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It's about a human called Peter Rhodes he gets bitten by a toxic spider and he turns to spiderdude and he is fighting his archenemy named green spider its not going to just be all about fighting green spider there is going to be chapters with him not in there so bye.

Andrew Rhodes
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Chapter 1 Spiderdude vs green spider

Peter Rhodes says aunt sam do you have money for the field trip she says yes here you go have fun be safe he says okay aunt may i will he goes on his bike and catches his bus mary Jean textes him she says hey want to hang out after school he texts back i can't aunt may wants me to go home and bring back eggs she texts back okay maybe later then.

On the field trip Peter Rhodes is on his phone the teacher says Mr. Rhodes get off your phone or i will take your phone now he says okay he does and he see's a room and he see's a spider in a glass he opens it and it escapes and he gets bitten on the kneck and he goes home and he says aunt may and uncle Dan i am going to my room he passes out.

And he wakes up and he shoots webs he says what the hell i am from the movie spiderdude i am going to go out side he swings from buildings to buildings he yells yeah this is so cool he says my spidey sence is tingling he see's someone that is being robbed and he shows up and he fights him and wins.

A guy on a board shows up hey spiderdude come and get me my name is green spider you will die for the murder of my daughter he says i didn't even touch your daughter he says yes you did i saw you that night and i saw your suit now you will die for your actions and that little girl will die and this is on your hands bye.

He flys up with the little girl he says you better come fight me or this little girl dies we will finish this once and for all meet me at Goddam city and meet me at GCPD thats a diffrent universe bye.

He flys away and the little girl screams he says don't worry i will save you by fighting him i won't kill him i will put him down by knocking him out he puts a universe chestplate on his chest that makes him travel between universe he travels to it and batmale see's him he says who are you he says my name is spiderdude my archenemy came to this world have you seen him and who are you he says my name is batmale i protect Goddam and if your a good guy that means he is a bad guy i will help you get him.

Only if you help me take out the jacker he is my archenemy he is threatening to poison Goddam City help me I'll help you and he has hostages he is threatening to kill them.

Help me i will put down your arch enemy green spider let's go he glides to the jokers base near it actually he says there's lots of armed thugs we have to be careful spiderdude where did you go wait he's fighting them whoa he fought them all thats so cool.

I will help him he goes to the one behind him and he punched him and they goes to the door and it's locked spiderdude says damn it's locked check if theirs a vent near by us i can crawl in their and open it from the inside he says no there's no vent batman blows up the door their now we can go in.

Jacker says well you made it in to my circus now we can begin clowns get them they all fights them and he says oh bats you brought your sidekick spiderdude says my name is spiderdude and i am no bodys sidekick he fights the jacker he says well spiderfreak he laughs.

And he shoots two of the hostages and brings the rest of them with him and runs out of the circus batmale says go get him i got these one's the joker says you know what to do clowns go get them.

He begins laughing one of the GCPD comes out and aims a gun at jackers head and he breaks the gun and he shoots him and he runs with the hostages.

And spiderdude goes in front of him and he knocks him out there you go batmale here's your archenemy the jacker he says thank you now i can help you defeat green spider let's go bring him to GCPD and then we can go they goes and delivers jacker one of the cops says nice job batmale you caught him and who's your buddy he says thats spiderdude he is here because another villain from his world came into ours green spider.

I am helping him catch him and put him away he said that the villain took a little girl so we got to catch him the joker says well you won't bat freak wait until Harley breaks me out she will because she loves me.

The officer says shut up let's go the jacker says because she will he laughs and the officer locks him up batmale says okay let's go find him and bring him back to your world.

Wait Alfie try to track the green spider and then tell me his location so we can take him down he says i will try to locate him.

He says okay spruce he is at an abandoned warhouse somewhere near the frozen area they goes over there and see's him batmale says that's your archenemy he is cool green spider says well you made it and you brought the bat here to this should be fun little girl says help me spiderdude he says stop batman let me take him alone.

If you want to fight lets fight they start fighting spiderdude shoots webs in his face and spiderdude makes a portal he says well spruce wayne bye time to go back to my world spiderdude grabs the little girl and kicks green spider into the portal and batman says bye.

They goes back to his world and spiderdude puts down the girl and he knocks him out their now you are going to jail.

He brings him to prison and then he takes the little girl home and he leaves and goes back and puts his board on his shelves.

This is the end of the first chapter bye.
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