x25 collection of dirty encounters.

Adoration for the lovely Georgia (CheeryFan/Atalanta) for beta reading this chapter!

Tiny reminder: It's fantasy. Be smart in the bedroom.

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