Bringing Him Back

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Porrim frowns as she watches the look on Dirk’s face change from confused, to neutral. She knew that he had just gotten the news from Meenah that Latula had been killed. The teen wasn’t much for showing emotion, but even she knew that he was upset over the fact that she had been killed. Latula had always been the one to go along with a lot of his plans, weather they were well thought out or not. The said troll watches as Dirk walks past her, his head hung low and his walk slow.

“Dirk,” the said teen stops and turns to look at her. “Everything-“

“Im going to kill him. And none of you are going to stop me.” The orange eyed male cuts in, causing her to stare at him with shock. He hadn’t used that cold and dark tone in a while. Frowning, the woman then watches him turn and continue to walk away.

“I got him. Do not worry.” Kankri cuts in before Porrim could call out to him again, he then follows after the teen. It felt like hours of walking considering how quite the sword using male was at the moment. Kankri then comes to a sudden halt as not to crash into the orange eyed male, he was now just standing there, his fist clenching and unclenching, shoulders shaking. The red blooded troll sighs as he rubs the back of his neck. “Now, I know losing her hurt. She was a friend of mine as well. We all loved her and cared for her…but don’t you think Mituna needs the comfort more than anyone?” he asks, he could see Dirk nod slowly, growling, Dirk suddenly turns around and hugs the taller male, Kankri frowns at the contact, but doesn’t make a move to push him away.

“God fucking damn it….! Can’t you just for once HOLD me!? Jesus fuck….please….” Dirk practically forces out of his throat past the sobs threatening to overtake his body. Sighing, Kankri hesitates to wrap his around the teen, soon, Dirk growls and pushes away from the taller male. “Man, just….Fuck! Leave me alone….” Dirk growls as he turns and takes off running, leaving the red blooded troll alone.

Kankri sighs. “How do you do it Cronus? I don’t mind when you hug me, but when-“

“You’re not used to it is all. Dirk knows this, just give him time to cool down chief don’t worry.” The said wounded troll explains, the other male nods as he and the high blood turn and start to walk back over to the rest of the group.


“Hey, how are you feeling?” Dave asks, placing his hands on top of Jade’s, who had her arms wrapped around his waist. He could feel small shudders coming from her every now and then, but it wouldn’t be noticeable by anyone else unless she was latched on to them like she was latched on him. “Jade?”

“Im fine….just really cold.” Hearing that, Dave turns his head to look at the girl, she had her face buried in between his shoulder blades. “How are you feeling?” Dave sighs as he runs his thumb over her knuckles.

“Im okay….well, im going to be.” Dave explains to her, the girl nods as she tightens her grip around the male. “Jesus Harley. Careful. Don’t squeeze me to death.” He says with a chuckle, Jade smiles and lets out a small giggle. “Good to hear you’re laughing.” She shrugs and sits up.

“Hey, Echo, what are you exactly?” Jade asks, the panther then turns her head slightly and looks at the teens on her back, before turning back to look at the road.

“Well, we’re called guardian monsters. We were created during the game after you all scratched your session. We’re meant to guide you all, and lend you a hand in fights. Although, it would have been helpful if we were created much sooner. Like the start of your session. Then perhaps you and I could have prevented your brother’s murder.” Echo explains, Dave nods slowly, Jade frowns as she hugs the male. “All of you players have a monster, but it’s up to you if you can locate and tame us. And even then, not all of you tend to live though our fights. You and Dirk are two of the lucky ones.”

“Wait, Dirk? He has his already? Since when?” he asks, looking up, the red eyed male could see that the other’s weren’t even listing, which he guessed was alright.

“Since a few days ago. Around the same time you encountered me. Although, his is one of the more rare monsters, considering that his the Prince of Heart.” She tells them, nodding, Dave looks at Jade and shrugs, she shrugs back.

“Hey,” looking up, Karkat was looking at them. “You might wanna come look at this.” Nodding, the Knight of Time climbs off of Echo and helps Jade down before walking over to the others who were standing on a hill. Reaching the top he gets as shocked look. “I don’t know about you, but that looks like your Bro.” Karkat explains to him, and true to his words, there stood the man, his sword drawn while glaring at a red eyed female who also had her sword drawn, Dave could also see Black and Silver cat circling around the hat wearing, blond haired male. The red eyed male couldn’t help but start to feel the undying need to rush over and help his brother, but he knew very well that Bro was more than capable of handling a few opponents at once. But then, there was the question, how was he alive and here? And who was this woman he was about to fight? Why where Silver Cat and Black Cat helping her?

Suddenly, he could see Silver cat lung at the man, Dave could faintly see a smirk on his face, as he ducked then used the back of his blade to knock Black cat a few feet away as it lunged at him. A few seconds later, he was on his feet and easily blocked the unknown woman’s own sword. Dave couldn’t help but let a pride filled smirk appear on his face as Bro suddenly turned his body, forcing the girl to move back to keep from getting slashed across the stomach. A move Dave knew all too well, one he had once forgotten about which landed him stitches, apologies, cuddles and quality time with his older brother.

“Holy shit, this is real isn’t?” Karkat asks as they watch the fight carry on, it was almost hard to keep up with the older Strider’s movements. Dave was quick, don’t get him wrong, but this guy was on a whole other level of quickness and it left the red blooded troll stunned. If this was the man Dave called his brother, and if this was truly the man he was trained by, he was a bit scared about how good the red eyed human was going to be as he got older. And, if this was really his brother, how was he alive? The hat wearing man shouldn’t be here. “How the fuck does a human move so fast?” Karkat asks he turns to look at Dave, his breath catches in his throat, he could see a smirk on the teen’s face as he watched his brother. He had to admit, it had been a long time since he has seen a look like that on Dave’s face.

“Someone looks a little angry.” Turing his attention back to the fight, much to his and he was pretty sure, everyone’s shock, Bro was on his back, the nameless woman standing above him with his sword in her hand, and pointing it down at his face. She had a smirk on her face as she looked down at the man on the ground who was looking back up at her. “Did you think it would be easy? Beating me? The Memory Knight? There’s a reason why no troll or human has ever beaten me. Did you think you were going to be any different?”

“Heh, kind of to be honest.” Bro speaks, hearing the man’s voice caused Dave to hold his breath and watch with worry.

“You’re dumb. Although, I will admit this much, you gave me a run for my boonbuck. Now, tell me, other than the wishes, what is your reason for being here? Before I slit your throat.” She commands, Dave couldn’t help the growl that escaped him as the threat left the woman’s mouth. Bro sighs as he tilts his head back enough for his hat to fall off, this causes the woman to stare at him with confusion, and he then looks back up at her, a smile on his face.

“Well, what’s a guy to do when he sees pretty lady all alone and trapped in hell? I ain’t gonna leave her here. but, sure as hell wasn’t expecting ya to attack me either,” Dave groans as rolls his eyes as he shakes his head, this causes Jane, Roxy, Jade, Tesla, and Terezi to laugh at the teen’s reaction to his brother’s words. Suddenly Bro pulls his leg forward and causes her to lose her balance, reaching up, he grabs his sword, and cuts her across the face, causing a parallel scar. Once she was on her back, the older Strider was now standing above her, the sword pressed against her throat. “But, I ain’t gonna lose to ya. Not when I got a little brother to help, and an idiot to beat up for going after my brother and his group of friends. So, do ya yield little lady?” he asks, his tone dark and cold, then Echo growls and lets out a roar, this suddenly causes the group to jump and look at her before turning back to look at the fight, but there was nothing there.


“This is a sign we are close to Karter’s layer. These are memory fields. She has them all over the place. Depending on who shows up, a certain memory will play.” Tesla explains, suddenly the image of Bro standing over the woman was back. Dave frowns, for whatever reason, he was really hoping that this was real and Bro was alive and well. “That, this, is when your brother challenged Kim. That’s her.” Hearing that the teens turn to look at the dragon monster in shock. “This is how he beat her. Your brother was a strong one.” She says, Dave nods as he watches the woman nod, smiling, Bro pulls the sword away from her throat before extending a hand out to her.

She had reached up and took his hand, in that moment, he pulled her up on her feet before pulling her against his chest and carefully examined the cut he had left on her face. Dave smiles sadly as the older male let out a laugh.

“Sorry about that little lady. Didn’t mean to hurt ya so bad,” the man explains as he gently wipes away the blood running down her face. Dave watched as Kim kept her eyes on him, she seemed a little shocked by how he was treating her. She didn’t look like she was used to kind treatment. Pulling away, Bro smiles as he turns and picks his hat off the ground and places it back on his head. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pair of music note earrings and holds them out to her. This causes the group to stare in confusion along with Kim.

“What are those?” she asks as she takes them from him and examines them before putting them on, they glow for a moment before fading back to the black color. She stares up at the man.

“I heard about the visions. And I’m pretty sure they aren’t fun to have. So, there ya go. Those will help lessen the pain.” He explains to her, Dave hadn’t noticed when he had started to walk over to the two figures, until he saw Jade following him. He comes to a stop a few steps away from the images. He stared up at his brother who was looking down at Kim.

“Why are you being so nice?” she asks, the said male shrugs. Kim then smiles slightly. “You’re not so bad Strider. I like you.” he chuckles.

“Good. I don’t want you to be scared of me either,” he says as he adjusts his shades.

“Alright…well, thank you for the gift. So, as a gift in return, ill grant you two wishes.” She says a smile on her face, which looked strange considering the blood dripping down. His brother really wasn’t playing around when he had gave her that cut. Then again, Bro was always serious about Strifes. It was his thing, it made Bro, Bro. Hearing that, Dave saw the look of shock on his brother’s face.

“Ah…well, thanks. But ya don’t have to. I’ve had my fair share of hell in this game.” Hearing that Dave gets a confused look. Fair share of hell? How was that even possible considering he had never played the game?

“Oh yes that’s right….you played the game years ago. How could I forget? Your session was actually one of the most bloody and void yet.” She states, hearing that, Dave and the rest of the group couldn’t help but stare in shock, even Tesla. She had no idea that this man was a past player and from a void session.

If that statement was true, how the hell was he alive? Unless he managed to somehow save the people from that session, or scratched it. But even then, he wasn’t supposed to be alive. Any player that was in a void session never lives, unless you where the beta and Alpha session players who all figured out a way to beat the game. But this guy? Who was he? What session was he from? How did he live?

“Well….it was a Void session. And it didn’t help that my lady went crazy and killed the others, leaving only her and I to fight each other. I had to save the session one way or another. Giving up the memories of me and everything else that happened in the game was the only way for others to come back to life and save us.” The man explains, Dave then takes a step back and turns to look at Tesla.

“Would….Would any of the others know about this?” he asks, the said woman sighs as she then walks past the ever playing memory, this causes the group to follow. Looking back, Dave frowns as the memory replays from the start of their fight. He had to wonder, why had his brother kept the fact that he had played the game before a secret? And when they had gotten the game why didn’t he warn him not to play it? Maybe there was something that needed to happen so playing the game was the only option? The red eyed males his head as Echo comes up in between himself and Jade, the teens nods and climb on her back.

“Dave?” the said teen turns and looks at Terezi who was looking up at him. “Did you know about your brother?”

“How was I supposed to know something like that when he hardly ever talked about his personal life outside of the apartment or when he was our age? The guy had his secrets….but I wasn’t expecting this either. Which is strange.” Dave tells her as he pets Echo’s head. “Bro never really talked about when he was younger. But he did tell me a lot of heavy shit happened to him and that’s why he doesn’t talk about it.” Jade nods as the teen explains.

“Who would have thought….your Brother actually played in a different session of the game. Maybe, the earth we lived on was one created by him and his team.” Dave then looks at the green eyed girl. “What?”

“That’s….a good point...but if his session was one of the bloodiest and a void session, how did they win? And why would he and his team want the game to exist? Unless they don’t get a choice in that matter. Look at us, the only reason the game even is still around is because we decided to keep the icon on our computers.”

“Well, that’s not entirely true,” hearing that, Dave turns to look at Karkat who had his hands in his pants pockets. “It’s not like when you win you can choose if the game should ever exist, it just appears wherever it wants.” Dave groans as he shakes his head and runs his hand through his hair. “So, maybe your brother knew there was no stopping the game. So maybe that’s why he tried to fight Jack himself. Because he knew what he was capable of.” The red blooded troll explains as he continues to walk down the road.


“You can’t be serious!? This is why we don’t let you do jobs!” Kim rolls her eyes as she watches her second in command and Alba argue. The two never got along, which wasn’t strange all things considered, but it was still pretty fucking annoying to her.

“Correction, you don’t let me do jobs, because you know how bloody messy it can get and you just don’t like how it get it done hell of a lot faster than you!”

“And I can get it done much faster than both of you at the same time. So shut the fuck up.” Kim cuts in causing both monsters to quiet down. “They’ve reached the memory fields. And now know that Strider had been a player. Makes me wonder, what’s going through Dave’s head? How does he feel about all of this?” she says in a smirk, standing up she stretches her arms out and then walks over to the computer screen. She then blankly watches the memory of her and Bro’s fight. Watching it now, she could see all of the mistakes she had made, and how he had managed to get the upper hand. “I was foolish back then.”

“Where did that come from? Not like I don’t agree with ya.” Alba states, Kim then continues to stare at the screen.

“Watching this fight, I can see the mistakes, I can see how cocky I was and that was my mistake. I underestimated him. If I had known then, what I know now, he would be dead….maybe. He was a good fighter, he never left himself open unless it was intentional. Hes kind of like a lion, who played with his pray before overpowering it.” Alba smiles as she crosses her arms over her chest and watches the other female press a few keys on the keyboard and then an image of the group of teens shows up as they continued to walk through the fields.

“Echo the Time Panther, and Rugarth the Heart Dragon. Two of the Guardian monsters that were created during the Beta session, how they managed to survive the scratch is beyond me.” Turning around, Kim looks at her second in command who had pulled up a screen on Dirk who appeared to be chasing after Gamzee. “Seems like Strider is finally going to finish off Makara.” Kim rolls her eyes.

“Not like I care.”

“You never do unless it concerns that red eyed boy.”


Growling Dirk skids to a halt as Gamzee turns to glare at him, fangs bared as he growled back. The white knuckle grip around the hilt of the blade was a clear indicator to anyone who knew Dirk well enough that the teen was beyond pissed off. He was ready to murder this troll and make him suffer the same way Latula had. He watches carefully as Gamzee twirled his juggling club in his hands.

“You got a lot of guts my brother. Coming after me considering I beat your friends head in.” Dirk lets out a low growl causing Gamzee to laugh. “Oh man, you are one angry motherfucker aren’t you? Think you’re gonna be a hero and kill me? Think that’s gonna motherfucking help you? Or bring her back to motherfucking life? Well guess what mother fucker? It’s not. She’s long gone, along with everyone else that dies here. They won’t be coming back, none of them. By the time they reach her, your brother will be the only one left and he won’t stand a chance against her. He’ll die, like many other people-“

“I suggest you keep your mouth shut.” Dirk cuts in, his tone steady and low. This causes the teen to glare at him as he spoke. “You won’t be laying a finger on anyone again once Im done with you. Shit, you won’t even be in one piece, I’ll cut you up the way you ripped Rose apart. I’ll beat your head in the way you did to Latula.” The blond haired male explains as he takes a step forward, causing the troll to growl and take one back. He could sense something was suddenly very different with the teen, but he couldn’t quite figure out what was different. Suddenly, the blond haired human had disappeared, only to reappear a second later in front of him, hardly giving him the time to block the teen’s blade with his club.

Much to the shock of the troll, he could feel himself have trouble keeping his arm stiff enough so that the blade wouldn’t come down and cut him in half, letting out a hiss, he kicks the teen back and jumps back a bit. Standing up, the human appeared unaffected by the kick to his abdomen. Which was strange considering that kick could have broken a bone or two, leaving the teen in pain and wheezing for breath. But not with this human, something was different about him. Letting out another growl he charges at human only to get a shocked look when the teen once again disappeared.

“It’s a nifty trick.” Turning around, the said troll hisses in pain as he felt the human’s blade cut his shoulder, jumping back he growls. “It’s more of a Strider thing. Not many others can do it.” Dirk explains as she watches the troll’s purple blood run down his blade. “When I said I was going to make you suffer the same way you made Latula and Rose suffer, I wasn’t kidding. I never kid. Not when it comes to this,” he states, stepping closer to the troll, who hisses and steps back. “Oh? Why are you suddenly so scared? Did you finally notice that I’m much more dangerous then what you made me out to be?” he asks with a smirk. “Good.”


“Well, looks like you just lost one more Kim.” Alba states as she stares at the computer screen. Hearing that, the said human looks up from her spot on the ground.


“Makara.” The scythe using woman explains. The red eyed woman rolls her eyes and curls up on her side while closing her eyes, Alba stares down at the woman before looking back up at the screen. She couldn’t help but wince as she watched the fight continue. “You’re not angry?”

“Nope. Because at the end of the day, just like the rest of you, you’re all just pawns of my game. If one dies, what do I care? Not like I wanted you guys around in the first place.” Kim explains, her arms folded under her head. Alba growls and rolls her eyes.

“I forgot how much of a bitch you are.”

“Yes and your forgot how expendable you are.” The woman threatens, Alba sighs.

“I swear, you weren’t this bad back when that Strider guy was still around. What the actual fuck? Did his death piss you off-“

“Yes Alba! It pissed me off that much! I told that idiot that if he went, he would get killed, but did he listen? No! He didn’t!” Kim suddenly snaps at the other female. Alba rolls her eyes and looks back at the screen. She smiles as she watches the human cut off the troll’s arm, she couldn’t help but laugh a bit as the said troll screamed out in pain and glared up at the teen. “Turn that shit off. It’s giving me a headache.”

“Oh hell no, I wanna see how this turn out! Kim, you have to see him.” Groaning, the female gets up and walks over and stare at the screen with shock. “Looks like he just had his power surge. The Prince of Heart Returns.” Alba states, Kim growls as she pushes the monster away from the computer and watches carefully as the troll continues to try and fight back against the blond haired male. “A lot like the Strider that you took on huh?”

“A lot indeed…in fighting style hes almost exactly like him, the only difference being he lacks the experience. And well, he still lacks the strength as well. He won’t get to live long enough though.” Kim states as she turns away from the screen and walks back over to her spot on the floor.

Giggling a bit, Alba turns to look back to the screen, she would admit, Dirk Strider was one interesting person. He could go from cool, calm and collected, to angry, on edge and blood thirsty in a matter of seconds. Much like how the one who fought him two years ago, but he had remained clam much longer then this boy. It wasn’t until near the end of their fight is when he got angry, thus the scar across Kim’s face. When they were created, they watched the after care of their new boss. That Strider was a strange one, he took the time to stay a recover a bit, and to help her take care of the wound on her face.

Sighing, Kim turns on her back and stairs up at the dark, starry, moonlit sky of her planet. This was going to be one interesting outcome.

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