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Kindred Spirits

Chapter 2: Home Invasion

Kindred Spirits

Chapter Two: Home Invasion

~ o ~

Not all weapons seek to destroy the body

Some seek to dismember the mind

And none are better at this than pain

~ o ~

The Next Morning

I ensured that my boots were secure and my pistols loaded. After giving all of my gear a once over, I opened the door to the room Amélie was sleeping in. Just as I had hoped, she was indeed fast asleep. I let out a sigh of satisfaction as I approached her bed. I never got the opportunity to spend much time with her due to how often she and Gerard had to travel for his work...so it was strange being able to see her so at ease. Usually, we would just go out for drinks or occasionally go and get some lunch. It...felt strange to know that he was no longer with us, even after all this time.

“I’ll make good on my promise Gerard, I’ll protect her with everything I have.”

My hand for some reason began to approach her cheek. I however stopped myself, shaking the thought from my mind.

“It’s not right...I’d better get going before she wakes up."

Tearing my eyes away from her sleeping form, I left the apartment.

Twenty Minutes Later

“Good...doesn’t look like they’ve found her hiding place just yet, I should be able to get in and get out without a hitch,”

I climbed up the fire escape quickly before jumping inside the apartment through the window. It was very dark...but I thankfully found the light switch. Just as I had hoped, she didn’t have a lot of belongings to take...at least ones that were necessary. I searched around for a bag to carry it all in, finding a large suitcase in the closet in front of me. I quickly set to work, shoveling as much of her clothes as I could into the suitcase until I happened upon...

“...Does she really wear things like this?”

A rather seductive looking lingerie set sat in front of my eyes. It was indigo colored, complete with a garter belt and suspenders. Feeling heat come to my cheeks, I tossed it into the suitcase and cleared my throat, doing my best to keep the images out of my head. After packing in all the clothes, I lifted the bag to feel that it was quite light, even after emptying about four drawers worth. I placed it back down before approaching her desk.

“...She’s killed a lot of people, nowhere near as many as I have...but still a lot,”

It seemed that Amélie kept a record of every single target she has ever eliminated as she kept a photo of each above her desk. By this count, she has killed a total of twenty-six people, probably not accounting for anyone who happened to get in her way. I then noticed that there was a large picture of what looked like some kind of spider.

"Guess she really does live up to her name sake... the spider is infamous for the species tendency of females killing and devouring their mates."

I sighed deeply as I looked under the desk for her rifle’s suitcase. I quickly examined the weapon, noting how unique it was because back when I became an assassin, I didn’t have access to technology like this. I fiddled around with it until I came across a button. Upon pressing it, a sniper rifle barrel jutted out of what I thought was an assault rifle’s barrel.

“Capable of converting into an assault rifle in a pinch and has a very high powered barrel that can be switched to with the push of a button...a fine piece of equipment indeed,”

I pulled the lever back and examined the bullet.

“She doesn’t use large bullets...probably favors smaller ones because they’re far less messy and harder to trace,”

I then pressed the button once more to change it back to assault rifle mode. I then pulled out the magazine that presented itself at the bottom and smiled.

“One magazine that holds five high caliber rounds and twenty assault rifle rounds...this is very impressive tech. I can see how she earned her reputation at never missing a shot.”

I quickly disassembled the rifle and packed it into the case before looking at what I assumed was some kind of poison vial. I unscrewed the cap and took a whiff.

“Venom of the Brazilian Wandering Spider...and is that Black Widow venom I also smell? This is an incredibly potent cocktail...could probably kill the average man within two minutes of taking even half a breath of this.”

I resealed the vial before loading as many of them as I could fit into the case before grabbing what appeared to be some kind of gauntlet. I examined it further before smiling.

“High tensile strength grappling hook...holds about forty feet of cable. She must use this often to get into position and judging from the weight of the rifle as well as her own, it could probably support at least 300 pounds with ease.”

After placing the gauntlet into the case, I then happened upon what appeared to be some kind of bizarre visor.

“Each circle probably gives her a different angle. Must be used to ensure that she has no blind spots when taking a shot. The red probably means that it uses highly advanced infrared to be able to see others through walls and at long range too...very impressive.”

I closed the case and placed it next to the suitcase before examining the rest of her desk for anything that she might still want to keep. I then happened upon a photo album.

“Notre amour...”

I curiously peered inside, to see a lot of pictures containing Gerard and herself...before she became Widowmaker. It was strange seeing her skin turn blue, likely from the conditioning Black Talon put her through to give her pinpoint accuracy. It also prevented her from showing up too much on thermal sensors. I smiled upon seeing several of the pictures with me in it...back when my wife and I went on double dates with them. Gerard always talked about wanting to settle down and have a child with Amélie...

I shook my head vigorously before throwing the album into the suitcase; now was not the time to be reminiscing. After ensuring that there was nothing else of real use around, I picked both bags up and began to make my way to the fire escape. However, I cursed under my breath upon seeing three men coming into the alleyway...armed with rifles. I placed the bags down and immediately pulled my pistols out, thankful that I attached suppressors to both of them. I took a deep breath, allowing the air to fill every orifice of my lungs. Once I let it out, it was as if the world was in a different shade of color. Everything was in heightened detail and my perception of time seemed to have slowed down.

“A killer’s high...because for once, I’m killing people who truly deserve it,”

I climbed higher, ensuring I remained silent until the men got closer. Gripping my pistols firmly...I suddenly realized the error in my ways. I holstered them, cursing under my breath.

“If I shoot them...it’ll leave a trail they can follow,”

I then reached into my coat and pulled out my trusty shortblade. After grasping it in a reverse grip, I waited for my moment to strike.

“These are the coordinates her signal last came from, she must be close,” said one of the men.
“How the hell are we supposed to kill her?! She’s one of the best assassins in the world!” cried another.
“Shut the hell up you two, we have our orders. Disobeying them is a fate worse than death,” said the third.

I sighed deeply before sheathing my blade.

“They’re clearly new recruits...probably homeless men who needed somewhere to go. It wouldn’t be right to kill them.”

I exhaled sharply before jumping off the railing, landing on top of one of them. Before the second and third could react, I swept one off his feet with a swift kick and grabbed the third’s rifle before shoving the butt of it directly into his face. He howled in pain, grasping his nose as I quickly landed a chop to the man I landed on, knocking him out. I rolled forward and grabbed the man holding his nose before throwing him hard into the wall. He stopped moving, rendered unconscious as I turned to the last one. He had dropped his rifle and was now scrambling towards the wall in an attempt to get to his feet. I approached him, drawing my shortblade.

“No! Please! I don’t-” he screamed.

I swiftly closed the distance between us and held the blade to his throat.

“Quiet down...or I’ll open your throat.” I whispered.

The man quickly silenced himself, though he couldn’t help but let out panicked breaths as he struggled to muffled his instinctive cries for help.

“Y-Y-You didn’t kill my friends...w-w-why?!” he stuttered.
“How long have you been working for Talon?” I asked.
“A-A-A month,” he continued.

I closed my eyes and shook my head in disappointment.

“Take my advice and leave before you get in too deep; nothing good will come of joining that bunch of anarchists,” I said.

Upon closer inspection, I realized that the man was rather young, not a day older than twenty-five. I sheathed my blade, now believing I made my message clear.

“You’re going to go back to your employers and tell them that you killed Widowmaker.” I said.

He nodded nervously, still clearly terrified of me.

“If I find out that you told them otherwise, I’ll be sure to hunt you down...so do not lie to me.” I said in a cold tone.
“Y-Y-You have my word!” he said.

I nodded before turning to his companions.

“They’re both unconscious and I likely broke his nose, tend to them once they wake up. Stay out of trouble kid.” I said.

I leaped back up the fire escape before grabbing the bags. I looked down to see that the man had indeed begun to tend to his friends. Satisfied that I didn’t kill them, I made my way out of the apartment building through the back entrance, where I had parked my car.

“If they were able to find her apartment...it means I have to hack her PDA to ensure they can’t use that. Then there’s the matter of the internal tracker that’s in her body somewhere. Need to figure out where but right now, we have to leave Annecy and head for Paris.”

One Hour Later

I finally arose from my slumber, feeling much better now that the pain in my leg was just about gone. I looked around the room to see a large suitcase next to the bed as well as my rifle case sitting on the dresser in front of me.

“He doesn’t joke around. He really did go and come back before I woke up.”

I tried to get to my feet, stumbling slightly because I was still not used to the tendon being so inflamed. Aiden had done a good job in taking care of the wound; a venom coated bullet was something that was ordinarily fatal. Yet, he managed to treat it just fine.

“Then again...he spent a lot of his career killing his targets using poison darts. He probably knew exactly how to treat it.”

I tried to make it to my feet but upon trying to take a step, I stumbled, causing my left leg to slip. I awaited the impact with the hard floor...however, concrete wasn’t what I met. Instead landed in strong arms. I looked up to see that Aiden had appeared from seemingly nowhere, concern washed over his face. How he had stepped in at that precise moment was beyond me...but it certainly beats having a bloody nose from hitting the ground.

“You’re not going to be able to walk for at least another day. I made you some breakfast and the next dose of the drug is about due.” he said.

I tried to speak but he lifted my arm over his head before helping me outside.

“I won’t carry you; you clearly didn’t like it when I did it the first time.” he said with a soft laugh.

He helped me to the couch in the living room and once I took a seat, he brought a tray not unlike the one from the previous night. This time, it was a plate with two tartes: a strawberry one and a blueberry one. After taking a sniff, it seemed as if he had just finished preparing it all. He placed the tray down and quickly went back into the kitchen before returning with two steaming cups of coffee, as well as two more tartes which I assumed were for himself.

“...I suppose you spend a lot of time cooking?” I asked.

He shrugged but smiled.

“It’s nice to have hobbies that don’t involve the firing of a gun or the unsheathing of a blade,” he replied.

I slowly took a bite of the strawberry tarte in my plate and even though I ordinarily didn’t care what I ate, I couldn’t help but smile.

“...You’re a talented chef,” I said.
“Merci,” he replied.

After finishing our breakfast in a surprisingly comfortable silence, he left the room and returned with the drug, which was in a syringe.

“I have to apply it to your leg.” he explained.

I nodded and lifted my leg into the couch. He then unraveled the bandage again, smiling at what he saw.

“Cut’s completely healed. We just need the inflammation to go down. Your leg should be back to normal very soon if you keep taking it easy.” he said.

He then stuck the needle into my leg, causing me to wince slightly. After injecting it, he wrapped fresh bandages around it but this time, he placed an ice pack within it. The cold wasn’t at all what I was expecting, causing me to gasp softly.

“It’ll help. Now then...onto business.” he said.

I nodded and sat upright to listen.

“Talon has already found your apartment. Thankfully, I was able to clean out the whole place. You didn’t have anything of significant value there did you?” he asked.

I shook my head.

“I don’t normally stay in one place for too long. I didn’t need anything but my rifle from there.” I said.

Aiden nodded before looking at my PDA, which was still on the coffee table from last night.

“We’re going to have to throw that away; they can use it to track you.” he explained.

I shook my head.

“My contacts are on there, including Gabriel Reyes who can help us stay hidden from them; he won’t abandon me.” I said.

The assassin paused for a moment, scanning my eyes with his but he finally nodded.

“Alright. I’ll see what I can do with hacking the signal to change it to a frequency that they cannot track. Now the second thing is that there is one more tracker inside you. They normally activate it when an agent has gone missing for three days or more. It’s...inside of you.” he explained.

I raised an eyebrow and shook my head.

“I don’t remember them putting one inside of me.” I said.
“Of course you don’t; they do it during the reconditioning process as a fail safe should an agent ever go rogue.” he continued.

The fact that there was a device somewhere in my body horrified me, especially because it was one that told a terrorist organization exactly where I was at all times.

“There are two ways we can remove it...and you’re not going to like either of them.” he said.

I sighed deeply before giving him a serious look.

“What has to happen?” I asked.
“The first method would be for me to examine your body with a highly sensitive ultrasound device. That would require you to strip naked and allow me to search all of you. Once I find it, I’d remove it using an extraction device...though it would be painful.” he said.

I cringed internally at the thought of it. He had clearly noticed it and surprisingly, he didn’t seem in the least disappointed. I knew full well how attractive men found me, an advantage I always used when trying to get close to targets I can’t kill with my rifle.

“At least your best friend is a decent man Gerard...”

“The second method would be for me to apply an electric shock throughout all of your body to short circuit it. As you can imagine, it will be painful. Probably several times more painful because of the inflammation in your leg. If it’s short circuited, it will lose its grip on wherever it is in your body and can be passed out naturally.” he continued.

...That pain did not sound appealing in the slightest. So it was either have him perform a minor surgery on me after seeing me completely naked or get shocked with enough voltage to destroy it.

“What the hell do I choose...”

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