In His Service

Camping with His Fussiness

A few hours later, Kagome sat smiling, enjoying the wind on her face. She had always loved flying when the opportunity arose. Rin looked up at her, a strange look on her face. “Miss Kagome, Rin is hungry.” Her tiny tummy growled, agreeing it had been too long since their last meal.

Kagome stared down at the wide, pleading eyes and had to hold back the urge to hug the girl breathless. She was just too cute! She noticed that Sesshomaru had dropped down a little. Having no doubt that he had heard the child, she was positive that they would soon stop. She dug into the front pocket of her bag, revealing the last of the chocolate bars she had from her time. “This will help until we can cook something.” She handed it to the little girl, happy to have had something to settle her hunger. She made a mental note to always pack some sort of snack for her new charge.

Rin’s eyes lit up. The taste of chocolate melted through her mouth and instantly calmed her stomach. She grinned widely. “Thank you! It the best thing Rin ever tasted.” She munched like a happy little chipmunk for the rest of their flight.

Bring the child, his voice echoed through her mind, the mark on her neck tingling slightly. She jumped a little, causing Rin to stare at her curiously.

A little warning that you can speak in my head would have been nice. She thought at him.

How else would this one call his servant? came back to her in his usual ‘I’m better than you’ tone.

Kagome rolled her eyes, but she could kind of understand what he meant. She could not see the stoic Sesshomaru raising his voice for any reason or worse using one of those ridicules little brass bells that she had seen on old TV shows. The image in her that appeared in her head of him delicately holding out one between two long fingers had her holding in laughter. She seriously doubted that he would appreciate her thoughts. Her smile remained in spite of it until they landed safely on the ground.

Sesshomaru was leaned against a massive tree, staring up at the darkening sky. The moon called to him, as it did all those in his blood line, often marking significant events in their lives. It was one of the few things that he found truly beautiful, captivating, and worthy of his attention.

“Lord Sesshomaru, you should try this!” Rin ran to him with the last bite of her chocolate in hand.

“This one does not eat human food.” He told her gently, for him anyway.

She just smiled brightly and ate it herself, showing just as much pleasure as she had of the very first bite.

“I’m not sure that it would have been good for Sess… lord Sesshomaru, Rin. Most dogs get sick when eating chocolate.” Kagome told her, holding her hand out to her. She ignored the cold look she was receiving from the man in question.

The little girl skipped over to her, taking her hand as she led them toward a small stream to wash up. Jakan was returning with fish to roast over the fire, grumbling under his breath about humans and the troubles they caused him.

“What is the difference between human food and yokai food?” Rin asked a little later while they were eating.

“From my understanding of it, it is a difference in preparation, certain herbs and most yokai eat their meat raw, but the basics are the same. They showed me some of it when I stayed with the wolf tribe a week or so ago.” She set her own food aside, aware of catching the western lord’s attention again.

“Wolves.” Rin said quietly shivering.

Kagome laid a comforting hand on the girls. “Do not be afraid, Rin, I would never allow anything to hurt you.” The glowing returned to her eyes, a flash of violet in the dark before fading away. “Koga has made a vow to never harm another human, provided he is unprovoked.” She patted her hand.

“Why were you there?” she asked, a bit more animated.

Kagome sighed and shook her head, remembering the fiasco of the week before. “I had to publicly refuse Koga’s claim and witness his mating ceremony with Ayame. She insisted on it.” The funny part had been when he offered to let her become his first concubine instead. His new mate and Inuyasha had chased the wolf all over the mountain side. It ended with Ayame knocking him into Inuyasha, both of them falling, hitting several large boulders before coming to rest at the bottom of a waterfall. Smiling, she asked, “Shall we go to sleep?” The child nodded, rubbing her eyes.

Sesshomaru did not know what to think of this new Kagome. Her emotions were better hidden, he could hardly sense anything beyond the slight aura of power she now carried. She was a puzzle. Unknown to most, he was fond of puzzles, the challenge they represented and the satisfaction of always being right, the pleasure of always succeeding.

Soon Rin and Jakan were sound asleep, Rin within her sleeping bag that attached to her brown leather bag that had replaced the yellow one. It had been the last gift her mother had given to her. Somehow the both knew that day would be their last together. She would never forget her mother’s smile, tears rolling down her face as she watched her jump into the well for the last time. Shaking off the sorrow, she sat up and started silently clearing where they had eaten. She paused by the stream, her face lifted to the sky where the three quarter moon graced the sky. She relaxed a little as its glow touched her. She loved the moon, like the great tree, it was one of the few things that remained the same from one time to the other.

“Onna.” Sesshomaru was unsettled by the way she appeared, the moon bathing her in its light. She turned toward him, their eyes meeting.

“Can you call me Kagome?” She asked, irritated as she came to stand in front of him.

“Why would this one call his servant such?” he asked, dismissively. “You claim to know how to prepare proper food. Do so for this Sesshomaru.”

“I’ll take that as a no.” she muttered as she bowed slightly. “If that is your wish, lord Sesshomaru.” Her teeth clenched together tightly on his name. I will not snap on the first day! She told herself firmly. Luckily, one of the three dishes she had learned involved fish. She also had a good supply of the herbs Ayame had gifted her with. They built up a yokai’s strength, helping their bodies to heal faster.

She pulled out the small pot given to her by Keade and placed it over the fire. Aware that he watched her every move, she added a few vegetables and a generous amount of the herbs, letting it simmer. When it was close to done, she added the fish, pulling the pot from the fire. Next, she went to her bag and unwrapped another of Ayame’s gifts. It was a jade bouru, deep and almost square in appearance, with matching jade hashi. Normally she would not have bothered with it, but she would bet the he would not eat from the same things her and Rin had used.

When it was ready, its savory smell drifting through the camp, she filled the bouru mostly full and walked over to him. Carefully, she knelt before him, resting back on her legs as she held the bouru out to him. He took it from her equally careful not to touch where she had. He watched as she folded her hands, gently resting them on her lap and waited as a servant should. She had observed much at the wolves den, he noted. However, her eyes should have been down, her head slightly bowed. She held her head high, her eyes almost defiant as they met his. Instead of irritating him as it normally would, he found himself amused by her behavior.

Kagome caught that brief moment of humor. It made her nervous. An inuyokai’s sense of humor was often warped and she did not want to be the object of it. Still, she held her position until he finished and handed the jade bowl back to her. Rising, she started to go rinse it out and pack it away when his voice stopped her.

“Onna,” he waited until she turned back, “You will serve this one such whenever we travel.”

She blinked. That was almost a compliment coming from him. “As you like.” She said quietly before finishing her tasks. Then she lay next to Rin, knowing that she would not sleep long. It was no longer a priority for her, much like her yokai friends.

She woke a short time later, a few hours before the dawn. She quietly rose. Sesshomaru was in the same position that she had left him in, perched against a tree, his eyes closed, though she was positive that he was awake. Kagome ran a brush through her dark hair, tying it back. Then she picked up her bow, sliding the quiver over her shoulder. Before she could blink, he was before her. Startled, she looked up at him. She had known that he was naturally fast, but that was more than she had expected.

“Where do you go?” He demanded suspiciously.

“You bid me to care for Rin,” she said, side stepping him. “I go to find her breakfast.” Her voice low and sarcastic.

Red tinted his eyes. “You would be wise to fear this one.” He grabbed her arm, claws breaking the skin.

Her blue and violet eyes narrowed on him. “There is no person that I fear, even you, the great lord Sesshomaru. My word to you is binding, but only for a year. Do not think that you truly own me.”

He could smell the blood flowing down her arm from the wounds he had easily made, yet still she did not so much as flinch, her steady gaze never wavered. “You have greatly changed.” He stated, releasing her.

“Yes.” She softly agreed as she move past him into the shadowed forest. How greatly she had changed from the young teen girl that fell through time and in love with a stubborn sliver haired boy with dog ears. How many changes still awaited her, she had no idea, but there was no back button, no do overs, not that she would even if there were. When she returned with food, he was gone. Even after he returned, he did not choose to speak with her for many days following their late night confrontation.
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