Bringing Him Back

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Terezi sighs as he sits up and looks down at Karkat who was now sleeping peacefully. She then runs her hand through his hair and smiles. Thank god that Jade had managed to close the wound and stop the bleeding. He was going to be just fine, sore as fuck, but fine. She then looks up at Rose who was staring off in the direction that Dave had wondered off, getting up she walks over and stops next to the girl.



“You okay?” Terezi asks, Rose sighs as he looks at the troll. “Let me guess, it has to do with Dave?” the blond haired girl nods slowly as she looks back at the road. Terezi sighs as she rests her hands on the top of her walking stick. “You know, this was to be expected. After all, he has seen himself die so many times, and he saw the bloody body of his dead brother. And he saw how…wounded Nepeta was…it was only natural that he snap and finally do something like that.” she explains to the human. She knew that seeing Dave do that was very shocking and new to them.

You guys shouldn’t worry so much about him.” Hearing a voice, the teens tense and look around. Jade then gets a confused look, she knew that voice. It was very familiar to her. Then she smiles.

“Jake??” she asks, turning around the said teen was standing behind her with his usual grin on his face. “Jake!! You’re...…here? Wait…...I don’t understand.” She says as she walks up to the page who smiles and rubs the back of his neck.

Yeah, we don’t understand it either. But all we know is that we are back in this bloody game, and apparently are serving as a type of……guide? I guess? Any whom, we should be meeting up in person a little further ahead. Well, you should be meeting Jane, Roxy and I.

“Wait, what about Dirk?” John asks, he could see the green eyed male get a sad look before sighing.

Not sure about him. Haven’t been sure about since this game ended. But, when we entered, he got upset that he was back here so………he ran off. We don’t know where he is and he’s not answering any of the chat logs. To be honest……..I’m not really……..all that worried about him anymore.” Jake explains, keeping his gaze on anything other than the eyes of the other teens.

Jade frowns. She had heard about his and Dirk’s relationship, but she didn’t know that it had ended on bad terms, if it had, Dirk was really great at not letting it affect him or the people around him for as long as he was in the game. He was always quite, kept to himself and didn’t say much, that is, until the batterwitch was around. But other than that, he was clam, much like Dave if not a little more so.

“I’m assuming you’re their friend.” Tesla says, as she stares at the green eyed boy. She didn’t recognize him, she had heard from Kim that there were four other humans, but she had never got a look at them. This must have been one of the four, along with that Dirk person. Jake turns to look at her and nods, she could tell that he was analyzing her, he was trying to find out whether or not she was threat to his friends.

Yes I am…….but I sure as hell don’t recognize you.” Jake states, a glare appearing on his face, Jade could tell that he was becoming defensive. And a on edge Jake, was never a good Jake. “But, either way. Be careful. It’s only going to get harder from here. I’ll talk to you guys soon.” And with that the green eyed male disappears.

Jade couldn’t help but smile. At least more of their friends were here and they seemed to be doing okay. Looking up she smiles seeing Dave walking down the road. The green eyed girl then waves at the teen who waves back. “All clear?” he nods. “Good to hear.”

“Further ahead looks like we’re going to be okay. I didn’t seem much of anything. So I think it’s safe to say we can start going whenever Karkat is feeling up to walking.” Dave explains as he sits down on the ground and sighs. His muscles were sore, his throat was probably going to be bruised and he knew that he wouldn’t be talking for a while until it felt better. Shaking his head he looks over at Karkat who was peacefully asleep. “How is he doing?”

“Fine, Jade managed to close the wound and stop the bleeding in time. Once he wakes up we should get moving. Knowing him that might be what he wants.” Rose tells the group, groaning, Dave stretches his arms above his head and he hears a pop in his back, causing him to slump forward. “That sounded a little more than none pleasant.”

“Nah. It’s cool. Needed it actually. Two years of no strafing, and this is what happens. You get rusty and you get tired hell of a lot more easily than before. Sometimes, peace isn’t always so great.” Dave explains, and in some ways, he was right, peace can lead to a person to stop practicing with their weapons or powers, thus leads to a person to start forgetting what they already knew.

“Guess who we just talked to and saw, Dave.” John says excitedly as he then tackles his friend to the ground as he lays on top of him, Dave glares at him for a split moment before he starts to think. Who had they talked to? As far as he knew, they were the only ones that were in the game as far as he knew, he couldn’t help but sigh in content as John began to pet his friend’s hair. “Dave!! Guess!” John whines, the red eyed male huffs.

“I don’t know Egbert. Who? As far as I know, we are the only ones who are in this game.” Dave explains to him, the teen then gets off of the blond before helping up and smiling. “John?”

“Jake! We just saw and talked to Jake!” hearing that the teen stares at him with shock. Jake? As in, Jake English? How was that even possible? As far he knew, they lost all contact with Jake and his group of friends after the game. Seeing the look on his friend’s face, John frowns. “I’m not lying! Come on, Dave! You gotta believe me!!”

“It’s true. He said further ahead we would meet up with him, Roxy and Jane.” Jade tells him, Roxy, Jake, and Jane? What about his brother look alike? What was his deal? Shaking his head he turns to look over at Tesla who was looking up at the sky. She seemed a little uneasy, but other than that, she was oddly clam throughout this whole time since she joined them.

“Oh…but, wait. How the fuck, are they here?” Dave asks, Jade then sighs as she crosses her arms over her chest.

“Hmmm, I can only assume it’s because since they are all connected to us in some way, shape and form, they too, would naturally come into the game to help. Jake explained to us that he and the others would be acting like…a guide. Sort of like Davesprite was for you, Dave.” Jade explains as she gives him a smile, the said teen nods. Getting a better understanding as to why they were involved in this wild goose chase.

“We should get moving.” Looking over, they could see Karkat siting up while Terezi attempted to stop him, without much success of course. “We can’t afford to keep them waiting if they are really further ahead. Kim won’t hesitate to kill them too.”

“You sure? You look pretty bad man….” Dave mumbles as he walks over and kneels down next to him, looking at the human, Karkat smirks as he gently punches the teen’s shoulder. Dave smiles as he nods and helps the troll stand. “Alright, whatever you say, oh fearless leader.” He mocks as he looks at the others. He gives them a nod, then he slowly starts to help the Troll walk down the road.

This was going to be a long walk.


“Son. Of. A. Bitch! How hard is it for SOMEONE to kill a couple of fucking kids!?” Kim screams as she slams her hands down on the table. “How hard is it for ONE OF YOU to fucking come out of those fights alive!?” she asks as she walks past a golden eyed male who shrugs before twirling a dagger around his fingers before throwing it to a wall. “First, that idiot who called himself ‘Vargas’ and now ‘Sligo’. Just…….what, the actual, fuck!? I swear if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.”

“I wouldn’t suggest you going to handle it on your own miss.” The said golden eyed male points out, she then turns to look at him with a glare, and he smirks and lets his head roll to the back of the couch he was on. “Think about it, Striders are known to have random bursts of power at random times throughout their lives for as long as they live. That was proven when you fought the little Strider’s brother. You were bested by him just when you thought you had won and where about to take his life. What makes you think that the little Strider won’t be the same way? Young, he maybe........but he is still of Strider blood.” He explains.

Kim sighs. She hated to admit it, but the bastard she called her second in command was right. She could remember the moment she lost to the red eyed brat’s brother like it was only yesterday. She could remember standing above the man, she had gotten a hold of his own blade and was pointing it to his throat, and the man was laying on his back as he glared at her. And it was in that split second that he had somehow got her on her back, his blade once again his own hand while holding far closer to her throat than how she had it to his. He was smirking and nodded. She nodded back, she knew she had lost that battle. The very first one she had ever lost since her mother.

“If I recall…you even let the guy have more than one wish afterward. You even allowed him to stay here until his wounds recovered before he went to fight Jack. Which…….he only got himself killed. You were upset about that too.”

“Keep talking. I dare you.” She warns, the said male laughs as he shakes his head then reaches down and pets silver Cat’s head before looking at her once again.

“So, who are you sending next?” he asks, Kim then looks over at her desk and watches the teens walk. “The Alpha brats are here too…but, the Prince is nowhere to be found.” The golden eyed male tells her, she growls.

That’s right, she had forgotten about the Alpha kids. She hadn’t even noticed when they entered the game until Black Cat reported it. The rogue of Void, the maid of Life, The page pf Hope, and the Prince of Heart where all now in the game. But, the Prince of Heart had disappeared as soon as he realized he was back in the game. Which was strange behavior even for a Strider. Then again, he was always strange for someone who carried the Strider name and had the bloodline. He was more open about what he felt, and he was the only one to fully know the legend about the name he carries. As if he wasn’t a threat enough.

“I am aware of his disappearance. For now, let’s let them have some peace, let them meet their friends. Then, we will handle them accordingly. Keep a close eye on the wounded Troll. He’s the weakest one at the moment, he’ll be the next one to go if not the little Strider’s best friend.”

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