Love You Some Day


Chapter Nine:


That weekend, Blair contemplated all that had come to be over the past few weeks. Serena advised her to wait, and see what would happen next, after Blair had confessed over coffee and croissants about her run in with Chuck. But as the weekend came to a close, nothing seemed to have changed immediately. Still just peonies and small gifts, keeping him in her thoughts, slowly, subconsciously softening her emotions.

Arriving home Monday, Blair found Eleanor and her staff flying around the living room, racks of clothes in every corner and portfolios laid out on the coffee table.

"I'm home from school, Mother. How was Paris?"

"Fine darling, fine." Eleanor did not even look up from the portfolio her and an assistant were discussing.

Blair turned to head upstairs; there was clearly nothing for her here.

Laurel, Eleanor's pushy assistant, was suddenly whispering in Eleanor's ear. Eleanor half barked at the woman, before she called to Blair. "Not so fast, dear."

Blair paused on the staircase and turned to look back at her mother.

"The buyer from Bendel's will be here in," She glanced at the clock and grew a little paler, "twenty minutes. I need to you model the dresses, Blair. Apparently the model was incorrectly booked, and after all, you were my first dress form."

Eleanor waved at the hair and make-up girls who carted Blair the rest of the way upstairs, not even waiting for an answer.

Primped, polished, pushed and pulled, Blair stood in front of the mirror, adjusting the dress. Eleanor came to approve of her daughter, minutes before the buyer arrived.

"Oh, my darling daughter… you look so pretty!"

Blair met her mother's eyes in the mirror and smiled at her, full of hope- a chance to truly win her mother's approval.

Eleanor was going over the first dress Blair modeled when Serena arrived. Keeping quiet, Blair made a small wave with her hand. Eleanor perked up when the tall blonde came into her line of vision; she made a motion to Laurel, who promptly went to Serena.

Without even the opportunity to say no, Serena soon found herself in an Eleanor Waldorf design, trading places with Blair. The two girls smiled at each other as they passed.

When Blair returned to her room to change, Laurel was selecting the next dress and talking to an assistant. Blair began pulling the dress off. Laurel stopped her.

"Blair, sweetie. Since Serena has come by, we're going to have her show the rest of the dresses. You understand, yes?"

Blair's eyes began to water; again, it was happening again. Serena wins over Blair. It was one thing the way her mother fawned over Serena, but this time… this time, it was too much. She tried to hold it together in front of Laurel, "If you don't mind, I'd like to have my bedroom back."

Laurel sputtered, "But, we can't, everything is set-up here…"

"Fine." Blair spat out, grabbing her handbag as she fled the scene. A tear escaped in the elevator. Stepping out on to Fifth Avenue, the wind whipped around her- she had forgotten it was getting cold. All she could think was to get out, to get away from… that. The doorman hailed her a cab. Sliding inside, she could only think of one other place to go. The Palace. Blair shivered for a moment, remembering his warm hands and brown eyes. Why would you want to be her? Because she shines? Don't you see how empty she is inside?

Standing in front of the door, the brass numbers 1812 staring back at her, she shifted on her feet uncomfortably. Please don't give up on me. She raised her small hand and knocked. She heard shuffling inside then, suddenly, the door swung open. Chuck was still in his school uniform, all yellow and khaki.

"Blair." He breathed. She looked stunning before him- her dress was beautiful, and she had on full make-up, emphasizing her large round eyes and thick lashes, and her chocolate curls were large and full. She looked as though she could have been going out on a date… but he pushed the thought aside. All her beauty was juxtaposed with the distressed look on her flawless porcelain face and he had to stop himself from grabbing her and holding her tight. He did not know how much more pain he could handle seeing her in. She should always be smiling.

She just wanted to feel warm. Blair flew into his arms, nuzzling her head against his chest, tightly wrapping her arms around him. She felt him return the embrace, and they stood there in perfect silence. He is always so warm, she thought, his heat radiated through his clothes banishing the autumn cold that had consumed her. Combined with the heady scent of his cologne, Blair could not help but relax as her head swam, absorbing the diversion of being with him.

At last, Chuck stroked her hair, and looked down at her, "Come, we can't stand in the doorway all night."

Blair loosened her hold on him, and walking into the suite, they moved to set on the sofa. She instantly went to hug him again.

Chuck smiled at her; he could not truly believe she was here. It had only been a few days since he had pleaded for her to not give up on him. He had been trying to think of what he might be able to do next, and now… Now she was here. She was upset and had come to him. He felt that aching sensation in his chest- maybe she was hugging him too tightly? He stroked her long hair, "Tell me?" He murmured. She would not lift her head, but he heard her muffled voice.

"My mother… Serena… never enough." She then promptly sniffled.

Blair did not volunteer any more information than that, but he knew enough to guess the rest without the details. After all, he was an expert at being a disappointment.

"Hey…" Chuck gently cupped her chin and made her look up at him. Her eyes were full of unshed tears, and it pained him; he knew that pain.

"What can we do to cheer you up?"

Blair responded by hugging him again. He shook his head and smiled; he could not help himself, though she was sad and upset, it felt wonderful to have her here with him. When he was with Blair, he felt different. He was not so concerned with always being Chuck Bass- her presence soothed him, relaxed him, yet his attention was heightened. Right now, all he wanted was to give her a little bit of what she gave to him.

"We could go see the penguins?"

Blair shook her head no.

"Watch a movie?"

Again, no.

"Hm…" As Chuck pondered what else might cheer her up, he heard her stomach grumble.

"Room service?"

"Pancakes." Blair un-tucked her head in order to place her request.

"Only if," He titled her head up to look at him again, "you smile for me?"

Her large brown eyes stared back at him as he waited. Her lower lip caught between her teeth for a moment before she managed a small smile for him. It did not reach her eyes, which still looked on the verge of tears, and though her sadness still pressed on him, it was at the least, a beginning.

"That's a good start." Knowing she would not want to let go of him, he hooked one arm under her legs. Chuck scooped her off the couch, smiling at the sound of her startled squeals.

"Chuck!" Blair held onto him even tighter, if that were possible.

"Don't worry, I just want you to be comfortable." He laid her down on his bed.

Kissing her forehead, "I'll be right back."

Lying back, Blair stared at the ceiling as she waited. She felt safe. A week ago she could not have imagined feeling this way with Chuck, but in her distress, she had turned to him. She truly did feel safe, and he was already trying to chase the dark clouds away. She wrapped her arms around herself in a small hug, and smiled a little again. She wanted to be here, she wanted…

Chuck returned, and fell into bed next to her, derailing her train of thought, "It will be a few minutes."

He pursed his lips a moment, and then took her right hand in his, "Right, thumb war."

A giggle bubbled forth from Blair, "Thumb war? Are you serious? What are we, ten?"

He started grabbing at her thumb with his, "Maybe? After all, you did fall asleep at my party. Was it past your bedtime?"

Chuck pouted at her in teasing; allowing Blair to catch his thumb.

"I won!" She smiled, then promptly blushed when she realized what he had said, "Maybe you were just that exhausting?"

"I'm sure that is what it must have been." He smirked at her.

Blair smirked back.

His heart skipped when she mirrored his smirk. He played with her hand in his, working to keep his focus on how Blair was feeling, "So… your mom?"

She looked away from him, "It's okay. Serena saved the day!" Blair played with the hem of the dress; "I guess Waldorf designs look better on a van der Woodsen than an actual Waldorf?"

Chuck was about to ask more, but the food arrived. He had ordered pancakes, and there was a bowl of whipped cream and strawberries, warm syrup, and a bottle of champagne. He poured them each a glass, and they toasted, "To miserable parents."

This made her smile, and in turn Chuck smiled. He watched as she tucked in to the pancakes. He could see her spirits rising, her face brightened, and her eyes were no longer sad. As her distress lessened, he found himself feeling contented… a small spark of something different- happiness?

After a few bites, she held her fork up to his mouth and pouted at him. He chuckled and ate the bite he was offered. Her playful nature gave him an idea.

While Blair was distracted with dissecting the pancakes, Chuck used his fingers to scoop out some of the fresh whipped cream. "Oh, Blair…"

Her eyes grew large as she watched him, but she was laughing a little as she tried to catch the fingers coming towards her. Half the whipped cream ended up in her mouth, half on her face.

"Chuck!" Blair squealed as she removed the offending substance from her face with a napkin.

"Oh, wait… You missed a spot." He smirked at her, and licked her nose.

"Ew. Right, well, fair is fair." Blair dipped her fingers in the warm sticky syrup. Chuck was too fast though, capturing her fingers, he sucked them free of their sweet burden.

It was more intimate than Blair had meant it to be, and she felt her heartbeat speed up as his tongue caressed her fingers and his eyes stared into hers. She bit her lower lip as she watched her fingers leave his mouth.

"Oh… wait…" She murmured, "You missed a spot."

Chuck felt his breath hitch as Blair leaned in to him, her soft lips pressing against his; the tip of her tongue ran along his lower lip. He groaned with desire, oh, how he had missed her these past few weeks. She pulled away, and he smiled to see how her cheeks had flushed pink.

"Your turn."

Chuck went for more whipped cream, but this time, he missed her mouth entirely. It landed across her chest, coating her breasts and onto the dress.

"Oh, and that's a Waldorf original, isn't it?" Chuck smirked.

Blair looked down at the mess in mild disbelieve. She felt some of the cool cream sliding down into her bra, in between her breasts.

"What are yo…?"

Before she could finish, Chuck had bent down and began to lap the cream off of her skin. His mouth was hot, his tongue insistent as it passed over her skin. Blair's eyes rolled back as he licked between her breasts. She grabbed his hair, pulling him away from his ministrations so she could kiss him again.

Chuck enjoyed her taking control, showing him her desires. Her kisses were urgent, and she moaned with delight when his tongue finally slid into her mouth. He reached up to cup her breasts. She gasped, feeling the cold mess of cream pressing against her skin, and broke away from him.

"I'm such a mess." Blair stared down at her spoiled dress.

"Well... there is a shower."

She eyed him for a moment, and suddenly, she felt defiant. She could not control her mother, or Serena's natural appeal, but she did have her own power. Blair decided to own that- her power, her feelings, her sexuality, and she was going to have fun. She may be drawn to Chuck, but he was also drawn to her. She turned her back to him.

"Unzip me?" She pulled her long hair aside.

Chuck swallowed hard; he had not expected her to give in at all, never the less so casually. He pulled the zipper down, his mouth going dry at the sound, his hands twitching with longing and anticipation. He watched as Blair stood, the dress dropping to the ground. As she walked towards the bathroom, she unhooked her bra, letting it fall away.

He stared at the trail of clothing as she disappeared into his bathroom. The sound of water falling broke him from his meditation on Blair's little exhibition. Rising from the bed, he leaned against the doorframe, watching her in his shower.

Blair let the warm water fall over her skin, washing the cream from her breasts. Turning, she saw Chuck watching her from the doorway and she smirked. There was nothing between them but a few feet, and the glass enclosure of the shower. She could see the lust and desire in his eyes and she could not resist the temptation to torment him.

She cleaned herself slowly, with great care, touching ever plane and curve of her body. The sight of him watching her- the way his eyes devoured her every movement, caused that tightness low in her stomach. Pressing one hand against the glass, she leaned down. Water slipped off the perfect orbs of her breasts as her free hand slipped between her legs. She made a small cry as her fingers found the softness buried there, "Chuck…"

He moved from the doorway to stand by the shower, his hand mirrored hers through the glass, "Don't hide from me, Blair. Show me your need…tell me your desires..."

Her hand moved faster, harder, and she whimpered with need, "I want it all… good girl… bad girl…"

"Oh, you are, Blair," He purred her name, "You are. When I first saw you that day in the garden, I saw the good girl who was very, very bad."

He could see- he could hear, how close she was getting, and he urged her on. "As soon as I laid eyes on you, I imagined it was your body I was touching. But even I could not imagine how incredible you feel when I slip my hand under your skirt."

She delighted at his revelations. Blair came hard, her back arching, legs trembling, as she cried his name in half want, half praise. When her breathing finally began to slow, she looked at him through the glass. He was smirking at her, and she returned the look, raising her defiled hand up to smear the result of her passion across the glass.

Chuck lightly shook his head and murmured, "My, my, I think showering just became infinitely more enjoyable."

He watched as Blair rolled her eyes and turned to shut off the water. Retrieving a towel, he offered it to her, only to pull it away before she could take it, "Ah, toll."

"Come on, Bass, I'm getting cold!" She pouted.

He opened the towel and wrapped her in it, simultaneously leaning down to kiss her. She lifted her arms, and tangled her fingers in his hair. Her mouth tasted so sweet, he wanted more. He pushed her against the wall and led her to wrap her legs around his waist. If he could not take her, he wanted to feel her body all around him.

Blair was excited at the feel of his erection pressing through his pants, against her. She pushed her hips into his; happy with the knowledge she was going to leave a mess on his khakis. She felt him pull away from her mouth to begin kissing down her jaw. Digging her fingers into his shoulders, she bucked against him as he traced the shell of her ear with his tongue.

"Tell me!" Blair commanded, her fingers moving to grasp his hair, yanking his head back so he had to look at her, "Tell me you want me. I want to hear it."

Chuck smirked, tilting his head as his eyes stared into hers, his mouth almost kissing hers, "Tell you? Tell you how with every passing day I don't just dream of taking your precious virginity, but rather, I dream of giving you so much pleasure, that I ruin you for all others?"

His lips crashed into hers, and his hands grabbed her ass harder. He felt her legs wrap around him even tighter as her tongue dove into his mouth. He moaned deeply, full of desire.

The sound of his desperate moan woke Blair's common sense. As she tried to pull her mouth away, he followed. So she bit his lip, and Chuck pulled away instantly. She chuckled, "Down boy."

Acknowledging that playtime had ended, he remorsefully lowered her back to the floor. He watched as she clutched the towel now, rather than his body, and his arms felt empty. Chuck softly touched his throbbing lower lip and smirked, "If you wanted to play rough, all you had to do was ask."

He watched her smile and shake her head at him. She moved to pick up her discarded black lace panties. But he reached them first, snatching them away from her.

"Nope, mine now." His brown eyes twinkled.

"Chuck!" Blair fumed for a moment, "You had better be sending me more lingerie! That's TWO pairs!"

"Well, if you insist…"

Blair huffed and stomped out of the bathroom. She scooped the dress off the floor and examined the dirty garment. Stepping into it, she folded the top half into the dress, making it a skirt. As she replaced her bra, her eyes scanned Chuck's bedroom.

He watched quietly as she dressed. He needed to breathe, let his pulse slow, and hoped his hard on might relax. A smile spread across his face as he watched her pull out a white dress shirt, a thin pink pinstripe woven through it. It was a bit too large for her as she slipped it over her delicate shoulders. She was rolling up the sleeves when he came to her, his fingers working to close the buttons.

"Now we're a little more even." Blair mused, as she tied the loose ends of his shirt into a knot around her tiny waist.

"I highly doubt that, I happen to adore this shirt." Chuck touched the softness of her cheek, "Though, I suppose it's okay since it is being worn by someone I adore."

He saw Blair's eyes light up, and he felt the air rush from his lungs when he realized that he meant what he had just said- and how much he meant it. Adore. He was petrified with the knowledge of his own emotion when he felt her lips pressing against his with a quiet insistence. Her fingers slid along the long line of his jaw as she continued to brush her lips against his. There was a fluttering in his stomach, and his arms wrapped around her. I adored her, and it is okay.

Minutes passed as they kissed, until Blair gently pulled away.

"I need to go home. But… thank you." She spoke so softly, and her eyes were shining up at him.

"No," Chuck laid a small kiss on her lips, "Thank you."

They stared at one another for a few moments, before Blair felt sheepish and stepped away from him to slip on her shoes.

"I'll take you home in the limo."

"No!" Blair squeaked, "You are too infamous to get into a limo with, alone, at night!"

It was Chuck's turn to roll his eyes, but he forfeited, given that she was right.

"Then I'll have Arthur take you home, alone, in the limo."

He texted his driver, and walked her to the door. "Walk you to school in the morning?"

The fluttering roared to life in his stomach once more at her broad smile. Blair kissed him again- one last time, leaving him wanting more as he watched her go, in his dress shirt and half a dress.

AN: Chapter title taken from SaturnineSunshine's fun little pre-series one shot.

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