Bringing Him Back

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Are you kidding me?” A dark haired girl asks as she slides a screen over to her right in midair. “Damn that Jack Noir for not holding up his end of the deal and now I have to take care of these brats. Lovely.” She hisses with anger, sighing she watches as John and the other’s re-enter the game in his world as the starting point. She then reaches down and pets a dog sized, all black cat. One of its eyes was replaced with an X while his claws where a light shade of purple. “Hear that buddy. New play things for you and sliver cat.” She coos, causing it to smile. But she knew all too well she had programed the creature to express all emotions even if the creature itself couldn’t. Of course, to annoy enemies, it would mock their emotions.

Sighing, she pulls the screens up and then gets a sad look. The said teen…John was it? Yeah, John, was now happily chatting away with another teen. A girl, with long black hair. If she recalled correctly, her name was Jade. He had a smile on his face alongside Jade. She frowns and looks away. She didn’t know what it felt like to have actual friends. Her mother had her here in this dark world full of nothing but a moon lit sky, and thousands and thousands of sky rising buildings. Then once she was six, and able to take care of herself, her mother left her here alone to fend for herself and train with Jack.

Smiling, at that memory, she had no regrets. She had become stronger then that old coot by the time he had stopped training her. She held the memory of the game’s history here in her world. She held the power of knight as well to top it off. Not like her mother who merely was the memory compositor. Pulling up another screen she then pulls up information on the said two teens.

“John….hmm…alright then. Heir to breath. You’re the first person that’s going to be taken care of.” She says to herself while another cat like creature appears next to her, sitting on its hind legs, it looks up at the screen and begins to laugh. Looking at the said gray cat, she smiles. The cat on its front paws, he had extremely long claws, stained with dried blood of its victim’s. Unlike his black cat counterpart, this one could actually speak. But he had a nasty habit of only talking to its victim’s. “You excited huh? Don’t worry, I’ll let you two have your fun with them.”

Looking back at the screen the said girl she smiles seeing the rest of the teens show up. Much to her shock, not quite believing it, she zooms the screen in and smirks.

“Three Trolls….I can’t believe it. Oh what fun.” She says. “Black cat, Silver cat. Go do your thing.” Both letting out hisses, they disappear into the ground.


“Okay, everyone’s here. Let’s get going then.” John explains, turning around he begins to walk away. Then he stops realizing no one was following, turning around he stares at them with confusion. “What?”

“Dude. You don’t even know how to get to her.” Dave points out, Rose then pinches the bridge of her nose and shakes her head as jade begins to laugh at him. “Let Karkat lead the way, okay?” John then smiles and nods as the said troll begins to walk ahead of them. Dave then follows shortly after along with the others.

Looking around nervously Terezi, walks closer to Rose who looks at her with confusion.

“What’s wrong Terezi?” Jade asks, the said girl sighs as she continues to look around. She had a feeling that maybe, just maybe that they were being followed, but she wasn’t entirely sure. Letting out another sigh she looks up at them.

“I have a feeling someone’s following us….but maybe I’m-“ a sudden shout of surprise startles the girls as they see the boy’s with their weapons pulled out, and Black cat standing not too far in front of them growling, hissing and crouching low to the ground ready to pounce on the teens. “Oh no! Guys back away slowly from it!”

“What!? Why!?” Dave asks, but none the less, he backs away slowly, only causing black cat to creep closer. Growling the teen makes a move to attack only to be stopped by Karkat who grabs his wrist. Stopping the blond from swinging that sword of his at the said creature. “Kar?? Dude?”

“Don’t…this is Black cat. One of HER many monsters that she controls. There are two in command. Black cat here, is one of them.” He explains. He then sets his weapon down and that causes Black cat to sit up and tilt its head in confusion.

“Aw, that’s cute.” John explains, that earns him a hit to the head once more by Dave. “Ow! Dave!”

“It’s mocking us.” Karkat explains as his eyes twitches slightly as Black cat’s ears flatten against his head and a frown appears on its face. “Useless cat.” Then Black Cat growls as it pounces on him, holding put his arm to keep it from biting off his face, he uses the other to try and reach for his weapon, but just before he got his fingers around it, Dave had managed to give it a slight cut on its head before it jumped back and begin laughing.

“You okay!?” he asks, the troll nods as he stands up, but much to their shock he had disappeared into the ground and ran off. Karkat growls seeing the cut on his arm. Damn it. Now Black cat was defiantly going to be able to track them down. “Kar?”

“I’m fine. Let’s keep moving. He won’t be back for a while.” He explains as he continues to walk, at first the others give one another confused glances, but follow him anyway.

“How do you know how to get to her world Kar?” John asks, Karkat then sighs. He wasn’t planning on telling them that he had once battled her, because the legend goes that no troll had ever come back from there alive, and it was true…until he came back alive. Near death, but alive. That’s why he had gone missing for a few weeks, so he could recover.

“Because I’ve fought her before.” That causes the group to come to a halt. Sighing he turns around to look at them. They all, minus Dave, had a shocked look. He had a feeling that the Strider knew that he had gone to battle her. “I barely escaped her. But I’m pretty sure she remembers me…she has a good memory. It was when I disappeared for a few weeks. After our fight, I had to get away and heal. But I didn’t want you guys to know.”

Dave the rolls his eyes that were hidden by his sunglasses. He hated how the troll thought that he had to hide that fact from them. But he didn’t question why he felt as if he had to do it. But still, it would be nice if he trusted them enough to tell them these things. But never the less, he continues to follow the other male. The area was dark, and the only main road was one bridge, looking over the edge Jade shivers. It was a long way down

“Don’t look down.” Dave teases, this causes her to glare at him, but she them tightly grips his arm, causing him to chuckle. “Don’t worry. You’ll be okay.” He explains to her, letting the girl hang on his arm tightly. He had to admit, it was always funny to see the Girls get scared and latch onto whatever was within arm’s reach. And sometimes, it just so happened that whenever that happened, Karkat, John and himself would be the ones that got latched onto. Looking over the edge he couldn’t help but frown. It was a long way down.

“HEY!” looking up, the pale blond glares at Karkat who was impatiently taping his foot on the ground. Rolling his eyes, he and Jade reach the safety of the other side of the Bridge. “Try not to lag to far behind, with Black cat roaming around, it’s not safe.” The troll explains to the human who give him a curt nod. Nodding back, they continue to follow the other male.

“So…how do you know this much on this girl?” John asks, Karkat sighs as he rubs the back of his neck. “Kar?”

“The only reason I know so much about her is because of stories I’ve heard and read about her.” He explains, looking around he frowns, they were still on the first level of this world, and there was about two others they had to get through. And he knew that she must have other human subordinates working for her. That was no doubt. Now the question became, on which level would they show up on? This one, or the other two? That’s what had him worried. He didn’t know what to do if they ran into one of those other subordinates of hers. Because they were all stronger than they were, it still bothered him how the hell Bro managed to beat her on his own. And the older male still wouldn’t tell him what he wished for.

“So you’re telling me that you actually read a book about her? Do you not see how totally wrong that sounds?” Dave asks, the said troll then glares at him. “I’m pulling your leg, shit calm down. How did you find out that my brother beat her? What did he wish for?”

“He told me himself. And what he wished for, I don’t know. He wouldn’t tell me that much. He said that was something I had to ask her myself.” Karkat explains as they continue to walk. Looking around rose becomes slightly confused.

“Question, why isn’t she attacking us every moment she gets?” Rose asks, John then nods. The blond girl had a point. “And what’s her name?”

“Because she waiting to see if we split up, and her name is Kim Karter. She’s not exactly a person who likes people…or anyone for that matter.” Hearing that Dave sighs rubbing the back of his neck.

So what he had just got from that is…well, they were going to have to, somehow, someway, befriend her. He knew that maybe John would have no issue with that seeing the boy was just easy to get along with. Now it was Rose he was worried about, if this Kim was anything like Rose, the two would dumb heads and not get along. Jade, she got along with everyone. The same could be said for Terezi and Nepeta. Himself, he was pretty much chill with anyone unless they gave him a bad vibe. Something he had learned from Bro when he was around. Sighing he groans, this was becoming more and more complicated as they went.

“Not only that, all of her minions are monsters. Not even human so she more than likely waiting until we reach higher levels.”

“Shit. Well god damn it. So you’re telling me that once we reach different worlds, and different levels she’s going to send her goons after us?” Dave asks, the troll nods. “Fuck, that’s gonna suck so bad.” Rose nods.

“You’re telling me. Imagine having to do this alone. It’s not a walk in the park Strider. Even your brother, as strong as he was, had a hard time getting to her. And even harder time beating her.” Karkat explains continuing to walk, but folding his arms behind his head. John then sighs.

“If that’s true, then what are we going to do? What if we can’t beat her?” with that being said the troll turns to look at the teen and then back at the road ahead of him. “Kar?”

“We die. Simple as that. She doesn’t let her opponents leave that place alive if she wins. She has a nasty habit of killing her foes once they lose. She said once that it was because then they would be foolish enough to come back or revel her hiding place…and, well, because fighting, and killing shit is all she has ever known.” Jade shivers.

“We can’t turn her into a friend?” she asks shyly, Karkat then laughs causing the girl to frown, she didn’t see what was so funny. This was serious, they could die! Why in the world was he laughing!?

“Oh sure, tell me how that goes for ya.”

“Oh I can easily tell you that.” The small group of teens then come to a stop, looking around Dave growls. “You…Your Dave Strider! Yes of course YOU would be here.” Suddenly, they see a blond haired teen, pale skin color, dark blue eyes, and he had two swords strapped to his back. He had a dark grin on his face as he sized up Dave, making the red eyed teen uneasy. “OH YES you’re most defiantly HIS younger brother…”

“Shut up!! Who the fuck are you anyway!?” Karkat asks, the said blond chuckles darkly.

“I’m the Boss of this level. That’s who I am.”

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