Bringing Him Back

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

“God fucking damn it!” Kim screams as she slams her fist on her desk. How had one of her monsters let them all past without at least killing one was beyond her, and how had they managed to get the upper hand was also beyond her. Rolling her eyes she looks down over at Black Cat and Silver Cat. Both of them were curled up on the ground, waiting for the girl to give them a command at any given moment. But she could wait to send them to kill those idiots. She had much lesser monsters at her beck and call.

“You know Karter, you can just easily send one of us stronger monsters to deal with them. I don’t know why you had…what did the humans calls him? Alexander? Deal with it?” turning around the said teen glares at an red eyed, dog like creature who was laying on the ground while staring at her. His ears were flat against his head as he let out a warning growl seeing she had stepped away from her desk and walked over to him.

Kneeling down in front of him, she reaches out and grabs a fist full of his black fur, causing him to growl as she roughly tugged on it. “Listen here, you, nor any of the others have names. Just because you have a human appearance, doesn’t mean you have names. The reason you even took like a human the second you step out from this world, is because of Strider. If he hadn’t made that part of his god damn wish, you would still look like this, a dog. A mutt.” She growls, the said creature then growls back at her she let’s go of his fur and stands up, she then turns her head to look at one of the other monsters here.

“What, want me to go deal with them?” Kim nods as she walks past the female monster that then lifts its long neck, and spreads out her wings. Kim smiles, she did not regret having a dragon like monster at all. Especially considering her strength. Opening a drawer under her desk she then walks back over to the dragon and places the stone in a silver pendent before placing it around her neck.

“This will allow you to change form from Dragon, to human. But instead of killing them…I want you to make them your friends, take on the most dangerous paths that lead here and slowly kill one, by one…until the last one left is that Strider boy…I want to put an end to him with my own hands…got it?” the dragon nods as she flaps her wings then takes off.


“Can we take a brake Kar!? My feet are killing me…” John asks as looks at the said troll who seemed to be doing just fine. Turning around the said male looks at the exhausted faces of the humans who were with them. He then looks at Terezi who smiles and nods.

“Alright fine. Take a rest.” He says, he could hear the teens groan as they all let themselves fall on their asses and sigh as the pressure was gone from their feet. Leaning back on his hands, Dave looks up at the sky and he couldn’t help but let his mind wonder. He could clearly remember the hot, endless Hutson, Taxes nights. Back before the game ever was announced, back when he and Bro used to spend those long nights laying on the roof start gazing, or even just watching the clouds float by.


Sighing, Dave folds his hands behind his head as he falls back on to the roof of the high rise apartment complex he and Bro lived in. today had been a long day, the usual teasing and bulling from his fellow classmates, the fight he had gotten into because they simply couldn’t take the hint to leave him alone. And then came the suspension from school for three days, as if that was a punishment. But, was the punishment was when Bro came, picked him up, took him home, brought him to the roof, and they Strifed for hours without any sort of brake, something Dave wasn’t used to.

“Still awake I see.” The teen startles as he sees his brother’s face appear above his own. He had on his signature pointed, anime like shades. “What are you doing up anyway lil’Man?” he asks as he walks up next to his brother and sits down, sitting up Dave looks up at the sky.

“Nothing. Just thinking. To fucking hot to be stuck in that damn room…” Dave answers. The two then sit in comfortable silence. “Hey, sorry about today…” Dave finally mumbles, his brother then looks at him from the corner of his eyes. Dave could clearly see the orange eye. That’s what he found strange, even though they were related, their eye colors were completely different, while his where orange, his were a blood red.

“Don’t sweat it. Shit happens. Those fuck faces had it coming, but you still should have known better.” Bro scolds, the young teen nods as he then crawls over to his brother, then lays himself across his brother’s lap. The older Strider chuckles as he ruffles his hair before he lets his hand rest on his younger brother’s back. “Tomorrow, we’ll start the day with a small Strife. At six got it?” Dave groans as he nods, and once again, the brother’s fall into a comfortable silence.

End of Flashback

“You seem to be spacing out.” Dave then turns to look at Terezi, she was sitting next to him while looking straight ahead. “Thinking about stuff?”

“Kinda. But that doesn’t matter.”

“How’s that shoulder of yours?” she asks the said teen then rubs his wounded shoulder. He would admit that it hurt, and it still does, but it wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle.

“It’s fine. it takes a lot more than just this to take me down. Man, how the hell do you guys walk for so damn long?” he asks, the said troll laughs as she sighs.

“All trolls have high endurance. Im surprised that your brother didn’t give you Endurance training.” Dave chuckles as he lets himself fall back with his hands folded behind his head.

That was an understatement. His brother made sure to train him in all areas just to be safe. In the beginning, Bro never thought that they would actually need these kind of skills for protection, that is, until someone broke into their apartment when the he was only eight or so. That wasn’t a fun experience. So since then, Bro began to teach himself and Dave how to really use a blade. Bro was the embodiment of the word strong. He was fast, silent, smart, and deadly. So it made him wonder, just how strong was this Kim Karter? Especially seeing that Bro had a tough time beating her.

“So, do you guys know anything else about this Kim?” Jade asks as she walks over and sits next to Dave and takes a look at his shoulder. The wound looked pretty bad, but she was amazed that he never once during that moment of getting the cut, he didn’t let a sound of pain escape him. He was a tough cookie, and that was pretty cool. Hearing the question Nepeta walks over and sits in front of the humans.

“Well, legend has it that after her mother disappeared, she was taken in by Jake Noir and trained by him. We suspect that he is the reason why she is as strong as she is.” Hearing that, she could see the three humans stiffen at the name. She and the other trolls knew very well that none of them had a good experience with him, and they also knew that they held a hate for him that wouldn’t die, no matter how long it had been.

“So what? She’s sadistic like him too?” Dave asks, Terezi could sense the glare coming from behind his sunglasses. “Or did she miraculously turn out normal?” he asks with a harsh tone, which earns him a swift elbow to his side from Rose.

“No. she’s not sadistic like him. But she still is very dangerous. She has never had any actual human contact. The only thing she has ever known are the monsters her mother left for her. She has no idea how to interact with humans. But it was also said that she took a liking to your brother.”

“So…she had like a crush on him?” John asks, Dave then glares at his best friend before smacking him behind the head. That causes the girls to laugh, shaking his head, Karkat crosses his arms over his chest.

“Hahaha, no. she respected his strength, and he was kind to her. So she took a liking to him because he had treated her like you would treat any other human. However that works.” Nepeta explains before getting up and looking around.

“Bro was apparently very kind to her after he had beaten her. He treated her wounds and then asked for his wish. I have to say, your guardians are strange.”

“He wasn’t strange. He was cool, and that’s how we humans are. We by nature have an instinct to care for other humans. Weather we know them or not.” Dave explains as he rolls his shoulder, causing him to wince and in turn John looks at him with worry, scooting closer, he pulls the red eyed teen’s shirt down slightly. The bandages where clean, so at least the wound wasn’t bleeding.

“What are you doing?” Karkat asks as he watches John poke at the wound then pull the other teen’s shirt back up.

“Just checking. Shouldn’t wounds like these heal quickly here?” John asks, Dave couldn’t help but smile, of course John would worry about him. They had been friends for a very long time, they would send each other gifts and silly little things. It helped the blond haired teen a lot during his bad days, John was always a great listener and he would never fail to cheer him up.

“Yes. He’ll be fine. Don’t worry so damn much.” The troll tells him, nodding John stands back up and freezes. He had a look of shock and slight fear, noticing this Dave turns to look at where his gaze was and he freezes as well. “What’s gotten into you two?”

“Whatever you do…don’t move a muscle.” Dave warns.

“Why not? It’s not like im here to kill you guys.” Hearing a new voice, the said troll jumps and turns around, behind him, a Black dragon with Red colored, tribal style markings on its body. The group then become tense. “Whoa, take it easy. Here, this should make you feel more at ease.” With that a bright light blinds them, once it disappears, they see black haired girl with the tribal style markings running up and down her arms. She smiles at them and gives the teens a slight wave. “Kinda had the jump on you there huh?”

“Who the nookhumping fuck, are you?” Karkat asks as he keeps his stance tense, from the corner of his eyes he could see that Nepeta was ready to pounce at any given moment, and Terezi was keeping close to the red eyed teen, as if to make sure that he wouldn’t get attacked. Which was a good choice on her part, with that shoulder wound, the young Strider wouldn’t be able to wield his sword the way he normally would.

“Oh, sorry…Yeah my name is Tesla. Pleasure to meet you. I’ve never seen a troll in person like this. Im pretty happy about that.” she girl explains as she smiles, Karkat then looks over at Terezi who shakes her head. “Look, I know what you’re thinking. Do I work for that snotty, cocky, good for nothing son of a bitch Kim Karter? Well, I do, but against my will.”

“Whoa, well fuck. Sounds like you’re not a big fan of hers.” Dave points out, the girl groans and rubs the back of her neck.

“You have no idea little Strider.” Dave frowns, littler Strider? That was a first, he had always been Lil’Man by his bro, along with other names. He could see that the dragon girl kept her gaze fixed on him, which was making him rather nervous. Noting the other teen’s discomfort, she giggles.

“What’s so funny?” he asks, sending her a warning glare.

“Oh, im sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uneasy. But…wow, holy crap you look so much like him.” she mumbles as she walks over to him, but she stops and takes a step back after hearing Terezi hiss and growl. “S-Sorry. But…yeah whoa….you defiantly look a lot like Big Strider.”

“Big Strider? You mean my Bro…wait you know him!?” he asks pushing past Terezi and walking up to Tesla who stares at him with shock and nods. “W-What did he tell you about his wish? What do you-“

“Whoa, Whoa, Little Strider, take it easy,” she says as she holds up her hands defensively. The red eyed teen nods as he sighs and calms down a little. “Anyway, yeah. I know Big Strider. He wished for us to look like Humans for Kim’s sake. He also wished that Jack Noir would no longer be able to get to us.” She explains, folding her hands behind her back.

“That’s it?” she nods, he sighs and nods turning to look at John who gives him a sympatric smile. “Well…I guess it’s better than not knowing anything at all…”

“Yeah…but why are you here?” Terezi asks, Tesla then rubs the back of her head.

“Well, to help you. Kim Karter has something that Big Strider gave me as a gift. And I hate how she thinks she the biggest shit in the whole fucking game. She doesn’t have a right to slave drive us. I want my freedom. And I can only get that, if I fight her and win. I can help you get to her much faster.” She explains to them.

Karkat, wasn’t so sure how to feel about this. He had never heard of this monster. Hell, this was the first time he had ever seen a dragon like monster like her. Reaching out, the troll grabs Dave’s arm and pulls him back away from the monster. The human didn’t think much of it, whenever any of them got hurt, and the rest would become a lot more protective than normal. It was cute, in every which way possible all things considered.

“And why should we trust you?” the troll asks, she then crosses her arms over her chest.

“I wouldn’t have showed you my human form, nor told you anything about Big Strider. Please, I need all the help I can get, and, I know for a fact that all of you need all of the help you can get. I’ve worked for her for a long time, I know the ins and outs of that world, I know her strengths and weaknesses.” Karkat curses under his breath.

God fucking damn it. She had a very good point. She knew more about Kim Karter then any of them knew. And that was an issue. The troll knew better than to trust her kind, but they had no choice. Sighing he relaxes, seeing this the rest of the group relax, thus causing Tesla to smile.

“Yay! I promise I’ll do my best to help you guys. If you have any questions, just ask away!” she says with a happy tone and a smile. Rolling his eyes, Karkat turns around and starts to walk away.

“Come one, let’s get going.” He orders, groaning, Dave looks John, Rose and jade. The four of them were still tired, but Karkat had a point, they didn’t have much time to rest. Nodding the red eyed teen follows the troll along with the others and their newly acquired friend.

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