In His Service

Weakness Revealed

Sesshomaru paced the length of his study, growling at any who dared to approach him. Jakan grumbled from the corner, “Worthless onna, leaving like that. How dare she upset my lord so?” Suddenly he was sailing through the high window, over that palace walls, crashing into a home just inside the main gate.

Lady Kirei na watched calmly from his desk chair, not sparing the imp a thought. “Are you going to reclaim her, son?”

He said nothing, just shooting a red rimmed glare her way. Never had he been so out of control of himself, just barely holding his yoki in check.

“Of course, you may not feel the need, after all she was only your lover. There are already lines forming at the gates to replace her in that position. I am sure you could find one appealing to you.” One whole wall of ledgers and scrolls fell to the floor as his fist met a nearby wall. “And I’m positive that another will step up for her as well. She had multiple offers and one went so far as to kidnap her to have her.” She hid a wince as the desk in front of her crashed, flying across the room.

It took a moment for the truth of her words to penetrate his fury filled mind, then he stilled, paper debris floating around him like cherry blossoms in the fall. “She talked to you before she left?” he asked, cold calm slowly returning.

“Yes, she also told Rin goodbye and that she would see her again soon.” Lady Kirei na stood and walked to the door. “Decide what it is you truly want son,” she looked back at him, “Remember a mate would never leave your side, while a lover is always replaceable.” With that she left him to the mess he had made.

Jakan dragged himself through the halls until he was once more before his lord’s study. There he lay, trying to get the energy to stand and apologize for whatever he had done to make him angry this time. Sesshomaru came out not noticing his humble servant until he had already stepped on him. Hearing his grunt, the western lord looked down upon him. “Jakan. Clean up this mess.” He said before quickly leaving.

“Yes, my lord.” He replied before fainting.

Kagome made her way slowly across the land, headed for the village she had begun to call home over the years of searching for the jewel shards. She found herself humming as she gently ran her hands over her softly protruding stomach. It had almost been six hours into her week long journey and already she missed him. The way it felt when he stood at her side, so arrogant and cold, the heat in his touch and the way he would kiss her like he was branding her his.

Damn it! She would return to him, she knew with certainty. Kagome laughed inwardly, maybe she had not come so far from the naive girl from the future as she had thought. Once again she was willing to be with an Inu any way she could have him, just to stay by his side. She loved him, unconditionally.

However, her children would not suffer, she would find a way to have both, if she had to purify half of his kingdom to make it so. Even with the discovery of her feelings, she still headed toward her friends, intending to keep the promise she had made to return when her year was up. It would only be a short visit and maybe give her time to find the right words to tell Sesshomaru of his impending fatherhood.

Distracted by her thoughts, it took her a few moments to realize the clearing she had chosen to rest in was now sounded by yokai. There were few familiar faces among them, but she was not really surprised of who stepped out to face her.

Ignoring him for a minute, she took stock of those around her. Six inus, white, black and grey, two red kitsune, and three bears, all brown. Kagesenshi stood before her now, his hazel eyes filled with premature victory. She had begun to suspect that he was up to something, no one just pops up that randomly.

“Can I help you?” she asked. Probably not, they don’t have good physiatrists in this time.

“I have come for you, lady Kagome. I was planning to take you from the palace today when my solders attack it, but you made it so much easier leaving how you did.” He bowed slightly, his long white hair sliding over his shoulder.

“For what purpose do you attack the western fortress and why do you need me?” she asked, smirking faintly. She let her pack fall to the ground, standing loosely. She could hardly wait to hit him in his smug little mouth.

“Sesshomaru has gone soft, letting that human creature stay with him as his daughter, then claiming the half-blood. I intend to replace him as koutei of the western lands.” He stepped closer to her. “As for you, the new koutei will need the strongest possible mate.” He smiled charmingly.

Kagome could not believe his audacity, the nerve of him thinking he could even be a quarter of the ruler that Sesshomaru was. “And this?” she asked, gesturing to her still fresh lovers mark, her eyes taking on a familiar glow.

“Do not fear, it will soon fade and I will replace it with a more permanent one. I know you do not really want it there.” He came with in arms reach of her.

“And what makes you think that?” she slowly released her aura, building up energy. The slimy mutt was really beginning to piss her off. There was no way in seven hells he was touching her.

“Everyone knew it. You were his servant, he defeated you in battle, there was no way you could refuse him, just as there is no way you can refuse me.” He said confidently.

Kagome’s eyes flamed, but her voice was crisply cold, a gift from being near her lover so often. “You are a fool.” With every word her aura burned brighter. “I can heal both human and yokai, regenerate limbs and fight off the hands of death, yet you think I could not remove a mark from my own skin?” She pulled her clothing back from her, showing Sesshomaru’s claim plainly, “It is there and shall remain there because I chose for it to. Because I chose him and will always choose him. You could never hold a candle to him in any respect.” She paused, catching her breath.

“Kind of you to say so, little Tsuki.” Sesshomaru said as he gracefully dropped to the ground near her. He wanted to be pissed that she had left, but she was so gorgeous in her anger and her words that it had soothed away his. He also discovered her secret not long after she had released her aura, fully releasing her scent as well. He was to be a father. “You will explain to this one why you are hiding his sons from him.” He spoke, coming to stand behind her. He bent down and kissed his mark, making her shiver.

“Sons?” his cousin asked, neither of them paying him any mind.

“I needed some time to think. I was not keeping them from you” she told him crossing her arms over her chest. If he said they were having sons, she believed him. There was not much that could get past the inuyokai’s senses.

He ran his fingers up her neck, tipping her chin back so that her violet eyes met his golden ones. “And what were your thoughts?”

“I was coming back.” She huffed, irritated. It just wasn’t right to be addicted to looking at someone. “I was just keeping my promise to visit my friends then I was going to return to you.”

Grinning cockily, satisfied with her answers, he turned to face the next problem. “Now then, what is this about?” Though he knew, he loved the way she expressed things.

“It seems as if the moron over there has decided to attack your home and take your title from you.” Looking around, she continued, “If his solders are like these fools, I imagine your mother is having a grand time right now, playing with them. On top of that, the idiotic mutt thinks he can use me like some showcase brood mare. I certainly hope all this stupidity is not catching.” She sighed, leaning back into his arms. “Can I go now, I’m sure you can clean this up all on your lonesome and I have somewhere to be.”

“I doubt that.” Kagesenshi snarled. He had actually hoped not to face the western lord head on, but was unwilling to give up all he had to gain. “I am sorry, my lady, but it seems that I must rid you of more than that mark before I make you mine.” He leapt back, pulling his sword free, “Get her and do not be gentle about it.”

Kagome stood stiffly. Looking back at her lover, she said evenly, “he needs to die now, please.”

“Do not leave.” He kissed her briefly, “I have plans for you later, Tsuki mine.” He nipped her mark, making her body warm and flushed.

“Fighting turns you on now, does it?” she asked sarcastically, watching as he strolled toward their enemy.

“Only with you, Koi.” He said just before swords clashed violently together.

Kagome froze, shocked at the endearment, then she softened. “Idiot.” She mumbled under her breath as her attackers approached. “Look, I’m not in the mood right now to play. Try and touch me and your purified.” Her eyes turned into a solid scorching violet, the pupils even going dark lavender, purple flames billowing out from around her. Two of the bears grabbed for her, only to disintegrate as they got near, engulfed in her fierce aura. “I am not fucking with you.” She warned again.

“Language, Tsuki.” Sesshomaru corrected her as he blocked another attack from his cousin. The dog was trying his best to take his head.

“Bite me.” She replied, eyes narrowing on him. She was unconcerned, knowing he was far more powerful and skilled than his opponent.

“Later,” he promised, causing her to roll her eyes.

“Bitch!” one of the dogs yelled, only to quiver in fear as she turned in his direction.

“Enough of this.” She said mostly to herself. She drew her power around them, pulling them down, “Kneel before your koutei.” Kagome held them there with little effort as she watched her love tease his pray.

For such a serious being, he did love his games. She allowed him to continue for a while, knowing he still had some frustration to work out. He was being particularly vicious with the white inu, slowly bleeding from a dozen or so gashes throughout his body. He started with the places that would make it more difficult to retaliate, the bends in his arms and knees, meaning every time he moved, blood poured from them. Then, of course his wrists to weaken his hold. The slits on his face were just pure antagonism for venturing to take what belonged to Sesshomaru. Finely she began to get bored. “I am getting tired, lord Sesshomaru, think you can speed this up a bit?” her words were defiantly annoyed.

With one simple move, he beheaded his cousin, letting his body fall to the ground as he turned to her. Sesshomaru looked around at the yokai still bound to the ground, kneeling before him. “Will they stay that way after we are gone?” He asked, cleaning and sheathing his sword.

“Probably for another hour or so.” She said, picking up her pack and beginning to walk toward the east.

He grinned, abruptly pulling her to him as he launched himself into the sky. She was going home with him until he said otherwise. He decided that the misunderstanding was a little bit his fault because he had never told her to stay after her time as his servant was done. He would be rectifying all of his mistakes very shortly.

Kagome said nothing, not fighting him. She had known that he would not let her walk away so easily when they obviously had a few things that they needed to discuss between them.

Out of now where a bear came flying past them in full beast form. Looking down they could see that the great silver inu was in fact having a blast tossing yokai as though they were dog toys. Deciding to let her have fun, Sesshomaru went straight to his chambers. She would have left Rin in safe hands.

Once inside, he pressed her up against the wall, his nose buried in her throat, growling softly. “You left me.” He said, stunning her for the second time that day, by his not referring to himself by name.

“I was not leaving you,” she said, allowing him to pin her. “I just need time to think of things to come, where we would stand in your life.” One hand trailing down to where her children lay. “I do not want to play second and watch our babies suffer hurt and rejection, Sesshomaru.” Kagome met his eyes, hers lightly glowing with the intensity of her words.

“You think that I would allow such a thing to happen?” he replied, red tinting his own.

“I am only the one you sleep with. There is no true bond between us, lord Sesshomaru, beyond the passion we share. Would you still fight for us when you grow bored of my presence?” she asked harshly, actual tears threating to fill her, eyes glassy as she fought them off.

He stepped back, hands gripped into fists until blood ran from them in red drops to the floor. He fought to keep his yoki under control, wanting to lash out at her painful words. He wanted to demand how she could think such a thing from him, but he had never told her any different, had he. To speak of his feelings to another was weakness, something he had never had in all his four hundred years, something he had not believed himself capable of.

Looking at her there, standing before him proud as any warrior, tears shinning in her eyes, he realized that he could be. For her and her alone, he would allow himself to be weak. “Kagome.” His bloody hands pulled her close, “Tsuki, I love you. I would never turn you away or our children. They will be the heirs to the west, no matter what their blood decides to be.” With that, he bit down into his mark, ignoring her gasp.

Kagome’s hands dug into the skin of his back, adding more blood to the air. She burned where he latched onto her, scaring her with his mating mark. She did not mind the pain, grateful even to have this moment with him. To be his forever and have him be hers was more than she had ever thought possible. From the first time he had kissed her, he had worked his way into her heart, as painful a process as his poison was working through her right now, but it was worth every second of it.

His tongue swiped over her newly scared flash before he raised his head again. He was not sure what to expect from her because he had claimed her without asking, not giving her the chance to run again. She touched his face, tenderly wiping a trace of her blood from his mouth. “I love you too.” Kagome told him before raising up to claim his mouth.

They began to get lost in each other when a small movement at her waist stalled them. She actually giggled at the sensation of their child moving within her. It felt indescribable. Sesshomaru seemed awed as well. Stripping her of her cloths, he got on his knees and pressed his face against her belly. It only took a second for the kick to be repeated filling him with a sense of wonder.

Looking up at her smiling face, he could not help but be overwhelmed at her beauty and all the good she had brought to him. When he took her from his brother was the best decision of his life. Determined to show her how special she was to him, he rose, carrying her to their bed. Never again would she have cause to doubt him or her place in his life. It was by his side and in his heart.

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