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IT Girl


She doesn't know who her parents are, only the ones who swept her off a doorstep. She knew she was different, the other kids avoided her like the plague. Her only friends were Billy and Georgie, that is, until he disappeared, but she knew something was given to her by her birth parents. Every time someone disappears, a shard of glass tore through her ribcage, or that's at least what it felt like. Determined to find out what's killing the kids, she sets out on her own and finds a flesh-eating clown by the name of Pennywise and together find out there's more to her than even she knew.

Fantasy / Horror
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Georgie smiled gleefully at the older boy perched on the stool near the window. He sat on her lap and she combed her fingers through his hair. He was only seven at the time and all Georgie wanted for his birthday was a paper boat he could easily sail down the rain streams in the road that would eventually drop down into a grate that led to the depths of the city's sewer.

"Here you go, Georgie." Billy handed the little boy his price which he snatched up like candy. He disappeared outside into the rain, chasing after the little boat with his name soaking into the paper. And no more than a minute later, it felt like glass was tearing through her chest. This had been happening ever since the first disappearance. "What's wrong, sis?" Billy knelt by his adoptive sister's side as she spiraled down, seeing glimpses of the child. Georgie's boat had sunk into the sewer and he reached to grab it. A clown with bright orange hair and golden eyes acted safe and playful before biting his arm off. And then he was gone. "Harley, what's wrong?" He shakes her gently.
Sixteen-year-old Harley Quint lay splayed out on the bed, images racing through her mind. Doctors could never figure why she had these paralysis fits until they gave up and gave her pills, but she'd gone off them again. "I'm fine, Billy." She gave in a monotonous tone. She knew her brother would tell their mother if she wasn't taking her meds. "Just.....chaotic thoughts. That's all." She knew they'd be hearing of Georgie's death by morning.
"Are you sure? Your fits h-have-haven't b-been h-happ-happening since a month a-go."
She held her brother's hand gently and gave it a squeeze.
"I'm fine, Billy. I'd tell you if I wasn't."
"O-kay." He stuttered, dropping out of his contact.

That evening, Harley, Billy and their parents stoically stared into space, the details sinking in. The cops had come to them with crime scene pictures and a detailed description on what might've happened to Georgie, but Harley knew the truth. She'd seen the sewer clown rip off Georgie's left arm, leaving it as a stub. Something had awoke and it was bad news, she knew that from the piercing shards in her chest.
"Where were you the time Georgie disappeared?" Cops tosses questions around like a balloon. They didn't let up until she curled into a ball to escape the world.
She shook her head and bit her lip, struggling not to cry. "I don't want to talk about it."
"We need all the information you and your family can provide us."
"Why? So you can manically search for my brother when you haven't bothered to look for the other kids?" She assumed, her anger level rising.
"We'll try our best." The one female cop says, marching away.

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