Bringing Him Back

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

ROSE!!” Shooting up from the couch, Dirk looks around frantically. He knew that he hadn’t imagined that scream.

“Dirk, are you alright?” turning to his left, he could see Porrim staring at him with worry. The teen then sighs as he nods. He knew that Porrim was well aware that he was lying, but bless her soul and heart she never pestered him about it unless she deemed it was the right moment to pester, and he supposed that right now it wasn’t the best moment to do such a thing. Suddenly she was grabbing a chair and sitting next to him. Perhaps he was wrong, perhaps she was going to pester him about it, but that thought quickly leaves him when she snatched his glasses off of his face and gently pushed him back down on the sofa. Her hand now gently running through his hair, causing him to relax.

He could then hear her start to hum a tune. Then she began to sing an all too familiar song.

Things fall apart so easily;

They break away at the seams

And it seems

This is the life I was fated to lead

Dreams dead in the water

And you ought to let them pass

I wanted something better than this;

Than a postmortem kiss

And three years to miss you

But it seems that's all I'm gonna get;

It’s best to forget

Dirk smiles slightly, his eyes becoming heavy as she continued to sing the lullaby. Turning onto his side, he nuzzles the pillow underneath his head.

Last night I dreamt of you --

you were beautiful; amidst a sky of blue

It was only the two of us,

hearts beating synchronously

Do you feel for me?

I heard a song the other day;

it reminded me of the way

I love you

and how I never got to say that to you

Smiling she continued to run her hand through his hair, she knew very well that singing and gently petting him always calmed him down. Leaning down, she kisses his forehead and finishes the lullaby.

So many things I wanted to do;

so many dreams

left for dead in the water

drowned and gone; just smile and let them go

I wanted so much more

than a game we were born to lose

I wanted so much more

so much more for you

Standing up and putting the chair back she walks back outside where the other trolls where. Turning his head, Cronus stares at her as she walks past him.

“Always the best Porrim.” He comments she smiles and pats his cheek as she comes to a stop in front of Kurloz.

“Please, I need you to do me a favor.” He nods. “Go stop Gamzee Makara.” Hearing that, the said troll glares and nods as he turns on his heel and heads into the house. Most likely to go use the transporter to get to Gamzee. Porrim then crosses her arms as she stares out at the high raising buildings that this planet seemed to have so much of. She knew that sending Kurloz to kill Gamzee was only to going to set Karter off beyond what words could ever even begin to describe. But she wasn’t going to let that little nut hurt Dirk’s younger brother either.

“You seem pretty upset doll.” Looking up at Rufioh she nods. “Something happen you wanna tell us?”

“Nothing that you all do not already know.” She states. The bigger troll nods. That’s true, whenever Dirk decided to get in contact with Dave, the other trolls could see what was happening to the small party, a strange, and useful ability they all gained when Dirk re-entered the game. Porrim and Kankri where the ones who mainly kept an eye on the other group while Dirk consecrated on talking to Dave. That way they knew if Dirk needed to cut the conversation short and let the teens get on their way. “That poor child.” She mumbles, Cronus frowns knowing she was talking about Dave. Even he had to admit, that troll Gamzee was one nasty dude for someone so young.

Cronus frowns as he closes eyes and the scene of the said troll fighting the seer of light appears in his head. There had to be a reason why the troll attacked them, especially seeing that he was a friend of the young Vantas, Cronus then lets out a low growl as he sees a lock symbol on the troll’s forehead. The said troll curses under his breath as he opens his eyes. He should have known, of course Karter would be able to control trolls, they were sorta like monsters.

“What’s with the face?” Meenah asks, Cronus then looks at the female troll and sighs as he runs his hand through his hair. “Oh mother glub. Im not gonna like the glubbing answer am I?” she asks Cronus shakes his head. “Well? Out with it!”

“Karter can control us.” He states simply, this causes the group to stare at him with shock. “That’s why Makara killed the Rose human.” He explains, sighing, Meenah curses under her breath.


The shaking of his hands wouldn’t stop, Dave dully noted as he was sitting on his knees in front of Rose’s dismembered, bloody body. He had tried shaking her, to see in a small amount of hope if she was just unconscious. His hands now covered in her blood, he didn’t even care for the fact that the Panther he had befriended was now fighting Gamzee, in an attempt to keep the red eyed teen safe. Reaches down, he gently and carefully lifts her up and holds her against his chest.

“R-Rose…..come on this isn’t funny.” Dave mumbles as he stares down at her limp body. “Rose, come on man! We gotta get going!” Dave states as he shakes her, not really caring much about the fact that blood was staining his clothes. Growling slightly, Dave shakes her again. “Rose, come on please! Open your eyes….please…”he whimpers, but he refused to let the tears run down his cheeks. Suddenly he was tackled to the ground looking up he could see the panther pinning him there, growling she uses her tail and pushes Gamzee away from herself.

“Ahh hell. What the fuck are you doing here?” Turning to look behind him, Dave’s blood runs cold seeing another, much taller troll standing behind him. Turning to look back at Gamzee, the smaller troll looked nervous, Dave jumps slightly as the taller troll then gently pulls him to his feet and gently pushes him to the panther. Dave merely stared at the troll, he kind of looked like Gamzee, only difference being that his horns where longer, he was wearing a skeleton outfit and his mouth was sewed shut. He also had a much gentler look in his eyes too.

But, that didn’t mean he was less nervous getting up, Dave looks between the new comer and Gamzee.

Hey, calm down.


Just shut the fuck up, and calm down dude! That’s Kurloz, a friend of mine. He’ll handle Gamzee, you go on and catch up with the others!” the voice scolds, Dave then turns to look at Roses body then back at his bloodied hands.

“I…I can’t leave her…I nee-“

I swear to fucking god Dave! There is nothing you can do for her anymore! She’s dead, gone! You need to get out now! And god so help me, if you don’t leave, I’ll have another friend of mine take you to your friends! Kurloz, don’t kill him, bring him here to me. Go now!” nodding, Dave and the panther take off running past Gamzee who kept his attention on Kurloz.

“Im going to motherfucking kill you. I hope you know.” The taller and older troll merely rolls his eyes. Yeah, like that was gonna happen.


Sighing and letting his hand fall back to his side, Dirk turns to look over at Cronus who was having a conversation with Porrim. Suddenly he jumps slightly hearing his phone go off, pulling it out he sighs.

TipsyGnostalgic (TG) started pestering timaeusTestified (TT) at 8:18

TG: hey dirk....I know your probably not gonna respond but.....I just wanted to check on you we’ve all been pretty worried about you....get back to me yeah?

TT: Hey Ro-lal....thanks I guess for checking on me, but you don't have to. Im fine. Nothing’s happened.

TG: dirk! Hey! Wow.....umm....hi I wasn’t expecting you to respond

TG: are you sure you’re okay?

TT: Yeah

TT: perfectly fine. Just doing a few things.

TG: aren’t being reckless are you? I mean you’re being at least a little careful right?

TT: As careful as we can be in this place. Don’t worry Rox. How are Jane and English?

TG: fine both are pretty worried about you we just met up with Dave and his friends....they had one death already

TG: not sure what her name was though and I don’t want to ask

TT: I see

TT: well, are they doing okay? Dave I mean.

TG: hes been better but holding it together one of his other friends was wounded too but hes healing where are you at? Are you alone?

TT: Good to hear. And, no im not alone. I have a few Troll friends with me. I have to get going Roxy. I can’t promise that we'll talk again, but hopefully we’ll run into each other soon.

TimaeusTestified (TT) Ceased pestering tipsyGnostalgic (TG) at 8:30

Dirk sighs as he turns his phone off, looking back up Cronus was now staring at Kurloz, watching the male sign to him. Tied at his feet was Gamzee, the younger troll seemed to be unconscious, walking over the taller male stops signing in favor for waiving, causing Cronus to turn and look at the blond haired male.

“Was it difficult?” Dirk asks as he kneels down in front of Gamzee, before he turns to look up at the much taller troll. He could see him shake his head, nodding he stands back up, turns and walks away. He had some unfinished business to attend to.


Coming to a halt, the panther turns to look at Dave who was staring back down the road. She could sense that the teen was distracted and wanted to go back for the sake of getting Rose’s body. The panther growls as she walks to him and stands in front of him, Dave jumps slightly and stares at her. Shaking her head, she pushes her head against his stomach causing im to take several steps back so that he wouldn’t fall straight on his back.


“You have to keep going. I understand she was you sister in some way. But you have to keep running, im sure she wouldn’t want you to stay here.” she explains to the teen, Dave frowns and slowly nods, nodding back she nudges him again. “On my back little one.” Dave nods as he climbs on her back then she takes off running again.

“Do you have a name?” Dave asks suddenly, she knew that the boy was merely trying to keep rose off of his mind, and this was the best way he knew how to do so. The panther felt bad for the boy, she had just met him, but she had already grew to like him the moment she saw him. He looked strong, yet, frail. A quality rarely seen in the Strider bloodline. “Seeing I haven’t asked you….”

“I don’t have one. You can give me one of you like. We guardian monsters where crated for the sake of the players, to help and guide you once your Sprites released themselves or you released them. so, I am whoever you want me to be.” Dave nods, the feline knew that the boy was thinking of names for her. She supposed that he thinking about names was far better than thinking about Rose.

“Echo.” He states suddenly, the Panther then runs across a small stream and slows down until she comes to a complete stop. This was far enough that Dave wouldn’t be able to turn back. Crouching down she allows Dave to climb off her back before he collapses to the ground, he reaches up and removes his shades from his eyes. he lets them fall to the ground as he uses the heels of his hands to cover his eyes, he was trying so hard to fight off the tears. “Echo….that was a name Rose really liked….so….if you don’t mind….im going to call you Echo.”


GolgothasTerror (GT) Started pestering TimaeusTestified (TT) At 1:21

GT: Hello? Dirk are you there? Roxy told us you responded to her today.

GT: So, I guess I wanted to see if you would respond to me, even if she said she wasn’t so sure you would respond again.

GT: So, I guess, get back to me I guess.

TT: Oh, what a shock. Jake Motherfucking English contacted ME Dirk motherfucking Strider.

TT: to what do I owe such an honor? Surely this cannot be real

GT: Dirk! Hello there mate! Gosh im so happy you responded! How are you? I hope you’re alright, I was worried about you after you just took off like that when we entered again

TT: Oh, so it took you several days to actually contact me and ask how im doing? Well, let me tell you, im doing just fucking peachy English. I'm currently trying to figure out who the and where the fuck the idiot is who keeps fucking with my Brother is. And trying to make sure that this person doesn't take control of my troll friends like they did with one of their decedents.

GT: Whoa there mate! Do I sense some anger in that writing? Are you upset?

TT: What the fuck do you think English? After the game fucking ended never once did you respond to me after I kept trying to get a hold of you.

TT: Even when we lived so fucking close to each other never once whenever we all decided to hang out, you would never show up if I was there?? Do you think that was okay? Well guess fucking what English? It wasn't.

TT: Did you think I wouldn't hear from Roxy that you, her and Jane and everyone else would get together? And if I decided not to go you would show up?

TT: I swear English I hate how you try to act like I don't notice how you act. Did you forget that im pretty much OCD and pay attention to detail?

GT: Whoa, hold on, there is no need for you to go and attack me like that! I needed space dirk. You have to admit, even you needed space from everything and everyone after the game. I refuse to believe that you weren’t affected by everything that happened.

TT: Yeah, your right, a lot of heavy shit fucking happened, but guess what?? I didn't distance myself from anyone, if anything I leaned on them Jake. You? You only made yourself distant with me, no one else! How the fuck do you think I am going to feel about that?

TT: How the fuck do you expect me to fucking react to someone who was supposed to be my "best Bro" starts to fucking ignore me and act as if he never knew me to begin with? Huh? How am I supposed to react?

GT: Not everyone is like you though dirk! Good god man. I needed space and time to sort some things out. I mean, I did some pretty messed up stuff while in the game and said some things to people that hurt them pretty bad too! I mean, come on, it was bound to happen sooner or later dirk, you and I started to grow apart after we entered! You can’t say that it’s not true. In my mind, you’re still a friend of mine dirk, but all things not sure if "best bros" is what we are anymore...

GT: You understand right?

TT: ......

GT: Dirk?

TT: .............................


GT: What do you mean by "wow" dirk?

TT: Doesn't matter right? We're apparently not "best Bros" anymore so I have no reason to tell you anything. Good-bye English. It was nice knowing you. Thanks for everything.

TimaeusTestified (TT) Has Blocked GolgothasTerror (GT) At 2:15

Jake couldn’t help but stand in shock that was not how he had imagined the conversation to go. He wasn’t expecting Dirk to be so angry seeing he was so calm with Roxy. Jane notices his look of shock, she tilts her head slightly before tugging on Roxy’s sleeve. Looking at her blue eyed friend she then looks up at Jake who was still staring down at his phone, suddenly he lets out an angered shout before throwing his phone. Causing the whole group to jump slightly, Roxy and Jane then get a look of worry.


“Remind when we get out of here to find Strider and give him a piece of my mind! Ugh! I swear I’ll never understand him! Can you believe that the bloody bastard just lectured me on behavior and then blocked me!” Jake explains with anger, Jade frowns as she looks at John, Terezi and Karkat who look back at her and shrug.

“What? Now why would he do that?” Jane asks as she walks over to the other teen’s phone and picks it up, she then reads through the chat log and frowns, she turns to look back at the emerald eyed male. “Well, that was a little unfair of him.”

“My point exactly! I don’t see why I’m the bad guy here.” Jake complains, Jade rolls her eyes as she walks up to him and snatched the phone before placing it in her pocket.

“Right now we have other things to worry about. Like Dave and Rose for one thing! We can worry about Dirk later!” Jade scolds, causing Jake to flinch at her tone, she then turns to look at Karkat. “Should we wait here or head back?”

“There’s no need. Look.” Turning around, Jade gets a shocked look seeing the Panther her friend had been fighting now carrying him on her back, coming to a stop in front of them, the big cat crouches and lets Dave down.

“Oh my god, Dave are you okay!?” Jade asks as she rushes over to the taller teen who was covered in blood, just from the way he was standing Jade knew something had happened, and whatever had happened it happened to Rose because she knew Dave wouldn’t have left his sister alone. The said red eyed male doesn’t answer her, causing her to frown. “Oh no….oh Dave im so sorry….” Jade whimpers as she wraps her arms around him, Dave then hugs the girl back tightly while laying his head on her shoulder, she could feel his body begin to shake. “Come on, we have to get you cleaned up okay…everything is going to be okay…”

John frowns as he walks up to the two and hugs them both tightly, letting them cling to him tightly and bury their faces into his shoulder and chest and cry, the blue eyed male could feel his own eyes start to sting with tears, he then lays his head on top of Jades and whimpers. Terezi then looks at Karkat who kept starting at Dave, giving him a look of sympathy. Roxy merely stood there in shock Jane and Jake then hug the girl.

“W-what…? No, no, no, no. Rosie can’t be dead…not my Rose.” Roxy mumbles, causing Jake to tighten his grip around her. “D-Davey please tell me this isn’t true…” she begs, the red eyed male merely tightens his grip around his best friend, Roxy then falls to her knees, covering her face with her hands and starts to cry. “No! No, no, no! Not Rose…” Jane kneels down next to her best friend and hug her tightly, Jake then hugs both of the girls.

“It’s okay Roxy….everything is going to be okay...” he mumbles as he kisses the top of her head. Looking up at the two remaining trolls he knew that they wanted to tell them that they needed to get going, but they also didn’t want to make them hold off the grieving. Sighing the emerald eyed male stands up. “Come on chums. We got to get moving. We can’t stay here.” he mumbles, John then looks up and nods as he pulls away from his friends and wipes his eyes, reaching down he wipes away Jade’s teas and he stands in front of Dave as he removes the teen’s sunglasses and wipes away the tears as well.

“Come on…he has a point. We gotta keep moving.” The red eyed male nods as he looks at Echo before placing his shades back on.


MemoriesFall (MF) started Pestering TimaeusTestified (TT) At 7:30

MF: I hope you know that keeping that Troll will only result in the death of one of your own.

TT: Wow, im so scared. Karter, listen. I don't give a rat’s ass. Nothing is going to happen.

MF: Are you sure about that Strider? Because you didn't think that English would act the way he did until later. When he started ignoring you.

MF: But, anyway, yes. Keeping Gamzee there will only get you all killed or at least one of you...hmmm....maybe I should have him kill Ampora, or maybe even Vantas! Yes both are good choices.

TT: Bitch, I will fucking find you, and end you if you even hurt anyone of these trolls got it? I am your worst fucking nightmare if you piss me off and hurt them. And don't think about touching Dave either!!

MF: Oh please! I've no interest in Dave until all of his friends are dead. Our fight is going to be one on one and I want to see if he lives up to the same standards as his brother.

MF: not you, his real brother.

TT: Excuse me!? His REAL BROTHER? I am his real brother you bitch!

MF: Yes....

MF: Because coming from a completely different session and completely different timeline makes you all related.

MF: Listen, the Dave you never got to know, that was your brother. And the Bro he was raised with, that's his real brother.

MF: Not you. You’re an alternate version of the man who took care of him and who he loved.

MF: in reality, you are nothing to everyone. I mean, think about it, Dave didn't try to stop you from leaving and you’re his "brother", Crocker, she sides with English all the time if the arguments are with you. Lalonde, she normally always drunk off her ass, and need I remind you that she loves you and you always talking about English to her only makes her feel worse? Where you not the reason she went back to drinking in the first place because you can’t get over English?

MF: Hahahahahahahahaha!! Man, I cannot get over how into yourselves you people are. And I love how you think that if your kind and look out for everyone, they will do the same with you!! But look how well that turned out for you! English doesn't even see you as a friend anymore!!

MF: You don't even talk to the others. So what are you exactly to anyone??

TT: ..................................

MF: I think my point has been proven. Anyway, good luck with Makara!!

MemoriesFall (MF) ceased Pestering TimaeusTestified (TT) At 7:40

Letting out a sigh, Dirk places his phone back in his pocket. Why did he ever think that turning this damn thing back on was ever a good idea was beyond him. This only led to everyone suddenly pestering him and wanting to argue with him. He sighs and sits on the ground, Kim had a point. He had driven poor Roxy back into drinking, and Jane did always take Jake’s side on everything. Even if it wasn’t so logical.

“You seem a little sad.” Looking up, Dirk shrugs as he hugs his knees to his chest. “Wanna talk about it?” Cronus asks kindly, taking a seat next to the blond haired teen, leaning back he blows out a puff of smoke before looking at the human from the corner of his eye. “What’s eating you?”

“Nothing of actual importance that’s worth mentioning…” Dirk explains, Cronus nods. He knew that the teen would talk to him when he decided that it was all good and time to do so. The said troll then ruffles the teen’s hair, but keeps his hand on top of his head.

“Everything will work out Chief. Don’t worry. You just focus on getting to your brother. Let us handle Kim’s monsters.” Dirk sighs and nods.

He just hoped that he didn’t have to worry about his trolls getting killed. They had helped him so much since he entered and losing them would be like losing family. He looks up at Cronus from the corner of his eye and then leans against the taller male who throws his arm around his shoulders while blowing out another puff of smoke.

“I can’t afford to lose any of you. Not now.” hearing that Cronus tightens his grip around the teen.

“I can’t promise anything…but I can try to stay alive for your sake.”

“that’s all im asking for.”

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