Love You Some Day

Falling Towards Grace

Falling Towards Grace

It was a beautiful autumn day. Sadly for Chuck, it was dampened by being the first day back to school. There was one consolation, however, and it was waiting for him at the far end of the girls' lockers. Being Chuck Bass, all of the girls turned as he gave them the rare treat of walking down their hallway. Every girl had one of two reactions: blushing and looking away, or giving him a very friendly smile. He managed a few nods in recognition, but there was only one plaid skirt in this hallway he wanted to get under today.

That curtain of dark brown hair, tucked under a red headband, and the heels she was wearing only increased his desire to pin her to the wall and grab her ass. If the lingerie had done its job, that could be them later today. Blair was focused on organizing everything in her locker, so he leaned against the locker next to hers. "How did you like my gift?"

Annoyingly, she didn't miss a beat. "Your gift?" She turned to him and gave him a saccharine smile, "I wish you could have seen it. I've never seen something go up in flames quite like that before."

Chuck dropped his confident smirk, "I don't spend so much just for fun you know."

Unsympathetic, Blair kept smiling, "Oh, I'm sure you've paid much more than that before."

"You're right. Virgins are so expensive." That finally wiped the smile off of her face. She might even been blushing under her makeup. "The uptight ones usually cost a little bit less though."

She gave him an icy glare as she forcefully shut her locker and walked off to her first class. He was pretty sure she was swaying her hips a little bit extra, just for him.

Classes were boring and even Nate's chatter couldn't distract Chuck from thinking about what Blair had said. Irritated with himself, Chuck needed to know if she'd really destroyed his gift. Yet he was already putting more effort into seducing Blair Waldorf than he had ever done before. He tried to push his curiosity aside throughout the day, even daring to focus on what the teachers were saying.

It was no good.

Who sets expensive lingerie on fire? He had to find out and there was only one way to do it.

Skipping last period, Chuck walked the few blocks to Blair's building. He gave the doorman a very healthy 'tip' and learned the maid had just left and the penthouse was empty. While Chuck had been here on the odd occasion for parties, he enjoyed having it all to himself. He walked through the living room and pondered what surfaces were best to have sex on. In the dining room, he wondered which of the seats Blair sat at, and having a rare moment, he imagined what it would be like to sit here with her and eat breakfast.

But enough dawdling. Time to find her bedroom. At the top of the stairs, her bedroom door was wide open, the sunlight spilling into the hallway. The walls were blue, but something about the space made it feel light and airy. He touched the things on her vanity and smelled her perfume. That scent; it brought him back to that afternoon in the Hamptons. He admired the collection of finery in her walk-in closet before searching for her lingerie drawer.

His discovery was a bit dismaying; all her lingerie was quite plain, as if to match her virginal innocence. The blue lingerie would have stuck out like a sore thumb in this sea of white and pale pastels. She really had burned it, hadn't she?

Sighing to himself, he went back into her bedroom. Where else might it be? His hand drifted over the soft silky duvet on her bed as he looked around. The bed. How silly would that be?

Kneeling down, Chuck reached under her bed. His hand bumped against a box and he pulled it out.


Eager to discover the truth, he threw the lid off.

Just tissue paper.

So where was the lingerie?

Frustrated, he closed the boxed and shoved it back under her bed. He thought he heard something as he did so.

No, wait, he did hear something—someone. On the stairs. Shit. His only hope for hiding was inside of Blair's walk-in closet, though it had no door. May the shadows help him for once.

He heard Blair enter her room and drop her bag. Dropping to his knees, he risked peeking out to see where she was. Blair had stretched out on her bed, her fingers working the row of buttons on her blouse. Chuck couldn't believe his good fortune; he was going to get to see her take her shirt off and all he had to do was stay quiet.

When her blouse had fallen away, the smile that curled on his mouth was worth three times what he paid for that lingerie. Because he had found it.

Currently cupping her delectable breasts, her skin somehow still lightly sun-kissed from the summer though they had left the Hamptons weeks ago. Chuck licked his lips, anticipating what it would feel like to lick and suck and taste her.

Blair had placed her hands over her eyes and he wondered what was going through her overly sharp mind. She shook her head, seemingly in a sign of surrender because her hands began to travel downwards. One of her hands slid inside the cup of her bra, teasing him with a glimpse of her pretty pink nipple, while her other hand. Oh, her glorious other hand moved past her stomach, over her prissy plaid skirt and then…underneath.

There was a God in heaven and he clearly loved Chuck Bass.

Or not.

He heard her mutter something unintelligible before removing her hands from their ministrations and abruptly left her bed.

The universe was clearly toying with him, for standing at the end of her bed, she took off her skirt, letting it drop to the floor before shrugging out of her blouse. There had been nothing of the lingerie stowed away in her lingerie drawer or the box under her bed because she was wearing all of it: the bra, the thong, and the garter belt, clipped into her white thigh-highs.

Chuck couldn't remember the last time he'd had a hard-on that ached this badly. Her ass was perfectly round, the blue color was deep against the warmth of her skin tone, and she filled out those little half-cups so perfectly he hated the fabric from keeping her breasts from spilling out and consequently hiding those perfect globes from view.

Even worse than his roaming thoughts was Blair playing in front of her full-length mirror. It was like her own private modeling shoot as she pulled her hair up, then shook it out, made cute faces, and serious ones, and struck a few pin-up worthy poses. It was while holding one of these tempting poses that Chuck nearly had a heart attack.

"So, what do you think, Chuck? After all, you did ask nicely."


There was no way she could know-

Blair beamed a killer smile at her mirror and winked. Then she dropped the whole act and glowered at her reflection. "This is… This is silly! He's just a boy."

She'd crossed her arms over her chest, her hands rubbing in a soothing motion over her skin. He could see on her face she was deep in thought, what was she deciding? Was she thinking of him?

She released a sigh and fell back onto her bed. Much to Chuck's chagrin and torment, she continued what she had barely begun before. One hand kneading her breast while the other slipped between her parted thighs. He could see the rocking motion of her hand as her fingers rose up and down, in and out.

Despite his frequent emissions, Chuck swore he had blue balls as he watched her.

She made the most wonderful little sounds as she pursued her pleasure; he wanted to hear those in his dreams tonight—the wondrous sweetness of a demur girl performing a sinful act.

Then her voice caught and her back arched slightly, her hips jolting.



How he did not spontaneously come in his pants, he would never know. But the whole scene only grew more entertaining when her eyes flew open in response and she covered her mouth. Clearly, that was not the reaction she had been expecting from her orgasm.

"Ugh, now I definitely need a shower." Blair kicked her feet over the bed and walked to her bathroom, closing the door.

A few minutes later, Chuck slipped out of her bedroom, undetected, and with an aptly satisfied smirk on his face.

Blair enjoyed the remainder of her week free of any encounters of the Bassian kind. Clearly her little lie about the lingerie had crushed his Casanova-esque intentions towards her. Lying in her bed Saturday in said lingerie, she decided she was more than okay with his retreat.

This foray into flirtation and potential recklessness was enough. She'd enjoy his memento of the moment she had stepped outside of Serena's golden light and held the attention of a playboy, if only for a few days.

After a relaxing morning of Audrey, croissants, and coffee with her best friend, Blair returned home ready to prepare for the week ahead of her. Except, Chuck Bass decided to add himself to her agenda quite suddenly. Another illicit Bergdorf's box sat, waiting for her on her bed. A mix of nervousness and exhasperation, she hastily pulled the accompanying card from the box.

You know you want to.

She figured it was like ripping off a Band-Aid, so she threw the lid open. It was love at first sight. She couldn't help herself. Blair reached out and picked up the sweetest looking bra, soft white, with colorful small flowers embroidered on it. Instead of a thong complimenting it, she found an equally sweet looking pair of briefs done with the same tiny flowers.

Shedding her outfit, Blair put on her newest treat and discovered its secret. Basstard indeed. She didn't want to think the ensemble was meant to suggest anything about her own character, but the lingerie had looked so sweet in the box and was so…devious, when worn. The bra pushed up her breasts to an indelicate extreme and the cute briefs looked fine at the front, but when she saw herself in profile, the back was a little short. As in it allowed the roundness of her backside to peek out in a very provocative manner. Pulling her hair up, she tried once more to strike a sexy pose. The image in the mirror still fell flat in her eyes. It felt silly and stupid and uncomfortable. At the same time, she did like what she saw, even if it scared her and she couldn't take the idea of being sexy seriously.

Blair was grateful when Monday passed without incident and Tuesday followed suit. By Wednesday she was feeling safe again. Until another Bergdorf's box waited for her on her bed after school. This time she sat at her desk at stared at the box, waiting to see if it'd just disappear or…anything. But it sat there, like Pandora's freaking box. With a growl of frustration she finally stood and pulled the card off of the box.

I promise I'll be very, very good.

Oh, she was sure he would be. That didn't mean she had to let him. The thought crossed her mind that she could just toss the box away and rid herself of the temptation to uncover what he had purchased her this time. But she couldn't. He had amazing taste and she liked wearing the pieces he sent her. It made her feel special, even though she knew better.

With a defeated sigh, Blair finally opened the box. Her breath failed to return for a moment. This wasn't pretty. It certainly wasn't cute. It was temptation woven into a fabric form, all red, black, and silver, stretched over boning. She had never seen a corset like this and he'd even sent a pair of sheer black stocking to match. It was dangerous but mesmerizing and Blair was powerless to its pull.

Her pristine school uniform fell to the floor and she slid on only what he sent: corset and stockings. The only touches she added were a coat of siren red lipstick and a pair of black "come fuck me heels" Serena had dared her to buy.

Returning to her mirror, Blair felt her mouth go dry. Who was that in the mirror? It was not the same girl she had seen all the times before. A woman stood in the mirror. The kind of woman who could flirt and men would want to take home and ravish. She stared at her reflection for a while in shock before it scared her.

Slumping onto her vanity's stool, Blair kicked off the shoes and smeared the lipstick from her mouth. These things Chuck was making her think and feel were overwhelming and she didn't want them. Not for all the lingerie in the world. Was this what he did to the women he pursued? Wore them down with pretty things until they were helpless to his charms?

Frustration rose and Blair stripped herself of his temptation, shoving it to the very back of her lingerie drawer. She had important things to deal with. She would finish this thing with Chuck later.

After thoughtfully weighing her safest options in approaching Chuck, Blair decided the janitor's closet next to his locker, right before lunch was best. She wouldn't be seen with him and she wouldn't be late to any classes. It was perfect.

Peeking around the closet door, she waited for him to put his books away and close his locker. Then she made her move. She jerked the door open and grabbed his arm, pulling him inside before shoving the door shut. With her back up against one of the shelving units in the closet she realized her mistake.

It was much too small in here for two people. There was almost no room between them. She could smell his cologne, heady, with a touch of spice, and feel the heat emanating from him. Blair refused to look at anything except his tie.

This was dangerous.

She spit her demands out. "Stop sending me stuff."

Chuck placed his hands on her hips, "Stuff? What stuff?"

With a huff, Blair found the strength to look up into his eyes, "You know what stuff!"

His face appeared all innocent as he slightly shook his head in confusion. God, he was going to make her say it. She swallowed her anxiety. "All of the lingerie."

Lifting one hand from where its heat was burning through her skirt, Chuck reached up and easily parted the one button that kept Blair's open blouse from being too open.

And from exposing the pretty white push-up bra underneath with it's tiny colored flowers.

"You mean like this one?"

Blair's hands few up to grasp her blouse closed and she glared at him. She was angry but also horribly embarrassed too. He knew her secret and she didn't like how…exposed he had just made her. She wanted to wear the beautiful things he had sent her and now he knew that. She could only imagine how cruelly he would tease h-

His mouth was on hers, his hands snaking around her waist as he pressed her fully back into the shelving unit.

Her breath was gone, taking her mind with it. The heat of his whole body enveloped her and she could taste the bite of her raspberry lip-gloss on his mouth. Pressing her mouth back against his, Blair refused to be passive and merely receive.

Chuck approved, his hands drifting down over her ass, pressing her hips to his. A moan of shocking pleasure escaped from Blair as she registered the hardness of his arousal. His hands dropped further down, underneath her skirt. His fingertips stroked the bit of her ass that peeked out from the briefs, his touch all fire and electricity. Wetness flooded between her thighs and Blair took a shocked, shaky breath from beneath his kiss.

Too much.

What was she doing!?

"No!" Blair shoved against him, grabbing the door handle and bolting as Chuck stumbled back away from her.

She went straight to the nearest restroom and threw cold water on her very hot, pink, cheeks. Blair couldn't believe how mussed she appeared in the mirror. Her hands trembling, she managed to reclose her blouse. That had been so…horrifying.

And exciting.

Oh God.

When Blair returned home from school that afternoon, she stood frozen in her doorway. A very tiny box lay in the center of her bed. It had no note and she couldn't imagine what he could send her in such a very tiny box.

Preemptively sitting on her bed, Blair surrendered her curiosity and opened the long, skinny box.

A tube of raspberry lip-gloss.

Blair fell back onto her bed and touched her mouth, recalling his heat and touch, unsure what she felt.

Even worse, she didn't know what might come next.

AN: Love and affection to Camii, uncorazonquebrado, for beta reading this chapter!This chapter title is taken from the fabulous Noirreigne's fanfic of the same name.Chapters 1 and 2 "refreshed" June 2014.

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