Bringing Him Back

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Hearing that, John growls as he turns to look at the girls, Jade looked nervous, her rifle in hand, meaning she was ready for whatever that guy was going to try. The stranger didn’t look that much older than they did, in fact, he was probably their age, if not younger. Suddenly, the said pale skinned teen was no longer there. Looking around frantically, the group attempt to locate the boss.

“Looking for me?” turning around, Rose suddenly feels the male wrap his hand around her throat and begin to strangle her as he holds her up in the air, a sick smirk was on his face, causing Dave to growl at him.

“Rose!” Jade cries out in shock and fear for the other teen.

“Let her go! Or I swear to fucking god I’ll cut you to pieces!” Dave threatens, the blond haired teen then starts to laugh maniacally, causing the group to stiffen. Glaring at the nameless teen, Dave summons his blade then charges at the blue eyed male. “I said let her go!”

“Dave, don’t!” Karkat warns, but it was too later, as the red eyed teen made the motion to slash at the enemy, but much to the shock of the teens, the blond haired teen had blocked the younger male’s sword, getting a shocked look Dave attempts to w pull back, but much to his shock, the other male kicks the red eyed teen’s sword out of his hand then kicks him across the face, sending him to the ground before tossing Rose on top him. Both of them letting out a yelp of pain. The said nameless teen then turns to look at John and the others.

“Now, two humans, and three trolls left…now whose next? How about the pretty black haired girl…Jade was it? Why don’t we have a go at it?” he asks, the said girl then frowns, causing John to step in front of the girl, the other male laughs.

“You won’t lay a finger on her…” turning around he sees Rose and Dave getting to their feet. The said male sighs as he then disappears and then reappears a few feet away from the group. “You’re a human, why are-“

“Oh no sweetie, I am no human. I’ve taken this human form for her benefit, and by the orders of another human. As it was part of his wish.” Hearing that Dave gets a shocked look before it turns into a glare. “Oh…what’s wrong Strider? Surprised that I know about your brother’s wish? Why wouldn’t I know? After all, I was the one who fought against your brother and alongside Kim Karter. Your brother was one hell of an opponent.”

“What do you know about my brother!? Tell me about his wish!” Dave asks, the other teen laughs as he runs his hand through his hair. “And what’s so fucking funny!?” he asks, the said teen sighs as he lets his hand drop back down to his side. The said male had yet to draw his blades, meaning, he either doesn’t want to use them, or he saw that they were not worth it.

“All I know is that part of his wish was for us to take the emotions, and appearance of you fleshy humans. Which I will never understand why.” He explains as he crosses his arms over his chest. Dave relaxes slightly which, in turn, causes the blue eyed male to tense and wrap on of his hands around the “”hilt of his blade, the red eyed teen growls as his body tenses. “You shouldn’t relax around an enemy, much less one like me.”

“You don’t seem like you want to fight though…” Jade points out. “Tell us your name at least.”

“Don’t got one.” He states as he glares at her, Jade then frowns as she looks at John who smiles and nods, nodding back she looks back at the blue eyed teen. “Alright, then I’ll give you one. You’ll be known as…Alexander, Alexander.” She says with a smile, suddenly, she lets out a scream as John grabs her arm and jumps back with her. Much to her shock, the now named teen; Alexander, hand charged, jumped and nearly cut the girl in half with is katana.

“I refuse to allow you idiots give me a name. I am fine the way I am, nameless! Names mean nothing here, you’ll all just end up a page in a history book, a page on the web on how you failed to take down Kim! And you have to be an idiot if you think you’re going to get past me to get one step closer to her.” The male explains as she charges at John and Jade once again, but he growls as Dave blocks his sword.

“You’ll have to deal with me. One way or another, I’m going to make you talk.” He says as he pushes the nameless teen back, before charging at him. John sighs as he looks at Jade.

“You and the girls go ahead of us.”

“None of you are going anywhere!” turning around the Rose gets a shocked look seeing the surrounding area surrounded by a dark mist. Rose knew very well that if they tried to go head, that Mist would either harm them, or even act as some sort of barrier. Letting out a growl she takes out her wands and turns to look at the nameless teen who had Dave’s sword pinned to the ground with his foot, while with his hands, had his swords crossed at the blond’s throat, ready to behead him if need be. How fast and strong was this guy to be able to disarm the other teen. “I highly suggest you stay and show me what your made of.” With his free foot, he kicks the red eyed male in the chest, sending him a few feet away.

“Dave! Damn it! let’s see how you-“ John stops mid-sentence noticing the teen, (Fuck it, he was just going to refer to him as alexander.) had disappeared, smirking, he turns around ready to swing his hammer, but growls seeing the male had stopped it with his hand.

“Damn you Alexander!” looking up the blue eyed teen narrowly escapes a purple colored bolt of lightning, rolling then getting up, he winces feeling a bullet graze his shoulder before looking up and jumping back, barely dogging John’s hammer. The blue eyed male then starts to laugh, he had to admit. These kids weren’t so bad, but then he looks over at the three trolls. He was wondering why they weren’t doing anything. Smirking he then charges at the other teens.

“Karkat, Terezi, Nepeta watch out!” Rose calls out, growling Karkat summons his sickles and blocks the other male’s sword. Why was he only using one of his katanas? What shocked the troll was the fact that Alexander wasn’t putting much strength into his swings. Something that Dave must have noticed and that was probably why he was probably thrown off.

“KARKAT!” hearing his name, he could see Alexander pulling out a sword and bring it down, next thing the troll knew, he was on the ground, and Dave was standing above him, with the blond haired teen’s deeply imbedded in his shoulder; which was gushing out blood. The smaller teen couldn’t help but stare up in shock as Alexander glared before roughly pulling the Katana out and jumping back before Nepeta could slash at him with her metal claws. “Fuck! Dave!” running over John grabs his friend’s shoulders as the blond haired teen falls to his knees. Reaching up, Dave presses his hand to the wound before glaring up at the blue eyed teen who was smirking at them. “Kar you okay?”

“Y…Yeah. Damn it Strider! What the fuck were you thinking!?” he asks as he crawls over to the blond who hadn’t once let his gaze move from the other teen.

“I wasn’t…my body just moved on its own okay?” he states as he stands up, much to john’s distress as he stands close to his red eyed friend’s side. Sighing he looks over at Jade who nods, nodding back he pushes John into Karkat, causing both to fall to the ground while quickly summoning his sword and blocking both of Alexander’s swords, this time the force of which the other blond used caused the said teen to nearly kneel.

“I’ll admit, you guys are pretty good, but ho-“he stops mid-sentence after feeling a sharp pain Perce through his chest. Looking down he could see a small hole as blood quickly spilled out, taking his chance Dave pushes him off and slashes upward, cutting his left arm off. John couldn’t help but watch in shock and amazement as the other male fall on his back on the ground, letting out a sigh Dave walks up to him and stands above him after his sword disappears and he has his hand pressed to his shoulder wound once again. Coughing, Alexander’s dark blue eyes were now slowly becoming dull, looking up at the other blond he smirks weakly. “N-Not bad…distracting me with that witch’s attack then cutting me nearly in half…”

“Well, I wasn’t going to let you die so fast when I have a shit tone of questions for you to answer.” Dave explains as he falls to his knees next to the other male who laughs before coughing up blood.

“And…what m-makes you think I...I’m going to tell you anything?” he asks, hearing that Dave then looks ahead of him, he notices that the black mist was now gone. Meaning the teen didn’t have much time before Alexander would die, looking back down at him, he could see that the male was holding up his hand, and next thing he knew, he could hear John and Rose frantically calling his name before his world faded to black.



Huh…? Who’s there…?”




“DAVE!” eyes snapping open, the said teen sits up quickly, only to feel a wave of dizziness hit him, which in turn causes him to tightly shut his eyes and take deep breaths to calm down the feeling of nausea that came with the dizziness. “Oh my god Dave are you okay!?” looking to his right he could see Terezi looking at him with worry.

“Yeah…I’m fine. Just…what the hell happened?” he asks as he looks over at his group of friends. Rose frowns.

“You don’t recall?” he shakes his head. “How strange. It’s not like you to forget such events. Especially seeing Alexander quite literally used his last ounce of energy to use some sort of shock wave right in your face. You were unconscious in an instant.” She explains as Jade nods in agreement with the well-spoken girl. Hearing that Dave groans, that explained why his head was killing him, he then looks up to his left feeling someone place their hand on his shoulder. He couldn’t help but smile seeing it was John who had the saddest look on his face, he looked as if someone had just kicked his puppy. Suddenly, he was pulled into a tight hug by his friend.

“Jesus, Dave! Couldn’t you at least be a little more aware of your opponents!? Isn’t that what you’re always telling me anyway? Yet look at you, the second you get the chance, you let your guard down!” John scolds as he pulls back, seeing the glare on his friends face then causes the red eyed teen to start laughing, which in turn slowly makes the blue eyed teen laugh as well. “Fuck, Dave…don’t ever do that again okay?”

The blond haired teen then sighs as he looks down at the ground. He heard Rose’s voice, but then who was the first person? He couldn’t make out what they were trying to say, hell, it was a fucking miracle that he was even able to hear anything at all. He looks up at his friends, Rose seemed to be chatting away with Jade, something about the wound on his shoulder. He looks at John who was a few feet away, talking to Karkat. Thus, leaving Nepeta and Terezi to tend to him.

“You okay? You’re spacing out.” Terezi points out, the red eyed teen then looks up at her from his spot on the ground.

“Yeah, I’m fine. We should get going,” he says as he stands up, but winces slightly.

“Take it easy Strider. That wound wasn’t exactly easy for Jade to patch up.” Karkat scolds, the said teen rolls his eyes behind his shades, but says nothing. “Now that we’ve taken care of one boss, now we gotta worry about the others. He wasn’t exactly hard, but he wasn’t easy to beat either. Even with all of our fighting experience.”

“Well, he wasn’t human to begin with…I wonder why your brother said for them to take a human form…” Terezi points out as she crosses her arms over her chest. Dave then nods a he looks away.

“Bro was always unpredictable. But, for whatever reason, these guys must know about his wish. If I can get them to talk, then maybe I can find out what he wished for.” Dave explains. Rose couldn’t help but stare at the teen with a frown.

While he talked with the john and Kar, she had to think, was all of this a good idea? After all, they hadn’t told him that after beating her, Karkat was going to make the wish of Bro and their other guardians coming back to life. She wasn’t against that fact, she did miss her mother despite all of the fights that they had. And she knew that Jade missed her grandfather, and John missed his father. They all had a close bond with their guardians, but, none came close to the one Dave had with his brother. Those two spent every last minute together, they strifed the most out of all of them, so they knew each other’s moves, they knew one another’s feelings. Sighing she crosses her arms over her chest and begins to wonder if maybe, they should just head home. Forget about this crazy mission, forget about their loved ones coming back. But even if she said that to herself, that was a hard concept to grasp seeing she now knew she could have her mother back.

“Is it really worth anything?” she mumbles, looking up, she gets a confused look seeing the other teens stare at her with shock. “What?”

“Are you kidding me Rose? We did not just fight that guy just so we can turn back damn it! We have to get Kim into the human world where she belongs.” Karkat scolds, she then glares at him.

“As correct that you are, it’s not worth so much as us getting hurt as badly as Dave has gotten because of that battle. His injuries could have been much worse. You say the only person have ever beat her was his brother, and we all know that he was quite strong.” She points out, Karkat then walks over to her grabs her arm and walks a few feet away from them.

“Listen, we all agreed to do this, you can’t back out now. We’re one world closer to Kim, we have to do this.” He explains to her, she glares at him and pulls her arm away from him.

“I understand that. But I don’t want to see any of you get killed either…I’m sure we all have seen enough of that.” she tells him, sighing the troll rubs the back of his head, shaking his head, he turns to look at the others who were taking a closer look at Dave’s wound. Rose and Karkat couldn’t help but roll their eyes slightly. “Anyway, if you really think this is for the best…then I will keep going. Until we find Kim Karter and bring back the people we love. Not just for Dave’s sake, but for everyone else too. Sound fair enough?” the male nods as they then walk back over the group.

Looking up over at them Dave stuffs his hands in his pockets, his gaze locking with Rose’s. “Ready to head out now?” he asks the two teen who nod, nodding back he turns and starts walking. They had a long way to go, so they couldn’t afford to stay in one world for too long, even if one of them was injured.

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