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Silently Destroyed


Louis' POV "Hey love." I said, causing the small boy to look up. Fresh tears still rolling down his cheeks. "What do you want?" He asked choking out the words. His voice small, and his beautiful green eyes crying out with pain. "Are you okay?" I asked, taking a seat on the ground next to him. The tiles of the locker room feeling cold beneath my legs. " Yeah." He sighed. "Harry," I began, looking up into his eyes. " Tell me." I pleaded. He sat still for a moment, than began to shake his head. "Don't act like you actually give two fucks about me!" He yelled. I stretched out my legs, getting up so that I was standing in front of him. " How many times do I have to say that I'm sorry?!" I questioned. He was quiet. The only sounds were the tiny escapes of the sobs he was trying to hold in. "I'm sorry Harry." I said, more calmly than I just had. Silence

Romance / Drama
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“Harry,come to mummy.”
I quickly ran to the nearest room and hid under the bed. I heard a few noises out side of the room when the door flew open. Except it wasn’t my mum.
“What the fuck did I tell you about being in our room? Get the fuck out!” My dad yelled.

I jumped at his voice, causing me to hit my head to hit the wood above me , making me burst into tears.
“YOU WANNA CRY? ILL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT!” My dad yelled pulling me out from under the bed, holding me up by my neck.

“Dez! He’s only a baby stop!” My mum yelled.
“Shut up bitch! He’s three years old he should fucking know better than to cry.
A second later I fell to the ground, blood immediately pouring from my nose.


“Are you okay” a boy asked, sitting down on the grass next to me. I felt I should answer but I didn’t want to embarrass myself any further. “It’s okay. You don’t have to answer. I can stay and talk or I could listen.” The boy smiled. His beautiful eyes meeting my green ones. “At least tell me your name, and more if you’d like.” He smiled.

“Why are you being so nice to me?” I wondered aloud. He was quiet for a second, a look of fear covering his features.
“Because, you’re in.. what.. seventh grade?” He shook his head. ” ya know what that doesn’t matter. Nobody deserves to be hurting. So again if you want to tell me what’s wrong, you can but if you don’t, I completely understand. But just know I would never tell anyone. If I didnt care, I wouldn’t be here.”
I sat for a moment. Silence filling the air.

“Harry.. that’s my.. that’s my name.” I muttered out fresh tears rolling down my cheeks.
“My dad.. he hurts me and my mum really bad. And I try to protect her but I’m only 12 and I can’t do much.... I... I just want it to stop.”

“He never fucking stops.” I cried out. The word feeling strange on my tongue.

The boy was quiet. The feeling that I revealed to much washed over me as I cried some more. But instead of leaving, the boy pulled me into a hug.
" I’m so sorry Harry. You don’t deserve that. You’re so beautiful and you deserve the world. I’m sure your mum does too.”

Once again it was silent but in the best way possible.

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