In His Service

A New Beginning

Cries filled the western fortress. For the first time in four hundred years, new heirs were born to the inuyokai’s royal family. The western lord himself looked over his children, thrilled at being a father. The birth itself had been terrifying, for him. The new lady of the west held up fine, her pain helping keep her laughter away at her mate’s expression during her labor. There had been a little surprise at the end that neither of them had expected.

Sesshomaru traced the crescent moon in dark purple that graced his oldest son’s forehead. The boy was full blooded and an exact replica of his father, right down to the stoic expression and poison tipped claws. His twin brother was opposite of him, with black hair and bright blue eyes with golden flecks throughout them. He shared his father’s markings and claws as well, but his face held a hopeful light that reminded one of a young Kagome.

Their surprise had come in the form of a tiny angelic looking girl who hid her aura until she came screaming into the world right after her blue eyed brother, barely giving her obaasan time to catch her. She was a half-blood like her uncle, also having tiny white puppy ears perched cutely on top of her head that was covered is silvery white hair. She had her father’s flawless complexion and her obaasans crescent mark, but her eyes were her most stunning feature. Shining brightly, they were the color of her mothers in full battle glory, violet with dark lavender pupils that studied the world as if it belonged solely to her.

“You did well, Kagome.” Inuyasha said, squeezing her hand while his other held onto a now pregnant Kikyo. He ignored the glare from across the room, the brothers having gone back to their grudging acceptance of each other, neither wanting to upset their mates with constant bickering. Or it could be that Kagome threatened to tie them together with a spirit bond until they learned to get along, but either way, there was now peace between them.

“They are fine babies sister.” Kikyo agreed, rubbing her own baby bump, terrified and excited all at the same time. She was due within the month. They were staying at the palace until the birth so that Kagome could be there in case any problems arose. Having an inuyokai child for a human was not always easy.

Kagome smiled, resting comfortably, her body already working to heal the damage from giving birth. Though she would probably not hop right up like a yokai, she would be completely healed within a couple of days. That was something she was most grateful for. Her mate seemed pleased as well, not taking his eyes off his children since they were cleaned and presented to him, him and his mother sharing identical grins. His love had become more open, but only with in the family halls of his home, never showing a moment’s weakness to the outside world.

“Little Jikoku seems to like her.” Shippo said, proud of being a big brother.

“I agree," Sango tried to hold on to her four month old as he reached toward the newborns crib. It seemed he took more from his father than his face, identical to the monk except for his chocolate colored eyes.

“The boy has a good eye, I am sure he will make me most proud in the years to come.” Miroku said, a familiar look on his face.

Visions of a future Miroku miniature chasing his daughter around made Sesshomaru growl. Kagome laughed, groaning a little muscles still sore from giving birth. She had the feeling that her daughter would hold her own against any advance even a future lecherous Jikoku, but it would certainly be funny to watch as their children grew together, family at last. “So what should we name them?” She asked, her mate finely returning to her side.

“The eldest will be Kyoukansei and his brother will be Chuujitsu.” Sesshomaru told her, clearly pleased with his sons.

“And our daughter?” she asked, amused at him. He was already wrapped around her little finger, giving no though to her being only a half blood. He had held her the longest, claiming the need to keep her tiny form warmed.

“Okaasan, she looks like a cherry blossom!” Rin squealed quietly. She adored her new siblings and could not wait to hold them, especially the beautiful little girl. She had visions of flower chains and dresses dancing through her head.

“Perfect Rin.” Kagome smiled, “Sakura it is.” They all quietly admired their new additions.

Jakan crept over to Sakura’s cradle, peaking at the girl. He had already seen his lord’s sons and approved of them, being as perfect as Sesshomaru. “It is a shame about her ears though.” He thought he said quietly, unaware that he was about to be pounced on by both brothers who heard him plainly. It was the child who stopped them, mid movement. One tiny clawed hand reached out and touched the imps arm where it rested on the wood of her bed, a purple light shined, blinding those in the room. When it faded, the imp lay upon his knees before her. “Lady Sakura please forgive your servant.” He begged in a familiar obsessive tone, his arm burnt with purification.

The room filled with laughter, Jakan completely oblivious to their humor. “It seems you have lost your faithful masochistic servant, Sesshomaru” Kagome grinned at her mate.

“Hn.” He said leaning close, “this one will have to find a new stress reliever.” His gaze totally suggestive.

“Sorry, fella, you are banned for at least a month.” She giggled at his crestfallen expression on his face. She looked around the room at her family chosen and born, looking forward to the future of love, no matter what time might bring for them. She held Sesshomaru close, placing a soft kiss on his lips, grateful that he had brought her home.
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