Bringing Him Back

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Tesla sighs as she watches the group of humans. Since joining them, she had never once had seen them look so sad ad lost. They were quite as they sat on the ground, taking a break from running. She didn’t feel any guilt or sympathy for the group, they all knew what Kim was capable of and they were warned too. This was no one’s fault but their own. She rolls her eyes as she watches Karkat hug Dave tightly while rubbing circles on his back. The red eyed human was no longer crying, but Tesla could tell that if anyone even mentioned her name or asked what had happened to her, he would start up again.

“You’re shaking…” Karkat mumbles as he tightens his grip around the Knight of Time, Dave merely nods and cuddles closer to the troll. “You’re lucky that we trolls have a higher body temp then you humans do. Or else you would have frozen to death by now…” he whispers, gently nuzzling the human’s face and letting out a small purr.

“When do we have to move again…?” Dave asks, his tone quiet and small. Almost scared even. Karkat frowns and nuzzles him again.

“Not anytime soon. Right now we gotta take a break.”

“But, Echo-“

“Echo, is scouting the area. Nothing will get to us so long as that panther is around.” He cuts in, Dave nods as he completely relaxes against the troll, looking over he could see Jade being cuddled by Jake while John and Jane where comforting Roxy.

Hey, I know im probably the last person you wanna hear from…but….im sorry about your friend….” Dave sighs as he nuzzles her face against Karkat’s chest.

It’s been a while…”

Yeah, but…it’s okay. She died knowing that she was helping you all….im sure she wouldn’t have had it any other way. But don’t worry Dave. Everything will be okay. I promise.” The voice says, Dave nods slowly as he looks over at Jade who was staring down at her feet. He felt bad for her, Rose was her best friend and she told everything too, and now she was gone. Taking a shuttering breath, he looks up at Karkat.

“You said before if someone beats her in a fight, she’ll grant us whatever wish she want right?” looking down at the blond haired, red eyed male, the troll nods. “Then, once we reach her, im going to challenge her. I’m going to make sure everyone who died here is brought back…” Dave explains, this causes the troll to stare at him in shock.

This was bad. This wasn’t supposed to happen. They were all supposed to live and beat her together, and at last minute, wish for Bro to be brought back. That way Dave would be happy again. Sighing, Karkat tucks the human’s head under his chin and doesn’t say anything, he merely rubs soothing circles on his back. This was going all wrong, and he didn’t know how to stop it.

“Dave.” Looking up, the teen pulls away from Karkat as he walks over to Echo and sits in front of her. “Everything is clear. We can get going whenever you are ready.” She explains as she lowers her head, allowing him to pet her behind the ears. She lets out a small purr before crouching down and letting the red eyed male on her back she walks over to Jade and crouches in front of her. The green eyed girl looks up at Dave with slight confusion.

“Come on…we have to keep moving.” He states as he holds his hand out to her. Nodding the girl takes his hand, allowing him to pull her up on the panther’s back, Echo then stands up and looks at the rest of the group. Nodding they begin to walk down the road.


“Are you alright Kim?” the said girls golden eyed, second in command asks, she opens an eye and looks up at him. “Another memory?” he asks, his tone full of concern. She nods slightly before closing her eye and taking deeps breaths. “Another void session?”

“No….it’s of when Strider was killed….” She mumbles, as she continues to take deep breaths and she groans out in pain before curling into a ball and nearly throwing up. “Damn it all.” She breaths, the golden eyed male frowns as he watches her. There was nothing he could, this was the price to pay for being born with the Memory knight aspect. Flashes of past sessions and such where to happen and occur more often than not. He felt bad for her because it’s not like she was evil, and she was close to the human that had beaten her.

Both had a few things in common, both were great swordsperson, and both where naturally gifted in fighting. They also weren’t scared of anything or anyone. Sighing he watches as Kim hunches over and throws up into a trashcan. He couldn’t help but wince as he watched her. He had remembered how she had begun to laugh after she was beaten by the guy, he had never seen or heard her laugh like that in a long time. And she was smiling too, as if she was happy that he scared up her face and had beaten her.

“He was a good man. You liked him quite a bit.”

“He was strong….not like any other human who had ever showed up here…he was very selfless with his wish too.” she explains as she lays back against the chair she had curled herself up in.

“Wishes. You granted him two. Which is going against your laws, which could have killed you Kim, you’re lucky that it only caused you to get sick until the start of a one of a kind session. Which took a while.” he explains to her, she nods slowly and continues to take deep breaths, sighing he walks to her and places his hand on her forehead, his hands then glows a dark yellow. He could see the woman relax and let out a sigh. “You’re reckless as ever Kim. You need to be more careful.”

“Dully noted….there is no such thing as careful with me….look at what I’ve done to that party to just ensure that the little Strider gets angry enough to have the same amount of strength as his brother had before the sudden boost….”

“It’s because that’s your job Kim. You’re supposed to do this, nothing you can do will ever stop you. And that scares you doesn’t it? Because-“

“Enough.” She cuts in while slapping his hand away and getting up. She turns to glare at him. “The wishes are to never be spoken about unless I say them first. You know this.” He nods and holds up his hands before letting them fall to his side. He watches as Kim walks over to her computer and pulls up a screen showing Dirk talking to Gamzee, she assumed that he was trying to get information out of him. “Dirk Strider….he’s a lot like him.”

“Well, He is the alternate Version of himself. Of course he would be a lot like him. But, hes less confidant and he had self-worth issues, something Bro didn’t have. That’s why you liked him so much right? Because he had so much confidence just like you.” The golden eyed man explains as he walks up next to Kim and watches the screen, Kim smirks slightly as she watches the other trolls leave Dirk and Gamzee alone in the room. “You’re bad.”

“No…Im merely fulfilling my role as the Memory Knight. “She says, she then snaps her fingers.


Dirk groans in frustration as he turns his back on Gamzee and folds his hands behind his neck. He had to admit, his patience was running thin with this troll. Which was strange considering he had a lot of patience due to the endless amount of time he had to deal with Roxy drunk off her ass since the day he had started talking to her. Roxy, the teen frowns as he lets his hands fall to his sides. Karter had a point, he had forgotten that she had feelings for him and he would vent to her about Jake, he could only imagine how much it must have hurt her. Because of all of that, she had eventually gone back to drinking, which Dirk could only blame himself for.

So engrossed in his own thoughts he hadn’t noticed when Gamzee had managed to get loose from the chains until he was tackled to the ground and suddenly could feel Gamzee digging his teeth into the junction of his shoulder and neck, causing him to cry out in pain.

“Shit! Dirk!” reaching up and placing his hand over the wound, he looks up and he could see Cronus crouching in front of him while Gamzee was a few meters away, blood dripping from his mouth and growling. “Meenah!”

“Yeah, Yeah I glubbing know!” she answers to the other high blood as she kneels down next to the blond haired teen and looks down at the teen. “Hey, you ain’t doing so well. Move your hand so I get to healing you.” Dirk nods and slowly removes his hands and allows the girl to start and heal his wound, he growls and hisses his pain, looking up he gets a shocked look seeing Cronus with his rifle in hand facing off against the younger troll.

“No, fuck. Cronus….” Dirk mumbles as he tries to get up, but is held down by Meenah. He looks up at her with a pleading look. “If he fights him…he’s gonna get killed.” The female shakes her head.

“Have a little more faith in him will ya? Cronus isn’t beaten so easily.” She scolds, Dirk groans as he watches Cronus take a few shots at the troll before he was tackled to the ground, forced to use his rifle as a block between himself and the younger high blood. “Relax Dirk, you need to relax, I can’t help ya if you keep trying to get up!”

“Cronus!” he cries out, looking back, Meenah gets a shocked look seeing Gamzee now had the older male’s rifle in hand and pointing it at his face. Pushing the female away, Dirk gets to his feet and charges at the troll with his sword in hand.

“Dirk, don’t!” Cronus commands, causing the teen to stop in his tracks and stare at the other male with shock. “It’s okay, I made a promise to keep you safe and that I wouldn’t die so easily.” He says with a smirk, this causes Gamzee to look down at the older male with confusion. Before the teen had a chance to move, he was suddenly slammed into a wall. Smiling, Cronus sits up and picks up his gun, looking up he nods at Rugarth. “Thanks.” The dragon nods as they turn to look at Gamzee who was standing again and growling, his eyes glowing red. This sent shivers down Dirk’s back.

“Rugarth, get everyone out of here. Cronus commands, the dragon nods as he flies over to Meenah and Dirk, picking them up, he takes them over to the rest of the trolls, and then teleports them away.


“Did she fall asleep?” Jake asks as he walks up next to Dave and Jade who were still riding on Echo’s back. Dave then looks at Jade who was sitting behind him, her arms where now limp around his waist and her head resting against his back.

“Yeah…she fell asleep a while ago I think….” Dave says quietly, looking at the green eyed male. “Any of the girls tired? They can hop on and I can walk.” Jake then looks over at Jane and Roxy, the two seemed to be doing and, and he really didn’t want Dave to move for the sake of not waking up Jade.

“No, I think they are doing just fine. Don’t want to wake Jadey up. You need to rest too. Close your eyes and sleep.” Dave shakes his head. “Why not chum? You look like you haven’t slept in ages. You need rest mate.” Dave shakes his head again as he reaches down and holds Jade’s hand tightly.

“If I fall asleep, I’ll dream it. And I don’t want to see that again.” Dave explains to the older male. Jake sighs, he knew that the red eyed teen walk talking about Rose. He gives the teen a look of sympathy as he pat’s the boy’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry, everything is going to be okay.” Jake tells him, looking Dave closely, he could practically see Dirk siting on the panther’s back instead of the younger red eyed teen. He was like Dirk in a lot of ways, both normally didn’t show much emotion, but when they did it was either pure happiness, anger, or sadness. That for them to reach that point would take a lot, or at least that’s what he believed, until he and Dirk entered the game. When this happened, the orange eyed male was a lot more open about what he felt, more so when he started dating Jake.

The emerald eyed male really didn’t have a problem with that, but Dirk was a tad bit clingy, and he supposed just ignoring him wasn’t the best way to go about it. He could have talked to him about it, but instead he took the cowardly way out and ignored him. Which didn’t help at all considering Dirk didn’t have human contact prior to entering the game. When they all finally met up, and the adrenaline from getting everyone in the game was gone, Dirk was actually quite skittish around people. As was Roxy, but it didn’t take her so long to get used to people, it took Dirk a lot of reassuring that no one was going to hurt him.

“You think about him a lot.” Jake turns to look up at Dave who seemed to be looking straight ahead. “Dirk I mean. I haven’t seen him in a while, but he does call me often. He’s doing alright. Sorting some things out before he feels like hes ready to come home.” Dave explains, he smiles slightly when he feels Jade nuzzle her face against his back.

“Really? He doesn’t call or even contact us on pesterchum anymore. In fact he blocked me the other day.” Dave gives the emerald eyed teen a confused look. “What?”

“Dirk blocked you? What the hell did you do to piss him off?” he asks, Jake sighs as he shrugs and rubs the back of his neck.

“A lot apparently….ignoring him for one, and avoiding him.” Dave nods.

“Yeah, did you think he wasn’t going to notice? Dirk eventually just decided to stop hanging out with everyone because of that. That’s why I spent most of my time at home, so we could chill together.” Jake nods. That’s right, he had almost forgotten that he had Dave had moved in together and such after the game, the two looked out for each other quite well and they got along fantastically.

“Oh fuck.” Looking up, Dave’s body tenses up as they see a girl leaning back against a scythe that was stabbed into the ground. Her head was hung low, her feet crossed at her ankles and her arms crossed over her chest, Terezi growls along with Karkat.

“Gadzooks….this can’t be good.” Jake states as he grabs his pistols.


“What do you mean you’re going back!?” Dirk asks with anger as he hisses in pain when Meenah adds another layer of bandages to the bite wound. Latula then glares at the human before flicking his forehead causing him to yelp and jump back, he reaches up and rubs his forehead before glaring back at the troll who had her left hand on her hip while her right carried her skateboard. “You’re fucking crazy! And I won’t let you!”

“You don’t have a say in what I do. You can’t even stand up right now, troll bites can cause infections so you better hope that’s not the case for you.” Latula explains as she turns and walks away with her skateboard in hand. Growling Dirk leans back against Rufioh and lets Meenah finish wrapping up the wound in peace without having to constantly hold him down. “Fuck, I was an idiot,” Dirk states, this causes Kankri to look down at him. “I wasn’t fucking expecting him to get free.”

“Well, in all fairness, it’s not like we thought he would be that strong. Even for a troll, hes still young.” Kankri explains as he sits down next to the human and lets out a sigh. “Even for a high blood, he’s abnormally strong. Then again….that could be a result of Karter having control over his mind.” The red blooded troll explains as he leans back against his hands while looking up at the sky. “I have to say, your brother’s plant is quite…hot.” Dirk chuckles.

“Hell yeah. But it’s a cool place, easy to hide in too.” Dirk explains as he smiles at Meenah who was finishing up cleaning his wound. He gives her a silent nod before letting out a sigh and letting his shoulders slump, causing him to wince in pain. “Shit….Do all troll bites hurt like this?” he asks, Kankri then looks at him.

“No. that was a bite of aggression. Normally, if a troll wants to bite someone, it’s in a less aggressive manner. I mean, the skin will break and you will bleed, but not to the point of that,” he says, pointing at his wound, Dirk then gives him a confused look.

“Want to bite someone?” he asks, Rufioh chuckles.

“A sign of affection other than the head bumping.”

“Nuzzling.” Dirk tells him, the winged troll nods as he ruffles the teen’s blond hair. Sighing Dirk stares off ahead of him. He was debating whether or not he should try to talk to Dave again, but then he had a feeling right now wasn’t the right time. He jumps slightly hearing his phone go off, but he decided to ignore it. He wasn’t in the mood to deal with anyone at the moment that weren’t the trolls he was with at the moment. “Wait just a god damn minute….you guys bite people as a sign of affection!?” he asks Mituna laughs he lays down next to him.

“Yup! Like this, I’ll show-“

“Oh no!” Rufioh scolds as he pushes the other troll away from the blond haired teen who stared at him with shock. “No biting the human. Hes not your matesprite, you can’t go biting him. Nuzzling him yes. Biting no.” he explains, Mituna pouts but nods in understanding. Thank god that Rufioh had stopped him, he wasn’t so sure if another bite from a troll would be okay. “Besides, the biting is for more….imamate relations.”

“Ah okay. That makes sense.” He says, leaning back against the bigger male. Rufioh then wraps his arms around the human’s waist and rests his chin on Dirk’s head. For once, since being back in this game, they were all relaxed. For now anyway. He groans again hearing his phone go off, this time he feels Mituna pull it out of his pocket before holding it up to him. He reaches over and takes it.

GutsyGumshoe (GG) Started Pestering TimaeusTestified (TT) at 7:11

GG: Dirk? Are you there?

GG: I’ve been trying to get a hold of you since Jake told us you blocked him, would you care to explain that?

TT: No

TT: not really. Considering it’s none of your business why I did that. It’s between Jake and I.

GG: Wow. Geez Dirk, a little hostile there don’t you think? Considering I was only asking.

TT: Wouldn’t have to be if I knew you weren’t on his side.

TT: and don’t say that you’re not, because you always take his side, which is dumb by the way.

GG: Dirk, did you ever think that maybe he was in the right this time?



GG: Son of a dick, Dirk. No need to get so angry!

TT: Not get so angry!? Why am I the bad person here for looking out for myself for once!? What is so wrong with that!? Jesus fuck Crocker! If you love him so fucking much, get with him, have some babies with him! But don’t come at me like im the bad guy! Like I did something wrong!

TT: how would you feel if Roxy, your best friend suddenly told you you’re not “Best Friends” anymore!? Huh!?

GG: I…well….

TT: Exactly! My point exactly! Thank you for fucking nothing Crocker!

TimaeusTestified (TT) blocked GutsyGumshoe (GG) at 7:19

“Dirk?” Mituna asks with worry, this causes the trolls to look down at human who was taking deep breaths, his hands covering his face. Rufioh sighs as he picks up the phone and puts it in his own pocket before wrapping his arms around the blond haired teen and hugs him tightly.

“Easy there buddy. Everything is going to be okay.” The winged troll explains as he nuzzles his face against the teens who gladly curls up against him. “What happened…?” he asks, Dirk sighs.

“Im losing them….next is going to be Rox….and once she’s gone, then what do I have left? Nothing. thats what.” he mumbles, Porrim frowns as she kneels down next to him and runs her hand through his hair. Suddenly, they all jump when they see Rugarth suddenly appear and they see a very bloody Cronus stumble off of the dragon, getting a shocked look, Dirk gets up and rushes over to the taller male and helps him to the ground, getting a closer look at him, Dirk could see a deep bite wound dangerously close to his gills, a large gash on his arm, claw marks on his chest, he must have been hit in the head pretty hard seeing he had yet to register that he was on the ground and surrounded by the other trolls. “Cronus? Hey,” Dirk calls as he gently pats his cheek, this causes the high blood to look up at him slightly confused.

“Dirk…? What are-“

“Your back here, with us. Rugarth brought you thank god! Where is Latula!?” he asks, the troll winces in pain as he leans heavily against Kurloz who frowns and helps him up to his feet. “Meenah, help him please.”

“I’ll do what I can. Bring him.” she states as she runs off, Kurloz then picks up the other troll and follows after the girl. Dirk growls as he punches the ground, causing a shooting pain to run up his arm and to his shoulder, causing him to hiss in pain.

“Jesus Dirk, be careful!” Porrim scolds as she pulls the orange eyed swordsman to his feet, she then leads the teen away from the group. “Come, let’s go for a walk. You need to clear your head.”


“So, Tesla……this is where you ran off.” The said dragon growls as the other female looks up, John couldn’t help but jump slightly when he sees the golden eyes stare at them. Dave growls as he gently shakes Jade, waking her up, she looks up and growls. Dave then climbs off of Echo with his sword in hand. “Oh my. A Strider! How lucky am I…I wasn’t allowed to go after the eldest Strider that went against Kim. She said he was her pray. So I guess I can either settle for you, or the other Strider.” Hearing that Dave glares at her.

“You leave Dirk out of this!” Dave commands, anger apparent in his tone. The golden eyed girl smirks as she stops leaning back against the scythe and yanks it out from the ground, this causes everyone to stiffen and take a step back while pulling out their weapons. Dave then takes a step forward. “Tell me everything you know about my brother’s wish.” He demands, the girl rolls her eyes.

“He was granted two wishes, Karter took a liking to him after he beat her. Which is strange considering she hates everyone and everything. Part of Strider’s wish was that we, as in Kim’s monsters be created. Tesla is a result from that wish.” Dave then turns to look at Tesla who was glaring at the golden eyed female. “His wishes where selfless too. Something that had never been done before.”

“Selfless?” Dave asks she nods. “That’s it? I doubt that’s it. My brother doesn’t just get mentioned by all of you guys for no fucking reason, now tell me what the fuck you know!!” he demands with anger, the golden eyed teen smiles and reaches in her back pocket, she then pulls out a pair of pointed shades, causing Dave to get a shocked look.

“Yeah, these belong to him.” Dave lets out a low growl. “He had given them to Karter, but I thought would borrow them and show you.” She explains while twirling them around her finger. “Karter liked him so much, she granted him a second wish. But we don’t know about that one. Well, at least I don’t.” she explains, her gaze then turns to Tesla. “But you might.”

“I don’t know anything. And even if I did, you know it’s physically impossible to say anything about It.” she defends, Dave growls as he points his sword at the golden eyed monster.

“I swear to god….my sister was just fucking ripped apart….you bastards have no idea, the enemy you’re making out of me right now.” Dave warns, Jade shivers at the tone he was using, noticing this, Karkat moves to stands in front of the Witch of Space. “You better tell me EVERYTHING you fucking know, or god so help me.”

“Dave, you need to calm down ma-“

“How the fuck do you want me to calm down!? I watched my sister get ripped apart!” Dave cuts in with anger as he glares at Jake who visibly flinches at his tone. He turns his attention back to the golden eyed woman who was smirking at him, this causes his fists to start shaking from sheer anger.

Hey man! You gotta chill, you getting angry is gonna mess you up!” Dave growls as the group of teens look around for the owner of the voice.

“Fuck off!! This is none of your damn business!!” Dave shouts, the scythe wielding girl starts to laugh, causing Dave to growl at her.

“Oh man, I cannot believe it! Who would have ever thought that Dirk Strider would take the voice of reason while on your guy’s stupid little mission to take down Karter! Oh man, this is great!” the golden eyed female cheers as she wraps her arms around her stomach and laughs. This causes the group of teens to look at each other with confusion.

Dirk Strider?? Now who the fuck is that?? As you said, Im just the voice of reason. I ain’t no Dirk Strider or whoever the fuck. Now, if I recall correctly, your name is Alba. Karter’s third in command, right?” the voice asks, this causes Dave to turn and look at the woman who was still letting out laughs.

“Yeah that’s right.” She says chuckling, letting out a sigh she stands up straight and lets her scythe rest across her shoulders. “I am her third in command, that’s why she sent me personally to deal with you all seeing others can’t do it right! Leave it to the weaker ones to fail at a simple task. At least they killed two of you.” She states closing her eyes for a moment, upon opening them, she quickly blocked the sword that was rough brought down against her weapon’s handle, her arms shaking slightly from the amount of pressure that was being put on. Looking up, she could faintly see red hues from behind the teen’s shades. “My, My. Aren’t you a quick one.” She says, smirking, she spins her scythe and causes Dave to jump back before she slashed at him.

Smirking, she was about to lunge at the young teen before seeing movement from the corner of her eye, looking to her left she was hit in the midsection and sent flying back. Hitting the ground she sits up and glares at John who had his hammer out and glaring at the woman while standing next to Dave. She had to admit, that was well planned considering they probably only came up with it in the split second that Dave had moved to attack her. She couldn’t stop the wince as she stood up, damn that kid had a hard hit.

“I would suggest getting your head out of the clouds!” looking up she narrowly doges the blue eyes teen’s hammer. “You’re quick.”

“Not quick enough!” turning she hisses in pain as Dave slashed her shoulder, switching the scythe to her left hand, she swings back and slams the red eyed teen into the ground, she quickly kneels down and stabs her weapon into the ruby eyed male’s shoulder, causing him to cry out in pain. Smiling she pulls it out roughly and rolls out of the way, dogging another hit from John’s hammer. She looks up and watches as Dave sits up, his shoulder oozing blood and wincing in pain as John helped him stand.

“You two are well coordinated with one another. Despite being and Heir of Breath and the Knight of Time.” Alba states as she stands up, completely dismissing the large cut that Dave and just inflicted on her.

“Are aspects got nothing to do with it! It’s called being best friends and trusting each other! Something you probably wouldn’t understand.” John explains to her as he and the red eyed male stood, glaring at her. Alba smirks as she suddenly breaks her scythe over her knee, this causes Dave and John to stare at her with shock and confusion. Much to their distress, they could see the handle of weapon disappear, leaving only the blade floating in the air.

Dave growls as he watches it move wherever Alba motioned or looked.

“Fucking hell.”


Dirk couldn’t help but look down at the high blood lying motionless on the couch. The blond haired teen sits on the ground and merely watches Cronus sleep. He must have been tried or lost a lot of blood. Sighing he reaches up and lays his hand on the bigger male’s chest and he could feel his heart beat under the palm of his hand. A comforting feeling indeed, but still he was worried and didn’t like the fact that the troll was as wounded as he was. The orange eyed teen closes his eyes and curls up against the couch.

He was tired, his head hurt, he felt like he couldn’t breathe, he had so many emotions running through his head he felt as if he was drowning and as if he would have a panic attack at any given moment. What he wouldn’t give to be back at the apartment with Dave and both of them just chilling on the Futon and doing nothing but relax. What he wouldn’t give to go back to the days before the game, even if he was alone, he didn’t have to deal with these complicated emotions.

“You’re thinking too much…” jumping slightly, Dirk looks up and stares in shock as he watched Cronus sit up and lean back against the pillows while giving the human a warm smile. “What’s on your mind chief?” he asks, suddenly he found the teen hugging him tightly, stunned for a moment, and Cronus smiles and hugs the shaking teen back. He rubs his hand up and down his back. “Hey, easy there chief. Everything is all right. Im okay.”

“You could have been not okay you fucking idiot! What the hell were you thinking!?” Dirk asks, not daring to pull away as if afraid that if he did, the high blooded troll would disappear. “Jesus fuck Cro, you reckless idiot.” The said troll laughs.

“Oh, im the reckless one? Who was the one who took off running alone as soon as he reentered the game? That’s reckless. Im a troll, I can take a hit or two. You on the other hand, you cannot. Gamzee could have killed you with that bite alone Dirk.” The bigger male scolds, Dirk pulls back and stares at the male. “Don’t look at me like that. These wounds are nothing compared to a lot of stuff you’ve gone through. Don’t think I don’t know about what happened with that Jane human.” Cronus explains to him as he grabs the teen and pulls him on top of himself and holds him there. “Wanna talk about it?” Dirk frowns as he averts his eyes.

“She….Fuck Cro im just so done with everything….im sick of being the bad guy amongst my group of friends. She literally takes his side on EVERYTHING and I don’t know how the fuck to respond to that other than to just get angry. She pushes aside her natural logic just so she is in his good graces,” the teen begins, Cronus watches carefully as his shoulders began to shake slightly. “Jesus fuck I mean, what the hell!? They think im some kind of robot that doesn’t have emotions! They’re WRONG Cronus, because I fucking do! And they don’t seem to understand that! Sure, Rox still hasn’t really gotten angry about me talking to Crocker like that, but it’s only a matter of time and I don’t know if I can take her, my best friend, fucking hating me Cro! I can’t!” Dirk practically sobs, Cronus frowns as he wraps his arms around the human and hug him tightly.

Seeing Dirk like this broke his heart. The orange eyed teen wasn’t known for having such emotional break downs and he was normally a very tough skinned guy as well, it took a lot to upset him or stress him out. The said troll could feel the teen tightly gripping his torn up shirt and sobbing into his chest, being back in this game was stressing him out more then he liked to show. Cronus then starts to gently rub his back in an attempt to calm him down.

“Shhh…easy Chief its okay.” The troll mumbles as he nuzzles his cheek against the teen’s hair. “Everything is going to be okay. You’ll see.”


“John watch it!” the said teen was then tackled to the ground, quickly getting up, both John and Dave growl as the blade from Alba’s scythe float by her again, both teens were covered in cuts and a few bruises here and there from constantly tackling each other to make sure the other didn’t get his head sliced off. Looking up again, Dave’s blood runs cold, where the fuck was the blade?

“Dave!” hearing his name, the said teen was about turn around before he felt the said blade cut the back of his knee causing him to kneel and hiss in pain. Looking up, he could see Alba smirking, twirling his brother’s shades around her finger as she walk up to him. She then comes to a stop in front of the teen.

“I don’t see why Kim has such an interest in you. You’re nothing like your brother. He was strong, quick and never made idiot mistakes like you. Are you sure you’re both related?” she asks, the red eyed teen growls as she tries to lunge at her, but falls to the ground thanks to the cut to the back of his leg, Alba laughs as she reaches down and grabs a fist full of his hair, lifting his head. “A flick of my wrist and your head would no longer be attached to your neck.”

“Again, keep your head out of the clouds!” Alba this time, managed to doge John’s hammer as she stood in front of his best friend, Dave groans in pain as he tries to stand up. “Easy Dave. Let me handle her.” John states, looking behind, he gets a shocked look sees the red eyed male standing. The dark haired boy smiles as he turns to look back at Alba who was glaring at them. “Ready dude?””

“Ready as always.” Nodding back, John and Dave then charge at Alba who smiles, suddenly she disappeared, causing both teens to come to a halt. “Ah shit.” Dave says as they begin to look around, Dave winces, John turns to look at his best friend, looking at the blue eyed teen, and Dave’s eyes go wide as he sees Alba reappear behind his friend.

“Shit! John behind you!” Dave warns, just before the said Heir of Breath could completely turn around, Alba had slit the teen’s throat. Dave could hear a shout from behind him, turning around he could see jade covering her eyes and on her knees, shaking and sobbing. Next thing he knew, Alba had kicked the other male into him and caused both to fall to the ground. Getting up, Dave leans over John who was staring up at the Knight, blood oozing from his mouth and the cut on this throat, Dave couldn’t help stare back down at him with shock and horror. “J-John, oh man, fuck. Come on man, you can’t leave me!” Dave commands as his hands shaking, looking up he watched as Alba stood there, watching them. He could hear a chocking sound escape his best friend, reaching down Dave pulls the other teen into a sitting position.

“Hahaha! Really? That was simple and easy. I’ll be seeing you all later.” And with that she disappears, Dave growls but quickly turns his attention back to the taller male.

“Son of dick, Jade!!” Dave calls, the said girl rushes over as she inspects the wound, frowning and letting out a whimper, she looks up at Dave and shakes her head. “No, no, no, no. Jade there has to be-“ she then claps her hand over his mouth, shaking her head. Dave could feel his eyes start to burn behind his shades, looking down at John he could see that the teen had a small smile on his face. “Fuck John….don’t look at me like everything is going to be okay…” Dave mumbles, he couldn’t help but flinch slightly feeling the older teen grip the back of head and bring it down so that their forehead’s where touching, this causes Dave to let out a chocked sob. “I…I’m sorry. Fuck im so sorry John.” The other teen merely and shakes his head, as if telling the teen not to blame himself. Again, the teen lets out a cough, choking on the blood gathered in the back of his throat.

“Oh god…John….” Jade whimpers, with his free hand his grips his sister’s hand as tightly as he could, his breath slowing down minute by minute.

Fits clenching, Karkat stares down at the group, he could hear, the sobs start to come from Jane, he could see the sadden looks on Jake’s and Roxy’s faces. He looks down at Terezi and wraps his arm around her, she then hugs him tightly. What really broke his heart was hearing the sobs and whimpers coming from Dave. John was Dave’s best friend and to have him die in his arms like this was probably the worst thing in the world to have happen to him. Looking up, he could see that his body had gone limp and Dave was now hugging the teen’s body tightly, letting out sobs while Jade was hugging the red eyed male.

Tesla turns away from the scene, her hand was now covering her mouth in an attempt to keep her smirk hidden from the group, closing her eyes, and she could hear the mental praise that Kim had sent her. The dragon was doing a good job so far, sighing, she turns back around and walks over to Dave, she kneels down and places a hand on his shoulder, this causes him to jump and look up at her. She had a sad look on her face a she stared down at the Heir of Breath.

“I…Im sorry…for all of this….” She mumbles, she gently brushes some of John’s hair out of his face, she leans against Dave reaches up, gently petting his head. “I know it must be hard…but we have to keep moving.”

“We’re not leaving his body here!!”

“We have no choice! Silver Cat and Black Cat will pick up the scent of his blood and track us down in a matter of seconds! Im sorry Dave, but we have to.” Tesla argues, Dave growls as he tightens his grip around his best friend. Slowly, Tesla began to pull John away from the Knight.

“No…NO! DON’T PLEASE I CANT LEAVE HIM HERE!!” Dave cries out, Jade then sits in front of him and hugs him, the said red eyed male leans against her as he tries to reach out for the body of his dead friend, finally giving up, Dave wraps his arms around the Space player and hugs her tightly while crying into her shoulder.

Tesla then lays the teen’s body down and watches a Jade helps Dave onto Echo’s back, she climbs on soon after, this time she was sitting in front and Dave in back, hugging the girl tightly. Nodding, she turns and starts to follow the group.

Smirking, she walks behind the group. John Egbert, Heir of Breath, was dead.

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