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Dance of Blades

A month had nearly passed. Within a few short days, she would be reunited with her old friends. She was excited about seeing them once more, finely free from the grief she had suffered from.

Lady Kirei na was doing her best to guide her through her new life as an inu, so to speak. She had commissioned a whole new special wardrobe for her after the incident with the green silk. The new gowns were designed specifically by the western lady herself.

Kagome had convinced herself that Sesshomaru’s strange behavior had been just a matter of possessiveness. He had found something else that he could parade in front of those who wanted it, but someone had got to close to it. She was his servant, so he felt the need to clearly mark his territory. It had meant nothing more than that. She had not seen him since that night, he had been called away to by a threat on his eastern border.

She slipped on one of her new garments. It was a bright blue with the symbols of Lady Kirei na’s house embroidered across it in black. There were also hints of light pink flowers here and there. To satisfy Sesshomaru’s order, the neck line was low, clearly showing the crescent mark. The bottom of it reached just above her knees with slits in the sides that came to mid-thigh. When she moved, two dark blue daggers could be seen sheathed on her thighs. The silver accents glittered in the light as she walked through the main hall to retrieve her charge from her afternoon walk.

“Lady Kagome.” Sesshomaru’s cousin called out to her, falling in step beside her.

“Sir.” She said politely as she continued searching for Rin.

“Please call me Kagesenshi, or Kage if you would. How are you settling in here?” He asked, his eyes traveling down her body and back up, pausing only at her daggers and the mark on her neck.

“Lady Kirei na is teaching me many things, she is most helpful.” She slowed slightly.

“The entire court is wondering how you came to be lord Sesshomaru’s servant when clearly you had the power to refuse him.”

“I offered myself for the sake of a friend.” She said, still sighing over the memory. Hopefully, Inuyasha would control himself when he got here.

The blonde smiled charmingly, “How noble of you.” They walked in silence for a moment, her not really paying him any mind as she wondered where Rin and her Obaasan had gotten to. “Why blades? I though the bow was your weapon of choice.” He said, still trying to capture her full attention.

“Lady Kirei na has been teaching me the dance of blades. She felt that I would have an aptitude for it.” Kagome smiled. She had been right, Kagome had picked the skill up with ease. It had been somewhat painful, remembering how many cuts and bruises she had sustained from the lady. Unknown to most, she could also us a sword very well, a gift from Midoriko. She had indeed come far from the fifteen year old girl that fell down a well chasing after a cat.

“What plans have you for when your time is up here?” His hazel eyes gleamed as he waited for her answer.

“I have not made any plans as of yet.” She told him distractedly. Sesshomaru was back, she could feel his presence as plainly as if he was standing beside her.

Onna, his tone was clearly irritated. She finely spotted him approaching them, familiar cold look upon his face. He stopped briefly beside her, “Come.” The dog was too close to her again.

She nodded and immediately went to his side. He led her away from the public hall, back into the family’s wing. The room he led her into was the same that Kirei na had been using to train her. “You will be training with this Sesshomaru today. This one’s mother wants to keep Rin awhile longer.” He unbelted his robes. As a good servant should, she stepped up to help ease them away. He pushed back, causing her hands to travel softly over his back and arms as she pulled away. He notice the slight flare in her eyes, Interesting. The glow had died away when she turned to him again. They faced each other in the center of the room.

They began to circle slowly. Sesshomaru advanced toward her, their blades ringing as she spun away. The dance moved on as they flipped and spun, narrowly avoiding injury. He was faster than his mother, still she could tell that he held back, pushing her to the edge of what she could handle and just beyond. They ended in the same positon they had started in, Kagome a little breathless.

Kagome had to admit that he was an awesome sight, the way he moved and the way he stood there, calmly surveying her from across the room. She watched him as he walked to the wall, replacing the daggers he had used. She greatly admired his fighting ability, attitude notwithstanding, also the way he protected those he cared for. She was grateful that she now knew him better than the cruel man that they had assumed him to be. Most of the time, anyway.

Sesshomaru noticed her studying him. She sheathed her daggers and turned away from him much to his irritation. “What are you thinking of?” He asked

She looked back over her shoulder. “That next time, you won’t have to hold back for my sake. I may never be able to beat you, but I hope to one day match you” she smiled and leaned against the wall, closing her eyes as she often did after her training with lady Kirei na.

Sesshomaru smirked. Her smile had been challenging as was the look in her eyes. She now made another mistake, relaxing in his presence as her words still lingered in his mind. He moved so fast, he had her boxed in before she could even open her eyes, his hands on either side of her. He leaned close, making her put a hand on his chest, nearly growling at her touch on him.

“No.” she breathed. His golden eyes were so close, the warmth of him stealing her thoughts away.

Sesshomaru grinned. The moment she had touched him that violet light flared into life shining like the full moon on a cloudless night. “Your eyes refuse to lie for you, tsuki.” He said, raking his fangs over her bottom lip, stealing her gasp as he sealed her mouth with his. Heat flooded her and her hand curled against him as he took her mouth with the same aggressiveness that he had moved with earlier. For a moment, she was lost in him, having no defense against the taste of him and the touch of his skin.

Crying out, she tore herself away from him, making him growl low. She jerked out of his arms and half ran to the door, her hands coming around her waist at the sudden cold.

“Kagome.” She stopped her flight, stunned at the sound of her name from his lips. She did not face him. “You can flee for now, Tsuki. This one enjoys the chase, but understand that you will be caught.” He paused long enough for her to start walking again, “Soon.”

She held her hands stiffly at her sides and walked calmly from the room, heart still racing. She did not begin to run until she moved out into the hallway and did not stop until she dropped on her bed, breathless. She did not know if it was from the flight or his words. Her fingers brushed over her mouth, still feeling him there. She had never been more confused in all of her life, so out of control of herself. Kagome had completely given over to him and she was terribly afraid if he kissed her that way again, she would beg to be caught.
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