Bringing Him Back

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

“Wakey, Wakey Mr. Prince.” Groaning, Dirk opens his eyes and is met with Meenah standing over him. And she had his shades propped on her head just in front of her horns. “About time. Come on!! We gotta get going. Or do you have somefin to do?” she asks, the teen rolls his orange hues before he sits up and cracks his neck.

“No, I don’t. Why do you have my shades?” he asks, he looks around and he could have sworn he had fallen asleep against Cronus. Looking up at Meenah, she was holding out his pointed shades, reaching up he takes them and places them back over his eyes before he gets up on his feet. “Where-“

“Cronus and Kankri went to help Kurloz deal with a problem that’s come up. They should be back soon. But, we should start getting ready to leave.” She explains, nodding the human walks past her and down a hallway before entering a much larger room that contained three bookshelves, (Which were now all empty, probably because the trolls where packing and taking the books, which was a good thing.) he could see the rest of the trolls In the room chatting away while gathering a few things. All of them getting ready to head out.

“Hey guys.” Dirk greets.

“Ah! Good morning dear.” Aranea greets as she hands Rufioh a stack of books. “You slept through the whole night. Not a peep out of you. Are you feeling refreshed?” she asks kindly, walking over to her, he starts to help her pick up some books on the floor.

“Yeah, when did Cronus carry me to my room?” he asks.

“Hmm…about an hour after you fell asleep. Something came about so he and Kankri had to rush out. But, not before tucking you in of course.” Hearing that Dirk blushes and continues to wordlessly pick up the scattered books, Aranea giggles. “Oh Dirk. You know we all spoil and look after you. Consider yourself our…….brother? Son? Is that the phrases you human’s use?”

“Well, when you become super close to someone you’re not actually related to, the title we give each other is usually bro or sis.” He explains to her as he finishes picking up the books and handing them to Rufioh who ruffles his hair before walking off.

“Ah I see. Well then, consider yourself my child then. Seeing I am far older than you.” Dirk chuckles as he nods.

“Will do mom.”


Sighing, John watches Dave walk ahead of him. His best friend had been oddly quite lately. Well, since he snapped Sligo’s neck actually. And last night the red eyed teen had woken up screaming, thus successfully scaring the other teen’s awake thinking they were under attack. But, as soon as John noticed the screams were coming from Dave, he rushed over and woke the teen up. The Knight ended up clutching John’s shirt tightly for a few minutes before calming down enough to let him go and apologize for waking everyone.

No one was really angry, just worried about him. Well, expect Tesla, she didn’t seem to care at all. Then again, it seemed as if she was trying to stay neutral with this whole thing. Which, John could understand, but she was a little mean about Nepeta’s death. He wished that she was little nicer about it, but that would be asking too much of her seeing she was only tagging along with them to get to Kim just like them.

“You seem to have a lot on your mind John.” Turning to look at his left, Jade was walking next to him. She too had her gazed fixed on Dave’s back. “Is it about Dave?” she asks, looking up at the blue eyed male who sighs and nods. “He’s been a little sad lately huh? I mean, more so now that we are back in the game.”

“Yeah. It could be because hes finding things out that his brother probably knew and never told him. He was the only one of us who didn’t have a total loyalty or hero worship towards his brother. Or even a blind love for him. But still, that was his brother and he did still love him.” John explains, and he had a point. Dave was the only one to later question the methods of which his brother raised him by, and aggressively so. He had no delusions about his guardian, he knew that his bro was using non-traditional methods to raise him. “Still, you can tell that he misses his brother a lot. I mean, sure, we all miss our guardians and such, but no one like Dave.”

“Of course. Parents is one thing. A brother is a whole different story.” Turning to their left they see Tesla walking next to them her hands at her sides. “Siblings are much closer to you than your parents are. And especially closer when they are the ones who raised you. My oldest sister raised me before she was killed along with the rest of my kin. Losing her was the worst feeling in the world, don’t misunderstand, I was upset about losing my mother and father, but nothing like how upset I was over losing my sister.” Tesla tells them.

That’s right, Sligo had said something about trolls killing her family, but he didn’t think that it was true, but hearing her talk about her families’ murder, he had to begin to wonder, was Karkat’s race really responsible for such a thing? John wanted to ask him if it was true, but he didn’t feel like he had a right to ask something like that. Tesla then chuckles as she sighs.

“It’s a long, complicated story.” She states, nodding John looks back at Jade who shrugs.

“Hey! Don’t fall too far behind!” looking, they could see the rest of the group a good ways ahead of them, waiting for them to catch up. Dave had his hands stuffed in his pockets, his head was tilted down a little, and he seemed to be zoned out. Either trying to get a hold of that voice they had heard. Karkat rolls his eyes. “Come on! We don’t have time for waiting!!” he scolds, smiling sheepishly, John nods as he, Jade and Tesla pick up the pace to catch up to the group.


“Alright, here we are. The only time you will need the gas masks are when we go to the lower levels of this place, but I doubt we will need to.” Dirk explains as he walks over to the edge of the building. He hadn’t been back to this place in a long time, nor did he think he would ever come back either. Turning around he could see the group of the trolls looking around in wonder. “Welcome to LOTAK.”

“LOTAK?” Mituna asks Dirk smiles at him and nods.

“Land of Tombs and Krypton. It’s my planet here in the medium. We should be just fine here. The living skeletons aren’t a problem either. Only on the lower levels actually. So we’re completely safe up here.”

“What a strange planet for a human.” Meenah says as she jumps slightly, looking behind her she could see flashes of lighting? But, those clouds aren’t rain clouds. “What’s with-“

“Plasma. Not sure why it sounds like a thunder storm is rolling in though. But, it’s whatever.” The orange eyed teen explains, yawning a little he sighs and rubs his eyes, chuckling Cronus walks up next to him and stares out at the planet. This seemed like a lonely place, too lonely for a kid when he first arrived here. He wondered how he faired here when he first entered the game.

“How the fuck do you stand living in a place like this?” Meenah asks as she looks around.

“It’s not that bad. I liked it. I got to think over a lot of things, got to sort out a few things too. When you’re alone, you contemplate over a lot and question a lot. And sometimes, you get the answers to those questions when you have so much time to think when you’re alone.” He states, Kankri sighs a little. He could hear the sad, lonely undertone in his voice as he explained himself. The red blooded troll then looks over at the other trolls who all were staring at the blond haired male with slight sadness.

Clapping his hands loudly together, everyone turns to look at Rufioh who was smiling. He then motions for them to head into the blond haired teen’s apartment which they all helped make bigger so they all could fit. Nodding Dirk follows the much bigger troll into the house, if there was one thing Kankri was thankful for, it was that Rufioh was good at distracting Dirk from the dark corners, and thoughts from his own mind. Smiling he follows after the two with the others following. But Kankri comes to a stop feeling someone grab his elbow, looking behind him he could see a worried look on Aranea’s face.

He waits to ask her what was bothering her until all of the others were in the house. “What is it?” he asks, she sighs as she walks over to the edge of the building and sits down, walking over Kankri sits down next to her. He knew that she was thinking about Dirk’s state of mind. The kid was still struggling to get over that Jake human, and he wasn’t so sure if he was getting over him at all, even if it was slowly, but he highly doubted it. “Aranea?”

“I’m having…visions? Weird Dreams filled with nothing but of images of us losing our precious Dirk.” Hearing that the other troll stares at her in shock. “They all also show the death of the smaller Strider, Dave was it?” he nods.

“Aranea, how long have you been having these kinds of dreams? And how detailed are they? Please, you have to tell me, because if there is a way to prevent it, then we should act quickly.” she sighs and shakes her head.

“They are blurry, but every time I have them, they are clearer and clearer then the last one. In the latest one, Karter tricks our little human into going against Dave and his friend’s. He gets struck down, but not after he strikes down Dave. I don’t think this would be something even the clouds on Prospit could have ever shown.” She explains, hanging her head low.

Kankri couldn’t believe what he was hearing, these visions? Dreams? Where they really that bad? If they had any truth to them, that meant that he had to keep a very close eye on Dirk and he had to make sure that the orange eyed teen kept in contact with Dave as much as possible too. Sighing he rubs the back of his neck. He just wished that Dave’s brother hadn’t wished for what he did, maybe then all of this would have been much easier, but no, he just had to go and make that kind of wish and make their lives a lot harder than it needed to be. Shaking his head he runs his hand through his short black hair. He had no idea what to do now.

“Kankri, I think it’s best we go deal with Karter for them. And wish for them to go back to earth and make sure they can never return here.” hearing that the troll looks at her and then back at the sky. Maybe, that was a much better plan then letting Dave’s group handle her. But then again, she was known to kill Trolls viciously and without a second thought as well. “What should we do?”

“I say we just keep this to ourselves for now. Let’s not worried about it for the time being. Let’s go inside and help them set all of the books up.” Nodding the female trolls stands up and follows him into the house. Once inside, they could see Dirk sitting on the ground with the other trolls watching him intensely, which was strange to the two. “Um, sorry to in-“

“Shush.” Cronus cuts in, Kankri glares at him but says nothing more as he turns to look at Dirk who had his shades sitting on the ground, his eyes closed. “Something’s happening and Dirk was thinking it could be seri-“

“It’s Dave and the others.” Dirk suddenly speaks up as he reaches down and places his shades on.

About time I got a hold of you.” Dave says, Dirk chuckles.

“Sorry, I was doing a few things. Which is why I said I’ll talk to you later. But, that’s beside the point. Right now, you and you and your friends need to hurry up and get out of that place as soon as possible.” Dirk explains, as he stands up and stands in front of a window, his back turn to the trolls, all of them still keeping their gazes on him.

Alright, why? Do you know something we don’t?” Dirk sighs as he rubs the back of his neck.

“I know a lot you guys don’t know or only wished to know. It comes with the benefits of knowing Prospit dreamers. And I mean more than the ones you have with you. I got a group of 12 that are both Derse and Prospit dreamers’ kiddo. You need to get out of there, ASAP. Karter is planning something and you nor your friends will live if you stay there.” Dirk explains, turning around, he motions for Cronus and Kankri to follow him outside, nodding Cronus follows the blond, Kankri turns around and looks at the other trolls.

“We’ll be back. For now, you guys stay here and keep an eye on the place, Kurloz,” the mute troll looks at him. “No is to enter here, and those here, are not to leave.” He nods, nodding back Kankri quickly follows after the human. Outside he could see the teen had his gas mask in hand and Cronus was looking at his own.

What? Are we that much of a threat to her? Why would she send her top guy after all of us?” Dave asks, Dirk could hear the worry and slight panic in his voice, the orange eyed teen felt bad for having to scare the teen so much by telling him a little white lie, but it was the only way to get them out of the area so that he, Cronus and Kankri could intercept Black and Silver Cat without the group ever seeing them.

“Not so much as a threat as a bother. She just hates it when things don’t go her way. That’s all. But go. Now.” and with that Dirk then turns his attention to the two trolls. Both of them giving him a look of slight confusion, they didn’t know why they were heading down into the lower levels of the planet, but they knew that it was because they needed to leave this planet to where the others were. “Looks like we’ll have to handle those pesky felines.” Laughing, Cronus pulls out his lighter and lights up his cigarette. Blowing out a stream of smoke he smirks before nodding and placing the glass mask on along with Kankri.

“Lead the way chief.”


“Dave! Slow down! Why are running!?” John asks as he and the others attempt to keep up with the red eyed teen. Growling, Tesla goes into her dragon form, flies ahead of Dave and lands in front of him, causing the teen to come to a halt. Panting, John leans against Dave who turns to look at him and the others, all of them trying to catch their breaths, he suddenly felt very guilty for forcing them to keep running, but at least they had gotten away from the general area, so he guessed they could stop for now. Sighing he turns around completely and lowers his gaze to the ground.

“S-sorry. It’s just, that voice we all heard told me that we needed to get out of there. I probably should have said something ahead of time.” Dave apologizes rubbing the back of his neck, smiling Rose shakes her head.

“Don’t worry about it. Let’s just focus on catching our breaths and such.” She mumbles, nodding he looks at Tesla then walks up to her, she was still in her dragon form, seeing him she lowers her head.


“Can you let me climb on your back? I need to take a look where we were coming from.” Tesla then stares at him with a skeptical look. “Please? Just for a few minutes.” Sighing, she lowers herself and Dave smiles and nods in a silent thank you as he climbs on her back.

“Dave, what are you doing?” John asks, the red eyed male looks at him and looks back down the road.

“Checking something. Alright, let’s fly Tesla.” Nodding the dragon gently takes off into the sky and looks at the teen on her back as she gently flaps her wings, keeping them in the air and in that same place.

“So, what are you checking for?” she asks, the teen then stares out to the distance for a moment before answering the girl.

“I have a feeling….that the voice I can talk to, is out there, doing something.” He says, narrowing his eyes, he really couldn’t see much, but at he had a feeling he would be meeting the guy sooner or later. But he wouldn’t be leaving this game until he did. He then looks at Tesla. “Alright, we can go back to the ground. Thank you.” Nodding the girl then lands gracefully and lower herself, allowing the male to climb off.

“Find anything?” Rose asks as she walks up to the red eyed male who shakes his head. “Perhaps the owner of the voice hasn’t arrived yet. Did you want me to go with you to go investigate? We could just tell these guys to wait here.” she explains, Dave then sighs as he looks over at the road.

Should he and Rose go check it out? He wasn’t so sure if it was a good idea all things considered. That voice had warned him to run and get out of there as soon as he could. Was he really willing to put his sister’s life at risk? More so then it was already anyway, sighing the red eyed Knight looks at Rose and shakes his head. “And why not? Weren’t you the one who wanted to find out the owner of that voice you keep hearing? All we know is that it sounds vaguely familiar to Jake and the others. But that is it, aren’t you just a little as to who this person is? Because, I know I am. And quite a bit too.” she explains, Dave groans, of course he wanted to know who this dude was, but he was more worried about keeping his current friends alive.

“Of course I want to know. But, god damn it Rose. I rather keep you and the others alive. That’s my top priority. I mean, if I had it my way, we would still be running. But you guys aren’t used to running without brakes so yeah. There goes that plan right out the fucking window. And it doesn’t help that we’ve already lost Nepeta.” Dave snaps, causing Rose to stare at him with shock.

What had gotten into the red eyed teen, Rose wasn’t sure, but she was sure that all of this was frustrating him. Finding out that all of Kim’s monsters knew about his brother’s wish and wouldn’t say a word about it. Getting a shocked look, she then looks at the teen. Could it be that perhaps coming back into the game was affecting his state of emotion and mind more so than he let on? And if so, just how much and what was really stressing him out so much? Dave noticing her look, he frowns and hangs his head low.

“Fuck, sorry Rose.” He mumbles as he rubs the back of his neck. Sighing Rose walks up and stands in front of him, the red eyed boy stares at her nervously.

“Dave. Don’t lose yourself.” Hearing that his brows knit close together in confusion.


“Promise me no matter what happens, you won’t lose yourself. Please Dave……..” Rose practically begs as she grabs the taller teen’s hands and squeezes them. Hearing the tone in her voice the Knight couldn’t help but feel guilty for snapping at her, the teen nods. “I need to hear you promise.”

“I promise, Rose.” He nearly whispers, smiling a little she the hugs the teen tightly, pulling away before the other could hug her back. Giving him a nod, she then walks past him and heads back over to the group sitting on the ground. Sighing he looks over down the road and his eyes narrow as he sees what he thought was a shine in the distance. Shaking his head, he turns and walks over to his friends.

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