Love You Some Day

Life Through A Lens

Chapter Thirteen:

Life Through A Lens

Blair was relieved to find she had arrived home before her mother. She unpacked her overnight bag, smiling to herself. She felt so alive, like a new person. She sat down at her vanity, to check her appearance before undergoing her mother's scrutiny. Seeing her smiling reflection, the diamond sparkling at her throat, her heart fluttered, and she wanted to feel this way always.

Dorota called her down for brunch, and Blair greeted her mother at the table.

"Hello mother. How was Paris?" Blair had to work at being her usual placid self, though the thought that her mother might notice a change in her was a funny idea.

"Busy, always, busy. If it is not something at the atelier, it's something with the suppliers. I will barely be home long enough to have brunch!" Eleanor spoke, as she started in on her fruit plate.

Of Course. "Serena threw me a nice party yesterday at her penthouse," Blair offered, trying to maintain some level of conversation.

"Oh, yes, happy birthday, my dear." Eleanor patted Blair's hand across the table, "Serena has such wonderful taste, I'm sure it was a lovely party."

Blair had to stop herself from rolling her eyes, why did I mention Serena? Her hand drifted up to Chuck's necklace, fingering the stone, trying to soothe her thoughts. The sparkle caught Eleanor's eye.

"What a lovely necklace. Have I seen it before?" She queried, furrowing her brow.

"No, it was a birthday present from a friend." Blair had to rein in her smile.

"What a lovely gift." Eleanor returned to her meal without another word on the necklace.

Blair was not surprised by her response, yet she could not believe her mother would accept such an answer. Eleanor expected someone who was just a friend to Blair to give such an item as a present? That did not come across as odd or suspicious? This could perhaps be… fun, she decided.

"School is going well. The Snowflake Ball is going to be fantastic. Did I tell you where it is to be held?" Blair chattered.

"No. Last year was so beautiful, it must be so much pressure on you to attempt to reach such a level of perfection as the previous chairwoman accomplished."

Blair normally would have been offended by her mother's jab, but she was too happy, and having too much fun to let it phase her. "We're hosting it in the Grand Ballroom at the Plaza, actually. It's going to be stunning. I had help from a wonderful friend of mine, and it's all completely in budget. The committee is quite excited, the event is going to be amazing."

Score one for Blair, and two indirect mentions of Chuck.

"My, the Plaza! That is quite the accomplishment." Eleanor declined to say anymore, unsure how to respond to such an undeniable success and instead changed the topic.

"I have to fly back to Paris at the end of the week. Your father has invited us to celebrate Thanksgiving with him and Roman in Paris. Since I do not want you to have to choose between us, I agreed to this. You will be all right flying by yourself?"

Paris? Papa! Blair was beyond excited, and a huge smile swept across her face, "Of course!"

Eleanor gave her daughter a stern look, "Good, be sure to let him know your flight information by the end of the week."

They both heard the sound of the elevator and saw Serena walk into the foyer. She lit up when she saw her friend, "B! Oh, I'm sorry Ms. Waldorf! I thought you had already finished brunch."

"Oh, it's fine, Serena. You are looking quite lovely today, what a fantastic ensemble."

"Thank you, Ms. Waldorf. If it's okay…" Serena looked at Blair.

"You two go on, I need to get to work soon anyway." Eleanor smiled at the girl. She watched as her daughter began to leave the table.

"Don't forget about your father, Blair." She chided.

"I won't!" Blair smiled, and the two girls went up to Blair's room.

Serena pushed Blair's door shut behind her, "Oh my god, Blair, what happened?"

Blair furrowed her brow, completely confused, "What? What are you talking about?"

Serena pulled out her phone: a picture of Chuck pressing Blair against his limo as they kissed- from this morning, followed by some text beneath:

My, my, what is the shining princess of the UES

Doing in the arms of the most infamous playboy in town?

We all saw you two dancing last night,

But Chuck Bass went home alone.

My bet is there is one less flower in New York this morning.

You know you love me,


Gossip Girl

Blair's jaw dropped and she promptly sat on her bed. She looked up at her best friend, "What is this?"

"It's a website that started not too long ago. Sometimes… my exploits have made it onto her page, it's kind of shameful. I never thought I'd see you on her page… or this! Blair…" Serena gave her friend a questioning look.

"What?" Blair tried to feign ignorance, but a pale pink started to creep across her cheeks, despite her best efforts.

"Oh my… really?" A huge smile spread across Serena face, as she hugged her best friend.

Blair mumbled into her friend's hair, "I barely got home before mom got back from Paris."

Serena pulled back, "Oh, that is too good! Blair! I'm just so…" She shook her head, still smiling.

"Now, you two were… you know… safe, right?" She put on her serious, motherly face.

Blair's pale pink cheeks turned an even more intense shade. "I've… been on the pill for a few months now…."

"How did I miss that?" Serena smiled, "You sneaky girl. So… was he all Chuck Bass is famed for being?"


"Oh come on… I'm your best friend! Tell me, tell me!" Serena begged.

Blair looked down, playing with the hem of her dress, "It was really good… just… yeah. I mean… what do I know? Just that I'm really really sore. At least I'm not walking funny?"

Serena laughed and playfully bumped against her friend, "Um, you know if it feels good, and makes you feel happy and sexy."

"Then…" Blair looked up at Serena, smiling with a hint of sheepishness, "it was the most wonderful, amazing thing ever."

Serena smiled back at her friend, "That is so wonderful, B. You're so lucky!" she giggled a little, "So, what does he look like first thing in the morning? He can't look that put together even in his sleep?"

Blair laughed, and the two girls sprawled out on the bed, chatting happily, "Well, his hair is a beautiful mess, and he has this bit of dark gold stubble along his jawline…"

At the same time, Nate and Chuck were lounging in Chuck's suite, smoking pot.

"Man, you always get the best weed." Nate mumbled before taking a long drag on the joint.

"I'm Chuck Bass," Chuck replied, exhaling from his own joint, watching the swirls of smoke.

"So, what's up with you and that girl, Blair? I saw some picture of you two lip locked earlier."


"Yeah, there was some snarky line about you going home alone, but you two were together this morning, saying you totally took her last night." Nate continued on.

"My, how the rumor mill has become so much more efficient." Chuck drawled.

"So, did you?" Nate's interest was piqued.

"Ms. Waldorf and I passed a delightful evening together, it is true."

"Finally man!" Nate was congratulatory, "It will be good to have my boy back; I was starting to miss all your stories. You haven't slept with anyone in weeks. Really, I was getting quite worried."

"Well..." Chuck pondered what his friend was saying. He was not quite ready to be done with Blair. Last night… last night was just the beginning- it was not the end.

"Really?" Nate sputtered.

"It was rather interesting. She was different from other virgins." Chuck offered.

"But… but you're Chuck Bass! You're going to sleep with the same girl more than once?"

"Now, now, Nate. It's a project- a challenge. Imagine what I could make out of this quiet, demur, little virgin?" Chuck countered, imagining all the things he wanted to do to Blair; all the different places and ways he wanted her. It was not so much that last night was the best sex he had ever had, but there was something about her. She did something to him; that last time, in the shower. That was new, and deep down inside, it excited him. He took a deep, long drag on his joint to mellow the feeling, and his thoughts. I adore her.

"That could be quite interesting. I guess I don't object, as long as you don't become a total stick in the mud." Nate pondered, staring at the small nub remaining of his joint.

"Another joint?" Chuck offered, smiling, a promise, to his friend.

That night, Blair sank into her deep bathtub. She leaned her head back and sighed. Her thighs still ached from… everything. A wicked grin appeared on her face, recalling all of the incredible sex she and Chuck had last night- and this morning. She sank a little deeper into the tub, embarrassed and excited now that she was at last alone, the reality of what they had done sinking in.

Her excitement started to cool, to be replaced with apprehension. Now what? She did exactly what he had said she would do. Blair came to him, offered herself to him, and begged him to take her.

She did not regret it. She was getting hot and bothered just at the thought of all they had done. But, what was it going to do to Chuck?

Her stomach turned as she realized this was Chuck Bass she had slept with. And that photo? Oh god.

She was suddenly tempted to drown herself in the bathtub. Everyone at school would know by the morning, if they did not already. The photo was not even proof of anything except them kissing this morning. But that stupid Gossip Girl had to insinuate what had… well, actually happened.

It all came back to Chuck. If he did not abandon her, there was hope. Hope for what? Blair huffed. So much of this depended on Chuck and his decisions. She was just going to have to play it cool and see where this would go.

She fell asleep that night, thinking of his warm hands on her, and remembering the sex they were having this time last night.

The next morning, Blair was smiling, still having happy, dirty, thoughts as she walked out of her building. Chuck was waiting for her, looking cool and collected. There was only a slight hesitation in her step at the realization that he was there. Her heart skipped a beat.

"Hey." He murmured.

"Hi." Blair smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck, leaning up to kiss him deeply.

Chuck breathed her in, absorbed the feel of her body pressing against his. It all combined to make him grow hard, his khakis now feeling rather uncomfortable. Her mouth pulled away from his, but he would not let her go. He whispered in her ear, "Now, it is a good morning."

Blair laughed a little, and kissed his cheek, "Come on, off to school. If you're not good, I can't reward your angelic behavior later."

Chuck quirked his eyebrow at her, "I thought you liked me for my less than angelic behavior?" and pinched her ass.

"Chuck!" She scowled at him, but took his arm anyway, as they turned to walk to school.

Not a minute later, Eleanor left the building as well, catching a glimpse of her daughter walking to school- with a boy. From behind, she did not recognize him beyond the regulatory St. Jude's uniform. She paused for a moment, slightly stunned. But she shook it off, something to deal with later.

Blair leaned her head against him as they walked. She was happy, but her mind wandered to the photo. She wondered if his reaction to it might tell her something of his thoughts on her. That he was even here… it gave her hope.

"Chuck… have you seen the photo on that gossip site?"

He was also pondering the same question. "Yes. You've seen it too?"

"Serena showed it to me. What… do you think of it?" Blair spoke very carefully.

"Well… I'm Chuck Bass. My exploits are legendary." Chuck had a playful yet proud smirk on his face, "You on the other hand…"

He paused and looked at her with consideration, "What do you think about it?"

"I think it's rather annoying. Don't people have better things to do than stalk around taking photos?" Blair acted rather indignant. Inside, she was relieved that he was not affected by the incident.

"Really?" Chuck was surprised, how was she not horrified by the photo's implications? Everyone at school would know- well, suspect, what had happened between them that night. He was Chuck Bass, and that photo was enough to ruin her.

"That picture tells no one anything they haven't seen before." Blair knew it was not true, but at the same time, she was still right. They were only kissing in the picture. Part of what happened next was Chuck's choice, and that was the important part. They arrived at school, and she turned to look at him, a little smile on her lips.

"Speaking of before… care to give them all a reminder?"

Chuck needed no other encouragement. He needed another fix to get him through the day. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. The feel of her was addicting. When he let her ago, he saw her brown eyes had glazed over a little, and it made him want to forget school. He wanted her naked again, to feel her heat, her wetness. Not again! He mentally groaned, a little exasperated with the intensity of the effect she had on him.

Blair simply absorbed it all; his kiss, his touch, it was all heaven. He was Chuck Bass, and all she wanted was to be with him. The haze in her eyes cleared at that thought, making her heart ache a little. She gave him a quick kiss on the lips and playfully winked at him before walking off to join Serena.

Blair and Serena held a united front in the hallways against the whispers, while Chuck experienced reverent stares and smiles from his classmates. Blair knew as long as Chuck did not leave her, it would get better… though, at the same time, it seemed like such a small issue. What mattered most was that Blair could not stand the thought of Chuck leaving her.

Tuesday was a repeat performance. To distract Blair during lunch, Serena asked what Blair was planning for Thanksgiving the next week.

"Oh! I didn't tell you? I'm going to Paris! We are all going to have Thanksgiving together."

"B! That's fantastic! You'll get to see your father and be in Paris. Promise to eat some macarons for me?" Serena requested.

"You know… you could come with me?" Blair suggested.

"Your dad won't mind?"

"I'll ask, but I doubt it! We can run around Paris together!" The girls squealed in excitement.

"I wonder what Chuck will do for Thanksgiving?" Blair pondered.

"Not much, I imagine. Can you really see Chuck and the mighty Bart Bass sitting down and eating turkey together?" Serena had trouble seeing the father and son sharing a meal together like a normal family.

Blair too had trouble imaging it, and her heart ached to think of Chuck alone in his suite for the long weekend. No turkey, no pie…. No family. "What if…"

"What if… what?" Serena was not following.

"What if we asked him to come with us?" Blair was sheepish as she spoke the words.

"Oh! We could take him shopping!" Serena bounced in her seat at the thought of getting to dress Chuck Bass.

Blair rolled her eyes, "Do you think of anything beyond partying and shopping?"

"Of course!" Serena instantly calmed down, acting insulted a moment before a huge smile broke across her face. "You!"

"Oh S!" She hugged her friend, "Do you think he'll come?"

"Well, if the way he kisses you is anything to go by…" Serena pulled out of the hug and winked.

Blair scowled at Serena's teasing, "Fine, I'll ask him. Are you sure you don't mind?"

"Hey, I can share. I promise!" Serena laughed.

Wednesday afternoon, Chuck and Blair took a quiet walk through Central Park after school. Blair hung on Chuck's arm, chatting about school and the plans for the ball. Eventually, they came to sit together in the park, snacking on their favorite candy. It was a gloomy day, but it did not dampen the happy contentment of the couple. Chuck was the first to speak at this point, curious to experience something new.

"Did I ever tell you?" He watched as Blair looked up at him with wide eyes, "I didn't fail my test on Much Ado About Nothing."

A sweet smile spread across Blair's face. A memory from a time not so long ago, but a very different place than they were now. She had been so happy these past few days, and now, Chuck had gone and passed an exam- and part of that was because of her?

"Chuck, that's so wonderful!" Blair excitedly threw her arms around him and gave him a giant kiss on the cheek.

She then pulled away, and trying to act cool after her display of affection she inquired, "So, in the end, what did you end up finding the most interesting?"

Chuck smiled at her. He felt so warm all over; the sensation welled up inside of him as his brain pondered her question. "The lengths that Prince John went to, the people around him he would take down, just to damage his brother. It's so prevalent through the entire story."

"It's amazing how an accident of birth can define who we let ourselves become." Blair replied.

"Do you let being a Waldorf define you?" He asked.

She laughed a little, "Of course, but not too much I hope? My biggest weakness would be my father though. It's true I want Yale for myself, but I wanted it for him first. It can also help us define who we do not want to be." Blair thought of her mother.

"I can't imagine not being Bart Bass' son." Chuck felt his contentment begin to slip.

She reached out and took his powerful hand in her two small ones, "Would you consider being a Waldorf for the holidays?"

Chuck looked at her sweet face and furrowed his brow in confusion.

"I thought maybe you'd like to come with Serena and I to Paris for Thanksgiving? We'd stay with my father, but we'd be out most of the time, enjoying the city, partying. You know… just having a good time," Blair shrugged her shoulders, like what she was asking was nothing so very special.

"I…." Chuck was speechless for a moment, as his mind processed the invitation. Thanksgiving- with people, with a family… with Blair. His chest felt tight, his head a little fuzzy from the odd excitement. He had reconciled himself to a long weekend without Nate, without his father. Alone. He had not been away from Blair for so long either… now, now he would be almost alone with her, away from the prying eyes of the city. He could explore her more… Yes, he liked this idea.

"Would it be okay with your family?" He wondered.

"I'll ask Papa when I call him tomorrow. If you and Serena come, I get to have all my favorite people with me." Blair hugged his arm.

Little bubbles of happiness fizzed inside of him at the sight of her, and he wanted to do something, his mind turning, "Let me know when you find out? I can reserve the jet for us."

"No…" Blair stared at him, "That's too much!"

"Not nearly enough, in my opinion."

Thunder cracked overhead and the gloomy clouds suddenly opened up above them, pouring down. Blair squealed; in seconds they were both soaking wet and neither had an umbrella. They rushed from the park, the nearest safe haven being Blair's home.

Realizing they could not fight the rain, they smiled, laughing as they held hands ducking under trees and hurrying towards Fifth Avenue. At last inside her building, they tumbled into the elevator, a sopping mess. Blair leaned against him, smiling, her eyes shining, as they both caught their breath. Chuck felt the pull of his attraction to her, and without the slightest overture or provocation, he swept her up in his arms and kissed her sweet mouth. She tasted like Skittles still and smelled of the fresh rain.

Blair's happy contentment bubbled into bliss as she melted against him. Her hands curled up in his wet blazer, his mouth hot against hers. Arriving at the penthouse, she was tangled in him as they somehow made it upstairs and into her room. She pushed the dark blue blazer from his shoulders, then unbuttoning his shirt as he worked to remove his pants. He then greedily tore the wet blouse that clung to her skin from her body. Blair let out a small laugh, "Perhaps I should make you take me shopping in Paris?"

"Anything…" Chuck rasped as he kissed her neck, his fingers unclasping her bra, "As long as I take you in Paris."

Her skirt dropped to the floor, and he kissed down her body as he dragged her underwear and stockings down. His goal accomplished, he kissed her mouth again before they tumbled onto the great expanse of her bed. They touched, tasted, teased, and licked each other for minutes and minutes.

Blair grabbed his hair as he crept down her body, her breath panting, "Don't you even think about it.

Chuck kissed a circle around her belly button, murmuring, "About what?"

"Charles Bass, if you do not begin to fuck me in the next twenty seconds, we're going clubbing every single night we are in Paris."

He pulled himself back up her body, his hips sinking between hers, his cock throbbing against her opening.

"What have I created?" fell from his lips as he simultaneously kissed her lips and entered her. A low moan rumbled in his throat as her hot, tight body contracted around him. He rocked into her with a steady rhythm, not too slow, nor too fast. He reveled in the sensation as his eyes drank in the sight of her under him: the curve of her lips as she gasped, strands of dark wet hair clinging to her neck, the whiteness of her breasts tipped with rosy nipples.

Blair sighed when his hardness reached into her core. Her eyes closed instinctively as the pleasure of it all overwhelmed her body. She moved with him as he thrust, her fingers traveling across the wide expanse of his back. Chuck dropped a kiss on her mouth.

When he pulled away, Blair's eyes had opened, looking up at him. The haze of desire swirled in beautiful pools of dark brown. The sight of her shot right through him and his cock throbbed, growing painfully hard. His head dropped down and he breathed in her ear, commanding her, "Touch yourself, Blair."

"I…" She whispered; a flush of embarrassment came over her.

"Feel us connected." His voice was hoarse with lust.

Her hand slipped down from his back, over her stomach. Chuck shifted, holding himself higher, so her fingers could feel where she ended and he began as the shaft of him moved in and out of her.

"Fuck… Blair…" He rasped as her soft fingers touched him as he thrust, "Come with me."

He pounded into her, as she caressed the sweet spot that pushed her closer… and closer. She had closed her eyes in concentration, but she opened them, and saw him above her. Diffused light fell through the windows, giving him a soft, hazy glow, as her eyes traveled the line of his jaw, his furrowed brow dewed with a touch of sweat. Her breath caught at how beautiful he was, amplifying the sensation of him inside her, and making her heart swell and ache in her chest. Her body tightened and her fingers brushed against her clit.

"Chuck!" She cried, her back arching off the bed, her entire being seizing with pleasure.

"Yes…" Chuck moaned as she writhed against him, feeling her sex contract around his throbbing cock. His hips slammed into her one last time, as his essence spilled into her.

He held her close as they recovered, and thoughts of her floated through his mind. It occurred to him that what he was feeling was real happiness. He enjoyed being with her, and not just like this, naked, in post-coital bliss. When he was normally around people, it was to drink, do drugs, to escape being himself. But that was not what this was….

Blair pressed her hand against his chest and pulled it away, giggling, "We managed to get undressed, but we're still sticky…. Even stickier?"

Chuck smiled at her, "You mean, suddenly I'm just sticky? I'm no longer the most gorgeous man you've ever laid eyes on?"

Her eyes grew large as she looked up at him, her bottom lip pouting, "That's not what I meant! I'm getting cold… and I want to play with you in the shower."

His laugh was deep as he pulled her from the bed, kissing her.

The next day, Blair called her father in Paris. Thanks to Serena's presence on the trip, her father allowed Chuck to stay with them as well, though she could hear his concern about his daughter and a boy.

Fathers tend to not see a difference between boy friend and boyfriend, when the words are coming from their little girl's mouth. Harold Waldorf was also a lawyer, and he would assume the latter until he saw Blair and Chuck together for himself.

Blair was relieved that everything had fallen into place. She realized that she had to use Serena as a shield against her father, secret keeper from her mother, and a buffer against having to admit to Chuck's face that she thought of him as her boyfriend. My…. Boyfriend…?

Thank heaven for Serena van der Woodsen.

AN: Title from uncorazonquebrado's sadly on hiatus fic. Such a fun story!

My undying love to Georgia (CheeryFan/Atalanta), to whom I could not have written this chapter without. Calling her my beta would be a disservice!

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