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Let me ask you a question. What would you get when you mix a little girl who was a prodigy, with a stressful environment from the age of six and add in a dash of her closest people getting killed in brutal ways? Itachi? Lord no. You get a 14 year old named Miharu Uzumaki: Ex-ANBU, Psychopath, and murderously protective with an attitude that means if you piss her off, she can kill you by stabbing a nerve most regular people wouldn't even know about. I mean, it is kinda her job after all. So, what happens when she's placed in a safe environment where she can feel like an almost regular human being and have people who love her? Kakashi? Nah You get an even more murderously protective Ex-ANBU of course. She has her persons now. It would be stupid in the extreme to cross her or hurt her persons. And here is the final question. What do you get when you mix this lovely shade of "I can kill you in 16 different ways" with team 7? You get an adventure of course! Or should I say, a misadventure? Ah well, I'll let you guys decide ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So read more to find out loves!

Adventure / Action
Janae Jane
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Chapter One


The little girl sat at the foot of the lamp post and watched the children play with a look that didn't belong on the face of a child as young as herself.

'They look so happy playing with each other. If only I could join them.' she thought with a sad look. She watched them until one of the boys noticed her sad stare and whispered to his friends as he picked up the ball. The little girl looked away as she realized she'd been caught staring. But looking away was her mistake. The ball the boys has been playing with, hurtled toward her and hit her square on the cheek. She cried out as the force with which the ball had been thrown knocked her to her back. She held her stinging cheek, tears flowing from her eyes. The boys crowded her, laughing maliciously.

"Hit her right in her ugly face!" The one who'd thrown the ball howled with laughter. Another boy picked her up by her short hair painfully, making the little girl cry out in pain as she held his wrist in both hands, attempting to twist out of his hold. The boy merely tightened his grip. Another slapped her injured cheek. Misaki cried out again. People who saw what was happening, quickly snatched up their kids and left, but some lone adults or couples had actually stayed to watch these boys abuse this poor girl.

Another boy in the group kicked her in the stomach, her cry was cut off by the violent coughing that came after. One laughed and smacked her again on her hurt cheek.

They did this for quite a while, slapping, kicking and punching her until almost every inch of available skin was blue, purple or a sickly yellow.

No one stopped them, or attempted to help that girl.

Except for one boy.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing to that girl?! Release her, now!" A stern voice called out angrily. The boys looked up, wondering who would dare interrupt their fun, but they went white as a ghost when they caught sight of the teenager angrily stalking towards them. They quickly dropped the girl and ran. She cried out as she was dropped roughly unto the hard ground. But the boy was there, lifting her gently so as not to cause her too much pain, but she still whimpered slightly as he sat her up and gently placed an arm around her. Tears were streaming down her face like waterfalls as she scrunched her eyes closed.

"I can't believe nobody tried to help you." He said fiercely.

Miharu sighed and leaned into him, soaking up the warmth and comfort she could get before she told him.

He looked at her sadly.

"Why didn't anyone try to help you?" He asked.

Miharu looked down. There it was, the inevitable question that always left her bereft and more injured both physically and mentally.

"If I tell you, you'll hurt me too." She whispered before she tried to get out of the boy's hold. He frowned as he pondered her answer. Then it clicked.

"You're the sister of Naruto Uzumaki." He stated. Miharu flinched and quickly scrambled away from him, even though she was in pain. She had backed up against a tree and was looking at him with fear as she shook like a leaf.

"D-don't hurt me! P-please!" She cried, tears streaming down her face.

Itachi frowned at her.

"I would never hurt you little one. Just let me help you." He said softly.

"P-please... I-i just..." she trailed off, sniffling. Itachi crept towards her slowly. Miharu stared at him with tears in her eyes. Itachi gently picked her up. She clutched the front of his shirt as she quivered.

"I would never hurt you little one." He murmured.

Just then, a boy, about the same age as the little girl in Itachi's arms, came hobbling out from the forest line.

"Nii-san!" He called happily.

The little girl flinched, and curled up more into Itachi, her fear almost overwhelming her.

Itachi calmed her before he turned to his little brother.

The little boy's face morphed into one of confusion as he saw the shaking girl curled up in his big brother's arms.

"Nii-san, who's that?" He questioned, his head tilted cutely.

Itachi looked down at the frightened little girl.

"This is Miharu. I need to take her to the hospital." He answered.

Sasuke finally noticed all the bruises on her skin.

"W-what happened to her Nii-san?! Is she gonna be okay?!" He asked worriedly.

Itachi smiled at his younger brother.

"Yes, Haru-chan is going to be just fine if we get her to the hospital. Can you still walk?" He replied. Sasuke nodded, still looking at the girl dubbed "Haru-chan". If she needed his nii-san, he wouldn't be selfish.

So together, the trio went on their way to the hospital.

Briefly, little Haru raised her head and whispered a quick "thank you." To the two before duly passing out.


The red head slashed at the enemy before her, cutting him down where he stood. She quickly spun and thrust her sword into the chest of the man who had been attempting to sneak behind her. She quickly withdrew her sword and stood ready as five more shadows surrounded her, intent on her death.

'I'm not that girl anymore.' She thought as she blocked a slash from the enemy. Without looking behind her, she whipped her sword hand back and up, gutting the intruder from belly to neck. She quickly withdrew her other sword as one of them rushed her. She stepped back and ducked backwards as the man swung at her twice in quick succession.

She swung her left sword upwards as she spun on her toes, slashing the man before her from hip to shoulder, blocking a third attacker afterwards. She knocked his knees together a, causing him to stumble right into her sword. She quickly shoved the man aside and jumped backwards to avoid decapitation.

'I'm not helpless. And I never will be again.'

Stabbing her swords into the ground, she quickly weaves several handsigns, taking a deep breath and releasing a ball of flames that caught both the dead and the living in it's grasp.

Screams filled the air as the living burned to death.

The young girl watched it all with dead blue eyes. Used to the death and destruction wrought by her hand.

As the last man succumbed to the cold grip of death, the girl retrieved her swords, flicking the blood off of them and placing them back into their scabbards.

She turned her back on the bloody scene, disappearing into the shadows. Gone as if she was never there.


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