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Friends decide to do something stupid and possibly dangerous. What they find when they enter the "haunted house" has them wishing they had never been so ambitious

Horror / Mystery
Drama Yeoja
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Chapter 1

Three adventurous friends found themselves at the doorstep of a rundown residence. This place was located on the edge of the town they were from.

"Why exactly did we decide to come here again?"

"Oh, stop being such a baby, Hyung," Hwiyoung huffed at Zuho whose lips quivered in fear. Frowning at the younger's comment, Zuho crossed his arms to keep himself more stable. "It's not funny, and I don't like your tone," he retorted back to the brunette.

When Zuho wasn't looking, Taeyang glanced over and made pouting faces to Hwiyoung who snickered. Zuho was none the wiser of their teasing.

“Anyway,” the older one continued, “This house is ancient. We might get in trouble for trespassing. I don’t know about you two, but I don’t feel like doing time for something so stupid.”

When he looked back, Zuho saw Taeyang and Hwiyoung making puppy faces in an attempt to get him to stay. “Please, hyung? It’s almost night so no one will see us breaking into this shabby place,” Taeyang added with some puppy sounds.

Rolling his eyes, Zuho placed his hand on the door, letting it swing open with a grungy crack. “Oh my gosh! Did you break the door?!” Hwiyoung exclaimed.

Zuho didn’t respond; he just stared into the doorway. When he didn’t say anything else, the other two crept closer to their hyung.

“What are you staring- at…” Hwiyoung trailed off as he looked around Zuho’s shoulder. As the three peered into the dark entryway, their eyes adjusted to see that they would have had a tragic ending had they stepped one foot inside the place.

All there was for a floor was a gaping cavern of dirt and stone extending down into what appeared to be an eternity. Taeyang inhaled sharply through his teeth before stating, “We would have been goners.”

“Who would do such a thing to a nice floor?” Zuho’s monotonous words were hilarious to the other two. He flashed a glare at them as they held their sides and supported their balance with each other’s shoulders.

“The whole spooky vibe is gone now with that one line,” Hwiyoung giggled.

Once the laughter died down, the three went to investigate another route of entry. A back door sat slightly crooked on its hinges. Upon inspection, Zuho recognized that it was a way into the kitchen which still had a sturdy-looking floor.

Stepping back a little, Zuho swiftly kicked down the door which made a loud thud. They looked around to make sure no one had heard the sound.

Everything was quiet and the sun was setting.

Equipped with their flashlights on their phones, the three cautiously began their exploration of the kitchen.


Cliffhanger! I'm doing this for a reason. 😉

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