Gotta be strong (Jimin x Reader)


Your mom died when you were at a young age. Your dad became a alcoholic and a gambler. He abused you and you were the one that needed to work so you guys could live. And if that wasnt bad enough your new school wasnt all that well either. Especially not the kinka of the school Park Jimin.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

″Yaa give me some money″ your dad asked you drunk with a bottle of whiskey in one of his hands.

″I didn’t get my salary yet″ you said scared knowing that your dad would get mad. Your dad walks up to you and gave you a hard slap in your face. You held your left cheek with both your hands feeling the stinging pain.

″You think I’m a fool!! I know you have it!!″ your dad screamed making you more scared than you already were. He walked to your bag to search through it. You did lie to him. Actually you had money but it was just a little bit and you were planning to use it to buy ingredients for dinner with. You ran to your bag but before you could reach it your dad already grabbed your hair. Flinging you to the wall making you fall on the ground. He grabbed your bag and held it upside down letting all the things in your bag fall on the floor in front of you. He saw your wallet and took the little bit of money that was left in it. He lowered himself in front of you while you were still laying on the floor because of the pain.

″Lie to me again and your dead″ he said with a serious tone. He drank the last sips of whiskey before throwing the bottle on the floor and leaving to go gambling. When he was gone you slowly stood up and picked up all your stuff that was lying on the floor. You placed everything back in your bag and cleaned the little stains of whiskey that were laying on the floor along with the bottle. After you were done you headed to your room. Looking in the mirror you saw your left cheek red as a tomato. And your hair looking like you just came out of bed. You leaned both of your hands on the dressing table while quietly sobbing.


″MOM!!” you screamed running towards the hospital bed your mom was laying in. She looked all pale and thin. You knew she wouldnt make it. Your mom just smiled at you motioning to hug her. You hugged her tied crying while she slowly stroked your hair.

″Don’t cry. Its gonna be okay″ she whispered.

″Please don’t go. Don’t leave me″ you said crying. Your dad and the doctors just silently watched.

″I’m sorry I can’t stay″ your mom said cupping your cheeks with both of her thin hands to make you look at her. She tugged some of your hair that was sticking to your face behind your ear.

″Promise me to stay strong. No matter what happens you gotta be strong. Believe me, if you stay strong only good things will eventually happen to you″ she said wiping your tears away.

″I promise″ you said trying not to cry anymore. You gave her one last hug and that’s when she died.

*end of flashback*

You looked back in the mirror again.

″You gotta be strong Y/N″ you told yourself as you wiped your tears away. You looked in the mirror and instead of looking at your face. Your new school uniform that was hanging in the back caught your attention. You turned around and walked to it.

″Please let me have a happy school life for once″ you spoke to yourself slowly touching your new school uniform. Ever since your mom died for some reason everything started to go downwards. Not only did your dad abuse you and became an alcoholic and a gambler. But you also got extremely bullied at school. Even though you didn’t know why. But starting tomorrow you were going to a new school. And you hoped that this time you would have a happy school life.

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