Bringing Him Back

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

“Holy crap…is that…Dirk?” Looking up quickly, Dave could see Dirk being dragged across the open field by what looked like to be Kankri and Cronus. All three of them had a few bruises and deep cuts. Dave then looks at Jade who nods and climbs off of Echo with Karkat’s help. “Where the fuck are you going Dave?” the said red blooded troll asks as the human looks at him.

“Helping my brother. Come on Echo!” nodding the panther then takes off running with the said Time player on her back, lucky him it didn’t take too long for Echo to cut the group off, panting and attempting to catch their breaths, Dirk coughs. “Shit, what the hell happened to you guys?” Dave asks, Cronus sighs, looking up Dave couldn’t see any sign of what could have attacked them.

“No time. You gotta get out of here kid.” Cronus tells him as he reaches out and pets Echo. “You gotta get these kids out of here, now! Somehow, Karter took control over Rugarth.”

“What!? No, that’s impossible! She didn’t have that ability before, how does she have it now!?” Echo asks, as she looks around, suddenly on edge. Cronus shakes his head as he rubs the back of his neck.

“Guess she had time to learn a thing or two.” He explains, suddenly they all flinch as they hear a roar. A breathless curse could be heard from Dirk.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit…..” The blond mumbles, suddenly he was roughly pulled and picked up, only to be placed behind Dave on Echo’s back, he looks up at Kankri with shock. “K-Kan-“

“Kankri!” turning around the said troll gets a shocked look seeing Porrim limp to them, her leg was bleeding along with several other wounds on her body, rushing over he helps the female stand. “Kankri, Meenah says for you guys to keep running, there’s no way all of us can hold him back. We’ve tried breaking the mind control, but it’s not working. Aranea can’t help him. You and Cronus have to-“she stops and stares at Dave for a moment, turning to her right she could see the rest of the group they had been trying to keep alive. “Oh no…why are they here!?”

“Take it easy Porrim. We’re going to get these kids out of here alive and we-“ stopping they suddenly see a shadow over them, looking up they all scramble to get out of the way as Rugarth was suddenly flung to the ground. Looking up Dirk smirks seeing Rufioh, using his wings to his advantage. Landing next to Porrim the said troll watches as the dragon attempts to get up.

“Okay, go now! While you guys can!” the said troll commands, he then gets a shocked look seeing Dirk. “Oh shit. Why are you still here!? Damn it Dirk! Go, now!”

“I-I….” the teen trials off, from that moment Dave knew there was something wrong. He turns to look at his brother who looked a little worse for wear, he had one hand placed on his stomach, and this causes the red eyed males blood to run cold. Was he hurt? What happened? “I don’t….Im not….”

“You don’t get a choice in the matter!” Meenah suddenly yells as she charges at the dragon who was now up on his feet Rufioh then follows after her. “Get them out of here Cronus!!”

“Yes ma’am! Come on kids! Echo, run! Go!” Cronus commands as he and Kankri take off running with Echo following, suddenly Dave looks at Dirk and watches as the teen attempts to get off the panthers back, he reaches behind and grabs his brother’s arm keeping him from jumping.

“Oh no you don’t! You’re not gonna do anything fucking stupid do you understand!?”

“B-But, they-“

“Damn Dirk! If they die, don’t let their deaths be in vain! They are risking their lives to keep you alive! Now don’t you dare fucking get off this fucking cat or god so fucking help me, I’ll be the one you’ll have to worry about!” Dave scolds, Dirk remains silent as he nods and wraps his arms around the other male’s waist, once reaching the other group Jane and Jake frown a bit seeing Dirk but that stops when they notice that Dave had sent them a low growl.

“Shit, of all the dragons.” Tesla mumbles as she goes into her own dragon form and crouches down and then lets out a roar, suddenly she winces at the pain in her head.

Kidnap the Witch of Space, bring her here. Kill the female troll that travels with them. Im tired of waiting.” Tesla growls hearing Kim’s voice but nods, she then roars again and takes to the sky before suddenly diving down and pinning Terezi to the ground causing the group to stare at her with shock.

“What the fuck Tesla!? Get off of her!” Karkat commands, the said dragon growls as she stabs her claws into the troll’s sides and pulls them out roughly before suddenly snatching up Jade and flying off.

“Jade!!” Dave calls as he growls, as he jumps off of Echo and chasing after the dragon. “Put her down!” he commands, next thing he knew he was tackled to the ground by Echo herself and he looks up and lets out a scream of anger as he tries to push the panther off. “Get the fuck off of me! I have to go after her!!”

“And what can you do!? You’ll never be able to catch up! Much less save her! She must have been under Kim’s orders this whole time.” Echo explains to him as she forces him back on her back, she then rushes and catches up with the others who were attempting to stop Terezi’s bleeding without much success. “She won’t make it. Tesla’s claws are coated in a poison. Even if we did manage to stop the bleeding, she would die anyway. Im sorry.” Echo explains as she watches Karkat frantically try to stop the bleeding with his hands.

It had been sudden and out of nowhere. No one was ready for that sudden turn against them and Terezi wasn’t prepared to defend herself which only made the red blooded troll angrier. Shaking his head he growls, but that growl was cut off by the roar of Rugarth, looking up Dirk could see Meenah on the dragon’s head, stabbing her trident into his head as he tried to shake her off.

“We must go.” Kankri explains as he grabs Karkat’s arm and pulls him to his feet and away from the still bleeding troll, he couldn’t bring himself to fight back, but he couldn’t bring himself to leave her either. “Karkat! Come!” the older male commands, nodding the younger then follows the rest of the group as they take off running.


“Wow Kim….what pissed you off?” Alba asks with a smirk as she sat in a chair, the said red eyed woman was growling while staring at the computer screen, she watched as Tesla made quick work of Terezi and quickly snatched up Harley. She knew she could trust the dragon, she knew very well that Tesla was more than able to kill off that whole group of humans and trolls. But, she didn’t want her doing that. Not until she brought Harley to her. She was planning on using the witch to her advantage. Along with that English boy as well.

“You idiots not doing your job. That’s what pissed me off.” She states as she watches Jade attempt to get out of Tesla’s claws without much success. “If you want something done right, you do it yourself!” she says with anger as she walks away. Alba sighs knowing exactly where Kim was going, whenever she got mad, she go to where she and that Strider spent most of their time while both recovered from their fight.


Sighing, Kim finally reaches the top of the highest skyscraper, she lays down and stares up at the stars while her hands where folded behind her head. How long had it been since the last time she was up her? Two years? Two years has a long time, and she never thought she would keep track of time considering that she couldn’t care about it. But since she had met Bro, that changed she kept track of time a lot more than ever. She didn’t know if she should care or not.

You’re holding on too much….” Kim growls as she grips her head. “Are you not happy to hear me?

“No! No….of course I am…I just…..I don’t know what to feel….I miss you so damn much….it’s stupid.” She explains, she could hear the voice sigh and let out a small, sad sounding chuckle.

I miss ya too. But you gotta be strong little lady…and….please, stop what you’re doing. You’re hurting my family! The people I love!

“Yeah, well tough shit because they wanted this! They are the ones who showed up and challenged me!!” she hisses back with anger. The voice sighs. Kim frowns as she stares up at the sky.

Kim…please be happy again okay…? I don’t like what you’re doing, you’re hurting my little brother Kim!!” The said female growls and shakes her head as she sits up and stares out ahead of her, she could always block out the voice, that would mean not hearing the voice for several days and she wasn’t so sure if she wanted to do that. That voice was the only company she had and actually liked, she wasn’t fond of the monsters that are not Silver or Black cat.

The monsters that took a human form where ones that were created after Bro had beaten her, one of his wishes. For her to have and be in the company of others, she choose monsters instead of humans, she couldn’t stand other humans, and monsters only followed orders, they didn’t really have much of a will of their own. He didn’t have a problem with that, he just smiled and made the wish.

You do remember my second wish right?

“Of course….And im a woman of my word….”


“Echo, we have to stop!” nodding the Panther comes to halt and watches as the other trolls and humans stop running and desperately attempt to catch their breaths. Climbing off of the panther, Dave walks over to the other humans, Roxy looks up at him then she turns her attention to Dirk who was still on Echo, he didn’t look like he wanted to get close to the others. “It’s okay, I don’t think hes mad. Somethings wrong with him, I think he’s hurt.” Dave explains to the other teen who gets a worried look, nodding she places her hand on the younger’s shoulder and leads him back to his older brother who seemed to spaced out to notice what was going on around him.

“Dirky?” the said teen turns to look at his brother and best friend, both giving him looks of worry, he had his hand placed over his stomach. “Dirky, are you okay?” she asks walking closer to the teen, Echo crouches down, Dave then walks over to the older teen and both him and Roxy help the teen down from the panther, they could tell by his slow and careful movements that he was defiantly hurt and his abdomen was the point of injury here. Frowning, Dave then has Echo lay down before having Dirk sit and lean back against the said panther. Dave kneels down in front of the other Strider.

“Hey, bro, think you can do me a solid and move your hand?” the red eyed teen asks, Dirk nods slowly as he moves his hand, Dave gives him a small smile before reaching over and carefully pushing the teens shirt up, he and Roxy couldn’t help but gasp in shock at seeing the dark, bruise forming on this abdomen. It looked to have been a recent wound and it pretty bad one to top it off. “Holy shit dude, what the fuck happened?” Dave asks as he lightly trails his fingers over the bruise, which causes the older teen to hiss in pain, Dave pulls his hand back quickly. “Sorry. What happened to you though?”

“Had a run in with Gamzee.” Hearing that, Karkat turns to look at the orange eyed male. He then walks over to him and grabs the front of his shirt and pulls him to his feet. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“What do you mean you had a run in with Gamzee? What the fuck happened!?”

“Karkat, put him down! He’s hurt!” Dave tells the other male with anger the said troll then growls at the teen causing Dave to stare at him in shock.

“Shut up Strider. What the fuck happened when you ran into Gamzee!?”

“I killed him. That’s what.” growling Karkat then throws the teen to the ground and stomps his foot over the bruise, causing Dirk to let out a cry of pain.

“You did what!?” he asks with anger as he continues to dig his foot into his abdomen, suddenly, the said troll was tackled to the ground and then received a hard punch to the face. Looking up Karkat growls as Echo pulls Dave off and sets him down. The said teen then rushes over to Dirk and helps him sit up. “Why the fuck would you kill him!?”

“He killed Latula, and Rose…you tell me why I wasn’t going to kill him.” Dirk states, the said troll then aims to tackle the human again but stops seeing Dave stand in front of the older male, his sword in hand.

“Back off Karkat.”

“Back off!? Move Dave, he killed my best friend!”

“And your best friend killed my sister!!” Dave suddenly snaps, losing his cool as he glared at the red blooded troll. This causes the whole group to stare at him with shock, even Dirk. “Touch my brother again and see what happens! Don’t you even fucking lay a finger on him or even look at him wrong, or god so help me, I’ll cut you to pieces!” Dave threatens as he turns to Dirk and helps the male on his feet, then he helps him back on Echo’s back, the rest of the group remained speechless. Dave had never gotten that angry before, and he had never threatened to take someone’s life.

“You? Cut me to pieces? As if! The only reason why we’re even on this crazy goose chase is because of you!” Dave then turns to look at him.

“Me!? Now hold on, I had nothing to do with this! This was all your idea!” Dave snaps back as both teens glare at one another, Jake sighs as he stands in between them.

“Enough of that! We’re all here and now all we can do is go and get Jadey back. We can wish for everyone who died here to be brought back. Arguing will not help!” the green eyed teen explains as he looks at both Karkat then Dave who was giving a cold stare at the troll.

“It may have been my idea! But I brought it up because we wanted to bring back your fucking dead brother! So technically, this was all for you! All because you are too selfish to see that the people around you are worried sick about how the fuck you were feeling!!” hearing that Dave stares at him in shock.

“W-what…?” he asks

Karkat then laughs as he shakes his head. “That’s right you fucker! This was all for you! We all decided to go on this goose chase just so we could wish for your brother to come back, but you know what? Fuck that noise! Not like you deserve it anyway!”

After hearing that, the group stood there stunned, and stared at the two teens with shock. Dirk sighs as he watches Dave’s fits clench tightly. Standing up, Dirk walks over to his brother, he slips his hand under the red eyed teens shades and pulls him to his chest and holds him tightly he could feel full body shudders going through the smaller male, he couldn’t help but glare up at Karkat.

Bro was a subject that no one touched. Not even himself, he didn’t care how close a person was to Dave, but they were never allowed to bring him up around him. Dirk then turns and slowly pushes the teen over to Echo and makes him climb on the panthers back, he then pushes the teen’s head down so that his hair hid his face. Dirk turns to look over at Kankri and Cronus before looking over at the rest of the group.

“You go your way, find Karter and grant your wish. But don’t you dare, ever try to blame my brother for something he had no idea about. Especially when it concerns HIM. I’ll be taking him with me, we’ll do things my way. Safer, quicker and hell of a lot better than whatever the fuck you people are doing.” Dirk scolds, his tone low and cold. This causes Jake to glare at the orange eyed male. “Cronus, Kankri, let’s go. We’re gonna go get Jade back.” Nodding the two trolls then watch as the teen climbs on the panthers back, walking away.

“Hold on, Dirk your leaving?” Roxy asks, the said teen turns his head slightly to look at the blond haired female. “You just got here, you haven’t even spoken a work to us, what the hell is going on with you?”

“What’s gotten into me? Ha! I don’t even want to hear that from anyone. Im not even going to touch up on the subject of all of you! Need I remind you that Im nothing to Crocker or English? Huh?” he asks, glaring at them, he then looks at Dave and ruffles his hair.

“Now hold on, you’re not being fair Dirk!” Jake adds in. “we had this conversation already Dirk, you have no right to be angry with me, or Jane for that matter! You also shouldn’t run off alone without us! That’s dangerous! Especially if you have Dave with you! You can’t just go after Jadey alone without a plan!”

“Oh please, like you weren’t going to do the same thing! At least I know what im doing.” Dirk states, he then pulls Dave against his chest and then motions for Kankri and Cronus to start following him as Echo starts to walk away again. Growling, Jake watches as the small group leaves.


“Damn it! Put me down!” Jade commands as she struggles against Tesla’s claws, she whimpers slightly as she tightens her grip.

“I suggest you stop talking and struggling unless you wanna die early!” Tesla warns, huffing, Jade goes quite.

This was an unexpected turn of events, and poor Terezi! What had become of the girl after Tesla attacked her? She hoped that the others where okay, she knew that they weren’t push overs. But that didn’t change the fact that these monsters under Kim’s control where strong, she, nor her friends seemed to be close to the level of strength that they were at. It was as if being this close to where Kim is, was decreasing their own abilities.

“Why did you pretend? Was all of that just part of this plan?” Jade asks, Tesla then huffs as she continues to fly.

“Yes, from the beginning. She ordered me to befriend you all and take you down the most dangerous path to get to her. This was all just part of getting rid of you one by one until the only one left was Strider. But, for whatever reason, she wants you alive. But we have to get rid of the others. So, you just relax and enjoy the ride before we reach the Land of Stars and Skyscrapers. I’ll let Kim deal with you.”

Jade sighs as she rolls her eyes and looks down at the ground below them, she then gets a shocked look. Below here where the same memory fields they were in, but this time, it seemed to be playing out a war scene. She was stunned at the amount of trolls that she saw in this memory.

This was weird, the amount of trolls, and then the she gasps seeing Dave’s brother suddenly appear in the memory.

Okay, this was getting stranger, and stranger by the second, she then looks up at Tesla who didn’t seem to be paying attention, taking in a deep breath, she then releases it and looks down. She knew that if she could just somehow teleport down there and make a run for it, she could get away. But did she really wanna risk getting hurt and leading her back to the group? Sighing, she merely goes limp and watches as they continue to fly over the fields.

“Please be safe you guys…”


Growling, Cronus skids to a halt and glares at Rugarth who was now standing in front of him, growling and having the different colored bloods of his friends drip off his teeth and claws. He turns to see Echo, protectively standing in front of Dave, Dirk and Kankri. He couldn’t help but smile sadly at Dirk, in return the teen got a scared and sad look on his face. It broke his heart to see the teen look at him like that, but he couldn’t deny nor lie to the teen any longer. He knew that if he stayed here and took on this dragon, then he would die in the process.

“Kankri, Echo, get the boys out of here.” he states, hearing that Dirk growls as she runs up and stands next to the troll. “Dirk, im not as-“

“I don’t take orders very well.” Dirk cuts in as pulls out his sword and glares up at the lizard who growls and shakes his head, as if attempting to break away from Kim’s control. The orange eyed male frowns as he watches the dragon let out distressed sounds as a few growls here and there. he turns back to look at Dave, when he was suddenly pushed back towards echo, and much to his shock, Kankri was now standing next to Cronus. “Kan?”

“Go. Both of you. We can hold him off for a while.” he states, growling, Dirk’s fist shake, but he jumps slightly feeling Dave grab his wrist and take off running. “Echo?”

“I’ll be staying, as per orders of Dave.” She tells the troll, he looks over at the teens who had already taken off running, he couldn’t help but smile slightly before the boys will be okay. They know how to take care of themselves.”

“That’s right chief. They aren’t push overs. Those kids are special and you know It.” he states, as he watches the bright, red and orange flames gather in the dragon’s mouth. He turns to look at Kankri and Echo. “Well, it was most certainly great working with you two.”

“Yes, I must say, it was a good time wasn’t it Echo?” the red blooded troll asks, the panther smiles and nods slightly.

“Well, let’s see if we can’t snap this guy out of it so he could be of some use to Dirk later.”


Coming to a stop, Dave sighs and looks over at Dirk who was panting. It must have been a while since the last time they ran like that. Flopping onto the ground, the Knight of Time lays on his back and takes in deep breaths of air, he lets out a huffs feeling Dirk drape himself across his stomach. The red eyed male couldn’t help but smile and ruffle his brother’s hair.

“You okay bro? How’s your stomach?” Dave asks, the other teen groans as he tries to get up and flops back down on the teen, causing Dave to grunt a bit. “Okay, that’s not a good thing. How the hell did you kill Gamzee with an injury like that?” he asks, the spikey haired male then turns to look at his brother before removing his shades, in turn, the red eyed male removes his own and stares down at his brother.

The other teen had dark bags under his eyes, he looked like he had just been kept up for several nights, and he looked oh so very defeated. As if he had completely given up on humanity, as if he had a long standing fight with himself or someone else.

“Holy shit dude…you don’t look so hot…you okay?” he asks, running his fingers through his brother’s hair. The other teen lifts his head a bit, allowing Dave to get a better look of his face, now that he really took a look, he had a large bruise forming around his cheek bone, which was also cut, but the bleeding had stopped a while ago. “Holy shit man….seriously….what happened?”

“Most of the wounds are from Rugarth….the only one from Gamzee is the one on my stomach.” He mumbles, as he curls up a bit, causing him to whimper slightly. Probably from the soreness in his muscles and from the wounds he had. Dave frowns as he sits up and rub his brother’s back gently, he could feel the orange eyed male slowly relax under his touch. “It was sudden dude…..happened while he was taking ups somewhere else to hide. We weren’t ready…..I wasn’t ready, I let my guard down. God I was a fucking idiot.” Dirk mumbles, the last part mostly to himself.

Dave was well aquatinted with those types of thoughts as well. They were not new to him, and probably not new to any of the Striders, though he wished it was a feeling none of them knew. Although, he wasn’t so sure if Bro himself knew of the feeling, unless during his time in his game session he had experienced the same thing. But he didn’t know, Bro never talked about it, not gave off any hints he was a session player. But it made Dave wonder, who were the other three players in his session? He doubted that single player sessions were allowed, but then again, this game was unpredictable.


“Yeah?” he asks, looking down at Dirk who was staring off into the distance, as if he was looking for something. He waited until his brother decided to speak up again, he was beginning to wonder of Dirk had just called his name to just say, but then again, the other male wouldn’t do certain things unless he had a plan. Talking was one of those things.

“I’m sorry ahead of time if something happens. Because, let’s be honest here, anything and everything will and can happen here. The game is a cruel thing, and we’ve seen the things it does to people. So, if something-“

“Dirk, don’t.”

“If something where to happen to me, keep moving forward. Beat Kim, and wish for whatever it is you want to wish for okay? Whether it be for Bro to come back, or for the ones who died here to be brought back, but don’t let anything happen to yourself you hear?” Dirk explains to him, sighing, Dave looks away and nods slowly.

He hated it when anyone he knew talked like that. It was a cruel reminder that they weren’t immortal. Not anymore, not since the end of the game, and that was something he always had a hard time remembering, it’s not like he wanted to have his abilities back, but it would have been nice to keep that at least. But the game didn’t gift them that, it only gifted them a new earth to live on with all of them living close to one another. Nothing more, and nothing less.


“Yeah I know…but that’s a lot to ask of me. And you know it, and im pretty sure you’re not gonna let yourself be killed so easily either.” the red eyed male tells the other teen, Dirk sighs and turns to gaze to him. “Or are you planning on letting yourself get killed?” he asks with sudden worry and fear.

“No, no. but with my wounds, I can promise anything.” The orange eyed male explains to him, Dave nods as he looks up at the sky. “Everything will be okay, you’ll see.”

“I hope your right, man…I hope your right.”

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