Bringing Him Back

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

“Oh, im so glad to hear that they are okay.” Jane says as she lets out a sigh of relief. Jake turns to look at the blue eyed girl and nods. “Where they all there? Jade, John, Rose and Dave?”

“Yeah, Jakey! Where they all there?” Roxy asks as she wraps her arm around his shoulders, causing him to chuckle before wrapping his arm around her shoulders in return.

“Yes, they were all there safe and sound. But, one of their friends seemed to be wounded quite a bit. And golly, was it a terrible wound too. Poor chum.” Jake explains, the girls then get a worried look on their faces before shaking their heads. “Have one of you tried to contact Strider again?”

“I have, but he doesn’t answer and thanks to the fact that he destroyed Lil’ Hal, he doesn’t even have an auto responder now. He even changed his status to ‘Do not disturb’. I’m getting a little worried about him. Maybe you should try to get in touch with him Jake.” Jane explains as she walks up to her green eyed friend who looks away. “Jake, it all happened two years ago.”

“Two years, ten, or even fifty years, it makes no difference. I made him feel emotions that he shouldn’t have been feeling after FINALLY being around other humans again. I mean, Roxy, you and Dirk where the last ones in your time right?”

“Yup. It was fucking bad. At least I had the weird chest people. Dirky……well……fuck, he didn’t have anyone other than seagulls and all his robotic crap.” The blond haired girl explains as she gets a sad look on her face. She prayed to whatever god she was supposed to believe in that her and Dirk never had to face that cruel reality of being alone ever again.

They both where kind awkward around Jane and Jake for a while, seeing they didn’t know how to act around them at first. But after a while, Roxy got used to them, hell, she even became an even better best friend to Jane, but Dirk, well, he took a little while longer. Hell, even after he started dating Jake, he wasn’t sure how to act, so he was always walking on eggshells.

“Roxy?” being pulled from her thoughts, she looks at Jane. “Come on. We better get walking if we want to meet up with them soon.” Nodding, the blond haired girl follows her best friend. “Don’t worry, we’ll find or get a hold of Dirk. I just know it.”


“OW! Okay! Okay! Fuck! Stop, stop.” The red blooded troll commands, nodding Dave stops walking and slowly eases the other male onto the ground, hissing in pain, Karkat places his hand over his midsection. Fuck, he hated the fact that he let Sligo get the upper hand and allowed him to get close enough to wound him this badly. It was bad enough that it was hard enough to get through this path way to get to Kim, but to be wounded was only slowing them down and allowing whatever goons she had sent after them to catch up. “Ugh, fuck. Damn it.”

“Maybe we should just camp here for now. Moving around too much could be bad.” Dave explains as he sits down next to the troll who looks at him before shrugging. “Alright then. It’s settled, we’ll camp here.” with that he stands up and walks over to John.

“Kar,” turning his head, he looks up at Terezi who had a frown on her face. And he knew exactly why. First, she lost Nepeta, her best friend, then he almost got himself killed because he couldn’t control his temper. “Maybe……..we should just turn back.”

Hearing that, the red blooded troll looks away. No, they couldn’t turn back now. Not when they had made it so far. Looking up, he stares at Dave’s back as he talked to his black haired friend. The red eyed teen was the reason why they were putting themselves through all of this. Karkat couldn’t stand seeing Dave the way he was since the end of the game, since the death of his brother. Even if Dave had a love-hate relationship with his brother, he was still the only one to feel the effects of losing him so long afterwards. He wasn’t about to make the others keep going if they didn’t want to, but Karkat wasn’t going to stop, he was going to keep going for Dave’s sake. Sure, he could only get one wish, but, no one said the wish couldn’t be long and have a lot of requests.

“If you want…..” she stares at him. “You can go back…….to earth. You can take the others with you if you want. But, I’m not stopping.”

“Wha…..what? Karkat are you insane!? Nepeta was killed, you were nearly killed! Is it really worth it, Karkat?” she asks as she kneels down in front of him, the said troll then looks at her and nods. “Why?”

“Because Terezi……..none of them deserve to live their lives, without the people who took the time out of their own, to raise them. They don’t need to live a life like how we did. You can go back, but I am not going to stop until I beat Kim.” He explains to her, sighing the female troll rubs the back of her neck.

She knew, that he knew, that there was no way she was going to let him go alone. He was her friend and she loved him way too much to let him risk his life alone. That wasn’t right, especially when it was for a selfless reason. She then moves to sit next to him and leans against his shoulder, he then lets his head rest on top of hers. Both of them watching as Dave, Jade, John and Rose talk amongst themselves, and watched as Tesla would answer their questions or statements every now and then.

“You’ve really come to like them.” the teal blooded troll tells Karkat who sighs.

“Yeah, but your one to talk.” He mumbles, sighing, he lifts his head and watches as Tesla goes into her dragon form and uses her tail to pin John to the ground, causing the other teens to laugh. “What do you make of her?” he asks, Terezi looks up at him with confusion before turning to look at the monster, she had to admit, she was oddly……clam about her old co-workers coming after them, and the fact that none of them really attacked her was strange too. “She seems way too relaxed. Despite everything that’s happened.”

“Way too relaxed. You don’t think she’s planning anything do you? Like, Kim sent her to kill us all in the middle of the night or something?” she asks, the other troll’s eyes narrow as he glares at the dragon who was now letting John swing off from her tail. She didn’t give off any signs of wanting to do that, but she was still way to relaxed all things considered. Sighing he looks down at his shoes.

“Not exactly sure…..but then I wouldn’t put it past her. Kim is a smart one, but I doubt she would do something so obvious. And I’m sure Tesla wouldn’t have helped with Sligo if she was planning to kill them.

“Hey, who are they?” Tesla asks, still in her dragon form, turning around Jade smiles as she sees three figures walking towards them. Waving she runs over to meet the said three figurers.

“Jake! Roxy! Jane!”


“Hello there Jade!” Jane greets with a smile and a wave of her hand.

“Jadey!! Oh my god! Look at you!! You’re not as short as you used to be! And your dog ears!! They’re gone too!” Roxy says as she pulls the girl into a hug and spins her around before setting her down on the ground, she squeals loudly as she sees Dave, Rose, and John standing behind Jade. “Oh my god, look at you, John, Dave! You’ve grown!” John blushes and chuckles as Dave shrugs.

“I guess. I mean, I look no different now, than I looked two years ago. Maybe an inch or two taller, but that’s it. Egbert here had a fucking growth spurt.” The pale, blond haired teen explains as he looks at the black haired teen who blushes and looks away. “Anyway, it’s been a while. How have you three been holding up?”

“Great! All three of us moved to Jake’s island and we’ve been living there ever since.” Jane explains with a smile.

“That’s great! Hey, maybe we should do that.” John explains as he looks at his small group of friends, Dave then shakes his head. “Huh? Why not Dave?”

“No offense to any of you, but, I like my privacy. And I can only handle so much Egbert.” Dave teases with a smirk on his face.

“Hey!! I am not terrible to be around I’ll have you know!” Dave chuckles as he friend puts him in a headlock and ruffles his hair. Watching the silliness of the younger teens, Jake, Jane and Roxy laugh. Looking past them Jake gets a shocked look.

“Oh golly! I’m sorry we totally just ignored our other traveling companions.” He states as he walks past them and up to the two trolls and Tesla who was still in her dragon form. Smiling he comes to a stop in front of them. “Hello there mates. It’s good to- Oh my, your hurt!” Jake states as he kneels down in front of Karkat who stares at him. “Are you doing alright?”

“Yeah, im fine. How the hell are you guys here though? And where’s the fourth guy?” he asks, Jake then frowns as he looks away. “Don’t tell me he was already taken out.”

“What? Good heavens no! As soon as we entered the medium…….he just……..up and left. We haven’t been able to get a hold of him lately.” Hearing that Karkat frowns and turns his gaze back to the ground. Up and left? Did he have a death wish? Wondering around right now while Kim was after them wasn’t a good idea. She was ruthless and she didn’t care much about the fact if you were a threat to her or not. “Hey mate, judging by the look on your face, I’m assuming that we should get a hold of him and try to get him here.” looking up Karkat nods.

“Well no shit. It’s never a wise idea to wonder off alone without some sort of guidance. At least these guys had us to tell them and you guys had UU at least. But, that friend of yours? Right now, hes on his own and that’s not safe. Especially now, we have an enemy that’s worse than Jack. Your friend could very well be attacked at any given moment. Strider legend to back him up or not.” He explains, hearing the last part, Roxy stares at him.

“How do you know about that?”

“You know about it?” Dave asks, Roxy sighs as she rubs the back of her neck. Shit, she didn’t mean to say anything, but Dirk had told her about it a while ago before he suddenly stopped talking to everyone. He told her everything about the legend, at first she didn’t know what to think or what to even say to all of it. Dirk had promised her that it was true, that he had learned about from an old scrap book his bro had left behind. Looking at Dave, Roxy knew very well that he had questions for her, but she also promised Dirk that she wouldn’t say a word about it to anyone. “Roxy? Please, you have to tell-“

“I can’t do that. I promised that I wouldn’t tell anyone about it. I’m sorry.” She explains, Dave sighs, and he figured that whoever told her made her promise that. But, there was no harm in trying right? Nodding he looks at Karkat, the troll looked just about ready to roll. Walking over he lets the troll slings is arm over his shoulders, his right hand coming up to grip the other male’s wrist and his left arm wrapping itself around the red blooded troll’s waist. “Going already?”

“Shouldn’t you rest more Mr. Vantas?” Jane asks, the troll shakes his head.

“Nah. I’ll be fine. We should get moving, it’s not safe to stay in one place for too long. Right Tesla?” the said girl nods. Looking over Jake smiles.

“Well, again, how rude of us. We haven’t introduced ourselves. I’m Jake English, pleased to meet you.” He introduces Tesla then goes back into her human form, causing the teens to stare at her with shock.

“I’m Jane Crocker,”

“Roxy Lalonde. How did you….” She trials off, Tesla smiles slightly as she points at the necklace around her neck with the small stone.

“This stone allows me to go in between human and monster form. It’s very handy. I’m leading these guys to Karter.” Jane then stares at her with confusion.

“Karter? Who is that?” she asks.

She’s Sburb’s Memory Compositor Knight. If one defeats her, she will grant you any wish you want without consequence. It’s almost too good to be true, but, it’s true. She’s only ever been beaten once and that was by Dave’s brother.

“Oh, hey. Didn’t think I would hear from you so soon.” Dave greets, as the other teens look around for the source of the voice. “Don’t bother guys. He’s only projecting his voice. I have no idea who he is, or how he looks like.”

“He does sound oddly familiar though.” Jake mumbles, Roxy and Jane nod, but say nothing more.

Yeah, I didn’t think I would actually need too again for a while, all things considered. But, seeing you now have a few more traveling companions, you’ll have to be more careful. Kim isn’t going to like this at all. Knowing her she’s probably already sent a bunch of her goons out after you. So, I suggest you get moving. Dave, I’ll talk to you later.

“Alright dude. Later.” Dave says as the voice fades, sighing he looks at the others and smiles. “Shall we?”

“We shall.” Jane responds as they all start walking.


“My, you are most certainly being elusive aren’t you? Perhaps it’s best if you just meet up with them.”

“Nah, Chief knows exactly what’s he doing. Im just shocked that you managed to find us. I mean, we were under the impression that we were hiding pretty well.” Hearing that, a human teen sighs as he rubs the back of his neck. “Come on Chief! Don’t worry about it!”

“Indeed, it’s quite fine. We do not mind following your………..Orders? Favors? Plans? Doesn’t matter what you wish to call it. So long as we are able to complete our objective, I guess what it’s called doesn’t matter. After all, we all have one common goal and that is to kill Miss Kim Karter. But, we can-“

“Hahahahaha!! Oh. My. God. Kankri, don’t you ever just stop talking so much?”

“Meenah.” The said human warns, causing the girl to frown.

“Alright, Alright. Sorry. It’s not like hes gonna die if I tell him-“

“Meenah.” He warns again, this time glaring at her slightly before turning to fully look at the trolls standing behind him. “Ignore her Kankri.”

“Oh, please do not fret for my sake, Mr. Strider. I do not mind. It has always been this way, and quite frankly I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve grown fond of it. Consider it how she shows her affection to our team.”

“Ah Fuck. Kankri how do you always manage to make me feel like shit whenever you say somfin like that?” Meenah asks as she places her hands on her hips, the male troll looks at her and shrugs. She laughs and walks to up to him before pulling into a headlock and ruffling his hair. “You crazy puffer!”

“OW! Meenah, please refrain from doing this. It’s quite painful.”

“Hehehehe. Oh Kankri, at least it’s her just being nice.” Meulin explains with a smile, the other troll nods once Meenah finally let’s go of him. “Oh! Dirk, when are we gonna get a chance to meet them in person?” she asks excitedly, the said male looks at her then away before sitting down on the ground.

“Don’t hold out on us Chief. You got something big planned don’t ya?”

“Well, you can be the judge of that Cronus. Im just going to wait. But, we should probably find a different place to hide. After all, Kim Karter isn’t a gal to mess with.” The orange eyed teen explains as he feels Cronus sit behind him, so he leans back against the taller male’s back, he could feel a chuckle emanate from him.

“You never cease to amaze us Dirk.” Rufioh says as he crosses his arms over his chest.

“Oh, I know. And you will only continue to be amazed as this progresses. If I’m going to be stuck in this god for saken game again, I might as well have some fun with it. And help out my bro too.” he explains to them. Kankri nods.

“Hahaha. Man, you are one fucked up kid. You act as if they had this coming to them. Im shocked that you even left them considering how protective you are of the girls on your team. Oh, Wait, sorry, ex-team right?”

“Looks like you forgot how many irons he has in the fire, Latula.” Porrim explains to her, the girls giggle as Dirk smiles at them.

“Irons? Nonsense, I have no irons in the fire.” He says as he leans more heavily against Cronus. Closing his eyes he sighs.

“Your body still needs rest obviously. Just go to sleep and we’ll move once you’re awake.” Aranea says as she crouches down next to him and gently runs her hand through his hair, smiling he nods. “Don’t worry, im sure Cronus has no issue with being your pillow.”

“None what so ever Chief. Just get some sleep.” And with that, the orange eyed teen nods as he drifts off into sleep. Smiling, Kankri crosses his arms over his chest and looks over at Kurloz.

“Be sure to keep an eye out? Knowing Karter, she might be look for our precious human here.” the taller troll nods as he then turns and walks out of the room. Sighing, Cronus blows out a puff of smoke as he looks up at the ceiling. “You seem a little unsure about us helping them out.” Cronus then looks at the other troll from the corner of his eye.

“Well, when we first found Dirk, it’s not like he was doing so hot. Chief was like, rock bottom bad. And because of one human. Quite frankly, I rather him not have any kind of interaction with him.” he explains as he sighs. He wasn’t going to lie, he had grown quite close to the teen since he stumbled on their hiding spot. A protective instinct he would call it. “But, whatever rocks his boat. If he wants to help them, then we will lend a hand. But I am not, going to stand that guy trying anything.” Cronus warns Kankri who nods in understanding.

“Yes of course. But, don’t do anything rash Cronus. Those humans and two trolls are to be helped and protected for as long as it takes until they reach Miss Karter and defeat her.” He warns the other troll who sighs and blows out a stream of smoke before nodding slowly.

“Yeah, Yeah. I know.”

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