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Following Orders

Chapter 6ix: Following orders

Kagome’s head was spinning. By the end of that week, everyone addressed her as lady Kagome. It was strange to belong to a noble inu’s house, though her duties remained the same. She was sought out by more and more people, curious over the new addition to lady Kirei na’s family.

From what she understood, she was a daughter to the lady’s house and would be treated as such. Kirei na was slowly teaching her in their spare moments, most of it having to do with marriage and mating laws. As in most societies of the time, it all leaned heavily in the males favor, with one exception. When it came right down to it, the final choice belonged to the woman being perused. She was allowed to say no to any and all suitors. She figured it was because female inuyokai were of often as strong as their male counterparts.

Sesshomaru watched his servant and his daughter where they practiced writing in the corner of his study. The onna was very intelligent and well learned, an oddity even among his kind. Only those women born to noble houses had the opportunity to be taught, which may did not use beyond learning to read and sign their names, relying on accountants and lower servants to help them.

His servant was very beautiful, he fully admitted that to himself. He had overheard many in his halls discussing courting her when her time with him was done. A slight growl escaped him at the very thought of it. As if he would let any of the petty fools have anything that was his. As if he would allow her to leave him ever. He caught the confused look she was giving him, obviously wondering why he was glaring in her direction. A knock on his door interrupted any question she might have asked.

His slightly younger and heavily ambitious cousin walked into the room. He had white blonde hair and a strong resemblance to Kirei na, her sister’s child. His eyes were quite plain for an inuyoukai, a very human hazel color, though he was full blooded inu. “This was delivered for you, lord Sesshomaru.” He said handing him a scroll. He searched the room until his gaze fell upon Kagome.

“It is unlike you, cousin, to play errand boy.” He looked at him suspiciously.

“Indeed. I came looking to speak with the lady Kagome. The servant I asked for her said that she would be here. I offered to deliver the message he was in such a rush to get to you in thanks.”

“What business have you with this one’s servant?” His eyes burned molten gold.

Kagome stood, both men following her movements. The long doresu that she wore was the sage green wore by all servants in his household, but it clung to every curve of her body, leaving her arms bare. Sesshomaru also noticed that his mark was covered by the high collar of the gown. His eyes narrowed as she approached the other male.

“What would you have of me?” She asked formally, as lady Kirei na had instructed her.

“I would ask you to walk with me tomorrow so that I may come to know you better, my lady.” He stood close enough to see the violet ring in her eyes.

“You honor me, noble sir,” Kagome said calmly. Lady Kirei na had warned her that she would be sought after if only to claim a link to her great house. “However, my charge will take all my time for now.”

The inu smiled charmingly. “If I must wait for your service to be done, then I will, my lady. I am known as Kagesenshi, please call on me at any time. You interest this inu very much.” He bowed to her, then lower to Sesshomaru before leaving.

“Onna.” Kagome stalled in returning to Rin, turning to meet his fiery red eyes. Apparently, he was pissed. “You will not ever cover this Sesshomaru’s mark again.” She touched the mark on her neck, her hand finding silk. She had not once thought about the clothing covering it. Frowning, she asked “Why?” Her head cocked to the side, sending her long unbound hair falling against green silk.

“It is not your place to ask why, girl.” Jaken jumped up, offended for his masters sake. “He does as he wants and you are to wait on his pleasure.”

Kagome’s glowed as they settled on the imp. He quickly ducked behind Sesshomaru, hoping for his protection. That glow met him instead, glare for glare. “As you please then, lord Sesshomaru.” She bit out through her teeth. It was getting harder and harder to hold her tongue, especially when Jaken was involved. She turned and collected Rin, fully aware of his eyes branded her back as she stormed out the door.

He opened the scroll the dog had brought to him. After reading it, he tossed the offending thing on his desk just in time for another to be handed to him. Slamming it down with the first, he had to control the urge to burn both documents. His mother entered the room, surprised at his outward display of temper. Growling, he got up and walked to the window, aware that she was reading them.

“The wolf tribe seeks to be your allies and will arrive within the next moon phase. Your half-brother Inuyasha also comes, excepting his place in your household and wishes to honor his father’s blood. He will also come within the moon phase.” She smirked at his back. Her son seemed to be pacing, though he moved not an inch. “This should not anger you, my son. The wolf tribe make strong allies and Inuyasha is finely doing as he should.” She did not bother to hide her smile as he faced her.

“Lies, all of it. They come to try to claim what belongs to this Sesshomaru.” He looked back out the window, but there was no moon to sooth him this night.

“Does it matter, truly, when she will only be yours for a matter of months? Not that I think she will go back anyway. I have been approached by several houses seeking to join with mine through lady Kagome. She is greatly admired.” Lady Kirei na continued on despite the low growling coming from her son. “I have informed them that when her service is up, she will be free to do as she wishes and they would have to speak to her directly.”

“Why?” he indignantly asked. As head of her house she could have refused all offers on the onna’s behalf.

Deliberately misunderstanding, she answered, “If you think lady Kagome would let anyone make such a choice for her, then you do not know her very well. She is my friend and I wanted to give her options to heal the sting in her heart. It would not have to be a mate, a lover would do just as well.” She took a step back, knowing that she was pushing him. It was not a wise thing to do, even for his mother. Thought he would never harm her, he could make life hell for a while.

“She is mine.” He hissed, watching her retreat like pray.

“Is she son?” Giving him a meaningful look, she walked out the door. She sent a mental apology to her friend. There was a burn between them that would never turn to flame if they were not pushed. She knew that her son would give into desire quicker than her, after all no one would have ever dared to hurt him the way Kagome had been. No matter how much time had passed for her, coming in second in the man you loves life left a mark and made one wary. She knew well of that herself.

His door slammed a short time later. Everyone in his path hid, his menacing aura giving warning well before he came into sight. Sesshomaru in a bad mood was never a good thing. It usually meant pain and blood stains.

He stopped by Rin’s room, checking on the child as he did every night. A movement outside caught his attention. She was out there. He stepped out onto the grass, watching as she searched the night sky. His annoyance rose as he noticed that she still had on the same doresu that covered his claim to her.

Kagome stood still, feeling the irate presence at her back. She glanced over her shoulder, noting the red in his eyes. “Is there a problem, lord Sesshomaru?” She asked quietly, looking back at the sky.

“This one gave you an order.” The growl was very evident in his voice.

“I have not had a free moment to change as of yet.” She missed the moons light. It always brought comfort, its face never changing.

Kagome stiffened as he took one claw tipped finger and slowly cut the material from her neck to her shoulder, baring his mark. What truly shocked her was when he wrapped her unbound hair around his wrist and hand, holding tight at the base of her neck. He held her still while tilting her head so that he had clear access to her throat. He leaned close, his breath hot against her skin. “Remember to whom you belong, onna. You are mine.” He nipped the mark on her, causing her to gasp. He kissed where he had bitten so gently she thought she might have dreamed it, before walking away. She watched him leave, eyes glowing softly in the dark.
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