Love You Some Day

Never Be The Same

Chapter Fifteen:

Never Be The Same

A long black limo crawled up Fifth Avenue. Its two occupants were fiercely wrapped around one another, kissing, desperately fighting the end of something. Neither had spoken a word of what they were thinking, but they knew what would happen- what would change when they left the shelter of his dark limo. They would not be in Paris anymore.

Standing in their city once more, Chuck held her hand, playing with her fingers, as the car was unloaded. She smiled at him and caressed his jawline. No matter what happened next, the happiness they had in Paris could never be taken from them. Happiness should be remembered, cherished.

Her luggage was being taken into the building now, and his chest ached a little. But she was smiling and that somehow made it better. "See you in the morning?"

"Of course." She kissed him on the cheek and turned towards her building.

And with that, Paris had ended.

Blair was unpacked, and reviewing her school work when Serena bounced into her room, flopping onto the bed. "I'm here for my report!"

"Your report?" Blair watched as her friend lay on her bed, getting comfortable, as though she were about to watch her favorite television show.

"I'm here to hear about Paris… and Chuck Bass!" She twirled her blonde hair in her fingers, smiling with excitement.

Blair rolled her eyes and shook her head. "Paris was good. I have to show you this pretty little pair of Vivier's I picked up!"

"Blair… that's not going to work. Tell me about Chuck!"

The brunette bit her lower lip, and tried not to smile too much, "He was wonderful, S."

"Woah. Wonderful? Did you magically take the wrong Charles Bass to Paris with you?"

"No." Blair scowled at her friend, "All the sex definitely proved it was the same Chuck Bass."

Serena burst out laughing, "Blair!"

"Well, now you can't say I didn't tell you anything." She laughed too.

"So, awesome sex," Serena laughed a little again, "great shopping. What else? How was actual Thanksgiving?"

"Tense. My mother asked him how long we had been dating."

"Ouch." The blonde made a face.

"Yeah. But we're just friends- right?" Blair dropped her face in her hands.

"Oh, B." Serena stood and hugged her best friend.

"It's as though that word was the only untruth. Everything else was… was us, Chuck and Blair. Talking in the cafes, shopping together, laughing together, him feeding me croissants, and kissing me atop the Eiffel Tower. Oh, S, and last night. Last night was…"

Blair had no words for what last night had been. There were so many emotions, such beauty, and tenderness. It was unlike anything she had ever thought possible to feel with another person.

"What now, B? I mean… what do you think will happen tomorrow?" Serena asked the question Blair had been pondering since yesterday.

"I don't know…" It was all back on Chuck and his choices again, but she did know the one thing she could do, "I have to believe. Paris was real; there was such happiness. I have to believe in that, and believe that Chuck will figure all of… this, out."

"Wow, B. That's… really mature."

"I guess I've read too many novels?" Blair laughed, thinking of all her favorite Jane Austen heroines.

Nate and Chuck were reclined on the sofa, catching up on the past few days as they blew curly q's of pot smoke into the air.

"I'm sorry I couldn't have you stay with me for the holidays, man. My parents have been so weird lately. But how was Paris?"

"Paris was good." Chuck offered.

"Yes, but how good?" Nate pushed for more.

Chuck's mind turned over memories of all the sex he had with Blair, but also the places they went, things they did, the smiles, the laughter, the… things, he had felt. "My project is going quite well, if the sex is any indicator to go by. The round we had at that club was pretty exceptional."

"You got her to have sex with you in a public place? Damn, you are good." Nate laughed.

Chuck smirked at his friend, proud to have met his expectations. Though in his mind, he heard Blair begging him to make her his last night, the memory of her beautiful body in the moonlight lying under him.

"How did you deal with her parents? Weren't they all over you- you said it was just you and her, right?" Nate wondered.

"I said we're just friends, and let them think whatever the hell they like." Something felt odd as he said the words this time.

"And Blair was okay with that?" Nate furrowed his brow, not able to imagine the perfect little princess allowing such a thing.

"I told you, the sex is just that good. That's all we did the whole time anyway." Now Chuck knew he was lying. But what was he supposed to say to Nate?

Suddenly, both their phones buzzed on the coffee table. Picking them up, they saw a new message from Gossip Girl.

Welcome back UESers,

Hope you all had a very happy start to the holidays.

My favorite dish this Thanksgiving?

A special treat from France,

Aurelie09 snapped this Friday

On the Rue Saint-Honoré

What is this?

Our princess and the dark prince,

Looking rather like… a couple?

Perhaps it was just all that fresh Parisian air?

You know you love me,


Gossip Girl

The photo was of a very happy Blair, her hands full from her extensive shopping, with an equally happy Chuck, playfully feeding her part of a croissant.


"Just sex, huh?" Nate dripped sarcastically.

Chuck kept his distance from Blair nearly the entire week. He still walked with her to school; he needed her, and walking with her was that little fix he allowed himself. But he was aloof, barely kissing her- anything to avoid the temptation to have sex with her. The experience they had together that last night in Paris haunted him, intoxicated him, and he was wary of being pulled in by her again. Paris had followed them home, and he could not shake the feeling that he had gone too far.

Blair struggled on Monday when he was strange with her. She blamed the Gossip Girl blast and by Tuesday morning she had honestly expected him to not walk her to school. Yet, he was there, every day. He just watched her and made her talk about things. Planning for the ball and her schoolwork were keeping her busy enough, and distracted her from the heartache of it all. He had barely touched her all week, and at night, alone in her bed she wanted to cry, thinking of the distance between them.

Friday at last, Chuck was looking forward to smoking with Nate that night. He was between classes, switching books at his locker when he heard a couple of guys discussing Blair.

"Man, have you seen Blair Waldorf lately?"

"Yeah, that is one fine ass."

"And now that Chuck Bass has tapped it you know it's open for business."

"I heard she still doesn't have a date for the ball next Saturday, poor girl- I bet she's starting to get quite desperate."

Chuck heard the insinuation in the boy's voice and it made his blood boil. Fuck.

He was waiting in the janitors closet just before lunch; he was uncertain and needy from his self-imposed denial. He saw Blair and roughly pulled her into the little closet with him.

"Oh my... Chuck!" She was startled and suddenly he was wrapped around her, his mouth hot and insistent against hers.

"Tell me..." He gasped.

He was pulling her underwear down and she moaned as heat flooded her body in anticipation of him, "Anything..."

"Tell me you're mine- only mine," he growled.

He was unfastening his belt, and her mind grappled with what he was asking from her. She was, it was true, yet that was not what he was asking her. Her heart ached but she would not lie to him, even a little.

"Only yours Chuck, take me, make me yours once more," she declared, a note of pleading at the end.

It was a weight off his mind and pure lust rushed through him. Why had he denied himself this? He wrapped her legs around his waist as she held onto the shelves in the little room. He feared he was going to come the second her tight little cunt took the length of him so deep into her body.

His. She was all his.

Her voice was in his ears begging for more of him. More, harder, deeper, yet it was never enough. The shelves shook with their desperate reunion. He kept his mouth pressed to hers as they panted in an attempt to try to keep them quiet. Blair whimpered his name, and he felt her muscles tighten around him, and his mind went white with pleasure as he climaxed.

Blair was a little late to lunch with Serena. She sat down quickly, trying not to smile with how pleased she was about the wetness between her legs.

"Oh my god…" Serena eyed her friend. "No…"

"What?" Blair focused on opening her yogurt.

"Your cheeks are pink… a little too pink. And your sleeve, look how dirty it is! You were…" Serena had a cheeky smile on her face.

Blair looked a little sheepish as she rolled her eyes, "He's Chuck Bass…"

"And he's been odd all week. Good to see he's perhaps coming to his senses. Maybe he'll finally ask you to the ball next weekend," Serena pondered out loud.

"Or I'll just go on my own?"

"Not if I have anything to say about it! I know a few really cute Dalton boys…" The blonde offered with a smile, "They could take you- oh, or better yet! I could have them teach Chuck a lesson about how to treat a lady!"

Blair shook her head, "Oh, S. As if that would help anything. No. I have to believe. He'll figure out what he wants, and until then…" Tell me you're mine, she sighed.

Serena watched her friend struggle for a moment, and tried to turn her thoughts elsewhere, "So tell me about the quiz in English class today?"

Chuck had an extra spring in his step the rest of the day. Clearly he was wrong to put space between them. This was the best he had felt in days. But eventually the euphoria did wane, and his biggest issue kept turning over in his mind. He heard the other boy's voice in his head: She still doesn't have a date for the ball.

They walked home together that day. Chuck was curious; he needed to know what she was thinking. "How are preparations coming for the ball next weekend?"

"Fantastic! It's going to be so beautiful; there are just a few things to take care of next week, but everything is exactly as it should be." Blair took a small breath, and told herself to just say it, "Serena has… offered to find me a date, as I've just been too busy to even think about it. I think I just expected to go alone. I'll probably be busy keeping everything perfect anyway! It would not be any fun for my date."

She gave him a chance, and an out, now it was all on him. Blair tried to focus on staying relaxed and acting cool, but as he said nothing, it got more and more difficult not to freak out. Nothing. He was saying nothing. And now she was home. He looked deep in his own thoughts, so she gave up, and kissed him on the cheek, "I'll see you later?" she asked, half a question, half a request, and went inside. She threw a small fit in the elevator, allowing herself that small gap of time to be upset. When the doors opened, she was perfect and poised once more.

Lying in bed that night, Chuck struggled. What a failure. The whole thing was unacceptable. Blair could not go with anyone else, and it would be awful for her to have to go on her own. But I'm Chuck Bass. His thoughts were erratic, shifting from one side then back to the other. We were happy together in Paris! But this is New York. She's just another girl. Yet she's unlike anyone else I have ever met.

Why could he not suck it up and just take her? Even infamous playboys go on dates and take women to events. It was no big deal, why was he making it one? Yet, he had waited so long to ask her; she had even given him a chance to ask. Maybe if he found a really romantic way to ask her, he could make amends for his idiocy.

Blair sat at her desk, deep in her studies on that Saturday afternoon. There was a soft knock at her door and she completed her note before looking up. When she turned her head, Chuck was kneeling next to her, a large box in his hands. Her heart instantly started thudding in her chest. His eyes were all hazel and gold, and something pulled at her making her all at once want to kiss him and yet run away.

"I wondered what you're doing next Saturday?" he paused, his little smirk sneaking out, "As I was kind of hoping by the end of the night, it might be me?"

"Chuck…." She wanted to cry, she had been telling herself to believe but inside it had started to kill her, as though Paris was a dream after all. But, here he was.

"I know it's a bit of a delayed request, but I thought this might help make up for it? I know how busy you've been." He lifted the box in offering.

She took it tentatively, quietly waiting to wake up from this daydream. He watched her, waiting for her to open the box. Blair held her breath as she lifted the lid. Layers of pale pink silk lovingly tucked in delicate tissue paper. She reached out and felt its softness slip through her fingers. Lifting her eyes to look at him again, her breath caught and all she could think to do was kiss him. Her lips brushed against his, and she felt that bubble of happiness rising inside of her.

It took all her strength to pull away from him, "Pick me up at seven?"

The smile on his face was utterly adorable, making her want to forget everything and pull him into her bed. Instead, she sat the box aside and scooted him out the door. He pouted at her and she berated him, "No… no, this is your punishment for being slow- and aloof all week!"

Chuck stole another kiss from her; he was happy, and feeling playful, "But this isn't the kind of punishment I like…"

Blair huffed at him, "Go do something useful! And no… that was not an invitation!"

She pushed her door shut and let out the huge smile she had been hiding. She went back to the box and pulled the dress out, holding it up in front of the mirror. Stunning.

Blair had been spending so much time with either her books or preparing for the ball that Serena had to practically kidnap her best friend that night in order to spend time with her. They had gone to several bars by the time they had drunk enough to become properly silly. Their current location had karaoke, and Serena decided she needed a good laugh.

"Blair!" Serena shook her friends arm, "Sing us a song? I wanna hear your beauuuutiful voice," she slurred, pouting.

Blair was too far-gone to care that she was about to make a spectacle of herself. Hugging the tall blonde, she said "Aww, only for you, S! You know I love you, right?"

Serena pushed her towards the stage, "Go on…"

Finding a song almost immediately, Blair could not help herself. Did she ever stop thinking about Chuck? Fixing her dress and shaking her hair back, she grasped the mic, standing center stage. She posed, and rocked her hips to the music.

I know all about,

Yeah, about your reputation…

Serena started to laugh, was Blair really singing The Right Kind of Wrong? She pulled out her cellphone, hitting the record button- there needed to be evidence of this!

You walk in and my strength walks out the door

Say my name and I can't fight it any more

Blair was enjoying the spotlight and anyone might think she genuinely meant the words coming out of her mouth.

Oh I know, I should go

But I need your touch just too damn much

She shook her head, tousling her mass of soft curls.

Loving you, that isn't really something I should do

I shouldn't wanna spend my time with you ya

Well I should try to be strong

But baby you're the right kind of wrong

Yeah, baby you're the right kind of wrong

It might be a mistake

A mistake I'm makin'

But what your giving I am happy to be taking

Her hands traveled down the curves of her body.

Cause no one's ever made me feel

The way I feel when I'm in your arms

They say you're somethin' I should do without

She pointed out at no one in particular, lifting her chin defiantly

They don't know what goes on

When the lights go out….

She smirked - no, no one knew, except Chuck.

The crowd was cheering Blair on by this point. Her presence, standing center stage, was hard to ignore. Serena was so inebriated she only found the whole situation funny. While Blair's performance was undoubtedly alluring to every man in the room, she knew her friend was singing about dating Chuck Bass, if you could call it dating.

I should try to run but I just can't seem to

'Cause every time I run you're the one I run to

A genuine smile- she loved being able to run to him

Can't do without what you do to me,

I don't care if I'm in to deep yeah…

Blair crooned flawlessly, though she wobbled against the mic stand.

The diamond around Blair's neck sparkled in the spotlight and Serena thought that perhaps she should envy her friend's happiness. But she knew; she saw it sometimes in Blair's face, when she thought no one was looking. Being with Chuck was far from simple. That is what made Blair select this song, and Serena almost felt sad for her friend.

Blair sang the last line full of sass, pointing at Serena- and unknowingly, the camera, with a wink

Yeah baby you're the right kind of wrong

The song ended, the crowd applauding and cheering, as Serena hit save. Whether it was the alcohol, or something much less superficial, she pressed Chuck's number and then… send.

After a few more drinks, the girls were thoroughly drunk. Giggling, they clambered into Serena's town car.

"The Palace!" Blair half shouted to the chauffeur.

"What are you doing B?" Serena slurred, "I need to take you home."

"No, I'm not done having fun yet! I need me a man." Blair giggled. A few minutes later she was tumbling out of the town car.

Chuck and Nate were in their traditional repose on the sofa, smoking pot. Chuck had missed his phone going off when Serena's message had arrived.

"So, we're going to the ball next week, yeah?" Nate drawled.

"Yeah. We'll get ready here, take my limo." Pick-up Blair.

At that moment, the door opened and… there was Blair, giggling. She came straight to him, sat in his lap, and kissed him.

"Maybe now I'll get to see what's so special about this one?" Nate laughed, so buzzed he did not realize Blair would have needed a key to enter the room.

Blair paused and turned to look at Nate, "Hi Nate! Oh, do you want to watch?"

Chuck realized Blair was absolutely drunk; well this could be interesting. He growled in her ear, "You're only mine, remember? That includes watching."

He pushed her to her feet, as he spoke to his friend "If you don't mind, Nathaniel?"

"I'm sure it's nothing so special, plus, I'm tired, and you get so noisy when you have… company. I'll catch you later, man." And with that, Nate departed.

Blair was pawing at him, clumsily, untucking his shirt and working to open the buttons. "What are you doing?" Chuck inquired, amused with her attentions.

"I'm trying to have wild hot sex with you," she stated, as quite a matter of fact. It was taking all of her effort to unbutton his shirt. She had managed three buttons so far.

"Hmm… that's not quite how you do it, Waldorf." Chuck laughed a little as she popped open the last button, "It's more like this."

He grasped the front of her blouse and with a single forceful pull, he tore it open, buttons scattering everywhere, never to be seen again. She sighed, and his lips met hers, his hot hands pushing her shirt away.

He was high and she was drunk, neither one really knew how they managed to get undressed and into his room. Blair fell back onto his bed, rather like in the dream from her birthday. Chuck looked down at her beautiful pale naked body lying before him, the city lights streaming through the widows to illuminate her. He recalled how all those months ago, he had wanted exactly this.

She grinned up at him, mischievousness gleaming in her eyes. Turning around, Blair dropped her head back off the edge of the bed, chocolate curls tumbling down towards the floor. He sighed as her hands wrapped around his cock, closing his eyes as her hot mouth engulfed him. Gasping, he staggered as she swallowed him, he felt he must be all the way down her throat, and it made his head spin.

Not to be outdone, Chuck leaned down, moaning as he licked her wet sex. He slipped two fingers inside her, and felt her gasp around him. She responded to the pleasure by grabbing his ass and taking him even deeper. His tongue curled around her clit, sucking her. He felt her head drop away from him, back against the edge of the bed, "Oh, fuck…."

He chuckled, "Well, if that's what you want next…" and turned her back around, grabbing her legs, dragging her ass to the edge of the bed. Chuck spread her legs wide and watched as he sank, slowly into her core. His eyes drifted up her body as he continued to take long luxurious strokes. When he looked upon her face, her gaze met his, and he reached up to caress her. She smiled at him, and her little tongue darted out, wetting her lips. His thumb travelled over those full lips, and she licked him. Smiling, his thumb sank into her hot mouth, and her tongue worked him as he worked her. Extracting his finger after a few delicious moments, he growled, "Who taught you to do such dirty things?"

Blair smirked at him, "You."

His hands tightly held her hips, half lifting her off the bed, slamming her body against his, out of lust, retribution, and pure pleasure. He grinned, watching her writhe beneath him, cursing and crying out his name. Growing closer to his peak, he reached up, and with a gentle, precise stroke he sent her spiraling ahead in climax.

When he pulled out, Blair instantly curled up, preparing for sleep to take her. But Chuck was not quite done with her yet. He pulled her off the bed, listening to her protest.

"Chuck… my legs are tired!"

"I'll take care of you, don't worry."

In the shower, the hot steam curled around them. Blair, truly not able to stand properly in her doubly compromised state, leaned back against the cool tile. Chuck worshipped her body, this body that gave him so much pleasure. He washed and touched every curve and inch of it, drinking in the sight and feel of her. Her white skin glowed pink, he imagined from the heat, but also their passion. He loved how her wet hair clung to her neck. By the time he had bathed her, he was fully aroused once more.

He kissed her, and she moaned in approval. He guided her hands to grasp him, her little fingers ringing tightly around him. Without coaxing, Blair dropped to her knees and he was in her mouth once more. Her rhythm was steady, and he fisted her long wet hair in his hands. When she brought her hands back up, one around his cock, the other caressing his balls; his mind went hazy with pleasure. He was in heaven. It only took a few blissful minutes, before he groaned, and with one hand he caught himself, unsteady on his feet, against the wall, while his other hand pressed Blair down and she promptly grabbed his ass and took him deep into her throat. Chuck could barely make a sound at the immense satisfaction of it all, but a low growl rumbled as he came, "Fuck…"

Blair had rocked back to lean against the wall when he released her. He stared down at her, and she smiled up at him, licking her lips. Then, she was suddenly adorable as a giant yawn overtook her. He laughed at her, "Alright, I'll let you sleep now."

He dried them both, and she struggled to stay awake. As soon as this was accomplished, he scooped her up in his arms, and laid her sweetly in his bed before joining her and pulling her close to him. Without another thought, his eyes were closed, and he was deep asleep.

Chuck roused Blair, who at 11AM was still passed out in his bed. She just grumbled at him.

"No… my head hurts."

"Come on, this will make you feel better." He sat next to her, water and painkillers in hand.

Blair grudgingly sat up, and took the medicine, drinking all of the water. She squinted up at him, "Ugh, what did I do last night?"

"Aside from me?" He smirked at her, "A whole lot of alcohol. So much you offered to let Nate watch us have sex."

"Oh my god… please tell me you are making that up." Blair looked horrified.

"Oh, not at all. Too bad I didn't let him stay; you put on quite a performance." He licked his lips. He was thinking another round might be in order. But there was a knock on the door. He sadly left her to see who it was.

Serena. He opened the door.

"Hey, please tell me Blair is still here. She's not answering her phone and she's not at home." the blonde fidgeted in her concern.

"She's here… though… in a compromising state of undress. Being thoroughly ravished by Chuck Bass will do that to a woman."

"Ew, Chuck!" Serena squealed.

"What? Like you have no idea what I do to your best friend." Chuck grinned.

"If you're done? I'm not leaving without her, we have things to do," she stepped into the suite.

"Can I have her for an extra half hour? I promise Blair will be that much happier for it."

Blair peaked out of his room, wearing one of his robes, "S! I'm sorry, do I have time for a quick shower?"

Ignoring Chuck, Serena focused on her friend, "Just barely, be quick? And you owe me- for this." She gestured towards Chuck.

"Oh, Serena!" Blair closed the door, shaking her head.

The blonde stretched out on his sofa, "Did you like my message last night?"

"Message?" Chuck furrowed his brow. He lifted his phone off the coffee table. He watched the karaoke video, smiling, and laughing a little. Even drunk, Blair was good.

"You don't get it, do you?" Serena watched him as he put his phone down, "Even completely smashed, she still thinks about you all the time."

He stared at her, looking unaffected. "You two play at being friends, and then sneak off and have outrageous sex. How long do you think that can go on before something happens? You get tired, or she breaks? Chuck, she wants you. Don't be afraid of that."

Blair opened the door and stepped out of his room. She was wearing the same little black skirt from last night, and one of his black dress shirts, tied at her waist. Serena's words were weighing on him, but Chuck felt his heart race when he saw her walking towards him.

"Don't worry, I didn't forget to pay the toll." Blair winked at Chuck and kissed him on the cheek. Her panties were still dangling off of his dresser, where they had landed last night.

The girls moved towards the door, and she cheerfully called back, "See you tomorrow morning!" before they were gone.

Chuck simply sat there, time ticking past as he thought. There was a half-life on what they were doing. And if he were honest with himself, he would admit that he missed how they had been in Paris. Could they have that here? That person, and Chuck Bass, seemed worlds apart, it was daunting- an impossible task, even if he felt strong enough. She wants you. The thought caused something to stir inside him. Blair did that to him. Things were less than interesting when she was not with him. He found himself wondering once again, what is this?

He lay on the sofa, pulling a joint off the table from last night. Lighting it, he reflected on his interactions with Blair from the very beginning. The undeniable pull and attraction he felt for her; he still felt for her. She was always challenging him, in one way or another. He remembered her fiery brown eyes: you will love me… some day.

They walked together the next morning, and Chuck was still thinking. The words flew from his mouth, though he had been turning such thoughts over and over in his mind for hours. "How do you know what love is?"

"I…." Blair was taken back by his question, "I think it must be different for everyone?"

She looked over at him, and he looked dissatisfied with her answer, so she tried again, "I've read so many novels, stared at paintings, and listened to great masterpieces. But my favorite idea of what falling in love must be like? Someone once said, when we fall in love, we hear Puccini in our heads. I like that. The way your heart swells, the way you feel uplifted when you hear Nessun Dorma. I think that might be what it feels like."

"Puccini, huh?" He smiled tenderly at her, and reached out to hold her hand. Perhaps he just needed to stop thinking so he could try and feel that.

"Music just does something to me, it has so many layers. I think love must have many layers, too."

He thought on her words, their intertwined hands keeping each other warm in spite of the cool December air. Before they parted ways at school, Chuck leaned down and kissed her oh-so-carefully. If Puccini was playing in his head, he could not hear it over the sound of his heart beating in his ears.

After classes, Blair was in the auditorium with several committee members, planning the separate set list for the band to perform at the ball. Chuck was taking a break to watch her, leaning against a wall, hidden out of view. He just wanted to watch her, to try and feel, rather than think.

The band began playing Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps. He watched as Blair's feet began moving a little to the beat, her hips swaying as she stood there, scrutinizing the selection. He quietly came up behind her, and taking her arm he whirled her around and swept her into a rhumba.

You won't admit you love me

And so how am I ever to know?

You always tell me

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

Blair was startled to find herself in Chuck's arms and gliding across the floor. "Chuck- what are you doing?"

"Dancing with you."

A million times I've asked you,

And then I ask you over again

"Chuck Bass doesn't dance."

You only answer

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

"Clearly, that is a piece of misinformation, no?" He smirked at her. They moved together across the floor, he gracefully spun her and watched her smile.

If you can't make your mind up

We'll never get started

And I don't wanna wind up

Being parted, broken-hearted

He moved away from her, then pulled her back towards him, their faces passing so temptingly close as they danced.

So if you really love me

Say yes, but if you don't dear, confess

Blair's eyes were wide, the song played on and her heart beat wildly- say yes.

And please don't tell me

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

Chuck spun Blair, moving around her. He watched as her dark hair flared out, her plaid skirt rising and swirling around her waist. She was beautiful, and the sight of her mesmerized him… she always mesmerized him.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

If you can't make your mind up

We'll never get started

And I don't wanna wind up

Being parted, broken-hearted

They turned in circles, and she stared deep into his eyes. His hand came up, nearly caressing her face, but instead, he turned and spun her away from him.

So if you really love me

Say yes, but if you don't dear, confess

And please don't tell me

Blair's heart ached as they danced, teasing each other, so close- yet never close enough. If you really love me, she could not help but wonder… love…

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

Perhaps... perhaps... perhaps

Slowly, very, very slowly, he dipped her, letting her cling to him, her head titled just slightly, making it so terribly easy to kiss her. He stared into her eyes and saw how she felt. His heart thudded uncontrollably in his chest, but his mouth felt dry, his tongue too big and awkward to say anything.

The girls that had gathered around started applauding, and it shattered his contemplation. Chuck brought Blair up, and for once, he looked flustered. Blair watched him intently as he kissed her cheek, and then, without a word, walked away. She rubbed her hands on her arms as she watched him. Their dancing had felt wonderful, but something was clearly going on with Chuck.

She went to him later, finding him in his bed, staring at the ceiling. Blair spoke softly, "Hey."

He turned his head, his heart jumping a little bit at the sight of her as she came to lie next to him. "Hey," he murmured back. They lay together in silence for several minutes, staring up at the light and dark playing across the ceiling.

"You dance beautifully," she whispered into the silence, smiling as she remembered how it felt in his arms, when he twirled her, and looked into her eyes.

And you are beautiful. "You looked like you wanted to dance…" It was the best reply he could come up with.



"What's going on?" Between this morning and the dance, Blair just wanted to call him out on it.

"I'm such a failure." The words were bitter in his mouth, "I've spent my whole life watching my father work, drink, and screw every model in New York. So that's what I do- if it's good enough for Bart Bass, it's more than good enough for his son. Never tied down, always cold, unfeeling, uninvolved. Yet he's always telling me to do something, make something of myself."

Blair watched him rake his hand through his hair, and reached down to wrap her hand around his.

Chuck turned his eyes from the ceiling and faced away from her, "And then, there's you…"

Her heart froze; terrified of what he was going to say when he could not even bear to look at her. Driven by instinct, she pulled her hand away, but he grabbed it back.

He still could not look at her, but he knew he had to keep talking, or she might run, her mind filling in the blanks with darkness. "I… I don't know what I'm doing, Blair. But, I can't stop. Nothing fits, nothing makes sense- I'm Chuck Bass, and you're Blair Waldorf. From the outside it's ridiculous, impossible. But when I'm with you… I feel…"

Butterflies. There, he named it, that feeling he had every time he was with her. That fluttering that filled him… he let them break free. He abruptly turned his head and kissed her, pulling her to him.

Blair filled with relief but was quickly taken over by a warm happiness as he kissed her, and held her close. Love… It flickered across her mind, and she sighed a little as he pressed against her. Heat rushed through her. His hands were working to open his pants, and she moved to help him. The memory of their last night in Paris came back to her, and she recalled how much she wanted all of this… wanted all of him.

He slipped between her legs, never breaking their kiss. He was too needy to deal with her underwear, reaching down; he simply pulled it aside and buried himself inside her. They both cried out a glorious sigh as they coupled. How could this be? He wondered, how could sex with Blair keep getting better- more incredible?

She reveled in his kisses, in the feel of him as he filled her so completely. They rocked together, and she desperately wanted this feeling to never end, even as her body tightened and the little ripples of heat began to spread through her. She whimpered a moment in protest of the orgasm that had come… so fast. Blair then sighed, and her hands dug into his pale yellow shirt, his mouth still pressing against her, encouraging her as her body shuddered against his.

When it passed, she was annoyed with herself- with him, for causing it! She bit his lip, and he drew his mouth away, letting her berate him, even as he rode her still, "Fuck you, why did you make me come so fast?"

Chuck made a small laugh, "I can't help how good I feel inside you. Besides…" He was purring in her ear, "I'm Chuck Bass. So, if it bothers you so much, you'll just have to do it again."

He grabbed her waist, and rolled them over. He loved the sight of that demur little plaid skirt, lying about its innocence as it covered the sight of him buried deep inside her. He pulled her down, and they kept kissing as she ground her hips against his; she was so wet around him, it was heaven, and it made him ache. She just felt too good. He slipped his hand under her skirt and caressed the wet, sensitive nub of her sex, sending her into the second orgasm. He grabbed her ass as she bucked against him; Chuck felt the delicious rush overtake him as he came, her tightness around him, milking every drop from his body as she finished her own climax.

He rolled them to lie side by side, still holding her close, though she mewled as he pulled out of her. He ran his hand through her soft hair as he kept kissing her, as though the sex had hardly been enough to sate his hunger for her.

Blair sighed happily in his arms as they continued kissing. Happiness! Such total and complete happiness. She began popping open the buttons on her blouse, and pulling away from him and out of the bed.

Chuck moaned in protest as her lips finally parted from his, "Where are you going?"

"I'm so hot… and sticky…" She pouted, her brown eyes large, yet her mouth was smiling wickedly, as her shirt dropped to the floor and she walked towards the bathroom, her hips swaying.

"Well… I do always love what happens when we shower together…" Chuck was on his feet in no time, half chasing her into the shower.

The remainder of the week passed just like this. Chuck and Blair wrapped in a bubble of happiness. Besides having to deal with finals and the extra stress the last preparations of the Snowflake Ball were causing her, Blair also had to prepare for the talent show Serena had finally convinced her to enter, celebrating the end of the term. But it was okay because Chuck was there, to make her smile, laugh, and to… massage away her stress.

Chuck let the week slip by, uninhibited by his uncertainty. He followed his pleasure, and his pleasure was Blair. Watching her, touching her, seducing her every chance he found. It was a delicious means of existence.

AN: Chapter title taken from Maggi's very first fan fic! Happy Graduation Maggi! If you haven't, check out the link in my profile, or my tumblr, to see the stunning cover art she made for this story, as well as checking out her story, like you have been for all the chapter titles, no? ^_^

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