Bringing Him Back

Chapter 2

Chapter two

Karkat sighs as he stands up and stretches his sore muscles. When he had arrived at the apartment, there were several people trying to open Dave’s door. Of course is first reaction was to beat the shit out of all of them, that is, until he heard the screams coming from inside the two bedroom apartment. He remembered Rose telling him that Dave wasn’t himself, so she had asked him if he could go check on the teen. So he did, and he came to find the human screaming at the top of his lungs, trying to pull his own hair out.

He couldn’t help but glare at the human. He had to explain to the other humans that lived here that he was just going through a really bad break up, along with a stressful family problems. Lucky him, they believed him. But, soon his glare fades. He had a soft spot for the strider. He had grown close to the fragile human after the game, so to see the once calm, cool, collected Strider, broken, angry, and depressed, made him upset.

Dave had been asleep for hours. And he couldn’t even say that was a good thing. Every now and then, the teen would let out small whimpers and even call out for his brother. Karkat was thinking about maybe calling John to come and watch him. He had gotten an idea on how to get his Brother/father back. But he would need to go back to Sburb, but every time he looked down at the human. He couldn’t bring himself to leave the teen after he had stayed with him for this long.

“Ugh…fuck man, you really did weed your way in huh? You idiot. I don’t know why you just don’t admit that you miss him…it’s not hard. Shit, you got John and the others worried sick about you. Hell! You even got ME worried about you.” Karkat explains. He sighs not getting a response from Dave, sitting down on the edge of the human’s bed, he gently pats the boy’s head. “It’s decided…I’m going to go Sburb, I’m going to find the Memory compositor Knight. She can help….she bring Bro back….I promise…I’ll help you.” With that Karkat kisses the human on the cheek and leaves him a letter.

He had to get the rest of the gang together. He had to tell them about her. But, he knew there was a chance they would all say no, the road to get to her planet was dangerous, she was considered as a human boss battle in the game. But, of course, the choice to battle her was optional. One didn’t have to fight her, but if the player wanted one wish without consequence, she was the one to beat. If he could get Rose, John, Jade, Terezi, and Nepeta to agree, maybe they might have a chance.

Nodding, the said male sends a message to the gang telling them to meet him by the school. With that, he rushes out of the apartment.

“Ugh, where the hell is Karkat!? He told us to meet him here.” Terezi asks, John sighs as he looks up and sees Karkat running up. “Where the hell where you Kar!?” he glares at her.

“Guys, it’s about Dave. I have an idea of how to bring back Bro.” His eye twitches as they just stare at him as if he where some sort of idiot. “Um, can I get some kind of answer from you assholes!?”

“Kar…Bro…bro is gone. There’s no-“

“Are you really trying to tell a TROLL weather or not there is a way to bring back a dead person from that game? Really? Who do you fuck faces think I am?” Karkat asks, the group merely look at one another before turning back to look at the other male.

“Kar, you’re not thinking about going after HER are you?” Terezi asks, the other troll nods. She then looks at Nepeta with worry. “But, Kar, no troll has ever beaten her, nor has she ever let one leave her planet alive…” Karkat nods, he knew that the girls were scared, but, he looks at the human players and sees that they were looking at him with confusion.

“What are you talking about man?” John asks. Karkat sighs as he starts to walk back to Dave’s apartment with the others following.

“She’s Sburb’s Memory compositor knight. She’s an optional boss to fight if you want a wish granted without flaw. But…she’s not easy to beat. She’s human, she is the only human to be known to have been born in the game.” He explains as the group follows him. Terezi gets a worried look, Karkat had finally lost his mind. She understood that Dave was his friend, but did that really mean that he had to go and come up with that?

“You’re crazy Karkat! There’s no way we would win!! Only Bro has defeated her and even then, he was lucky to live through that fight!” Terezi explains with worry as they walk up the steps of the blond’s apartment. This was it, Kar had finally lost him mind, to think he was willing to go this far for one human!

“Dave needs this! He’s destroying himself!! Don’t you see it!?”

“I say let’s do it.” This causes everyone to turn and look at John who had a smile on his face. Karkat smiles at that and at the look on the other’s faces. “Kar is right, Dave is losing a long standing battle with himself. And if we don’t help him in any way we can, we will lose him and then we won’t be able to bring him back.” Now John had a point, it was true. All of them knew that Dave’s state of mind was dwindling down to nothing. “If we have to go back to the game to help Dave, then so be. Let’s find her.”

“I agree. Dave needs help.” Rose explains as they arrive at the blond’s apartment room, and walking in, they see him picking up broken glass pieces, looking up Dave waves. “What happened here?” she asks walking over and helping him clean up the mess.

“I got mad so I chucked a cup at the wall.” Dave simply explains to his ‘twin sister’ as he thanks her with a nod and throws away the broken glass, once that was done, he was tackled to the ground in a hug by John, causing both boy’s to laugh. “So, why are all of you here?” John smiles.

“We have to find someone in the game.” This causes the pale blond to frown. “She’s human Dave. She was born in the game.”

“What? Really?” he asks, Karkat nods as he sits down.

“She’s an optional boss. Very dangerous, and hates anyone who isn’t your Brother.” This causes Dave to look up at him.

“Bro? My bro knew her!?” he asks, the troll nods.

“He beat her and she granted him any wish he wanted. What was his wish, who knows.” He explains, Dave then looks away and nods. “We are going to find her, and bring her here to the human world where she belongs. It’s not safe in the game for her.”

“Makes sense. Alright, when do we leave?” Dave asks, the other smiles as he gets up.

“Whenever you guys are ready. But let me warn you…it’s not going to be easy. If we thought Jack was hard to beat…than we won’t stand a chance against her. She’s a lot more dangerous than he was…she can easily destroy the world if she wanted to.” Dave smiles, this causes the male troll to look at him confused, now why in the hell was he smiling? He didn’t see how any of this was something to smile about. He hadn’t even told him the reason they were going to go see her.

“You all crazy.” Terezi comments, but she sighs, she wasn’t going to let them go alone. They were her friends and she was going to help, no matter how scared she was. Sighing she smiles. “But I’m not letting you idiots go alone either. So count me in.” Smiling John nods.

“Then let’s head back to our places. We will meet up in the game.” Rose then turns to look at the boys. “What?” John asks.

“Which world do we meet up at? I would say Dave’s but…”

“To hot?” he asks, she nods. Chuckling he smirks. “Can’t take the heat? That’s kind of sad.” She growls and smacks him upside the head. “Okay, okay sorry. Then we will meet up at yours John.” Nodding the other teens say their good byes and leave the blond to himself. Sighing he looks over a photo of himself and his brother. “I said I wouldn’t ever go back. But after hearing what Kar explained. How can I say no? That girl needs to live here in the normal world.” Smiling he nods as he grabs his computer and sets it on the table. Turning it on, he then sees the said game logo on the screen and sighs. He couldn’t believe this was going to happen. To go through that hell again for some girl he didn’t even know. But he was going to beat her, get his wish and bring here to the regular world where she could do as she pleased.

He smiles. “I’m going to make it happen.” With that he clicks the said logo and opens the game. “Let’s make it happen gang.”

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