Love You Some Day

I Can Make You Feel

Chapter Six:

I Can Make You Feel

Blair shifted under her satin covers, rousing slightly. Groaning, she rolled over; she realized she was wearing the dress from last night. Her mind, fuzzy from one too many martinis, tried to recall the night before. Chuck. She sat up instantly, panicked, and then clutched her aching head as it dawned on her: she could not remember. Oh God! What did I do? Crossing her arms, she hugged herself, making sure she was all there, her mind spinning for details of memories that were hazy at best. Darkness, a bed, Chuck… Hamlet, fear; he kissed her, had touched her. But how much did he touch her? A frightening thought, she slid a hand beneath the downy softness of her duvet. Her underwear was gone, and Blair blanched.

Flooded with a mix of anxiety and horror, she tore the sheets aside and unsteadily ran to her bathroom as her head pounded. Peeling the dress off, she stumbled into the shower, blasting her body with hot water. Blair cleaned herself, afraid- yet searching to find any sign that she was different. She crumpled up on the tile floor, steam curling around her as she leaned against the glassed-in shower. Through her fear, she reached down and felt herself; the dull realization set in. She could not tell if she were altered. There were no marks, nothing out of place- she had to trust Chuck Bass. A bitter taste in her mouth, Blair thought she might be ill all over the floor. The nausea slowly passed and she collected herself, shutting off the water, stepping out of the shower, wrapping herself in a thick white towel. She was going to have to ask the dark prince if she was still an innocent; she shivered.

Mentally, she cursed herself for going to the party as she opened the bathroom door. Blair clutched the top of the towel tighter as her eyes fell upon her bed. There he sat, the devil himself, with gift in hand. Chuck looked up at her, and she watched his signature smirk spread across his face.

In his mind, Chuck imagined them in a world without their inhibitions. That cruel towel would be on the floor without a thought, and he would have Blair on the bed, in all her splendid, naked glory. He would worship her and she would beg for him.

"Chuck…" Blair trembled for a moment- from the cold, or the look in his eyes? "Tell me."

He sat the gift on her bed and walked to her, his hands stroked her arms as though to warm her against the cold, "Tell you what? How no one can wear a towel quite like you?"

Blair felt the warmth of his hands on her and her breathing quickened at his nearness. His intimate gesture, the touch of his skin on hers, weakened her resolve and tempted Blair to melt into his arms. She gathered her strength and looked up into his eyes, "What happened last night?"

Chuck instantly saw the fear in her and it stung. He felt bitter, and angry, that she would think the worst of him- it was evident from the fearfulness etched across her beautiful face, "You don't remember any of it?" He bit out.

"I remember talking, and…" She paused, her voice softened, "your kiss." Blair felt her lips tingle at the memory, at the knowledge that he was right here, and could lean down to taste her once more. He sees me.

He felt that odd stirring sensation as he watched her, the way she said 'your kiss.' For a moment he forgot his outrage in the way she looked so lost. He wanted to caress her check, pull her close, and kiss her dark thoughts away. He shoved the feeling away, his disgust bubbling up once more, "So, what exactly are you accusing me of happening?"

"I don't know! You're Chuck Bass… and I don't remember how I got home last night!" Blair sounded half hysterical and she stepped back away from him.

Chuck's eyes turned black with her admission, "You think I took you."

The look on his face- in his eyes, suddenly made her feel oddly guilty and a little ashamed, and her cheeks flushed pink. He had stepped towards her, and her back was now against the wall. She stared past his shoulder, unable to look in his eyes again.

"Blair," He tilted her chin up, her eyes forced to meet his, "I am not going to take you. Do you understand? You will come to me, burning, with lust and desire, begging to couple with me."

He watched as Blair licked her lips, her lower lip catching between her teeth as she swallowed hard. His free hand dropped down as his head tipped to the side, whispering his hot breath in her ear, "I gave you pleasure last night Blair, can you truly not remember?"

His fingers dug into the naked flesh of her thigh, spiraling up and inward. Blair's eyes flew shut, she panted, and the memory rapidly rose from the hazy depths of her mind. How he teased her, made her beg, the feel of his fingers in her. She feared the thought was going to make the wetness run down from between her legs.

Chuck kissed her neck just below her ear.

Blair remembered coming, shouting his name into the darkness. She trembled.

A stray finger slid under the towel, between her parted thighs, sweeping across the moist, heated skin stealing her nectar.

Blair gasped at his touch and her eyes fluttered open.

Lifting the illicit finger to his lips, he watched her eyes follow it. His tongue curled around his finger, and Chuck moaned softly as he drank in her flavor. The finger trailed along his lower lip as a smirk slowly appeared.

"You still taste like honey." He quickly pressed his lips against hers.

She melted against him; his tongue found hers, and she startled, tasting herself on him. He held her, tight, expecting a fight, but instead she grasped his shirt and kissed him harder.

Satisfied with triggering her need once more, Chuck let go and instantly pulled away. He was nearly out her bedroom door when, realizing he was going, Blair called to him.

"You owe me!"

Chuck half turned to look at the slightly mussed brunette clad in her little white towel, making demands on Chuck Bass. "And what exactly is it that I owe you?"

"Wednesday, after school. No limo." Blair turned back to the bathroom and closed the door. She exhaled, relieved to at last have a moment to herself. Chuck's presence was powerful and alluring, and he had ambushed her; it was a small miracle, in her mind, that she was still standing at all.

After a long moment, once her breathing returned to normal and she no longer felt wobbly on her own feet, Blair peeked back out into her bedroom. Chuck was gone. She found his gift lying on her bed- she had forgotten he was holding something earlier. Though he had delivered this one personally, she found there was still a note attached:

For next time

And consider your panties a token of appreciation.


Blair groaned- she forgot that he had stolen her thong. A box from Saks, she opened it, rather expecting more lingerie. Not quite. Black patterned stockings and a slim lace garter belt- no underwear. A small smile, she pondered how she might use the gift against him in the future.

Chuck waited outside of the school that Wednesday, leaning against the wall watching the girls flood out of Constance. Many of them smiled at him, gave him one of those looks. He nodded his head in acknowledgement, but watch and waited for the girl with the chocolate curls, to see if she might smirk at him the way he smirks at her. And there she was… but not clad in the stockings, today. A little sad, yet he was still curious nonetheless.

She smiled at him, lightly swinging her Ralph Lauren tote. She took his arm, and pulled him from the wall- out of the shadows, and into the sun.

Blair sighed and leaned her head against him as they began to walk, "Ah, isn't it nice out today?"

Chuck was generally stunned at her open manner with him, in public. He wondered what her plan might be. "I guess… what exactly is it we are doing? Because my ideas all had us wearing fewer clothes."

She looked up at him, and gave him that little smirk. Chuck felt warm as her eyes looked into his. There was a lightness being around her like this, as though he were just a normal boy. Yet her eyes, that smirk, felt like a more perfect reflection of his own, and there was nothing ordinary implied by them.

"That really is all you think about isn't it?" She chuckled a little.

"It's not like I can really help it around such a tease as you, Waldorf." He freed his arm from hers and pinched her ass in retaliation for her hotness.

"Chuck!" Blair half jumped, and swatted his arm. Satisfied with her revenge, she wrapped her arm in his once more, "We're going for a walk. And I want to see the penguins."

Chuck furrowed his brow and half grumbled, "I don't think I pinched your ass hard enough."

"Oh come on. Don't you ever have conversations with people?" Blair glanced sideways up at him.

"In so many words? No." His voice, his face, was blank.

In her mind, Blair faltered a little at this information, but remained determined, "Well, you are today."

"Make it worth my while, or maybe I won't?" Chuck challenged.


"The afternoon for five minutes."

"All afternoon? You'll behave? Talk to me?"

Chuck nodded.

"Five minutes of what?"

He leaned his head down and purred in her ear, "Five minutes of whatever I want." He watched Blair squirm as she considered his offer.

Blair swallowed hard, "Not… that, of course."

Chuck rolled his eyes, "We've had that discussion, Blair. And I would need so much more than five minutes with you," He watched Blair's cheeks flush at this, "So, no. Not that."

"Deal." Blair spoke, pausing their procession, and on tiptoes, gave him a sweet little kiss on the cheek. "But remember, you have to behave!"

So, they walked through Central Park on a crisp autumn day. Though this sort of event was odd for Chuck, the strangest thing was perhaps how he felt with her. Without the aid of drugs or alcohol, Chuck was relaxed. He promised to talk, and did a little, but he was happy to listen to the sound of her voice and to simply watch her.

"… So that's when Hazel threatened to drop yogurt on Penelope's Chanel flats. I promptly told them, as the head of the Snowflake Ball committee, I would have no more of this petty behavior and that we needed to stay on task."

He smiled, imaging how Blair looked asserting herself amongst the girls in the Constance hierarchy. He had seen that spark, the fire in her eyes, and he remembered telling Nate I think there is some overlooked potential there. Potential… yes, Blair had potential. Chuck found himself picturing the success of the ball she was planning at school, being at her side, enjoying it with her, holding her close and telling her how lovely she looked as they danced together. Yes… so much potential…

She pulled her arm from his to button up her coat more. When Blair did not immediately move to take his arm again, Chuck felt a compulsion, a shot of desire, a need to take a risk. His hand tingled and grew warm with the thought… potential.

In the space of a heartbeat, Chuck held Blair's hand; his fingers threading through hers.

Blair looked at their hands intertwined for a moment, then looked up at Chuck's face, her eyes wide, her full lips slightly parted.

His playboy persona intact, Chuck discounted her questioning look, walking on as though he had held hands with every girl with whom he had ever been. But his persistent smirk softened a bit, looking almost like a contented smile, and he looked out at the multicolored trees, breathing in the cool air, as their hands exchanged warmth.

They were approaching the penguins at last, and Chuck asked, "So, why the penguins?"

"They are always in their best outfits, ready to have a good time. Plus, look how pretty they are when they swim." Blair pressed her free hand to the glass and smiled watching them.

Chuck smiled watching her. Her beauty, innocence, and light pulled him in, and he felt he might lose the idea of himself just from holding her hand. What was it about her? He felt anything could be possible being here like this, with Blair.

Blair turned to look at him, "Is there anything you want to see?"

"Hmmm…" Chuck thought, pursing his lips, teasing her as she stared at him intently with her large brown eyes, "Snow leopards?"

And like that, she was pulling him away from the penguins towards the snow leopards. When they arrived, one leopard was napping, another prowling around in its habitat.

"What do you like about the snow leopards?" Blair asked.

"They are graceful, yet vicious, prepared to climb mountains and survive in awful cold, alone." He turned towards her as he spoke, and now trailed a finger along Blair's cheek, his voice almost a whisper, "They couple white and black… the light, and the darkness."

Blair looked at him as he spoke, his dark eyes pulling her in. His touch beckoned to her, and she breathed in, his draw was undeniable and she yielded to him.

They came together then- at those words: the light and the darkness. His lips met hers, so softly, Blair felt lightheaded. Chuck's hands cupped her face and he continued to brush his lips against hers, a gentle insistence, a silent message.

Blair thought, when he at last drew away from her, that their kiss must have lasted several minutes. Her eyes shined as she looked up at him, her heart fluttered from the intensity of their intimacy. Her fingers were threaded together with his again, and she whispered, "Chuck?"

He was Chuck Bass again however, and moving forward, he asked, "Walk you home now?"

Blair studied him a moment, and putting the last few minutes aside to think about later, she replied, "One more thing, first. I always get a treat when I leave!"

She ordered a bag of Skittles, and looked up at a Chuck with great expectation. The stand had a wide selection of candy, but there was only one thing that could entice him- black licorice. When Blair was not looking, he purchased another candy, which he slipped in his pocket.

They walked to Blair's building, munching on their treats and making small conversation. Entering the foyer, Chuck pushed the button to call the elevator. "Blair."

A bit distracted, she had begun to think about those five minutes she promised. "Hmm?"

"While our challenges still stand, you need to trust that when I say you will come to me, that is exactly what I mean." Chuck pulled a ring-pop from his pocket and slipped it on her finger, with a smirk covering his face, his brown eyes twinkling gold and hazel.

Blair gasped, initially surprised, but then giggled at his gesture. She kissed him, a long, sweet kiss until the elevator arrived. Pulling away she stepped into the elevator, lifting her hand to stick the ring pop in her mouth, smiling.

Chuck grinned, "Keep practicing. Five minutes, Friday, the library."

The doors closed, but he still caught sight of Blair's eyes going wide.

Later that night, Blair pulled that first Bergdorf's box out from under her bed. She had collected all of his notes, and tucked them inside with the plastic piece of the ring-pop. She had to stop herself from fantasizing about a future with him. He was Chuck Bass! Yet… Chuck had been so… different, today. It caught her off guard, to see a softness to him. That kiss; she closed her eyes and felt warm all over at the memory of it. With a sigh of determination, Blair closed the box, tucking it away once more. The war was becoming interesting already. She turned her thoughts to Friday; it was a test- a challenge that she needed to win.

Chuck sat on his bed, swirling a glass of scotch between his fingers; his thoughts drifted over his afternoon with Blair. He had relaxed around her and it was a strange feeling to him. The cool crystal glass in his hand made his fingers twitch, remembering the warmth of her small hand in his. And that kiss… Chuck downed the scotch, feeling it burn his throat, the heat rippling through him. Kissing her had been more satisfying and delicious than the scotch had proven to be. He raked a hand through his hair and lay back on his bed. Part of him felt guilty and disgusted for kissing her… like that, it was as if he were trying to drink in her light. But the darkness could never be the light. Yet… he wondered what it might be like to exist in those hundreds of shades of gray in between them?

He dreamed that night of his five minutes on Friday. The stockings, her lips, his fingers in her silky curls, the image of her was intense and toxic. He awoke in the darkness of night, his cock so hard it throbbed and ached. Blair Waldorf was going to be the death of Chuck Bass; it thrummed through his brain as he fell back asleep following his sticky, unsatisfying release.

AN: Chapter title taken from the title of a Kensley-Jackson's story. Super hot CB one-shot. Seriously.

Ring pop bit is a nod to the girls at Gossip-fic, just for you!

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