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Dance of Fans

Sesshomaru sat on a throne of silver fangs bored out of his mind. He had announced his brothers joining to his house with as much enthusiasm as a child getting lectured. The following announcement about the wolf yokai tribe joining their strength as allies took less time and about the same amount of interest. Both now sat a level lower than him glaring at each other.

He had yet to see his Tsuki, but felt her drawing near. His first thoughts upon seeing her was that he either had to rain his mother in or kill every man present in the room. Thankfully, the crowd was too caught up in her to notice the soft growling he could not control.

Kagome walked into the gathering of the noble inuyokai carrying two large silver fans with blade tips gleaming as the light crossed the sharpened edges. Her gown was sliver and clung to her body until it reached just below her hips where it flared out, giving her free movement. The front of the garment was daring with cut outs that showed glimpses of her ribs and stomach, like claw marks that had been drug across her sides. If the front was daring then the back was death defying. It was nothing more than a few scraps of fabric crossed at her shoulders, leaving her bare all the way to her waist.

Her hair had been braided in the back and pinned into coils, jewels gleaming within its dark depts. The front framed her face, softening the look. They had outlined her eyes in silver and black, a swirling design coming off her left eye. Those eyes smoldered just as bright as they had when she had left him.

She moved to the center of the room, her head held haughtily high, and glared rebelliously directly at him. His lips curled, causing many in the room to gasp, but he paid them no mind, all his attention on her. He had no doubt that she would love to have him be the one she was to spar with.

Amusement filled him until no less than four inu warriors surrounded her. Two were sword masters and two were masters of the dance of blades. He knew the four to be some of the most skilled of the gray house. Sesshomaru thought about stopping the fight, because it could be seen as a protest of his decision. Oddly it was his brother that changed his mind.

“Kagome, you can’t do this.” Inuyasha stood, looking to defend her. The look she shot his way could have melted stone. He whimpered a little and took his seat.

The four masters greeted him, bowing appropriately. He waved them off. “Lord Sesshomaru.” Kagome said through gritted teeth, refusing to do more than nod in his direction. His smirk grew, realizing that she was still livid. He would only call a halt if they set out to kill her. She would not thank him for anything less.

Kagome took her stance, relaxed, one fan closed at her side and the other open, covering the lower half of her face. She continued to scowl in his direction until she felt the first sword master come at her back. She caught his weapon with her open fan, spinning it out of his hand while coming across his wrist, then his chest with the blades of the fan that had been closed. She then kicked his knee out from under him, making him go down hard. Once their backs hit the floor, the rules of mock combat said on the floor they remained. One down.

The other sword master went down a little slower than the first, but still insultingly fast for the house of the gray inu. Especially since she used nearly the same maneuver on him. The blade masters realized that she was not some easy way to score a hit on lord Sesshomaru as they had been led to believe. Still, they did not want to be so quickly defeated. They attacked together.

She jumped away from them, nearly making them slam together. She poured her power into her fans, making them burn with amethyst fire. It was the most beautiful thing that Sesshomaru had ever beheld as she struck and danced away, leaving one short a dagger and the other sporting a long cut from his knee to his hip. They rushed her again, determined not to be beaten, only to have her sweep the legs out from under one while dodging the other. His back slammed to the floor, leaving only the injured one still standing. He bowed slightly, acknowledging her strength before one last futile attack that she easily avoided, striking him hard in the chest with her one closed fan, and behind the knee with the other. He fell to the floor.

Kagome returned to the center of the floor once again, standing before him, tauntingly. Sesshomaru stood, stripping his chest bare before walking to her. In his hands he carried the same daggers that he had used in training before.

Narrowing her eyes at him, she took her beginning stance once more. They began to circle each other slowly, purple flames slowly creeping up the metal of her fans. As before, he came at her aggressively, a lot faster than he had been. They clashed over and over until Sesshomaru marked her upper arm with a blade. They broke apart to circle each other again. “This one thought you were going to match me when next we fought,” he taunted.

Glaring at him, she advance quickly, catching his upper arm, her mark mirroring the one he had left on her. She smirked at him pointedly. Sesshomaru grinned, fangs daringly displayed. Twice more he marked her, once across her ribcage and once across her thigh. Twice more he was marked in return. He was beginning to notice a weakening in him. It was then he realized how she had defeated the four so easily. Her flames slowly drew away his yoki, leaving him weaker every time her fans came near. “Clever, Tsuki.” He told her, coming close again. “But it’s time to end this game.”

Using his greater speed, he ducked under her fans, knocking them from her hands. She drew her power around her, preparing to push him away when he spun her around and jerked her back against him. She gasped, the light fading from around her as her power settling when his bare skin touched hers. His arms held her tight across her waist and her chest. All eyes were upon them.

“Will you yield now, Tsuki,” he said lowly, his breath warm against her neck, “Or will you try to lie with those eyes burning so radiantly for this Sesshomaru.”

Kagome breathed out softly. He had beaten her, could in fact demand anything he wished, yet still he asked. The worst part of it was the fact that he was right. Even when she had been in love with Inuyasha, she had not reacted this strongly to his presence. She knew that if she spoke, she would say the wrong thing, so what she did was more meaningful in the present company. Kagome relaxed in his arms and lay her head back on his shoulder, giving him access to her throat and his mark. Her eyes half closed as he lay a gentle kiss where her shoulder and neck met. She felt him smile before he bit down, marking her anew. She never flinched, just stayed relaxed against him.

It was a lover’s bite, meaning no other could approach her until the mark faded from her skin. It was an old custom among the inu, unlike the mating mark, it would not scar. Sesshomaru used it now, publicly staking his claim, so that any who dared to peruse her would have to challenge him directly. He released her, running his tongue over where he had bitten. He felt her shiver at the contact. Taking her hand, he led to his throne, where she stood by his side. You are now mine, Kagome, he said to her.

She looked at him, her expression calm as his was cold. Until your mark fades, I am yours, she replied back before looking away. She stayed by his side for the rest of the ceremonies and for the meal afterword. She did not mind too much, but there was always someone staring at her questioningly, wondering what her strengths and weaknesses are. It had gotten very old very fast.

She managed to slip away as they reentered the great room. Sesshomaru had glanced her way, but made no move to keep her beside him. She made her way through the empty halls, heading for her room.

“You will be his lover?” Inuyasha asked quietly.

She sighed. “That is not you concern.” Kagome turned to face her longtime friend. For once, he seemed normal, not angry or ready to drag her off anywhere.

“I can’t even be concerned for my friend?” he asked, halting a few feet from her.

“Don’t worry for me. There is something between Sesshomaru and I, thought I have no idea what it might be.” She smiled at him. “Go home, Inuyasha. Quit hurting the three of us. Take Kikyo home, love her, have little fuzzy eared children I can be an aunt to”

He sighed and looked away. “I want you to know that part of me will always love you, I can do nothing about that. But I will do as you wish.” He took a step closer. “If you ever need me, us, you know where we will be.”

“Thank you, my friend.” She said, hoping that this was at long last over.

“Running again, Tsuki?” Sesshomaru said from where he had been listing.

“And what would I be running from, lord Sesshomaru?” she asked, spine straight and eyes instantly flaring in annoyance. “Goodbye, Inuyasha. I will visit the village as soon as I am free to. Give Kikyo my love.” Kagome paused by the elder brother “the shiny new toy has blades as well, there is no reason to run.” She walked calmly past him, leaving them alone in the hall.

“That was the most intelligent thing this one has ever seen you do, little brother.” Sesshomaru looked back to him.

“Yeah, well you just did the dumbest. Kagome can be vicious when she’s pissed.” He replied, shivering in remembered sit created craters.

“This one is aware.” Sesshomaru grinned maliciously before following after her.

Inuyasha shook his head. It was so hard for him to believe the two of them were together, or even remotely close. He turned away and returned to Kikyo, preparing himself for a life without Kagome by his side.

Sesshomaru caught up to her easily, pulling her into his arms, one hand caressing the naked skin of her back, the other on her hip. “Are you prepared to use those blades, my Tsuki?”

Kagome smirked, surprising him by sliding her hands around his waist. “Would it do me a bit of good if I did?” She asked brazenly.

“No.” he said against her lips. They kissed the way they had fought, intensely, with tongue and teeth. She clung to him, her hands gliding up his back wanting him closer as her knees got weaker. He pulled back, growling, loving the dazed look in her power lit eyes. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he lifted her, carrying her to his chambers, his moon caught at last.

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