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Kagome woke to throbbing pain and angry voices. She was beginning to think that she had been abducted by children from all the bickering that they were doing. She stretched slightly, testing the bonds they had stupidly given her easy access to. They used rope, tying her hands, feet and calves together. Rope, for one that could cover her body in flame and disintegrate yokai with a glance. She sighed, listening to them argue, the girl wanting to try to kill her, the gray inu declaring that he needed her alive. Fighting the urge to sigh again, she decided it was time to join the conversation and find out what they had given her children.

“Chikaradsuyoi, what the hell is going on here?” she said very calmly, slowly pronouncing each word. They grey lord's son jerked his gaze to her, surprised to see her awake. She raised her bound hands and began to heal the knot on the back of her head.

“I have promised you as payment, my lady. You were the only thing that he would except for doing what I wished for him to.” His tone was apologetic, but his smile was smug and irritating.

“And the children?” Kagome wanted to know first off. There had better not be any lasting effects harmful to them or the two in front of her would fry. Slowly.

“The brats are fine.” Said the black inuyokai, playing with her long hair as she sneered.

“You are?” Now that she took the time to pay attention to the girl, she was not Kusabana, though the resemblance was remarkable. Rins new companion was a sweet girl with a soft blue aura, the one in front of her was blue as well, but more of an off grey in color.

She laughed callously. “I am Togehana. The brats and my winey bitch of a sister will wake up fine in the morning. Shame really.” Her snide voice reminded her of Yura of the hair.

“The one you did this for, will he not harm them, then?” She asked, studying them closely. The girl was really starting to piss her off.

“Like I care.” She continued to lovingly stroke that long dark hair. “A human and a kitsune in the home of the inuyokai’s Koutei is disgusting, but I doubt that he has any interest in the vermin, he is obsessed with you.” She was so haughty, confident in her ignorant hatred.

“Who would he be?” Kagome began working the bindings down her wrists. Neither inu noticed the action, nor the small flare of power she had used to quietly loosen them. She doubted that they would answer, but then, they had shown a marked lack of intelligence so far. They had strength, all yokais were powerful beings, but it did no good if you were not smart enough to use it correctly.

Togehana actually started to open her mouth to answer, when her companion hushed her, earning a condemning glare. “You will find out soon enough.” He began watching the surrounding forest with great interest, ignoring her.

“Can you at least tell me what I am being sold for?” The male ignored her completely, but the girl could not help herself, so sure was she that they had nothing to fear from one tied up human priestess.

“Why, to rid himself of his brother and father, of course. They deserve it, trying to soil their house with human blood. It’s sickening. My father tried to clear the taint from our palace as well. Sesshomaru tortured him for days for daring to get near that pathetic girl. It is a weakness for him to care for it so.”

The clearing filled with purple flames as bands of light subdued the two yokai, burning where it came in contact with their skin. “YOU.” Kagome said, standing as the rope dissolved in her anger, “you would dare to call him weak.” With a flick of her hand, she brought them to their knees. “Allow me to show you how truly pathetic you really are.”

She leisurely approached the girl who had so easily spoken of Rin's death. She pressed a finger gently into the inu’s head, causing her to stiffen in discomfort as an electric charge went through her. Then the true pain began, her skin becoming branded, muscle deep, kanji appearing on her as she screamed. Ignorant marked her forehead, while weak graced one cheek and pathetic the other. On and on it went until every limb was marked with her character treats, none of which were good. Her screams gradually became raspy moans before the one beside her broke.

“You are a priestess.” He said horrified, “it is not fitting for you to torcher her so.” Fear like he had never before known filled him as smoldering inhuman eyes met his. Even her pupil had gone a dark lavender, blooming like some mystical vengeance seeking flower intent on his blood.

She moved to him, gradually lowering herself before him, her hands resting on her knees. “You are so foolish in your single-mindedness. No one is only one thing.” She reached out and pulled his short sword from his waist.

“I am also a woman and I am a mother. Those can be two of the most cruel, most deadly things to ever walk this place.” She stood once more moving behind the terrified girl. “Do you know why that is, son of Kashikoiotoko?” She cocked her head, those petrifying eyes searing his again. “It is because, she will be so thorough that no one would dare risk to threaten what she cares for ever again.” Saying that she gathered Togehana’s precious hair to her, shearing it close to her head before allowing the strands to drift down in a black cloud around her.

Standing before him once more, she asked, “Do you understand now, inuyokai?” Pressing her fingers against him, the kanji for traitor gradually scorched its way into his forehead, marking him for what he was. Using her aura, she promptly knocked them out, tired of dealing with them and trying her best to get herself back under control.

A short while later, a large enraged presence neared the clearing where she waited with her kidnappers. Her lover had found her. Full grown trees crashed to the ground, falling under the giant inu as he stepped out of the sky, the ground quaking from the yoki rolling off of him. Kagome stood, awestruck at his magnificence, his form towering over the land, the bright moon and navy sky his backdrop like an enchanted painting roaring to glorious life. He spotted her, moving forward as he shrank, his footsteps leaving poison trails in the damp forest floor, forever scaring the land. He met her as a man.

Sesshomaru pulled her to him, his grip crushing and nearly painful. They spoke not a word between them as his lips descended on hers, relearning the taste of her mouth and the feel of her skin through the silky fabric of her gown. His fingers buried themselves in her hair as he nearly shook with the relief coursing through him. The feel of her hands stroking his back slowly brought him back from the uncontrolled rage that had consumed him from the moment he had found her missing. Kagome, he rested his head against her for a moment.

Sesshomaru, she leaned back and touched his face, relieved to see the red fading from his eyes. “The children?” she asked.

“They are fine. Mother guards them now.” His features settled back into his normal cold visage. He looked behind her, the red rim around his eyes remained. “Those are the ones who would presume to touch what is mine?” They walked to the downed couple together.

As he came closer, he noted the burn marks upon their bodies. Eyeing her, a new respect grew for his onna. “It appears that you lost your temper, my Tsuki.”

“Hai,” she said simply. Standing by his side, she looked down on them. “She is the black dog’s daughter, sister to Kusabana. They spoke of another who wanted me in return for killing his father and brother.”

He placed a barrier over them. His solders would retrieve them later, for questioning. “We will soon know who.” He smiled sadistically, “though this one thinks you have done such a thorough job on the female, she may answer any questions asked.”

“She is fond of running her mouth.” Her eyes flaring at the reminder of her words.

A light shone in his, one she had become very familiar with. Her gaze narrowed on him as he took a step toward her. She stepped back. “Sesshomaru?”

“This one thinks your mark begins to fade.” He advanced again.

“I doubt that.” She muttered, retreating another step, despite the warmth beginning to build within her. “Now is hardly the ….” Seeing him take on a feral look, she turned and ran, part in protest and partly because he wanted her to.

Cursing the long black silk, she fled as fast as her feet would carry her. The chase did not last long at all, him quickly materializing before her. She yelped and tried to dodge him, only to find herself pressed against a large tree, bark digging into her back. She cared not, wrapping her legs around his waist, his body pushing intimately against her. Their mouths met once more as the world faded away, leaving only heated touches and passionate cries rising like mist into the star filled sky.

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