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Sesshomaru could not recall a time when he had been more amused by one being. His little Tsuki had avoided him for two days, ducking out of the room if she sensed him coming near. He was half tempted to summon her to his side, knowing that she could not outright refuse him. That was not how he wanted to play this game, however. He knew her well enough to know that her pride would not allow her to run for long.

She would have to be by his side today because he refused to let her meet her friends without him. They sought to steal her away and that he would not allow. He tilted his head at the sound of drums. The wolf tribe was at the gates. It was time to go and make sure they all understood that she was now his.

“I can’t wait.” Kagome said to Rin and Kirei na as her servant finished with her. The lady Kirei na was insistent that Kagome be presented as a member of noble blood while her friends were there, sending a message of her own. Though she may us them to push her son along, she wanted it clear to them whom Kagome belonged with.

Kagome stood and faced them. Kirei na grinned, well pleased by her efforts. Kagome’s hair fell in waves to her waist, one side pinned back with an amethyst and silver comb, Sesshomaru’s crescent moon plainly displayed. They had lined her eyes in black with a little color, also amethyst, covering her eyelids, making them appear even wider. They also added light pink to her lips, making them shine, enhancing their natural beauty. The gown was lady Kirei na’s own design. It had spaghetti straps, white fabric that clung to her and hung all the way to the floor. It had a clear amethyst over lay that flowed gently over the white material. When she moved, it made one think of bodies under silken sheets. A low hiss coming from the doorway drew her attention to where her son now stood. Yes, she was well pleased. She walked to him. “I will go great your guests, my son.”

Sesshomaru caught her arm on her way by him. “What game are you playing, mother?” He asked, his eyes never leaving the vision standing in the center of the room.

Kirei na smiled widely. “You are aware, son. I made my intentions very clear to you not long ago.”

“You will cease trying to find her a lover.” He said, teeth grinding together. “She is this ones and she will have no other.”

His mother nodded. “I was worried about finding someone worth of her. I am glad.” She walked out of the room, satisfied.

Kagome turned to him and their eyes clashed and held. Hers flared before she looked away and caught her breath. He watched, admiring as she straitened her shoulders and came to him, her head held defiantly high. “Do you have need of me, lord Sesshomaru?” She asked calmly, willing her hands not to bunch in the fabric of her gown. He had had her tied up in knots for days. Her eyes narrowed as he grinned, a truly wicked expression on his face.

Sesshomaru leaned closer to her. “You should be more careful with your words, Tsuki, or this one will end the chase sooner that you would like.” Her eyes slid half closed. He was close enough for her to feel the warmth of his body.

“Is she not just beautiful, lord Sesshomaru?” Rin skipped up to them. She wore a new kimono made of pink silk embroidered with white flowers, a darker pink gracing their centers. Her hair was pinned back with matching gold and pink combs.

“Hn,” he agreed with her, “the leader of the wolf youkai tribe and his new bride wish to greet you before tonight’s banquet. This one will escort you.”

Kagome gave herself a mental shake, then walked beside him. Rin worked her way between them, taking their hands. She was very nervous about meeting with the wolves. Kagome took her hand and squeezed it gently. Sesshomaru pulled the girl into his arms, carrying her with no effort. Kagome’s hand slid down to his arm, where it lingered for a moment. He looked at her, his gaze questioning. She smiled slightly and walked on, for once leaving him confused at her strange mood, but pleased none the less.

The moment Koga caught laid eyes on Kagome, he stood, sucking in a harsh breath. “Ayame, please forgive me.” He said to the wolf at his side, who rolled her eyes.

“Lady Kagome,” she said teasingly, “You look amazing.”

She smiled, delighted to see the red head, “I’m so happy that you came.” She hugged her.

Koga came toward her as if to hug her as well, but Sesshomaru stepped beside her, cutting him off. They exchanged glares until Ayame discreetly punched her mate in the ribs, causing Rin to laugh at his funny expression.

“This must be Rin.” Ayame said squatting down to the girl’s height. “I have a gift on behalf of the wolf tribe.” She held up a pretty beaded bracelet, a wolf charm made of sliver dangling from it. “So long as you ware this charm, no wolf would dare harm you.”

Eyes sparkling, Rin said solemnly, “Rin accepts your gift” she allowed Ayame to place it on her wrist.

Kagome smiled and shook her head, “that sounded just like the way lord Sesshomaru accepted the gift I gave.”

“Why does this amuse you?” He asked, “It is proper.”

“That is what I find so amusing about it.” She replied, the look she gave calling to him.

He placed a hand on her neck, his thumb gently stroking his mark. “You would tease this one?” he asked softly.

Her eyes shinned brightly at his touch, but she remained calm. “Would I tease one such as you, lord Sesshomaru?” She asked.

“Hn,” he said, his touch lingering, “only you would dare, Tsuki,” he was aware of the she wolfs grin and her mates jaw dropping. Positive the wolf understood his claim, he led them into the room, Kagome at his side.

Over an hour after his negotiations with the wolves ended, the drums sounded again. Sesshomaru glared at the window, not at all pleased to have the half-blood so close to her. He was torn between honoring his father and wanting to beat his brother bloody. It was not a usual state for him to be in.

He moved to the door of his study, hearing the bell like laughter of his daughter. Kirei na and his child were walking by, headed for their afternoon in the gardens. This meant that Kagome was alone to great the dog. He passed by them without a word, missing his mother’s smile.

Kagome was standing at the window, watching Rin playing in the garden when Inuyasha and Kikyo came into the room. She turned to them smiling softly. He sucked in a harsh breath, his hands clenching. Kikyo went to her and they hugged, glad to see one another again.

“You look well.” Kikyo said pulling away from her.

“You as well. I never expected to come to see me so quickly.” She began to lead them farther into the room to be seated.

“Kagome.” Inuyasha stepped closer to her. “I would never leave you here at Sesshomaru’s mercy.” He gripped her upper arms, almost painfully. “Kikyo and I have discussed it and we would like for you to join our household and come back home where you belong.”

“I gave my word. I still have six months that belong to lord Sesshomaru.” She said, trying to ease away from him. “Besides, you guys really need privacy, you’ve just been mated.”

“You don’t understand.” He said, holding tighter, “I want you to be my second wife and come home Kagome.”

With a small burst of her power, she pushed him away. “HAVE YOU LOST YOUR DAMN MIND!” she turned to the woman she called sister, “what the hell were you thinking. When I left, I assumed you would talk him out of this nonsense.”

“I know and I did try at first,” the priestess said, blushing slightly, “But I could not stand the thought of you being tormented for our sake. It seemed the lesser of two evils.”

“You really think that I would allow myself to be tormented, not that I have been. I am not weak by any means and the people here have been nothing but kind to me. I will not hear them be spoken badly of.” She shook her head and took a breath trying to calm herself. Sesshomaru approached the room, catching part of their conversation. His anger began to rise.

Inuyasha caught her wrist when she turned away. “I’m sure we can work something out with Sesshomaru. Your human, he could not care for you that much other than a way to get me angry. He will release you to be my wife.”

“I DO NOT want to be your wife.” She said firmly, “my answer is no. Let. Me. Go.”

“Ka...” Inyasha started.

“Release her.” Sesshomaru stood at the door, ready to attack at any moment, eyes tinted red already. Kagome jerked away and went to his side. “Lord Sesshomaru.” She stood still and quiet by his side, trying to find a way to stop the coming bloodshed. It was time to tell Inyasha the complete tale and hope that he would back off. “Inuyasha, I think that you need to know why I have changed so drastically.” She started to go to them, but was jerked back against the western lord’s chest. She flashed him an annoyed glanced, which he completely ignored.

“Kikyo, you were one of the last souls released, do you remember the process at all.” She asked, searching for a good starting point.

“I remember some of it. You were the focus point through which we were purified. You shared my memories, all of them.” She smiled, remembering how light she had felt when Kagome had been a part of her.

“You purified Kikyo?” Inyasha asked, shocked.

“Yes. It was not painful, I promise.” Kagome went on, “You were one of hundreds of souls, human and yokai that I bonded with to free them from the jewel. Each one changed me and took lifetimes to accomplish.” She looked directly at Inuyasha, “Understand, I had years to grow and change, for my love for you to change.”

She stepped away from Sesshomaru and released her aura fully. The room filled with violet flames. “Understand, Inuyasha, I am not the same girl who foolishly loved you so. Even if I had been, at no time would I have agreed to be your second wife.” She calmed her aura, hiding it once more. The three in the room looked stunned, Even Sesshomaru, though he did hide it better, of course.

Still, Inyasha spoke quietly. “Even so, I will not give up on you. I never would have chosen between the two of you. I want you to come home, Kagome.”

“That is why I made the choice for you. It is done, understand, we will always be family, but more than that will not happen, ever. I am sorry if that hurts you in any way, but you need to move on.” She held herself proudly and turned to go, “do not come here again for me.” She walked from the room, head high and angry as hell.

Sesshomaru glared at the couple in front of him. “Tonight, this one will acknowledge you as family, my father’s son. However, half blood, understand she is off limits to you.”

“Only for a few more months, brother” Inuyasha spat out, “She will change her mind, she has always come back to me.”

Sesshomaru sneered. “You do not know her as you think if you believe that. Not that it matters, this one will never let her go” he left the room, his brother.

He found her where he expected to, firing arrows, one after another at straw targets in her garden. Her power simmered just below the surface of her skin in her fury. “Ordering people around in this one’s home now, Tsuki? He asked, watching her carefully.

Her eyes shimmered brightly when she turned his way. “And what would you suggest, lord Sesshomaru?” His name had never been said with such ire before, even by his enemies. “Aren’t you worried that they might take off with your shiny new toy?” She fired another arrow.

He smirked, vastly amused. His moon was in a fine temper, gorgeous in her anger and wanting to lash out. This was a side of her that he had not yet seen. “They cannot take anything from this Sesshomaru, much less this one’s ‘shiny new toy’. The glare he received should have wilted the flowers around them.

“Could you just go away now, lord Sesshomaru,” she bit out. “I do not feel like being played with right now.”

“This one thinks you’re in a fine mood to play, were you not afraid to.” Gold clashed with violet.

“Afraid?” She was outraged, her eyes burning brightly. How he enjoyed that fire. “Of what?”

“This Sesshomaru.” He said, stepping closer, daring her to deny him.

She did not disappoint him. “I am not afraid of you.” She set her bow down, stepping closer to him.

“Kagome.” Lady Kirei na called out. “It is time to prepare you for tonight. Are you sure you do not need time to practice?” she asked from the door way, curious at the scene before her.

Not looking away from the man in front of her, she replied, “I have nothing to fear.” She stormed past him.

“Practice?” He asked after she had gone.

“Kagome agreed to entertain tonight. It was also a challenge from the gray inu house,” Kirei na told him, “Do you think she will be alright. They are well trained and known for being vicious.”

Sesshomaru’s lips curled slightly. “This one thinks they have picked the wrong one to spar with on this night.” He walked past her, swallowing the urge to grin, Tonight will be most interesting.
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