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Depth of True Love


Fan fiction based on show IPKKND.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


Arnav a successful businessman running fashion designing firms around the world named “AR Designs”. Haunted by a dark past, left orphan with an handicapped sister at the age of 14, thrown out from his father’s house by his own uncle.

His meeting with Khushi Gupta was nothing usual, she was just a middle class girl, orphan from the age of 8 and raised by her aunt and her family.
The night they met sparks flew but of hate not love. She who was pushed on to the stage of fashion show because misunderstanding, fell down only for him to catch her in his arms in bridal style only to cage her for upcoming interrogation.

Khushi’s sister marriage got called off that night, because she was unable to sort out the matter of dowry as she got stuck with that fashion show and later in interrogation by a certain ASR. Their next meet was no less, he never accepted defeat and was used to people obeying him but the chit of a girl always answered him back, not giving up My type of challenges. So in his anger he released her videos of fashion show night where she fell in his arms.

In a small city like Lucknow, the news was like a acid in Khushi’s and her family’s life. Some goons tried to molest Khushi after that video telecast and entered Shayam Manohar Jha (SMJ) saving Khushi he came Savior for Gupta family. When her father decided to send both sisters to his own sister’s home in Delhi, Khushi prayed to never meet ASR again but unknown to her destiny was taking her closer to him.

In Delhi, Shyam helped Khushi to get job as he was a lawyer so he told it’s in one of his clients place. Though job was something else but because of staff’s misunderstanding Khushi found herself as ASR’s PA and the man never smiled, just roaring and screaming in anger all the time. He vowed to make her life hell and she accepted his challenge like always.


It will be from show, when trying to get Payash close Arshi gets close with each other. but here Nk’s entry is already done n Lavanya is still there.

In the mean time Arnav realizes that he has strong feelings for Khushi, and Khushi also knows after Diwali night that she feels
something for her Arnav ji but thinking of Lavanya she decides to maintain distance with him.

But her Devi Maiyya wish something else and they gets more close due to Payash and understands each other better..

To be continued.......

Note: Shyam truth is out in front of Khushi and Gupta family.
and I didn’t like our Khushi almost gawaar in show, so in my story she’ll be little educated how?
That u have to read.....

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