Bringing Him Back

chapter 7

Chapter 7

Panting, Rose sits down on the ground while leaning back against Dave’s leg as the teen stood, attempting to catch his breath. His gaze was fixed in the direction they had fled from, he was worried about Nepeta. She was a sweetheart, and he knew very well that if she had it her way, she wouldn’t kill anyone unless it was absolutely fucking necessary. The red eyed teen sighs as he looks down at Rose who had her eyes closed, leaned against his leg while trying to catch her breath, he turns to his left and he sees Jade, and John attempting to do the same thing.

“Fuck….shit this isn’t good.” Tesla mumbles, this causes Karkat to turn his head and glare at the monster.

“What isn’t good?” he asks, he could feel himself slowly begin to grow more, and more worried about his friend that they had left behind. Tesla then stands up straight and turns to look at the troll, her arms resting at her sides. Karkat growls as he walks up to her and with both of his hands, grabs the front of her shirt and pulls her close to his face. “What isn’t fucking good!? Fucking answer me already!”

“Sligo….if he was there…then im sorry to say but she’s a goner. If hes here, then we have no choice but to fucking run. We got no choice.”

“WHAT!?” he screams, rushing over John pulls the troll off of the girl as he struggles to get away from the human. “WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT FUKCING MEAN!? WE HAVE TO GO BACK! WE CANT JUST LET HER FIGHT HIM ALONE THEN!!” Karkat screams, Tesla merely keeps a blank stare at the troll who wanted to rip her apart.

“Look, Sligo is a ruthless man, there is no beating around the bush about it. Your friend Nepeta is dead. As good as gone. Sleeping with the fishes. You ju-“

“I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD! IF YOU SAY LEARN TO JUST DEAL WITH IT, I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!” Karkat cuts in, his whole body shaking in anger. In the two years after the game, for whatever reason, Gamzee, and Kanaya had disappeared, and then, Nepeta had suddenly appeared over where Strider lived, she seemed to be just fine and all of that. But, even so, Karkat was upset to find out about Gamzee and Kanaya disappearing. So the only friends he had left were now Terezi and Nepeta, so he vowed that he would do everything in his power to keep the girls safe. So, to hear that Nepeta was as good as dead, that was killing him, along with pissing him off.

“Karkat, calm down!” John tells him, the said troll then pushes the teen off of himself and turns to glarer at him.

“Calm down!? How the in the nookhumping fuck, do you expect me to calm down!? We left her! We just fucking left her!!” the male explains as he shakes his head.

“Karkat! She said she cou-“

“How can she handle that thing when she couldn’t handle Gamzee!? Fuck, Dave you fucking understand where I am coming from right!? We have to go back for her!”

“No way! I didn’t just risk my scales and shit just so we can turn back for her!” Tesla cuts in, this causes the red blooded troll to growl at her.

Dave on the other hand, merely ignores their arguing. He wasn’t going to get involved in this argument. He felt dizzy, his head was hurting more than normal. He knew he should have been backing Karkat up on the issue, because losing a friend was never something to be taken lightly, but he had so many thoughts running though his head.

“Dave…? Are you doing okay?” Rose asks, noticing the said teen’s silence. He seemed to be spaced out, fixed on what she thought was the fact that they had left poor Nepeta to fight that thing alone. “Dave?”

“Huh? What’s up?” he asks, the girl frowns, he had been like this for a long while, since they had entered the game again. Sighing she places her hands on her hips. “I….Spaced out again huh?” she gives the taller teen a curt nod. “Fuck…sorry…just…it’s a lot to take it. I mean, all of these monsters know about Bro’s wish…Tesla fucking knew him. I don’t understand why the fuck she won’t tell me what the damn wish was. Is a little reassurance so bad?” he asks, taking an annoyed tone. The blond haired girl sighs.

She had to admit, Dave did in fact have a good reason for being so angry. Sure, the main reason for even coming back to the game, was for the sheer fact to get Karter out of the game and back to Earth. But, since finding out that Bro had been here, and had beaten her, had sparked the red eyed boy’s interest. After all, conventional relationship or not, that was still his brother/father. The man had taken care of him since he was a baby. The bond between the two Striders was stronger than any of their own bonds with their corresponding guardian.

“Of course. Your annoyance is excusable. After all, none of us would have ever thought that your brother would have challenged her before going to challenge Jack for our sake. And we are all very grateful for his help. Im just sorry for how you lost him. It must have been very painful for you to find him the way you did.” Rose explains as she watches John try and calm Karkat down, rolling her eyes, she turns to look back at her friend.

“Yeah…it was- wait, how do you-“

“Terezi. She told me all about your guy’s chats and such. She told me how she felt bad after getting a Dave from another timeline killed, she also felt sad when she saw how genuinely upset you where over your Brother’s murder.” She explains, Dave sighs as he rubs the back of his neck. “Dave, you do know that if you ever need to vent, we are here for you…right?” the red eyed teen then turns to look at her, smiling he leans against her and hugs her with his uninjured arm.

Rose stood in shock for a moment, but she smiles and hugs her brother back. It was very rare whenever Dave got like this, he was not one for much affection, and he kept to himself quite often. But, that was to be expected from the red eyed male. After losing Bro, Dave became a little colder and distant, if that was even possible. Pulling away Dave gives her a curt nod.

“Thanks, Rose. That means a lot to me.” The girl smiles at him.

“Of course, you are my brother, and I hate to see you so upset. After all, shouldn’t the cool kid be the one to always be calm, and collected?” she asks with a teasing tone, Dave chuckles as he shakes his head and slightly shoves the other girl, but he freezes and stares past her in shock, turning around, Rose gets a horrified look along with the rest of the group as they see Nepeta limp up to them.

She looked like a bat out of hell. She had several bite wounds all around her body, one of her eye sockets was missing her eye, and blood was spilling from it. She was missing her left arm, it was severed off rather ragged from however it was torn off, her cloths ripped, and stained with her own blood, and she was panting heavily. Seeing her sway, Karkat rushes over and catches her before she hits the ground, he then proceeds to hold her close to his chest as the rest of the group gather around her.

“Nepeta......Oh my fucking god, Nepeta, just, hang in there, we will get-“ he was stopped from talking as she lifted her remaining arm and held it up, with his free hand, he holds it. He could feel tears burning behind his eyeballs, his breath was becoming shorter and shorter by the second.

“It……don’t worry about me anymore Kar……wha…..what is done…….is done……thanks guys, for giving me the chance to travel with you one last time….sorry, but I couldn’t beat him……but, I wounded him just enough so that he would have to rest a…….a bit….” Nepeta explains weakly, she had a weak, sweet smile on her face, Terezi then reaches down, tears streaming down her face as she caresses her best friend’s cheek. Rose, Jade, and John all had salty tears running down their cheeks.

“Nepeta…oh god my sweet, cute little troll kitty Nepeta…..please, don’t talk……I’ll find you help! I swe-“

“Its……too late for that….but……I don’t regret any of this…..Karkitty….please…..Find Kim, and,” she was cut off by a particularly rough cough, causing her to spit out a large amount of blood, this time, her eyes remained closed, her breathing, becoming more and more shallow as the minutes ticked by.

“Nepeta? Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh fuck….please, please don’t die on me, Nepeta,” Karkat explains, the tears finally falling from his face after hearing her call him by his old nickname; Karkitty. Dave was looking away, his eyes tightly closed, fists tightly clenched and shaking.

“Sorry….but I cant……I love you guys….so much……thank you…….for everything….” With that. Karkat feels her grip around his hand go limp, her breathing had stopped, whimpering, he hugs her body to his tightly as Terezi leaned against him, resting her forehead on the male trolls shoulder, both letting out sobs.

Watching the teens from a distance, Tesla smirks evilly. One down, six more to go.

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