Bringing Him Back

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Letting out a hiss, Black Cat circles around Dirk who keeps his gaze fixed on the feline as he slowly turned his body to make sure he never had his back to it. he could have sworn that this cat wasn’t this big the last time he had saw it, then again, seeing it on a computer screen and in person where two different things. Taking a quick glance to his left, he could see Kankri and Cronus easily keeping Silver Cat from getting past them and ahead of them. There was no way the blond was going to let these things go after his brother and the others. Dirk growls as he quickly flashsteps in front of Black Cat who had almost gotten past him and then he swings his sword at the monster, nicking the said monster’s ear. He could hear it let out yelp before it moves back away from him and use its paw to rub at the cut.

“Dirk watch it!” turning around he was forced to hold his blade out horizontally to keep Silver Cat from biting him. Dirk smirks as a bullet hits the silver colored cat in the shoulder, causing it to cry out in pain before jumping off of the strider who sits up and jumps back. Looking up at him Silver cat gives him a toothy grin.

“I said leave. Showing your sharp, pearly whites, is not you leaving.” Dirk warns, he knew very well that these creatures understood every single word that left his mouth. Silver Cat then growls.

Pearly….whites?” it mimics, Dirk rolls his eyes behind his shades. That was probably what he hated most about Silver Cat other than it’s Chainsaw like claws. It could perfectly mimic someone’s voice, and it was smart enough to put phrases and words together to trick a person. Much to his shock both Silver Cat and Black Cat turn tail and head back the way they came, once the orange eyed teen was sure they were gone, Dirk let’s out a sigh before relaxing. He turns to look at Kankri and Cronus. They seemed fine, but Cronus had a large cut on his forearm from Silver Cat.

“Cronus,” the said troll looks at him, the angered look that could kill gone in a split second as he turned his attention to the human. He looked completely innocent now, as if he wouldn’t hurt a fly. “Your arm.” Looking down at his arms, Cronus could see the large cut, Dirk and Kankri watch carefully for his reaction as his purple colored blood leaked out from the wound. They could hear an annoyed huff.

“Shit, well, that’s that. Now what?” he asks as he looks down at the blond haired teen who was staring at nothing in particular. “Dirk? Hey, Chief!”

“Huh? What?” he asks, Cronus sighs as he shakes his head. He worried for the blond haired teen and quite a bad habit of spacing out and it was because the wheels in his head never stopped turning. He was always constantly thinking about things, and always making strategies, and coming up with one hundred and sixty ways out of a situation plans too.

“Now what? Should we head back to LOTAK? Or go ahead a bit to check on Dave?” Kankri asks, the orange eyed male then takes a moment to think. “Dirk?” he could hear the teen sigh.

“No. let’s head back. They don’t need to know that I’m the one helping.” Dirk explains as he turns and begins to walk away. “Besides…..the time will come when I’ll have to deal with Tesla….”

“Why not just tell Dave about her now? Save him the heartbreak of him losing his friends and shit?” Cronus asks as he and Kankri follow the teen. They didn’t understand him sometimes, he would help the teens, but when it came to Tesla, he knew that she was just helping them get killed one by one. She was just moving things along faster. Dirk knew her plan, but why didn’t he want to tell Dave and the others was beyond their knowledge. He was unpredictable and still kept to himself about a lot of plans he would make. They supposed that’s what made him dangerous compared to other humans, then again, they guessed that was one of the things defined him as a Strider. He was strange for a human, sighing, Kankri follows the teen along with Cronus.


“Watch your step.” Jake warns as he takes very careful steps along the narrow path. “And, my good mates, don’t look down.” He warns, this causes Dave to frown. How are you going to say not to look down? The first thing the red eyed male wanted to do was look down, but instead he looks up seeing a shadow over them. He smiles a little seeing Tesla safely transferring the girl’s across this stretch of road. Tesla had offered to give all of them a ride one by one, but Jake being Mother fucking Jake English, wanted to walk across the road and for whatever reason, the boy’s had agreed to go with him. A spur of the moment thing which Dave regretted the instant he stepped on the dirt path. “How are the girls, Tesla darling?” he asks, the said dragon then flies down to his level and glares at him.

“One thing, do not, ever call me Darling again. And they are fine. I got them all to safety. Want a lift?” she asks, and Jake shakes his head.

“No way! Sorry little miss, but it’s not every day I get to go an dangerous paths like this, right chaps?” the green eyed male asks as he turns to look at the other then shake their heads, which Dave regrets once again as he watches her nod then fly ahead of them. “Alright, shall we continue?” nodding they continue to carefully walk down the road. John yelps as his foot slips, causing both Dave and Karkat to grab the blue eyed teen’s upper arm and pin him against the rock wall behind them. “Golly, be careful John!”

The teen nods as the other two then slowly let go of him. Dave then turns to look at Jake and freezes. This causes the green eyed male to stare at him with confusion. “Dave?” John calls, but the teen still refuses to move from his frozen spot. Slowly turning his head, Jake jumps slightly as he sees a large panther like monster standing on the road. His claws looked sharp and powerful enough to cut stone in half. Its tail wasn’t much different, and small, glowing gear designs littered its body, seeing this Dave couldn’t help but stare at the cat in awe. He had never seen something like that before. It almost looked cool and beautiful if he knew it wasn’t trying to kill him anyway.

“Don’t move Jake.”

“Geez, Im not sure if I could if I really wanted to mate.” Jake teases, the said panther then growls as it takes a step forward. Jake glares at the cat as he reaches for one of his Berettas. But he stops hearing it growl and watching as it raised its tail up. He knew that it was warning him, but why hadn’t it attacked them was beyond the green eyed adventurer. Then he notices its gaze wasn’t fixed on him, following it, he notices how it was staring right at the young Strider.

“Hey! Come on boys! We don’t have all day!” Terezi scolds, Karkat groans at the fact that she could even be that loud. Cursing under his breath, the green eyed teen quickly pulls out his gun and takes a few shots at the panther.

On the other side of the road, the girls all jump at the sound of gun fire, turning to look at each other. They knew that out of all of their boys, Jake was the only one with a firearm Tesla growls as she goes into her dragon form and allows Jade to climb on her back then take off into the sky and head to the others.

“Oh my god, Dave!!” Jade calls out as she sees the teen holding tightly to the edge of the road with is right hand, his left had a tight grip around John’s right, and john’s left was holding onto Jake while Karkat kept the panther away from the teens hanging over the edge. She then looks at the red blooded troll who had three long cuts going down his arm. “Tesla, get me down there.”

“Are you insane!? There is no way someone small like you can pull them up.” Tesla tells her, but regardless of her statement she lowers just enough for Jade to jump off and kneel down next to the red eyed male. “I’m going to go get Rose! Hang in there a little longer!” Tesla says as she flies back to the others.

“What the hell happened Dave?” she asks as she hears a roar, turning her gaze over to Karkat the panther was now repeatedly stabbing its tail into the ground in front of it. She then looks back at Dave, his arm was shaking from all of the weight he was trying to hold up. Reaching down, she grab’s the boy’s arm and tries to pull him up without much success.

“Don’t Jade! It’s too risky!” Dave warns, but the girl glares at him. “Jade, please don’t! You can end up falling over!”

“You can hardly hold yourself and them up! Shut up and let me help you!” she screams, groaning, Dave tightens his grip around John’s wrist, feeling him start to slip for a moment. “See!? My point exactly!” she scolds, nodding Dave looks at the other boys.

“How are you guys holding up!?” Dave asks, John then looks down and yelps.

“Um, I would be so much better, if I wasn’t hanging over what seems to be a bottomless pit!”

“Same here old chap.” Jake answers, Dave then places his foot against the face of the mountain and looks at Jade.

“Hey, do me a huge favor?” she nods. “Grab my hand as hard as you can and start to pull when I say so, okay?” she nods as she grabs the teens hand tightly, Dave couldn’t help but notice for a moment how small her hand was compared to his own. Sighing he looks at his foot and places it on a small rock that would act as a ledge. “Alright, pull Jade!” he says as he pushes off the rock, causing the other teen to pull, she whimpers feeling herself start to slide back.

“D-Dave, im not-“

“Don’t worry your doing a great job. Just keep pulling.” He tells her, nodding the girl does so, Smiling at the girl’s determination, the teen places his foot against the rock face again and pushes himself up. Dave smirks, he was far up enough to pull his other arm up just enough so that John could get Jake up to the small rock ledge so he could step on it. But he yelps as Jade loses her footing causing them to slide back down, but she quickly gains it back and holds on tightly to the boy’s hand.

“Shit, you okay Dave?” he groans a bit but nods. Looking Jade smiles seeing Tesla drop Rose off then fly over, grab the panther and take him to the other end of the road where Terezi, Roxy, and Jane where waiting. “Rose! Karkat help me!” rushing over, both rose and Karkat reach down and help her pull them up. Once on the ledge Jade hugs the boys tightly. Wincing slightly, Dave hugs the girl back before she pulls back and pats him down, checking for any wounds along with the others. “Oh thank god you’re okay!”

“Come on, the others might need a hand in handling that monster.” Nodding the teens get up and make their way to the other end of the road, once reaching there, Jade pulls out her Rifle and takes a few shots at the panther, causing it to jump back and roar at them. Suddenly Dave was pushing the green eyed girl’s firearm, he looks at the others and motions for them to lower their weapons. The young Strider could see their hesitation, but eventually they slowly lower their weapons. Nodding, Dave then steps in front of the panther who hisses. “Careful Dave.” Tesla warns.

But the teen ignores her as he moves closer to the large cat who eventually stops hissing and growling. Dave knew this monster wasn’t like the others they had encountered so far. If the red gears that littered its body where anything to go by at least. And it didn’t seem like it was trying to aim at him either, which was strange too. Going down on one knee, Dave holds out his hand to the cat like creature. Jake couldn’t help but tense up as he watches the young teen, he knew that Dirk would cut him to pieces if something happened to Dave and he could have prevented it. Suddenly the green eyed male gets a shocked look seeing all of the small gears on its body split and travel up to his shoulders and two large red gears appear there.

“Heheh….I knew it. You’re not like the other monsters.” Dave mumbles as he stands up, he and the monster then take a few steps back away from each other. Then the teen pulls out Caledscratch, the panther then lifts its tail. “Something tells me, if I beat this damn thing, he might lend us a hand. The rest of you should go ahead, I’ll catch up.”

“Oh no. fuck no. fuck that noise. I am not leaving you here.” Karkat growls, Dave then turns to look at him with a cold stare, the same kind he had when he had broken Sligo’s neck. The troll freezes at the gaze, he knew that the teen was deadly serious on doing this on his own. And by the looks of it, this monster only wanted to fight Dave. But he still didn’t trust leaving the red eyed male alone, not after Dave got that warning from that voice. “God fucking damn it, Dave…fine! Fuck. Let’s go guys.” Karkat says as he runs past the teen, Rose then looks at her brother who looks back at her with the same cold gaze. Shaking her head, she follows the rest of the group.

Turning back to the monster, Dave gives it nod, he smirks as the said cat nods back, taking a deep breath and exhaling, he charges at the panther, who charges back.


Bolting up from his bed, along with Kankri and Rufioh, Cronus looks around as a scream rips through the apartment, throwing the blankest off, and rushing out of the room he could see Meenah, Aranea, Drama, Porrim and Meulin where all standing in front of Dirk’s bedroom door, Meenah was attempting to rip the door off its hinges. The Bard of Hope could hear screams coming from in his room, rushing over he gently nudges the girls away as he then kicks in the door, and much to his shock, the teen wasn’t being attacked or anything, but he was laying on his bed, his back arching off the bed as he screamed out in pain.

“Dirk!” Rushing over Kankri grips the teen’s shoulder and shakes him “Dirk, wake up! You’re alright! Please, wake up!” suddenly, orange eyes snap open as he bolts up right, nearly butting heads with the troll, he was panting, and was slightly covered in sweat. Kankri then moves to sit in front of the teen as the rest of the trolls watched. Kurloz then hears something outside, glaring he motions for Rufioh to follow him, nodding the bigger troll follows the mute out. “Dirk…”

“K………Kankri…….?” He asks, as if to confirm that he was indeed awake, the troll nods, Dirk then lets out a sigh and leans against him, his whole body shaking. Kankri then wraps his arms around the teen, he could sense that he was far more upset then what he was showing. “F…….fuck……sorry I woke everyone up…….” He mumbles into the troll’s chest.

“Nonsense, we were very scared. We didn’t understand what was going on. But now that we do, what was that dream of yours about?” he asks, running his hand through the teen’s pale golden hair, Dirk takes a shuttering breath before he nuzzles his face against Kankri’s neck. Dirk seemed very shaken up by this dream, and that was a strange thing seeing he was always calm and collected. So to have a break down like this in front of everyone in the room, it was a big shock.

“It was just about the Batterwitch….nothing serious.” Meenah frowns as the words leave his mouth, shaking her head she walks over and stands next to him. He looks at her and he could see the glare she was giving him, silently demanding that he tell them about the dream. Sighing, Dirk curls himself closer to Kankri before he decides that he might as well tell the other troll about the dream. “It was when I was caught by the batterwitch. Kinda gets….never mind. Let’s not even……”

“Hey, no. No bottling this shit up. You got somfin to tell us so spill it.”

“Hey now doll, there is no need to try and force it out of the guy.” Cronus scolds her, she then frowns and looks away sighing the said prince looks at the human. “Maybe-“

“Hey, we got trouble.” Turning to the door, they could see Rufioh standing there, his weapon in hand, this causes Dirk to sit up right. “It seems that Kim has released the guardian monsters. Yours is standing outside as we speak. And let me tell you, if I ever get the chance to control that thing, I’ll die a happy guy.” He explains, throwing the cover off of himself, he grabs his sword and starts to walk out. The group of trolls following.

Once outside they get a shocked look seeing a large dragon laying down, staring at them, and patiently waiting for Dirk to arrive. It had hearts all over its body, the orange eyed teen then steps forward as the dragon stands up and the hearts split and converge on the dragon’s right and left ribcages. Dirk smiles as he tightens his grip around the blade’s hilt and braces himself for the dragon to attack him.


“Are we sure it was a good idea to leave Dave alone!?” Jade asks, worry evident in her tone as they continued to run. Jade then stops running and turns to look back, what if Dave needed help? Could he really handle that thing on his own? She jumps feeling someone grab her wrist and start to drag her down the road, forcing her to run along. “J-Jake?”

“Sorry Grandma, but we don’t have time to waste, Your Knight of Time is strong. Right no-“ he comes to a halt and growls as he sees a figure walking up to them, looking over at Karkat and Terezi, Jade could see that both had a look of shock on their faces. Which made her wonder, did they perhaps know who was walking up to them? Looking back at the figure she gets a scared look.

“Honk…Honk motherfuckers.”

“G-Gamzee….? You’re here…….how?” Karkat asks, the said troll merely smirks at him. The red blooded troll freezes. Something was wrong, this wasn’t the Gamzee he knew, whatever happened to him, this guy wasn’t someone they wanted to get into it with.

“Yeah, it’s me. Heard you were running around here with a couple of humans. And looks like the ‘hearsay’ wasn’t wrong. What are you doing here anyway?” he asks, the sickly grin still on his face, Jake growls as he hand goes right to his pistol. The troll notices the green eyed male’s movement and shakes his head. “I hope you know simple bullets aren’t gonna help ya much.” He warns Jake growls.

“We will see about that…” he mumbles, Jade then grabs his arm, a silent plea for him to not attack the troll, nodding Jake doesn’t take the gun from the hoister, but refuses to move his hand. Stepping forward, Rose holds up her needles and watches as the troll smirks and pulls out his clubs. She then turns to look at the others. “Rose?”

“Roxy, get them out of here.” hearing that the girl stares at the other blond with shock, she knew exactly what she was planning. The older female shakes her head, Rose glares at her. “Im not asking. Jade, get them out, now!” nodding, she then suddenly teleports them further down the road, grabbing Roxy’s hand, Jane forces her to start running, leaving behind the Seer of Light.


“Dirk watch it!” Cronus yells, Dirk then jumps out of the way before the dragon could slam him into a wall with its tail. Looking up Dirk then charges at it, using its tail he jumps on its head and stabs his sword into one of its horns, causing it to cry out in pain as it shakes its head, trying to get the teen off. “Dirk!”

The teen then groans in pain as the said dragon finally shakes him off and places its foot over the teen, pinning him to the ground looking up at the dragon Dirk couldn’t help but chuckle as he could see the gleam of his sword’s blade still embedded in its horn, this causes the said creature to look at him with confusion. Sighing, Dirk motions for it to lower its head, which it does, reaching up he grabs the hilt and pulls it out, removing its foot and backing away, the said fire breathing lizard stands on its hind legs and spreads its wings out then it lets out a roar.

Siting up, Dirk watches the creature in awe. He had read many stories and had seen many pictures of the guardian Monsters but he had never thought he would see them in person like this. Holding his hand out, the dragon leans its head down and presses it’s snout against his hand, Dirk felt a sense of happy, warmth from the simple gesture from the creature. He had been feeling lonely, sad since he and Jake broke up, the feeling only increased when the game ended and threw them all into one universe where they all could live together. He thought maybe if he and Dave lived together it would be just fine. and it was, but, eventually, Dirk moved out, telling Dave that he didn’t need his ‘Imitation’ of his older brother living with him when he was a strong, independent kid.

But, Dirk knew very well that Dave knew, he just wanted to get away from everything and everyone for a while. And the red eyed teen had no problem with that, he just hugged the teen, and told him to be safe. And that if he ever wanted to come back home, the doors would always remain open for him. Dirk then takes off his sunglasses with his free hand and stars into the dragon’s eyes, which where orange, much like his own. The only difference what that, the Dragon’s eyes held an unbreakable confidence, and self-worth. Two things that the teen had as of recently, lost.

“Fantastic work.” The teen could hear Porrim praise as she walks up next to him and kneels down. “Hes magnificent. A true embodiment of power, elegance, wisdom, and victory.” She says, the dragon purrs at her compliments, Dirk chuckles as he scratches under his chin. “So, what are you going to call him?” Dirk then smiles.

“He already has a name….Don’t you?” he asks, the dragon then rises its head before he nods. “It’s said in books that for Orange eye colored dragon’s the will is the color orange. These dragons bring in strength, confidence, and bravery. Fire dragons by nature, they move with quickness. They don't inflate ego's, they merely instill confidence.” He says, Porrim rolls her eyes as she watches him with fondness. He was such a nerd whenever he allowed himself to be and she found it cute. Turning his head, Dirk smiles as he sees the other trolls walk up and stand around him as they stare up at the creature. “What’s your name? And what makes you my guardian?” he asks, the dragon then lays down in front of him.

“Rugarth Protector of the Weak.” Rufioh smiles as he looks down at Dirk who had a confused look on his face. “Yes child. Protector of the Weak, meaning, you.” He says, Dirk then looks at the troll and motions for them to head back inside, sighing they nod and leave the teen alone with the monster, he then turns his head to look back up at the massive creature.

“How am I weak?” he asks, a tad bit bitter at being suggested that he was weak. The Dragon then uses its tail to point at his chest. The teen stares and reaches up, placing his hand over where his heart was supposed to be. “Oh……that is what you meant.”

“Yes Child of mine. It’s been frail and weak for quite some time now. Since the end of your ordeal here in the game.” Rugarth explains, Dirk frowns as he nods and keeps his glaze locked onto his hand. “Was the cause of the damage, the abandonment of that boy?” looking up Dirk frowns as he nods slowly. “You see….but that was only part of the damage, where did the rest come from? The knowledge of knowing your brother was killed by the Batterwitch? Then you felt as if you failed to keep your friends safe, and together like you had thought you were going to do?” Dirk then clenches the front of his shirt tightly as he listened to the words escape the Dragon. The said creature watches carefully as the teen lets the words sink in. “You are human. Not a machine. There is only-“

“So much I can fucking do. Yeah I know that. I don’t need the passive-aggressive AI shit anymore.” Dirk snaps, but the teen quickly realizes that he wasn’t talking to the AR anymore. He frowns, he had a suspicion that the lizard did that on with the intention to get that exact reaction out of him. “Wow….well, that….that was uncool of me.” Dirk mumbles, the dragon makes a grunting sound as he lowers his head. “Wow, holy crap sorry about that….”

“That reaction was one I was expecting, and intentionally caused. Child, you are holding too much pent up sadness and anger. Refusing to let it go, believing that it is for the better of those around you, and yourself.” The orange eyed creature explains, Dirk looks away from him, causing the dragon to nudge him, Dirk smiles slightly and scratch him under his chin. “You need not, carry all of those emotions.”

“Sorry, but I can’t like, not carry them. They are part of who I am.” The dragon lets out a low growl. Dirk sighs as he presses his forehead to the dragon’s, both now had their eyes closed. They stayed like that for what seemed like hours. The two only pull apart when they both hear the rushed footsteps of the trolls running to them. “To what do I have the honor of having Miss Kim Karter pay me, Dirk Strider, a visit?” he asks, he didn’t need to open his eyes to sense the trolls all standing by him. Turning around he could see Kim standing there, her arms crossed over her chest. She had a glare on her face, on her left, Stood Black Cat, on her right was Silver Cat.

“Shut your mouth Strider. You know exactly why I’m here.” she states. Dirk glares at her. “Why are you getting in my way? Aren’t you Striders supposed to be like, solitary humans?” she asks, hearing that Dirk places his shades back on his face, as he looks back up at the girl who was still waiting for an answer. Sighing the blond haired teen stuffs his hands into his pockets.

“That’s what makes Dave and I strange.” He answers, suddenly he was on his back with her sitting on his stomach and holding a dagger to his throat. He could hear growls and gasps coming from the trolls behind him.

“Hey! Get off of him!!” Meenah yells, Dirk then holds up his hand, causing her to go silent. He then stairs into the girl’s eyes, he could see nothing but burning rage, and slight sadness. But, what did she had to be sad about?

“Listen here Strider, I have nothing against you. But I will take that Dragon, and then kill your little group of Troll friends. Then I’ll have you tied up and make you watch as I take the life of that little brother of yours. So I suggest you back off, got it?” she warns before getting up and jumping back from them, rushing over Rufioh helps the teen to his feet, the dragon was now growling at her while having its tail curled around the group. “That is the only warning you’re getting.” And with that, she suddenly disappears along with Silver and Black cat. Sighing Dirk looks at Aranea who was staring at him with worry. He smiles at her.

“Don’t worry, im not hurt. But now we have to be more careful…maybe move to a different planet. Like LoHAC.” Dirk explains as he lets Aranea cup his cheeks with her hands, the teen smiles, he knew that she was just making sure that he was fine. “Is that okay with you guys? Im sure Dave won’t even notice that we are there.” Dirk asks kindly, Cronus sighs as he nods.

“Alright, that’s fine. But do you think she would come back here?” he asks, Dirk then sighs as he leans into Porrim’s hand as she caresses his cheek. Suddenly, he felt a wave of dizziness hit him as he falls to his knees. “Dirk!?”

“Dirk, what is wrong?” Kankri asks as he kneels down next to him and holds him close to his body. The said Prince was leaning heavily against the bigger male, causing the red blooded troll to look up at Cronus who was looking down at them with worry. “Dirk?”

“Do not worry, it’s a result of establishing a mental connection with his brother.” Rugarth explains as he lowers his head and gently nudges the teen with his snout before using his tail to flick off the sunglasses on his face. Porrim then stares up at the dragon.

“Okay, but why is this only happening now?” she asks as she picks up the teen’s glasses before watching Rufioh pick up the blond bridle style. “As far as we know, he’s been doing this for a while. He first started with Jake back when they first entered the game.”

“Consider it a delayed reaction of sorts. Seeing he had so many splinters of himself, His mind was over stressed. Over time, his mind will heal. Not to worry.” The dragon finishes explaining as he motions for them to go back inside and go back to sleep. Nodding they walk back into the apartment.


“Fuck!” Dave curses as he rolls out of the way of the Panther’s blade like tail before it stabs into his stomach, getting up on his feet Dave stares at the Panther who stares back. Dave smiles as he lowers his sword and sits on the ground. The Panther then walks over to him and lays its head on his lap. Reaching down he pets its head. “You would give Bro a run for his money….” Dave mumbles as he continues to pet its head, the said Panther merely stared up at him. “You don’t happen to know anything about him do you….?”

“I cannot say that I do.” Dave then stares at the panther with shock, well, that answered one of his questions, and at least he now knew it was a girl. “But, I can say that I have seen him. Before your session was scratched.” She explained, Dave frowns as he stares down at the ground. “Yes, it was when his life had been taken by the demon. The blade was still embedded in his chest, I was shocked that no one had removed it.”

Dave sighs as he looks off to the side. He had wanted to, but he didn’t really want to pull it out, that would be messier, more blood, but he had tried to break it in half, a clean break. But, he didn’t think that he would bounce right off it. He could feel his eyes start to sting, the image of the older male’s body lying there in a pool of his own blood was still fresh in his mind. Taking a shuttering breath, Dave removes his glasses and wipes his eyes across his sleeve.

“Child, there is no need to try and fight those emotions,” looking back at the panther, she was now sitting up and staring at him. Her whole body relaxed as her tail swayed from side to side. “You’re very much like how the legend describes you all with the Strider name. You believe that hiding your emotions is the best way to handle things. When, even you know, that is not true.” She explains, Dave then once again turn his gaze to the right. He didn’t want to admit to the feline that she was right.

Bro had raised him to hide his emotions, keep them hidden beneath the surface. Even his Bro had lived by that, well, more so when he finally got older. When he was younger, his brother smothered him with nothing but affection. As he got older, Dave demanded he stop, and he did. Then, the strifes started getting harder. Eventually, he rarely saw his brother around the apartment. Dave jumps slightly as he feels the panther nuzzle her face against his, that’s when he realized the tears where streaming down his cheeks.

“Come, wipe those tears, and let us move on. We must catch up with your party.” She explains, Dave nods as he wipes away the tears and places his shades back on his face before he gets up and starts to run in the direction the others had gone off in.


Letting out a laugh, Gamzee watches as Rose struggles to stay on her feet, looking down at his feet, laid her right arm, he had managed to get a hold of her and rip it off, causing her to scream out in pain, with the amount of blood she had lost, it was a shock she wasn’t on the ground dying slowly. Chuckling he merely waits for her to attack him again. Looking up, Rose growls as she rises her left hand into the air, looking up Gamzee quickly jumps out of the way as a purple bolt of lightning hits the ground where he was once standing. He had to admit, the girl was good at keeping him a good distance from her.

The said troll smiles as he watches her fall to one knee as more blood spills from the wound. Laughing Gamzee walks up to her and stops to look down at her, glaring up she growls.

“Who sent you?” she asks with a growl, kneel down Gamzee tilts his head at her, Rose then gets a shocked look seeing a lock symbol on his forehead . “Karter…” she mumbles, suddenly he gets up and walks to her left, she could feel her body tense before she lets out scream of pain as she felt the muscles, blood vessels, bone and tendons in her leg rip and tear as he viciously tore off her left leg.

“ROSE!!” looking up she couldn’t help but stare in shock as Dave stood there, his whole body shaking as the panther from before crouched low to the ground, growling at Gamzee who was turned and facing him. Rose growls, noticing her vision start to become blurry, she could hear the red eyed male continuously call out her name, she smiles sadly knowing that there was no way she was going make it through his fight, suddenly she could see Dave charge at Gamzee with his sword in hand before he was easily tossed aside. Suddenly she felt the troll’s hands on her head.

Looking up, Dave gets a horrified look as he watches Rose stare at him then smile before Dave heard a sickening crack of her neck.

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