Love You Some Day

Heaven in Your Embrace

Heaven in Your Embrace

The weekend at last, the elevator lifted Blair to the van der Woodsen's penthouse. Coffee, croissants, and Funny Face in hand, she was beyond happy and excited to be relaxing with her best friend. Entering the penthouse, she slipped off her heels, noticing that no one seemed to be about. Serena must already be in her room. Blair passed the guest bedroom, pausing when she noticed the door was ajar. Curious, she peeked around the door, when suddenly her face flushed and her stomach dropped.

Blair could not even begin to guess what Chuck Bass was doing at the van der Woodsen's, but she did not need anyone to tell her what he was doing lying naked in the guest bedroom. He was already stroking himself quickly and Blair swallowed hard at the dimensions of him. She dragged her eyes up to his face. His eyes were closed, brow furrowed as he worked himself. His naked form was gorgeous, and Blair felt hot remembering how he had held her, touched her, kissed her, but a few days ago. Chuck panted, gritting his teeth, and his entire body shuddered as he came. Blair knew not how she kept the coffees from dropping to the floor when he groaned and cried out her name.

Quietly panicking, she tiptoed back to the elevator and pressed the button. What if he finds me here! And where is Serena? He was thinking of…me?

Chuck sighed as he removed himself from the bed to take a quick shower. He had woken up with an astounding case of morning wood. He knew it was her lips he had dreamt about, those fiery brown eyes, and the sweet yet sexy bra pushing her supple white breasts out of her blouse. Reaching the shower, he turned the water on cold.

Waiting for the elevator seemed to stretch on forever. What was Chuck doing here? He was fantasizing- about me? Blair could not process the implications. Chuck wanted her, out of all the women he has had, could have, he was fantasizing about her? That he bothered thinking of her at all was still beyond her imagination despite his attentions. But Blair was curious- she wanted to know more. When the ding of the elevator finally sounded, she had decided to play it cool instead of retreating.

Removing her shoes a second time, setting everything on the kitchen counter, she called out, "Serena! I'm here!"

She covered half the distance of the living room before Chuck emerged from the guest room. In a towel. His hair was wet and he was smirking, like always. He sauntered towards her.

"Good morning, Blair."

"It was until now." She nipped in reply. "What are you doing here?" Chuck toyed with the top edge of the towel, watching Blair's eyes follow the movement. "Bart and Lily had lunch yesterday. With Bart away on business this weekend, Lily was rather insistent I not stay at the hotel alone. So here I am, experiencing a 'real' home environment." He took a step towards her. She took a step back. "What are you doing here?"


He was taking another step towards her, and she had already bumped into the sofa. She could see a few water droplets on his skin, and watched the rise and fall of his toned chest as he moved closer, so close.

"She left half an hour ago. Some fashion crisis with Lily.""

Chuck stood over her, reaching out to finger a strand of her hair.

"I'm sure I could find a way to keep us… occupied, until she returns."

Blair looked up and gazed into his eyes, instantly realizing her mistake. Gold and hazel twinkled in their depths, pulling her in. His smirk was much more of a proper smile now.

"Chuck, you can't…"

He seized upon her lips, stopping her mouth. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her close, pressing her softness into his hardness. Blair sighed as he tangled his fingers in her hair, tilting her head, kissing her harder. He licked her pert lips, coaxing them open. Her fingers pressed into his chest and she rose up on her tiptoes, opening her mouth to him. Neither of them heard the elevator doors open.

"Oh my god, Blair!" Serena shrieked.

Chuck released Blair all at once, leaving her breathless and weak. Her legs gave out instantly and she sat atop the back of the sofa, bewildered. She was in shock from the kiss— its power and pleasure, and wishing it had not ended quite so soon.

"Hey Serena." Chuck acted the innocent, though he was wearing nothing except a towel.

"Don't 'hey Serena' me!" Serena pushed him into the guest room like an unwanted object before she turned to Blair, who was still dazed on the sofa. Grabbing the coffees and bag of goodies out of the kitchen, Serena proceeded to prod her from the sofa to her bedroom. Closing the door, because heaven forbid Chuck try to eavesdrop, she turned to her best friend, who had taken her coffee and was now sipping it with mental abandon.


Blair looked up with big brown eyes at her friend. "I don't know."

Serena dropped down on the bed next to her. "You… don't know? Honestly? How do you not know? I just walked in on Chuck Bass, in nothing but a towel, with his hands all over you and his tongue down your throat. So, what am I missing here?" Blair turned pink as Serena described what she had witnessed. "I… He…" she exhaled slowly, "He's kind of been after me since that day at Bergdorf's. He…he kissed me the other day." Blair's voice dropped below a whisper, "My first kiss…"

Serena was even more stunned. "Your first kiss. With Chuck Bass? I… Well," she shifted, absorbing the information. "Did you like it? Was it good? He wasn't being awful to you, was he? Because I'll go over there right now…"

Blair smiled, "No, no, he wasn't awful— it wasn't awful. It's…complicated, honestly. I don't understand."

She leaned against Serena, who promptly put her arm around Blair. "Why is Chuck here exactly?"

"Mom decided the poor heir to the Bass Empire needed to spend time with a real family," Serena laughed at that, "and since Bart's away with work this weekend, I have Chuck Bass down the hall. I have to say, it's kind of nice having someone else around. Even if it's Chuck!"

Serena looked at Blair with sisterly concern, "And you know… I'm pretty good at understanding complicated." she offered.

"There's this attraction, but… but we've never really talked." Blair looked exasperated as she spoke, "He toys with me, yet…" She paused and thought of what she had just seen, and felt.

"I think there might be more going on in his head, too. It's all so confusing. Can we watch the movie now?" She gave Serena the 'pretty please' look.

Serena sighed, a playful rolling of her eyes, before she pushed play.

During the movie, Serena slipped out to get something to drink from the kitchen. Chuck, thankfully clothed, leaned against the counter drinking a glass of scotch.

"Isn't it a bit early?"

"It's been a long morning." He replied before taking a drink and eying the blonde. "No, it hasn't." She retorted, pouring a glass of juice.

"Depends on your definition of long." Chuck drawled.

Setting the juice aside, Serena turned to Chuck. "Now you listen to me. She deserves far better than you, Chuck Bass or no. So I just hope you know what you are doing, because I won't stand aside and watch you mess with my best friend. Understood?" Chuck was a bit surprised by Serena's candor and simply nodded his head in reply.

Seemingly satisfied, she returned to her room.

Several minutes later, Chuck peeked around the door, watching the girls giggle and sing along with Fred Astaire as he sang "He Loves and She Loves." He could see the stars in Blair's eyes and thinking on Serena's words, he walked back to the guest room, seriously pondering what it was he was doing. Blair was fresh. He had overlooked her thus far because she was quieter, bookish, and easily out-shined by Serena.

That day at the garden party she had looked so perfectly sweet and innocent, yet there must be something deliciously dark inside her to stand there, watching him like that. Besides, he was bored, and after that little scene he saw in her bedroom, he certainly had a good chance of getting under her skirt. Mentally replaying the image of her in her bed, he was instantly aroused again. God, he wanted her.

Serena and Blair were stretched out on the bed as the film came to a close. Observing her friend as she swooned over the happy ending, Serena pondered what Blair was getting tangled in.


"Hmm?" Blair's feet waved in the air as she lay on her stomach, smiling and fantasizing that she was Audrey at the end of the film.

Serena got straight to the issue, "Are you going to sleep with him?" The smile dropped off Blair's face and her feet fell to the bed.

"This is Chuck Bass- he's Don Juan, not Captain Wentworth. He doesn't do girlfriends. You know that Blair, so the only question is, are you going to sleep with him?"

"I…" Blair knew better than try and deny what Serena was saying, but she had not wanted to think about it either. She bit her lower before replying, "I like how he makes me feel, S. I'm not stupid, yet… I'm drawn to him. I'm me and he's Chuck Bass, but together? I don't know what that really means."

Serena rolled onto her back and made a small steeple with her hands, thinking deeply for a time, before she at last offered. "My expert opinion? Go for it."

Blair looked at her friend, wide eyed. "What!"

"Well, think about it. He's already after you, so that's a lot of energy you don't have to put into the whole game of chasing a boy. Plus, you hardly looked like you weren't enjoying yourself earlier." Serena looked at her friend at this point, who properly flushed pink at the mention. "And you're Blair Waldorf. A force to be reckoned when you choose to be."

Blair scoffed at this, "As if! All it means is polite. Good grades. There is nothing more." "No," Serena sat up and proceeded to pull Blair off the bed, towards her full-length mirror. "It means you're an intelligent woman, single-minded in her goals, with fantastic taste in clothing, and friends," Serena flashed a smile when she complimented herself, "and beautiful! Look at you, B, you're a real woman."

Blair followed her friend's gaze and looked at herself. From her bare feet to her fun little weekend dress' puffed skirt with its modest top, to the length of her chocolate curls falling over her shoulders. She pondered Serena's advice, as she stared at her own reflection. A force to be reckoned with. A real woman. She half imagined, half remembered the sight of herself in the red and black corset, staring back at her from the mirror. The woman smirked like Chuck does, with her crimson lips, and she winked at Blair with her thick eyelashes and glimmering brown eyes, challenging her.

Blair strengthened, with Serena's confidence, but also in defiance of her own girlish weakness. "You may have a point. But I need to get back home, see you in the morning?"

The blonde nodded and smiled. "Don't forget to say goodbye to Chuck." Blair rolled her eyes. Then again, she would not want to be rude. Glancing towards the guest room, she saw that his door was fully opened. As she walked towards the room, she told herself think seductive, alluring.

"Hi Chuck." She looked at him with wide eyes, trying to look innocent yet playful. "I'm heading home now, but I'll see you at school tomorrow?"

She broke his reverie, which was admissible only because he had been thinking of her. Chuck had been stretched out on the bed, but now he was on his feet. He met her in the doorway. "Leaving so soon?"

"Places to go, things to do." Blair smiled, shrugged her shoulders and started towards the elevator.

Chuck pursued her, responding as she slipped her tall Louboutin's back on, his eyes traveling from her feet upwards, visually caressing her curves along the way. "I can think of places we could go. And so many things we could do…"

Blair smirked at him and his breath caught for a moment. She appeared as a shining reflection of him, beautiful with brown eyes and hair, her perfect lips smirking at him. It was a promise of something more nestled deep within her beacon of light. The elevator arrived and Blair slipped inside.

Startled from his thoughts, Chuck stopped the doors from closing- from taking her away from him.

Blair had leaned back against the cool metal wall of the elevator. Chuck was upon her suddenly, possessively pinning her to the spot. Placing his hands above her shoulders, he bent down and whispered in her ear, "What's the rush? I would make it worth you time." One hand dropped down to caress the length of her neck, across her collarbone.

Blair's heart fluttered and she ached for more of his touch. She looked into his eyes, a wicked smile on her lips as she spoke, "I'm much too busy today. I guess you'll just have to make time to get to know me better later."

A challenge, a tease, a promise.

Blair tilted her head up, capturing his lips with hers. Heat flooded her entire body, and she wondered if it would always be so when they kissed?

The elevator came to a stop with a gentle swoosh. Blair slipped out from under him and through the doors before he registered the coolness of her absence. She turned back to look at his stunned face, smiling sweetly, waving as the elevator doors closed on him.

AN: Continued endless love and gratitude to Camii, uncorazonquebrado, for beta-ing once more, even through illness!Chapter is from Catheryne's fanfic of the same name.

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