Bringing Him Back

chapter 6

Chapter 6


“Huh…? Who…?”


Who are you…?”

Run…turn back…leave.

Wait what? The fuck are you talking about?”


“FUCK!” Dave shouts as he sits up, causing the other teens to shoot up from the ground and look around frantically, looking over at the panting, pale skinned teen, John scoots closer to him. “Oh…fuck…shit…”

“Dave? You okay?” John asks, but he doesn’t get a response, the teen merely clutches the front of his shirt. He was leaned forward and panting heavily. Whatever he had dreamt about, was pretty bad. The said blue eyed teen then looks over at Rose and Jade with worry, Rose then starts to get up.

“Don’t crowd him. Let him catch his breath.” Tesla explains, Rose frowns, but sits back down and Karkat pulls John away from the red eyed teen. His eyes where shut tightly, while his shades where beside him. He had sweat dripping off his face, and it didn’t look like his breathing was evening out.

“D-Dave? Hey man…you okay?”

“Come on Strider get a hold of yourself.” Karkat states, after what felt like hours, the time traveler’s had gone back to normal, his hand still tightly clutching his shirt, and his eyes still closed tightly. Taking a deep breath, the teen opens his mouth to speak. “Strider?”

“Where…the fuck are my shades…?” he asks, sighing in relief Rose walks over, grabs his shades and hands them to the teen who shakily puts them back on his face, looking up at the group he frowns. “Fuck, sorry guys…” he mumbles as he runs his hand through his hair, frowning Rose pats his shoulder.

“Hey, there is no need for you to worry. What was it that you where dreaming about?” she asks, Dave then looks over at Karkat.

“Question…what the fuck, did Alexander do to me?” he asks suddenly, this causes everyone, even Tesla to stare at him with confusion.

“Alexander…?” Tesla asks, the teens then turn to look at her. “Are you talking about Vargas? Hahaha! You guys called him Alexander, or did he call himself that?” she asks with laughter, Jade then blushes and looks away.

“Vargas? He said he had no name! So Jade and the rest of us decided to call him Alexander!” Terezi says, this causes Tesla to burst out laughing even more, so much to the point where she fell back and was holding her stomach.

“I thought Dragon’s where supposed to laugh…” Karkat mumbles as he pokes at Dave’s cheek, the teen then looks at him before lightly head butting him, causing the Troll to yelp and pull back.

“Well, technically, we monsters don’t have names. But we have given ourselves names. Karter just thinks we don’t have any. And we don’t want others to know we have names either.” Tesla explains as she sighs and sits back up. She then looks at Dave. “Why do you ask if he did something to you?”

“Because…since he fucking blasted me in the fucking face with god knows what, in my dreams, I hear a voice that always telling me to turn back, to run. I want to know if he was the cause of that. Because, man, it’s not cool or ironic at all.” Hearing that Karkat crosses his arms over his chest and goes deep into thought.

What the fuck? So now that he wasn’t having his dream selves, he was hearing voices? Just what the fuck was going on? Normally, the young red eyed, sword wielding teen wouldn’t care much about those kinds of things, the voices in his head anyway. But if he was worried now, did that mean that he was becoming uneasy about the voice?

“To my knowledge, Vargas has no actual special abilities. Maybe that voice your hearing is another troll, like, the ones that came before Karkat.” Tesla explains, hearing that the said troll stares at her with shock. Dave then looks over at the three trolls who were now looking away. “Karkat?”

“Huh, as if. Seeing we’re already awake, let’s get going. Lead the Tesla.” Karkat says, rolling her eyes the said human/dragon gets up and starts to walk, groaning the others get up and begin to follow her.

Dave wasn’t shocked about Karkat’s reaction to that statement. The trolls had their reasons for not wanting to hear anything about their ancestors. The history for them wasn’t pretty, especially from Karkat’s end of it. If anything, it was a bloody history, and one they would kindly not want to talk about. But, what the red eyed teen didn’t understand was, if it was one of them, why would they contact him? Was made Dave so special that they were telling him to turn back and not Karkat, or Terezi?

“Don’t let it get to you.” Jumping slightly, the said teen looks to his right and sees Nepeta walking beside him. She was starting at Karkat’s and Terezi’s back as they walked ahead of them. “It’s nothing personal, Karkat just doesn’t want to talk about them. We’ve all had our fair share of the bloodshed. And we don’t want that anymore the actually needed.” She explains, the teen nods as he stuffs his hands in his pockets.

“Yeah I guess…”

….urn….around…” Hearing something the red eyed teen then looks around for a moment before dismissing it. “Turn….around….TURN AROUND DAVE!!”

“Holy, FUCK!” Dave screams as he turns around then is suddenly tackled to the ground, holds his hands against the…what the fuck? Why the fuck is a wolf attempting to bite his face off!? Growling, Nepeta hisses then tackles the said dog off the teen, turning around Karkat rushes over and grabs the teen from under his arms and pulls him back while pulling him on his feet. “What the fuck!?”

“Nepeta don’t get so fucking close!” Karkat commands, the said girl growls as she backs away from the growling, red eyed, all black colored wolf. The said dog was crouched low and letting out growls and every now and then snarling. Dave could clearly see blood running down from his face, so Nepeta had managed to wound him while their little tussle.

“You…fucking…traitor!!” the dog growls as he looks over at Tesla who was glaring back him. “Do you think by teaming up with a few fleshy, pink humans and a few lowly trolls that you can take down Lady Kim!? Well guess what!? You’re fucking wrong! And I’ll rip them to shreds one, by one to prove it!!” he howls as he then charges at her by he stops seeing Nepeta stand in his way. He growls at her as she hisses back.

“You know…they say Dogs and cats don’t get along very well….”

“Sligo, you followed me here?” Tesla asks, the said dog then sighs.

“Of course I fucking followed you! After I noticed you didn’t return the other day, I assumed something was going on…and old and behold! I find you here…and I don’t like it!” he snarls shaking his head he looks over at Dave. “Although, I am shocked you noticed me….then again, what else do we expect from the Little Strider?”

“Again? Why the fuck do you guys keep calling me Little Strider? Im pretty fucking sure, you know my first name.” Dave points out, Sligo then growls as he then jumps over the group, turning around they see the said wolf was now in a human form, he was shirtless, scars ran all over his upper body and he had long pointed nails. His eyes remained a dark, blood red. Nepeta growls, none of the other teens had ever seen the female troll so angry with someone. “So, let me guess, you’re here to kill us?”

“You bet your fucking ass I am.”

“Get through me first you flea infested mutt.” Nepeta hisses, causing the group to stare at her in shock. Sligo then smirks as he cracks his knuckles then his neck.

“Gladly feline.” He says, turning to look at the group she locks her gaze with Karkat’s. The said male was staring at the smaller troll with a small glare. He knew exactly was the feline like troll was going to do, and he wasn’t so sure if he liked where this was going. He shakes his head at her.

“Don’t, Nepeta don’t.” Karkat warns, this causes Terezi to look at her friend with shock. She couldn’t possibly do what she thought the poor girl was going to do? I mean, don’t get her wrong, she knew Nepeta was quick, but could she really, withstand a chance against someone or better put, something like Sligo? She couldn’t even really defend herself against Gamzee when he went bat-shit crazy! How was she expecting to win against of the Karter’s little lackeys?

“Go, I’ll hold him off. But you guys need to run.” Nepeta points out, Karkat growls as he opens his mouth to protest, but is cut off feeling someone grab his arm and begin to forcefully drag him away.

“What the fuck John!? Let me go! We can’t just leave her!” Karkat argues as John continues to drag the teen away from the area.

“We don’t have much of a choice! Im sorry Karkat, but if she believes she can handle it, then all we can do if trust her! Come on we don’t have time!” John explains as he continues to run, the said troll frowns as he stays silent and allows the human to drag him away.

Smiling Nepeta turns to see the group getting further and further out of sight, she smiles then turns to look back at Sligo and her glare returns full force. The said shapeshifting wolf then smirks as he claws extend.

“You won’t make it out of this alive Troll…”

“Bring it. You mutt.”

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