Love You Some Day

Love You Some Day


Love You Some Day

The weather had been temperamental in the Hamptons all week. However, even the weather bowed before Lily van der Woodsen it seemed, as the day was perfect for her annual summer garden party. It would be her last, as a van der Woodsen at least, before the wedding the coming week.

Blair walked through the crowd on the terrace, greeting people, her smile flawless. She waved to Serena, who had captivated the attention of several boys, all clustered around her. Looking through the crowd, she finally spotted what she had been looking for.

Chuck was in conversation with a stuffed suit from Wall Street, pressing his point to the man, "Real estate is unstable right now. Investing in companies with long-term stability while retaining a fair level of liquid assets means when the time comes, the right person could be in a position to buy the entire housing market in Brooklyn if they wanted."

Somehow, he felt Blair's presence before she even touched him. She tucked her arm into his and begged to borrow her boyfriend from the nameless businessman. As they turned to depart, he purred in her ear, "Boyfriend… I still love how it sounds when you say it." Blair threaded her fingers through his, smiling as she pulled him away.

Leaving the terrace, the couple ventured into the gardens. They walked in silence for several long moments, soaking up the sun and simply enjoying being away from the crowd of people. Past the fountain, the gazebo, they strolled, holding hands. Passing a row of hedges, Blair finally spoke.

"You know…" Chuck's eyes met hers, "there is something I have wanted for a long time now."


His eyes twinkled at her and her voice was low and deep when she replied, "Mm, dreamed of… fantasized about."

They passed the row of hedges and the Greco-Roman ruins lay before them. Not another word was spoken. Chuck held her hand tighter, hastily pulling her to the very spot he had been last year. He pushed her against the pillar, his mouth hot on hers, his large hands grasping the thin fabric of her sundress.

Blair's head was swimming from his furious kisses and she panted hard when his hand slipped beneath her dress. She could have fainted from the anticipation of it; how many times in the past year had she dreamed of this? Dreamt that the girl in this garden had been her?

Chuck kissed down her neck as he pushed her underwear aside and sank two fingers deep into her. He listened to her moan as he worked her, her hands dropping down to pull his trousers open.

His mouth was on hers once more; his kisses were feverish as she stroked him with her hand. His hands cupped her ass as he hoisted her up, her legs wrapping around his waist. He slipped inside her and they both let out a delicious moan at being coupled once more. Blair held on tight as he rocked into her, whimpering, "Yes…" as her fantasy came even more to life.

By now, he knew her rhythm as well as his own, and he felt her growing closer to the precipice. Leaning in more, he growled in her ear, "Say my name," before kissing her neck in just the right spot, pushing her towards her bliss.

"Chuck!" Blair cried, her fingers digging into his shoulders through his white linen jacket.

Several more long hard thrusts and it was Chuck's turn to cry out her name as he came. Their trembling calmed, their breathing slowed, and he carefully lowered his love back to the ground. There was no running off to chase a girl this year… all he wanted was right here in his arms.

Once recovered, Blair fixed her dress as Chuck made himself look presentable again. She gave him a dirty little smile before throwing her arms around him and kissing him. They tumbled into the grass as Blair giggled. Life was much better than fantasy.

Lying next to one another under the blue sky, Chuck sighed happily. After a few long moments of contentment he rolled onto his side, propping up on his elbow to gaze down at Blair. Their eyes met and he could not hold back his smile in response to the beautiful one on her face. His free hand reached out to stroke her hair, his look growing more pensive. "Blair, have you had a good summer?"

Her eyes grew wide, how could he not know the answer to that question? "You know I have. A fantastic summer, the best ever."

"So, you don't mind being in love with me?" He smiled as he said the words; just saying them still made him deliriously happy, "We've been away in the Hamptons all summer. With school starting soon…"

"With school starting soon, I'll be able to walk to school with you again, and kiss you in the courtyard, and make Penelope green with envy when we're sitting together at lunch. Because I love you." She cupped his face in her hand and he nuzzled against it.

"Well then," he sat upright, and Blair followed his lead, "I'm glad I went and talked to Serena."

Blair furrowed her brow, thoroughly confused, "Serena? Why did you need to talk to Serena?"

"A consult." Chuck laughed, "And for permission. She was keeping something of mine."

Chuck reached into his jacket, pulling out the little red and gold box from Cartier, which Blair had so many months ago, begged Serena to take. Blair had to force herself not to cry from his sweetness.

He lifted the diamond from its case, "It may have taken me awhile to love you some day," he smiled at her, as they both remembered that day in her room, "But now that I do, I intend to love you every day."

The necklace in place, Blair pulled him to her, kissing him deeply as they fell back into the grass. They made out for a solid ten minutes before Blair was able to drag him back to the party.

Emerging from the garden, Blair saw couples sweeping across a tented dance floor. "You know…"

Chuck tilted his head, looking down at her in question.

"I had once heard Chuck Bass did not dance. But I was later told I had been misinformed. And now… I have no idea. Does he dance?"

Chuck laughed a little, and decided to quote her favorite Shakespearian heroine, "I would not deny you, but by this good day, I yield upon great persuasion."

Blair smiled, knowing the reply by heart; she reached up for him on tiptoe, "Peace! I will stop your mouth." And kissed him.

He wrapped his arms around her and without breaking their kiss, he whirled them onto the dance floor. The Carousel Waltz was playing, and they spun in circles within circles, full of happiness, laughter, and… love.

Love, at last, Chuck thought. He lifted Blair all the way up, off the floor, and spun her in the air. The diamond around her neck sparkled at him and the look on her face as she smiled and giggled at the scene he was causing was the most perfect image ever and he knew he would hold it in his heart, always.

After several long minutes, the waltz ended. They walked arm in arm from the dance floor towards Serena, all aglow with happiness. "Some champagne?" Chuck inquired.

"Okay." Blair smiled and kissed him on the cheek as he left her with her friend to retrieve their drinks.

Blair stood next to Serena, still smiling as she watched Chuck move through the crowd.

Serena smiled at how sweet they were. Quirking an eyebrow at her friend, she pondered aloud, "So, wasn't I right? You fell for a Darcy, not a Bingley."

"Oh S! As though we are fully formed as characters at the age of 16!" Chuck returned, handing her a drink, "But I will say, as long as we don't turn into our mothers…" Mimicking what Serena had said when they had talked of Chuck and love last year at this same party.

Blair took Chuck's arm and as they began to step away from Serena, she turned back, a beautiful smile on her face, "I think I'm going to be quite happy."

A/N: The end is the beginning is the end. Love You… Some Day.

I dedicate this epilogue- and the entire story, to my husband, on the anniversary of our first kiss, the second year of our wedded bliss, and nine incredible years as a couple. I adore you, you have all of my devotion -_^ and…

I love you, every day.

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