Love You Some Day

Let The Games Begin

Let The Games Begin

"Good morning, Miss Blair." Dorota brought her breakfast, setting it on the nightstand.

"These come for you this morning."

Blair sighed. It was Monday. She pulled the eye mask away and turned to see what Dorota was talking about. Her cheeks flushed and she fought the smile trying to break across her face. An arrangement of perfect white peonies sat on her breakfast tray, the tips of the petals were a soft pink.

"Miss Blair have a boyfriend?" Dorota pried, watching the young girl's face. Blair popped a strawberry into her mouth and glowered at the maid. Seeing that an envelope accompanied the flowers, she pulled it from the tray. "Hardly, Dorota. If that's all, I will be eating my breakfast now."

Dorota gave Blair a good look before she turned and left the room. Snuggling down in bed, Blair pulled the envelope open. Seeing the initials CB engraved at the top of the card, she squealed for half a second before stopping herself. As if she could not have guessed the flowers were from him. Blair told herself to get control, and pulled out the note. Chuck's handwriting was surprisingly neat and she grew warm knowing his hands had held this piece of paper. Oh, those hands.

Whatever will you wear under your uniform today?Much like these peonies, I know how to make you flush pink.See you at school.xx

Oh my. Blair put the note down and stared at it, her cheeks hot and pink. Yet when she did go to dress, she could not help herself. Pulling the blue lingerie out, she glanced at the corset he had bought her. She made a small laugh and shook her head, not believing she could really ever wear it. Dressing, she fastened her stockings and peered at herself in the mirror as she wrapped the plaid skirt around her waist. Not yet sixteen, she was pleased, and still a little scared, of the reflection she saw. She felt as though she was seeing herself through Chuck's eyes and could not help thinking she was a little pretty, and more than a bit attractive. Chuck wanted her, and she wanted him to want her. Buttoning her blouse over the silk camisole hiding the brilliant blue balconette, she felt very afraid. These thoughts and feelings were so alien and she did not know what she was doing. Could she trust him? Did she care if she ended up just another check on his list of conquests?

Chuck was leaning against his long black limo as she stepped out of her building.

"Care for a ride?"

"Isn't it a little early?" Blair lifted an eyebrow at him and inwardly wondered why her mind was always in the gutter around him.

"Not if you are offering." He looked her over as he spoke.

"I am not getting in that limo! I've heard stories." Blair turned away from him and began the short trek to school as though Chuck was not there.

"Hey!" He started after her and seized her arm. "I was just taking you up on your offer." Blair whirled as he held on to her arm, "What offer?"

"To make the time to know you better."

She felt the heat of his hand even through her blazer. His words hummed in her ears and she was lost for a response. Blair did not think he had been listening, nevertheless that he might take her suggestion seriously.

"If you won't take the limo, at least let me walk you to school." Chuck retrieved his things from the limo and sent it away. He offered his arm to her, and still rather dazed, she wrapped her arm in his.

Blair struggled with the fact that Chuck Bass was being…nice to her. Chuck saw nothing but bewilderment on her beautiful face. This was unacceptable and he wondered how to make her relax. He thought perhaps talking about school would pull her from her thoughts.

"So, we're reading Shakespeare in English class."

Blair's manners saved her from her shock. Years of her mother's pestering paying off. "Oh, what play?"

"Much Ado About Nothing." Chuck scoffed.

"You're not enjoy it?" Blair imagined out of all of Shakespeare, Chuck would enjoy Much Ado.

"It's Shakespeare."

"But all the flirting, wittiness, sex, and scheming do nothing for you?" Blair looked at him earnestly.

"Are we talking about the same play?"

"Are you even reading the play? Can you not even be bothered to watch the movie?" Blair shook her head, and playfully smacked his arm with her free hand. She teased him, proclaiming, "For shame, Chuck Bass, for shame!"

"Maybe…" He looked down on her with those deep golden-flecked eyes. "I could get through the movie if you watched it with me?"

They were approaching the school and Chuck realized he was loath to part from her. It was comfortable, being like this, playing and talking as they were. Blair truly was pretty when he looked on her without thinking about how he wanted to get under her skirt. Oops, there goes that.

"I suppose…it is hard to pass up a Ken Branagh film. I have a copy. The cast is beyond stunning, and the music! Let's say 7 o'clock? And I expect you to bribe me with something pretty."

Blair was feeling like herself again. They had reached the school and self conscious of her arm in his, she pulled away from him. Before she had fully extracted herself, he snatched her hand in his.

What Chuck truly wanted to do was kiss her senseless, damn the administrators and their classmates. But he settled on pressing his lips against her delicate white fingers as he looked up, deep into her eyes. He watched Blair turn pink as she stared back. When he finally released her hand, she fled to the safety of the school and her friends.

Chuck smiled— a real smile. It was a wonderful morning, even if it was tame for Chuck Bass. Today was going to be an enjoyable day.

Serena bounced up the steps in front of the Met, lunch in hand, towards her dark haired friend. She plopped down next to Blair and leaned over, hugging the other girl.

"People are talking! I'm so proud of you."

Pulling back, she noticed that Blair was a little pale and looked uncomfortable.

"What's wrong?"

"Why are they talking? There is nothing to talk about!" Blair snapped, a dour expression on her face.

Serena rolled her eyes, "People talk, it's what they do. You and Chuck? Yeah, people are going to comment on that. But he likes you! Everyone says the way he kissed your hand this morning was hot."

Serena began gushing again, hugging her friend a second time. "I think we should go out to celebrate! A little shopping, dinner, a few drinks?"

Blair tried to not look too sheepish, "Sorry, S. I can't."

Not one to be put off so easily, Serena berated her friend. "Oh come on, whatever paper or assignment it is you have to work on can wait. You've ensnared Chuck Bass!"

Blair scoffed her shoe against the step, staring at her feet, unable to look at her golden friend. "I sort of made other plans… with someone else."

This was sad, if she could not be straightforward with her best friend, what kind of a start was this? All this attention was making her even more incredibly shy.

Serena had an incredulous yet happy smile on her face. "Nu uh. You're seeing Chuck tonight! Oh my God, I didn't think he was that good. He must have it bad."

Blair was turning pink. "We're just going to watch a movie…for school. He doesn't like English class at the moment."

"Aw, you're going to tutor him, how cute. Are you going to smack him around with a ruler?" Serena was practically laughing at the image she was painting. "And if that isn't one of the oldest excuses in the book."

Blair wrinkled her nose at her friend and poked at her. "So supportive, aren't you? Well now you're helping me pick out an outfit after school, so I can focus on my school work until he comes over!"

A few minutes before seven, Blair fidgeted with the deep green dress Serena picked out for her. She stood near the top of the stairs, wondering what you do when waiting for a boy? Should she wait in the foyer? Or sit in the living room? It was all too vexing!

The sound of the elevator arriving rang forth. She descended the stairs and Chuck met her at the bottom of the staircase in a few long strides. He looked up at her and taking her hand, he kissed it like he had not twelve hours ago. Wordlessly, he followed her back up the stairs to her room.

Once inside, he proffered a brown and white stripped box. "Your bribe, as promised." She smiled at him. "Is it safe to open in your presence?"

"I was rather counting on it." He countered, giving her a long look.

"Hm, I suppose it can be no worse than the other things you have given me?" She queried.

"Worse? And here I thought you were quite enjoying them."

Blair shook her head at his response and opened the box. A fine sheer white garment lie within and she reached out to touch it, to pull it from the box. Yet there was something more inside the fabric. Unfolding it, she found a copy of Much Ado About Nothing on DVD. Confused, she looked closer, and saw the names of the cast scribbled across the cover. Her jaw promptly dropped.

Chuck reached over now and pulled the garment— a long robe, from the box. "And here you neglect your new pretty thing. I thought it might go well with the… other gifts? This however," he pulled the DVD from her hands, "was to prove I can listen." He started the movie and went to lie on her bed, stretching out his long body. Propping up on his elbows and looking up at a still mildly stunned Blair. "So… this is your bed?"

She shot him a hard look. "We're doing nothing but watching the movie, do you understand?"

He merely shook his head as she lay down, mirroring him on the other side of the bed. Chuck enjoyed watching the film with her; she clearly was delighted by it. Blair would prod him anytime he would look over at her, forcing his attention back to the film. During Benedick's soliloquy, he caught her mouthing the words. Chuck smiled watching her. She was happy, here with him in this moment, and it made something deep inside him stir.

Soon the drama of the story unfolded and all the pieces began to fall into place. Blair seemed to perk up. "Oh here, this part is fantastic!"

Feeling playful, Blair sat up from the bed, and started reciting along with her favorite line:

Benedick: Tell me, for which of my bad parts didst thou first fall in love?

Beatrice: For them all together, which maintain such a politic a state of evil that they will not admit any good to intermingle with them.

Chuck sat up now, and watching her rather than the movie. Blair continued on, smiling at him, acting along and asking:

Beatrice: But for which of my good parts did you first suffer love for me?

Chuck stole the next line from her:

Benedick: Suffer love! A good epithet! I do suffer love indeed, for I love thee against my will.

Blair took Beatrice's response, playing along: In spite of your heart, I think; alas poor heart! If you spite it for my sake, I will spite it for yours; for I could never love that which my friend hates.

Chuck took Blair's hand in his and replied: Thou and I are too wise to woo peaceably. His touch shocked her; his lines shocked her, and his look… It felt as though the room had dropped away and she existed only in the light of his eyes.

"You know the play."

Chuck shrugged, "A little."

"Then why?" Blair whispered.

"To be near you. To feel you oh, so close to me." Her hand was still in his and he used it to pull her into his arms as they knelt upon the bed.

Chuck's mouth was hot upon hers and Blair lost herself in his embrace. He moved to hold her face in his hands as he kissed her, the intensity of it made all thought flee her mind. She tugged on his shirt, her hands finding their way to touch the lean muscled body underneath. His hands had moved from her face down, down, until they were under her dress, grabbing her ass, pressing her body against his. His long fingers flexed, only just briefly, barely, touching her there, where it was so hot, so wet.

Blair's mind reeled as a result and she closed up instantly. With a hard pant, she pushed Chuck away and scrambled to her feet. Her eyes were hot with determination. "No! I will not be another on your list of names- a little asterisk marking me as another virgin you deflowered."

He stood and met her gaze, momentarily touching her chin. "You want me." "You want me."

Chuck leaned in close, his face, his mouth, but a whisper away from her, "You are going to beg, Blair Waldorf, for me to not just take your virginity, but to fuck you senseless and give you the greatest pleasure you will ever experience."

Her eyes stared back deep into those pools of black, hazel, and gold. Her mind spun, looking for a way to shake him. Setting her jaw, she flared her nostrils. "And you, Chuck Bass, will love me…some day."

Their fears stretched before them. Chuck was startled by her threat. As though Chuck Bass could love, or knew what love was. But, he was certainly intrigued as he stared into Blair's fiery brown eyes.

They were at an impasse. However, the game had been set. But before Blair could move away from him, she was in his warm embrace once more and his lips softly touched hers. The entire length of his body pressed against her, his touch, his being, was a flame, and she caught fire. Desire thrummed deep inside and she ached to be one with him.

He held her tight in his arms— at first to torment her with his body, but then he realized how perfectly she fit him. His lips brushed against hers so gently— he did this to tease her with his mouth, but he felt it again, something beginning to flutter inside. Chuck pulled away as abruptly he had begun. Startled by his thoughts, his feelings, he turned, and left. Blair opened her eyes slowly, catching the briefest glimpse of him as he left her standing there, feeling stunned, confused, and quite hot and bothered.

AN: Love and affection to Camii (uncorazonquebrado) for beta reading this chapter!

Special love and shout outs to Sabrina (WhiteRabbit at GossipGirlsss) and Georgia (CheeryFan) for helping me get this chapter in shape, and adjust my attitude.

Chapter title taken from the story of the same name by SN-Mayhem.

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