Love You Some Day

Not Your Autumn Moon

Chapter Fourteen:

Not Your Autumn Moon

Early Wednesday morning Blair stretched out happily under her covers. Pulling herself up, she glanced at the luggage at the foot of her bed, packed and ready for Paris. Showered and dressed, she was pulling her hair back in a chignon when her phone rang: a call from Serena.

Fear and horror clawed at her stomach as she listened to her friend prattle on. The car was coming in less than an hour, and Serena would not be coming with her. Blair's Thanksgiving with friends and family had suddenly veered into a holiday with Chuck Bass, the playboy she could not call her boyfriend. But every thought and feeling in her told her that he was. She could not be the one to say it… it had to come from him first. Oh god, I can't do this.

Blair smoothed the line of her skirt and adjusted the soft lavender sweater. Her luggage was now in the lobby, and he would be here any minute. She sighed, realizing that once more, she was going to have to trust what came next to Chuck. He could come with her, or not. Either way, she was going to have to be strong. Be strong…

Blair met him outside when he arrived. Her anxiousness melted away at the sight of Chuck standing next to the limo. She was so used to seeing him in the yellow, blue and khaki of his St. Jude's uniform. The gray suit he wore now, hugged his beautiful body in all the right places. His white dress shirt was crisp, topped off with a pink bow tie, which matched her skirt. His eyes were hazel and gold as he looked at her, and she could not help but smile.

Chuck's mouth watered at the sight of Blair. The little pink skirt was demur hanging down to her knees, but hugged tightly to her hips. The lavender sweater was also sweet, peeking out from under her brocade coat. He reached out and wrapped his arms around her as she directed the doorman to load her luggage in the limo. With no words he kissed her in lieu of a hello.

When he pulled away, Blair's cheeks were flushed. She cleared her throat, trying to gather her senses, "Good morning."

"Quite." Chuck smiled at her. He lifted his head, looking to greet the leggy blonde accompanying them.


"She's not coming." Blair's eyes instantly dropped to the ground, sheepishly admitting the fact that it was to be just the two of them.


"Her grandmother arrived this morning, demanding that they have a family Thanksgiving. Cece Rhodes is not a woman to be taken lightly." Blair rambled a little in nervousness.

"So… it's just us?"

"Yes…I'm…I'm sorry, if you don't want to come along now, I understand."

"What? Why would I not go now?" He shook his head and took her hand, "Why would I want to be stuck here, alone, for the long weekend? And… just think how much more sex we can have without Serena around…" Chuck's reply was cocky, yet he was startled by her offer. For once he had a chance to not be alone, in his suite, or be ignored by his father in a vain attempt to appear to 'be a family' at a table full of strangers.

"Chuck…" Blair rolled her eyes. He smiled and led her into the limo.

Chuck gazed out the window as they drove, though his hand was resting on Blair's knee, caressing little circles with his fingertips. "Tell me about your family?"

"I…" Blair's eyes watched the movement of his hand on her knee, and she had to work to focus her thoughts on his question. "I figured you would know from the rumors? My father ran off with his boyfriend last spring, and now my parents are divorced. I think they're doing this- Thanksgiving, for me- no, I know they are. So don't be surprised if dinner is wrought with tension."

Blair's phone buzzed in her handbag, distracting her. She pulled it out and groaned.

What is our princess thinking!

A long weekend- with Chuck Bass?

Where could they be going?

And we can only imagine the things

He will do to her.

Let's hope her only regret will be

Eating too much turkey.

You know you love me,


Gossip Girl

The text accompanied a photo of Chuck kissing her, as her luggage was being loaded into the limo, not five minutes ago.

Chuck looked down at the screen, "They just keep getting faster don't they?"

Blair shook her head, "If my parents saw this, what would they think of us?" She began to panic a little.

"What about us?" Chuck furrowed his brow, confused by the strain in her voice and the pale look on her face.

"Our… friendship." Blair's tongue felt overly large in her mouth as she spoke the words.

Chuck smirked at the uncomfortable expression on her face, his hand traveled up from her knee, slipping a little under her skirt. "Oh, you mean, would your parents want to know how much I enjoy watching you come all over my cock when you ride me?"

Her cheeks were a furious shade of pink; she was upset about the blast, and here he was seducing her. "I don't think that's quite what they'll be asking…"

His other hand reached across to tilt her chin, turning her so she might look into his eyes, he was cool when he spoke, "Let them think what they will."

Chuck then leaned in and whispered in her ear, "As long as you know that you will have to keep especially quiet when I slip into your room at night."

His hand snuck further up her skirt as she whispered his name and his mouth closed over hers. She was being so serious, and he wanted her to relax, be excited about their time together. She brought her hand up to touch his face as he pulled away from her lips, "Just let go… come play with me."

His mouth covered hers again. He felt her moan when he slid his tongue into her mouth. He grasped her thighs and pulled her into his lap. The pleats of her pale pink skirt fell over his knees as both his hands reached under the soft fabric to cup her ass.

Blair sighed at the feel of his hands on her. She shook her head, "No…"

He tried to capture her mouth again, but she denied him.

"We should talk… figure out…what we'll tell them…"

Chuck unceremoniously dumped her on the limo's seat, pinning her down with his body. If she was not going to listen to him, then he would make her relax, clear her mind of all this needless worrying. "Or you can just go with it. We're on holiday… away from New York. And you're with me."

Blair licked her lips and swallowed at the dangerous look in his eyes. She trembled as his hands traveled up her legs once more. He bunched the skirt around her waist, smirking. "But… Chuck…" She whispered.

"No. No more." He moved down her body, dropping his head between her legs. He tugged her pretty little La Perla's aside and greedily pressed his tongue against her. He inhaled the scent of her, reveled in the taste of her, and moaned.

Blair shut her eyes tight, trying to desperately keep control over her thoughts. The steady lave of his tongue, snaking into her body effectively wiped her mind clean. All thoughts of Paris, of her parents, forgotten in the wake of little trembles he sent through her body.

Suddenly there was a knocking sound; Chuck stilled, and Blair's eyes flew open. Neither had felt the limo come to a stop. "We've arrived, Mr. Bass."

Chuck regretfully removed himself as Blair straightened her skirt, and smoothed her hair. Her face had gone back to looking calm, and proper, though her cheeks were still tinted with the flush caused by his attentions. He leaned in and kissed her cheek, whispering, "We'll finish this on the plane." He pulled away, winking.

They boarded the jet and settled into their seats. Chuck took her hand, giving her a dirty little smile. She looked at him, and scowling, she spoke, "What are you going to say to my father when he meets you?"

Chuck reached over, tucking a strand of loose hair behind her ear, he licked his lips, "I don't know. Why don't I tell him I hope we don't look too disheveled upon our arrival, as I spent most of the flight inducting his daughter into the mile high club?"

The jet began its ascent, pushing them back into their seats as the engines screamed. Chuck was enjoying their verbal sparring, but as he watched her little tongue dart out to lick her lips, all they had been playing at stirred in him. He pulled her to him as he leaned in and kissed her intensely.

They made out as the jet climbed higher and higher, Chuck once more effectively distracting Blair from her thoughts and concerns. His hand was under that innocent little lavender sweater, his thumb rasping against her hard nipples through her much less innocent lace bra. She moaned, and pouted.

Reaching cruising altitude, he unfastened his restraint, then hers. Without provocation or coaxing, Blair was climbing into his lap. It had been days since they had properly been together; apparently it was getting to her as much as it was to him. She was desperately trying to unfasten his trousers, unsuccessfully, and pleaded with him. He laughed, "Maybe I should make sure you really want it first?"

Blair's hands were now on his shoulders and she gripped them harder, she pouted and bounced a little in his lap, like a child being denied their favorite toy. He caught her sweet lips and slipped his hand under her skirt, seeking her heat. Her heart raced, pounding in her ears as he pulled that little line of lace aside. She thought her wetness might begin to run down her legs in anticipation of him. She waited.

He smirked, watching the expression of need on her face, "Missing something, Blair?"

She lost it, wailing, "Chuck!"

"That's better." He shoved his hand up into her, watching relief wash across her face. She rocked against him as he worked her hard, taking in the sight of her beauty as she was consumed with lust.

"Should I make you come like this?" He purred in her ear.

Blair bit her lip, shaking her head, "No!" she begged, "I want to come with you… inside me."

Chuck opened his trousers and slipped them down. His hands on her hips, she lowered herself down onto his cock at last, releasing a sigh of happiness: completion. At least for a moment- because now the need ached in her, deep down inside, where he was reaching into her core. She tightened around him with the thought of the pleasure he was about to give her, loving the feel of him there.

Closing his eyes, Chuck exhaled a blissful sigh. Days. They were going to do this for days and days. He had tried to masturbate prior their trip, thinking of her, of this. But, god, it was useless- a total waste, next to the feel of being inside her. Her lips were on his now, kissing him. He heard her whimpering, and he shook her hips harder against his.

She cried out, waves of euphoria convulsed through her, her mind gone in a blaze of white. Her body shuddered around him, and Chuck followed her, letting her orgasm bring him to his. Breathless, she pleaded, "Yes… yes…" as he filled her with her reward.

They calmed and stilled, slowly returning to a more acceptable arrangement. Chuck put his arms around Blair's shoulders and held her close, letting her curl up on his chest. He closed his eyes and soaked up the feel of her. Stroking her glossy brown hair, he thought of the next few days. Though he had distracted her, gotten her to relax, she had a valid point. That Serena was not here; it cast him in a very specific light in her parent's eyes. He was not… that guy- he was Chuck Bass. But, then, this was Paris, not New York. No awful rumor mills, or Gossip Girl spies. Would it be so bad to feign not being Chuck Bass for a few days, for Blair? He turned the thought over in his mind as he too drifted to sleep.

Blair and Chuck awoke in Paris. They freshened up before departing the jet, correcting the disheveled look he had joked of a few hours ago. As their luggage was loaded into the car, Chuck took her hand once more, "Hey."

Blair looked up at him, her wide eyes questioning. He brought his hands up to her face, slowly tilting her head back, staring into her eyes as he softly pressed his lips, warm and gentle against hers. Chuck felt something rise in his chest, his head felt fuzzy, his breath was light. His lust was there… but so was something else. He pulled away, his hand dropping back to holding hers. She was bright and beautiful before him. It was a promise.

The black town car wove through Paris. Chuck reached out and held Blair's hand once more, a little smile on his face as she looked at him. It tugged on his heart, and he tried to mentally down play all that she was giving him right now. By sharing her family like this with him, she was giving him an experience he had never had before. He could do this; he had focused on making Blair relax earlier, now he was the one that needed to relax, to let go.

The car came to a stop in front of a large house, all stone, wrought iron balconies in the windows, nestled near the Trocadero and the Palais de Tokyo, the Pont D'Iena, and the Eiffel Tower. Blair threw the car door open as Harold Waldorf came out of the house and descended the stairs. She flew into his arms, "Papa!"

Chuck watched the giant smile that spread across Harold's face as his arms wrapped around his daughter. He could not help but smile, there was so much happiness radiating from them. He slid from the car, and stood behind Blair.

Blair finally released her father, and turning, she went to introduce Chuck, "Papa, this is…"

However, Harold was already three steps ahead, "You must be Charles," he said and reached out to shake hands.

"Yes, sir. Please, call me Chuck. It's a pleasure to finally meet you." Chuck shook Harold's hand. Though he was meeting Harold's gaze, he could see Blair's face too, and saw her smile, biting her lower lip in anxious excitement.

Roman now came out of the house, breaking the slight tension, "Blair, you are here!"

He too hugged Blair, and greeted Chuck, shaking his hand. Chuck smiled seeing Blair with her two fathers, the energy was light and bright, and he could see why she was so excited to be here. He felt Blair's little hand slip into his and turned to see her smiling up at him.

The four of them ate a light dinner; though Chuck did not say much, he enjoyed watching, listening, and soaking in the feel of a family dinner. Harold and Roman were intelligent and funny, and made him feel welcomed and included.

After dinner, Harold showed them to their rooms, situated across the hall from one another. "What are your plans for the rest of the evening?"

"I thought we might exhaust our jet lag at a club, if it's okay with you, daddy?" Blair put just the right touch of sugar on her request.

Harold gave his daughter a long look, "Hmm, well… don't stay out too late? We have to make our pie in the morning."

Blair kissed her father on the cheek, smiling in thanks, and walked into her bedroom, pushing the door half shut behind her.

Harold gave Chuck a nod, his look saying it all- you better be good to my daughter. Chuck entered his room and quickly pulled on a fresh shirt. Walking back across the hall, he nudged Blair's door open. She was standing across the room, leaning over the dresser, putting lipstick on in the mirror. In nothing but black lace lingerie and sheer black stockings held up by a garter belt. He leaned against the doorframe and shook his head at her when her eyes met his in the mirror.

He smirked, "You should really close your door when you're changing clothes."

She glowered at him, and then turned to pick up a little red dress from her bed, slipping it on, "I guess I should, shouldn't I? And lock it too."

Blair shook her hair out of the chignon, her loosened hair falling down the exposed skin of her back in waves of curls. Chuck's mouth watered and he rather wanted to stay in this very room. Forget the club.

"Come on," Blair smiled, as though she knew his thoughts and took his hand.

They had a few drinks at the club before Blair began to pout at him, "Please Chuck? Won't you dance with me?"

He recalled the last time he had danced with her, and he was not about to go through that again. But the memory gave him an even better idea. "No, but…"

Chuck whispered his proposal in her ear, and Blair pondered it a moment before she smiled at him, slid out of her seat, and sauntered to the dance floor, her hips swinging. It took her no time at all in that tight red dress to find a willing victim.

He sat back, enjoying his drink as he watched her dance with another man for a few minutes. He enjoyed watching her move, the curve of her body, her allure reached out towards him from across the room. The moment the other man began to look like he was enjoying himself too much was when Chuck rose from his seat, possessiveness driving him to her side. His face was clouded in darkness as he entered the fray, his black eyes locking on the man as he reached out and pulled Blair to him. His voice was dripping with possession, "I believe you're dancing with my woman."

The image of Chuck was enough to frighten the stranger, who instantly backed off. Blair wrapped herself around him, high on adrenaline as she smiled and kissed him. Her arms were around his neck, her fingers in his hair, her whole body pressing up against him as she moved to the music.

Moaning, his tongue slipped into her mouth. The slight haze of alcohol and her little performance- both here and in her room- how else was he supposed to feel? His cock throbbed and his hands grasped her ass. He pushed them off the dance floor, into a dark corner, out of the light.

Blair's hands dropped to his trousers, pulling them open and he moaned as her hand grasped him. He shoved her hard against the wall and pulled her legs up around him. And just like that, they were coupled once more. It had not even been twelve hours, yet it felt like weeks, months even, since he had buried himself in her tight wet heat. The sight of that other worthless man pawing at her made his blood boil. You're mine… you're mine.

Chuck's mouth was on her neck as she clung to him. He was fucking her hard; so needy and desperate, the sounds falling from his lips were guttural, primitive. She could barely keep her eyes open at the pleasure of it all, the club around her a haze of colored spots blurring into darkness. She felt so hot… so bad, her mouth curled into a wicked grin. It was a game, she had toyed with him, set him off, and now she was reveling in the darkness. He felt so amazing, and she cried out as he fucked her harder and harder.

Their mutual climax was like a ripple of deep bass traveling through their bodies. Chuck cursed and Blair cried out his name as his passion surged into her body and she tightened even more around him, taking it all in.

Hidden in their dark corner, they recovered, catching their breath, letting their heartbeats slow as they leaned against one another. After a time, Blair fixed her hair and Chuck fixed his trousers. Before returning to the light, his deep voice rumbled in her ear, "Now I hope you see why Chuck Bass doesn't dance."

The next morning, Blair bounced into his room, dressed and showered, "Get up, get up, it's time to make the pie!"

She kissed him on the cheek before she bounced back out of his room. He begrudgingly showered and dressed quickly, then went to find Blair in the kitchen. She was in a sweet little apron next to her father, mixing the pie ingredients. He saw Roman smile at him, nodding his head for him to come stand next to him. He offered Chuck some coffee and the two men silently watched the legendary Waldorf pie come into being.

Roman was also observing Chuck, watching the expressions on his face. "You like Blair, don't you?" he fished.

Chuck calmly took a sip of his coffee, "We're just friends."

"But you like her," the Frenchman insisted. Chuck did not respond to the bait, "And she would not have brought you to Paris with her if she had no attachment to you, Chuck."

Roman patted Chuck on the shoulder, before he went to sit near Harold and Blair to read the paper. Blair's eyes turned to Chuck, and she smiled; it was like sunlight, so bright and warm. He smiled back, and joined them.

Harold snuck off while Chuck and Blair finished preparing the piecrust. Their hands pushing the crust into the pie pan as they smiled at one another. Harold held up the camera, and Roman called to them, "Blair, Chuck."

Snap. Their first picture- if you don't count Gossip Girl. Chuck turned a little red in embarrassment and Blair nudged him, laughing, "Chuck Bass, a domestic!"

"As long as that doesn't end up on Gossip Girl…" He grumbled, so only she would hear. She just continued to laugh.

He gave her a cruel look as she laughed, and he wiped his flour-covered hands on her day dress.

"Chuck!" She squealed. Blair tried to retaliate but he caught her hands.

"Oh no you don't! Remember last time? You lost that food fight too!" He laughed.

She laughed more, "Sometimes winning and losing are objective, Chuck Bass!"

They struggled a little more, laughing the entire time. Harold was taking a few more pictures, as both he and Roman laughed at them.

"Papa! Were you taking more pictures?" Blair berated her father.

"Happiness is something that should be remembered, and cherished, Blair-Bear." He smiled at her. The words struck Chuck's ears. Happiness.

The pie in the oven, they all went to dress for dinner, letting the professionals reclaim the kitchen in order to prepare the early dinner. Having finished dressing, Chuck found Blair curled up in the library, reading Colette.

"Not Madame Bovary?" He smirked at her. She just scowled at him, refusing to be pulled from her story. He selected Shakespeare from the shelf and sat down on the floor at the foot of the chaise Blair had curled up in. Her fingers eventually drifted down to play with his hair, as he leaned his head back against her. They passed the few hours before dinner just like this.

Eleanor arrived at the appointed hour, Harold and Roman greeting her in the foyer of their home. After lots of cheek kissing and mild awkwardness, Harold finally spoke, "Blair and Chuck are reading in the library."

Eleanor furrowed her brow, "Chuck? Who's Chuck?"

Roman and Harold exchanged looks, before Harold spoke again. "Blair brought a friend. Serena was also supposed to come, but family drama prevented her from joining us."

"But Chuck? As in, a boy?" Eleanor's mind was reeling.

Roman spoke next, "You mean you did not know she was bringing any friends?"

Eleanor just shook her head, and mumbled, "A boy…"

Harold interjected here, "She's never introduced you to Chuck Bass? You didn't even know they were friends?"

Eleanor was completely disillusioned, laughing, "Chuck Bass, Bart Bass' son? What is she thinking?"

Harold had been away from New York long enough that he knew nothing of Chuck's reputation, though he knew his illustrious father. "Eleanor, I have no clue what you are insinuating, but I can assure you they have been perfectly innocent since they arrived."

She eyed her ex-husband warily, she knew how sweet he was, but he was no fool either. So she calmed down and decided to see what this Chuck Bass was like in person.

"I will go fetch them, and speak to Blair about her behavior. You two go on to the table," Harold said, turning towards the library.

He peeked his head in first, seeing the two teenagers innocently reading. Blair was playing with Chuck's hair, but she seemed to be doing it almost absent-mindedly. It was a sweet image, though it made his heart ache to see his little girl so intimate with a boy. He cleared his throat, "Blair." She looked up at him with wide eyes, "Can I speak with you a moment?"

Chuck watched as she went to talk with her father in the hallway. They spoke quietly, but he could see it was not a pleasant conversation. She was in trouble and he was rather certain it had to do with him.

"How could you not tell your mother you were bringing someone?"

"When was I supposed to tell her that?" Blair bit out.

"I know Serena was supposed to come, but your mother did not even know you knew Chuck, or were friends with him." Harold cornered her.

"I… I tried to tell her, but she doesn't want to hear such things." Blair was quickly losing her appetite.

"That is no excuse, you were being sneaky, and that was a cruel thing to do to Roman and I, not just your mother."

"I'm sorry Papa…" She sighed.

"We're your parents, Blair. We will always be here for you- no matter what, no matter how busy we are." He saw Blair wrinkle her nose, "Even your mother. Oh, my Blair-Bear." Harold hugged his daughter.

Chuck smiled when he saw this; he had never seen an argument that ever really ended, or that bringing up issues could lead to a resolution. Harold now beckoned to him, as it was time for dinner.

Roman had ceded the head of the table to Eleanor, and sat next to her rather than Harold. Blair sat between her father and Chuck, while Chuck sat next to her mother.

Chuck was curious to finally meet Eleanor Waldorf and she was interested in the appearance of Charles Bass at her Thanksgiving dinner. Their conversation was tactical and polite as they circled one another: how was his father, how was her visit to Paris, how were his classes, how was her new fashion line.

"So how is it you came to meet my daughter, Charles?" Eleanor at last asked. Meaning? How is it that my pristine daughter came to associate with you?

Oh, she walked in on my having sex with some girl in the garden at a party this summer, so I started harassing her by sending her lingerie because I wanted to have sex with her. "Well, we go to the same school, so it was only a matter of time really. But I met Blair properly the first time at the van der Woodsen's party in the Hamptons this summer."

"And how long have you two been dating?" Eleanor went straight to it. Roman grew nervous on Chuck's behalf. Blair had calmly been listening the to conversation up to this point. She dared not look anywhere but at her plate, especially now. Oh, god!

"We're just friends Ms. Waldorf. Blair has helped me with some English assignments, and we do friendly things together, but we are not dating." Chuck mentally grimaced. Oh yes, we do some very friendly things.

Roman interjected now, "Indeed, Chuck is a very good friend to Blair. You should have seen how much fun they had when he was helping her make the pie this morning. Like that one time, remember when…"

Chuck tried to not exhale a giant sigh of relief, thankful to Roman for taking the pressure off of him. He felt Blair's hand reach down and hold his, giving him a little squeeze.

They took dessert in the sumptuous parlor, a great fire roaring in the beautiful fireplace. Roman and Eleanor chatted, while Harold played cards around the coffee table with Chuck and Blair. After a few rounds, Eleanor called Blair away to join her and Roman, something about new dresses to be selected and fitted. Harold and Chuck continued their game.

"I love my daughter very much, Chuck." Harold spoke, not looking at the boy, but watching the cards instead.

"Even if I had not known that before, I think anyone could see that when you and Blair are together, sir."

"Then I think you know why I must say what I am about to say."

Chuck nodded his head.

"You may just be friends, for now, or you could be lying- to me or yourselves. But you're the first boy Blair has ever brought home, so I have to make sure you understand that if you hurt her, I will never let you near her again."

He swallowed hard at the threat, "I understand, Mr. Waldorf."

Blair returned just then, kissing her father on the cheek. "What did I miss? Who's winning?"

Chuck watched Blair and her father laugh together, as the game of cards continued. He had never been confronted by a loving father before. While his manners had gotten him through the conversation, the meaning of it was still sinking in. Harold adored his daughter, and wanted to protect her from… well, guys like Chuck Bass.

The hours passed in front of the fireplace, conversation and soft laughter stretching into the night. It was not until Blair tried to hide a yawn that the late hour was noted and Eleanor departed to her home while everyone went to their rooms.

The next morning, Harold brought Blair breakfast in bed. She pulled her eyes mask off as he sat the tray on her nightstand. Sitting down on the bed next to her, he patted her hand, "Still jet lagged, sweetie?"

Blair cleared her throat, "Yes, a bit, I'm afraid. I…" her voice cracked a little, "had so much fun last night, playing cards with you and Chuck."

Harold smiled at his daughter, "You're such a good girl." He kissed her forehead, "Don't stay in bed too much longer."

He stood and smiled at her once more as he closed the door. Blair sank back down; her cheeks bright pink as Chuck pushed the covers up, emerging from beneath. She sighed, "That was close!"

"Just close?" Chuck smirked, "But I thought you came?"

She smacked him with her pillow. "Out, out!" she pushed him from the bed. He snagged a strawberry from her breakfast tray, "Go shower before someone finds you here."

Blair shook her head; he pulled his underwear halfway down his ass as he strolled towards her bathroom. She laid her head back on the pillow, swearing she was going to die- he was going to kill her. "You're such a good girl," she chided herself.

She followed Chuck into the bathroom after a few moments, locking the bathroom door behind her for safe measure. She brushed her hair and teeth as he showered. Blair tried to focus her thoughts, but her eyes wandered to his reflection in the mirror. The water running down his body, the way his wet hair lay across his forehead. Her breathing grew shallow, and she berated herself- focus, focus, before she nearly drooled brushing her teeth.

Chuck stepped out of the shower; he vigorously rubbed the towel to dry his hair, and smiled at Blair. She looked at him indignantly as she pulled the chemise over her head and slipped past him, into the shower. He reached out and smacked her ass.

She glared at him as the water ran through her hair, "Don't you ever get enough?"

"With you Waldorf?" He grinned, "Never."

Blair tried to act cool, though her heart jolted and her stomach dropped. She must have pulled it off because he left for his room to dress. He never had enough of her? She smiled to herself as she showered.

Chuck and Blair spent Friday and Saturday walking Paris together, shopping and enjoying all that the city had to offer. They laughed, shared favorite spots; Chuck went to see her favorite paintings, but only in exchange for Blair trying on lingerie for him. After all, he needed to replenish her wardrobe.

They sat in bistros and sipped cappuccinos, and visited boulangeries between boutiques; Chuck even feeding Blair bits of croissant when her hands were full with her newest prized purchases.

They strolled through parks, across the Pont D'Iena and ventured up the Eiffel Tower. The air was cold and crisp at the top, and Chuck tucked their entwined hands into his coat pocket. The view was breathtaking, and they gazed out on the city in silence. Couples kissed sweetly all around them. It made Blair feel nervous, wanting some distraction from the awkwardness.

"Did you know the tower is six inches shorter in the winter?"

"Really?" Chuck turned from the view to look down at her. Her cheeks were so pink and he could only think how cute she was.

"You know… thermodynamics." She made a nervous little laugh. Oh my god just shut up.

"You want me to kiss you, don't you?" He smiled.

"I said no such thing! Where would you even get that idea from?" Seriously, just stop talking.

"You mean you do not want me to kiss you? Ever again?" Chuck feigned a look of shock and insult.

Blair fumed a little and then looked up to him; he could see how frustrated and trapped she felt. He smiled, liking that he was the only one that could make it better. He pulled his warm hands out of his pockets and cupped her face, "You… are too sweet to not kiss."

He brushed his lips against hers, and her hands held tight to the front of his coat. Her whole body, her mind, absorbed this moment, so she might always remember it. Always…

Saturday night, for a farewell dinner, Roman and Harold had planned from them all to have a tasteful French dinner at Le Pré Catelan.

Chuck knocked on Blair's door; it was nearly time to depart. He pushed the door open to see Blair standing, looking out the French doors of her balcony, her head titled as she fixed her earring in place. She turned, twisting her body, and smiled at him. He thought his heart stopped at that moment. Her eyes were bright, her full mouth was painted red, glossy brown curls fell down the open back of the long strapless deep green dress, yet the worst part was seeing his diamond glitter at her throat.

Blair lifted the skirt of her dress and walked towards him. Still smiling, she laughed a little and looked into his eyes, "Are you okay, Chuck?"

He licked his lips and cleared his throat, "Yes, fine, just… you certainly do not look sixteen tonight."

She smiled even bigger, and in a moment of courage, her hand grasped the front of his trousers, "Ah, I see you mean that as a compliment," she winked at him.

Chuck rolled his eyes with a small groan before he offered his arm to her. They descended the stairs together, and Blair somehow managed to smile even more for her father and Roman as they murmured in awe of her. Harold made her stand in the foyer and pose for a picture, much to Blair's objections.

"Papa, you are being such a…"

"Father? I know how silly of me. Now smile, Blair-Bear." He laughed.

Roman watched Chuck, who was having trouble keeping a grip on his usual placid expression. She just looked so…. He did not even know a word for it. Blair was always pretty, but this?

"Chuck, why don't you have your photo taken with Blair?" Roman suggested.

"No, no, we're just friends…" Chuck declared, but he was overruled.

"Who would not want to have their picture with a pretty girl? Come…" Roman pushed Chuck towards her. Years of modeling experience, he adjusted them until they were just to his liking. He smiled, "Lovely."

Chuck struggled through dinner. The food was fantastic; the conversation was lively and enjoyable. But he struggled nonetheless because he suddenly did not recognize Blair. That wide eyed girl from the garden, who quoted Shakespeare and called his bullshit, he could not see that girl in the… woman, who sat next to him. He dared any man to tell him that tonight, she was not every bit a woman. Blair was confident, beautiful, alluring…. No- more than all that, she was sexy as all hell.

She turned to him, smiling, laughing at the joke Roman had made. His breath hitched, and the diamond around her neck twinkled in the soft lights. He felt so overwhelmed, wondering how he might make it through dinner under the assault of these thoughts and feelings.

Blair saw the strange look on his face. She blamed it on the strapless gown he had must be imagining ripping off her body before he took her tonight. She reached her hand under the table and just barely touched his leg.

The feel of her fingers shot through him like electricity. Chuck instantly excused himself from the table. Walking to the restroom, his head felt light, his chest felt too small, it was heart to breathe, and his heart was pounding in his ears. He leaned against the bathroom sink, trying to focus on breathing; he splashed some cool water against his overly warm face. What the hell was this?

Nightcaps were taken in the library, conversation was light and pleasant. Blair was the first to depart for her room. She kissed her father and Roman good night, though only smiled and bid Chuck sweet dreams. Chuck stayed awhile longer, before excusing himself, commenting that the flight back to New York was early. Truly, he could not contain his need for Blair another moment longer; he was desperate to know what she was doing to him.

He did not bother to knock this time. Pushing her door open, he found Blair on her balcony gazing out at Paris and the full moon above. Chuck shrugged off his jacket as he crossed her room. Placing the warm coat over her shoulders, he spoke, "It's cold out, what are you thinking?"

"I just wanted some air." She turned to face him, "And I'm thinking how happy I've been here." Been with you. They stepped back into her room.

"I never really knew how beautiful Paris was before." He murmured, caressing her cheek as he looked into her dark eyes, her lips calling to him, her whole being pulling him in. He could not resist her and he did not bother trying. As he leaned into her, he whispered, "Blair…"

His lips were rough against hers, his lust burning her. Blair felt every second of time they had left together slipping away. What tomorrow would bring, she did not know. Chuck had been different here, she could see that, and in the corner of her mind, she suspected- she knew, New York would not be like this tomorrow. But she had tonight, and she wanted to feel every moment of it. She gasped, "Please…" He kissed down her neck as she pleaded, "Slowly… we… have time… make me yours…"

Chuck pulled his head back and looked into her eyes. The moonlight fell across them, and she glowed in his arms, her beauty overwhelming him once more. He closed his mouth over hers, a silent, reverent promise. We have time…

He kissed across her collarbone as he unzipped the long gown, letting it drop away from her; kissing the tops of her breasts as he unfastened her bra. He knelt before her, his fingers dancing across her skin, his mouth around her breasts, his tongue teasing her nipple against his teeth. When he removed her stockings, he contemplated the feel of her legs as the material slowly slid further and further down. He grasped the roundness of her backside, squeezing it gently in his hands before pulling down her thong. Finally, having her naked before him, he felt as though such beauty could only exist in his dreams; yes, this was a dream. It was the only explanation, he thought as he stood once more and her full red lips met his.

His eyes were hazy as he watched her work the small buttons of his dress shirt and unfasten his French cuffs. Her fingers felt hot on his skin when she touched his chest, his shoulders, pushing the fabric off of him, as though the garment was offending her. The metallic clink of his belt opening made a deep groan rumble in his chest, and in another moment, his trousers were on the floor. Her hands were running down his back, and then slipping under the waistband of his black boxer briefs, pushing them down. She moved to kneel down before him, but he caught her, and her eyes shone up at him, "No… let's not spoil this with that."

Chuck led her to the bed, holding her hand, kissing her softly. No one had ever made him feel the way Blair did, now, in this moment. The entire visit felt like a step out of time. He had been accepted, felt wanted even, and now he was having this delicious dream, for he was so certain it must be, and in reality, he was in his room, alone, imagining the feel of her against him, kissing him with as much desperation as he was her.

Blair called to him, her breath soft and panting, "Make me yours, Chuck… please… I want it all…" I want to be your friend, your lover, to be this way, feel this way… and so much more. She gasped a small sob when he finally took her, filling her softness will all of his hardness. His strokes were long, yet forceful, and her arms curled around his back. I never want this to end. Blair felt the sting of tears in her eyes, and she leaned up to kiss him, a small sob escaping her lips.

He opened his eyes in time to see a solitary tear roll down her cheek. Something inside him cracked, and he knew now this was not a dream. Blair would not be crying in his dreams. Fuck. His head dropped down, and he kissed her again, feeling his desperation well up in his chest, meeting hers ounce for ounce. And still he thrust into her, working her towards her first orgasm. Forget her virginity, it was this night he would make her remember over all others. It was a night he would remember above all others.

He watched her gasp, and tremble, clinging to him harder, as she came apart beneath him. His eyes focused on the curve of her lips as she cried his name, the heat of her tightening around him being almost too much. He tried- fought, to pull himself back from the edge, kissing those lips, feeling her hands on his back, feeling her, focusing on her.

"Again," Chuck whispered in her ear.

Blair trembled under him, her breath shuddering, "No… I can't…"

He reached down, grabbing her ass, lifting her hips a little higher, "But you will."

His mouth found the sweet spot on her neck; he began to thrust into her with more ardor. He kissed, bit, sucked that spot, bruising her, making her cry out his name as she peaked a second time.

Blair dug her nails into his back, breaking skin, making him roar. She wanted to mark him as badly as he had marked her, for all time. Her mouth caressed the shell of his ear, "Come…" she moaned, "spill inside me…"

His eyes rolled back, and he could not fight it anymore… he did not want to fight it. He swelled inside her, and he did just as she commanded, his desperation flooding inside her.

They held each other after that, no words, just the sound of their hearts beating.

Chuck awoke in the middle of the night, finding Blair snuggled happily against him. Something tore at him inside as he slipped from her bed. He could not find a specific name, or reason, for the feeling. He did not want to risk getting caught their last night together, he did not want to leave her bed, he did not want to leave… her, this way they had been in Paris. He pushed the thoughts aside as he sneaked back to his room and into his cold bed.

Soon enough, it was morning, and Chuck and Blair were on the jet back to New York. They were quiet, a little sad, and perhaps a bit uncertain, as he held her in his arms; they tried to sleep more on the long flight. Blair murmured into his chest as she slipped into her dreams, "I don't want to go home."

Though his eyes were closed, he heard her words. Home. New York. The end of this break- this experiment, and the return of Chuck Bass, of gossip, his father, all the disappointment; these things drifted through his mind, and he held Blair just a little tighter to him.

AN: Chapter title taken from BassCop69's Historical sequel to the historical, Catch and Release, titled: Not Your Autumn Moon, I am The Night.

Giant heaps of love and gratitude to Georgia (CheeryFan/Atalanta) for being, yet again, my super beta on this chapter. And a special spot of love to GGFan73104 for helping me with my last sticky spot and making it so I could publish this chapter that much sooner.

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