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My ever after


Luna goes to class and sits in the back

The teacher asks her whats wrong dear?

And she says Nothing miss.

After class she goes to her dorm and sees a little boy inside talking to her room mate.

Bella who's that?

Her room mate looks at her and says.

He said hes your brother.

Luna looks confused tries to think but gets a bit of a pannick attack and faints.

Luna wake up!!!

Luna opens her eyes and tries to remember what happend but Than the boy speaks.

I'm jack Your Brother i was born when u were gone Your now 16 right? I'm 4.

Luna looks at the boy his eyes what are aqua blue and Than looks confused to bella.

Okay jack whats Your last name?

Jack doesnt even wait and says.


Luna looks to bella like she is Tryna say:

How is this possible.

Bella looks to jack and says

Its night jack lets take you to bed luna will go sleep also and i will to.

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