A Recipe for Disaster

Sprinkle with boredom

Jack was bored. There was no doubt about it, and no reason to try and hide it. He tried anyway. This was Daniel's outing and it didn't matter that he had been on his hands and knees in a pit of gravel and rocks for the past two days now, only surfacing when Jack forced him to come up to eat or sleep. Jack was not going to let his own antsyness disturb him.

He had tried everything to ward off the boredom, including helping out with the digging. Apparently he hadn't been careful enough and Daniel had sent him up out of the pit. It had been obvious he had thought Jack would just go find himself something more fun to do, but he had set out to keep Daniel safe and he couldn't be sure to do that from out of sight.

He looked down in the pit where Daniel was digging away. Considering the meticulous way he worked it was amazing how far down he had gotten. He found little objects all the time, which he handed up to Jack and actually trusted him to carefully lay out on a tarp outside the building. The dirt piled up around the pit, making it look deeper still. And at the bottom Daniel just kept going down and down, most likely not intending to stop until he ran out of little 'artifacts' to find.

Jack sighed and went to take another look around the rest of the ancient building. He had done so a few times already but it might just ease the boredom a little. Meanwhile he was still close enough to watch over Daniel.

The house had one main chamber, about six feet square - where Daniel has literally dug himself in. Jack sniggered at his own poor joke as he clambered over a pile of rubble that had once been an interior wall. The room he was now in was one of four smaller ones that flanked the big one on the south and north sides. The building's entrance looked west and in the east…there was the tower.

The outer walls of the building had been better preserved, standing up to the level of Jack's chest. The city would make a splendid training field, he considered, feeling a little guilty to have such ideas about Daniel's little piece of heaven. The tower was well preserved as well, still reaching up two or three stories and only looking a little jagged at the top.

It was roughly round, and Jack wondered briefly at which amount of corners a polygon could be referred to as a circle. In the wall adjoining with the large room where Daniel was – still happily digging – there was a small doorway with a couple of little remnants of a wooden door. Inside he could see the lowest step of a staircase.

He stepped inside and cautiously started making his way up. On the first floor landing there was some pieces of wood, that may at one point been furniture. He made a mental note to tell Daniel about it later so he could come up and have a look. I think he'll like that. He continued up to another level, where there were more wood fragments and quite a lot of rocks. When he looked up he saw that most of the ceiling was missing and he could see the sky through the holes. The last steps up were still intact however, so he picked his way up to the remnants of the roof.

A few fragments of a balustrade remained on the edge, and he steadied himself on them as he looked over to spy the little figure of Daniel in his pit. He turned around and looked out over the city. Several other excavation sites were spread out in the near vicinity, starkly standing out as islands of activity in the dead environment. Here and there strolled a soldier, a small safety measure just in case… Jack gave himself a shake. There would be no 'in case' this time. And that was when he heard it.

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