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Love-Hate Story


Fan fiction based on tv show IPKKND.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


Almost one month has passed to Arshi’s contract marriage still Khushi is unaware of the reason that why Arnav has married her like that and Arnav kept ignoring her, hurting in every
given chance.

Shyam is also confused with Arshi’s sudden marriage, he have tried many times to confront Khushi but failed.

It was night and Arshi was having yet another fight for the same reason. Khushi wanting to know why Arnav has married her if hate her so much, where Arnav remembers painfully how he
found Khushi in the arms of Shyam. He really wanted to forget everything , his heart refused that Khushi can be so cheap but his mind as always empowered his heart. frustrated with Khushi’s questions, Arnav clutched her forearms harshly.

Arnav : you want to know why i married a cheap girl like you, fine! i’ll tell you, he shouted . Arnav was going to tell her everything when he noticed Anjali passing by, so before Anjali can hear or notice their position, he pulled Khushi close to him.

Khushi looks at him confused when his one hands cups her cheeks and angled their faces that its looks like they were kissing but when Arnav’s eyes met Khushi’s he got lost lost.

Slowly Arnav pecked her lips and Khushi closed her eyes feeling his lips on hers. Arnav looks at her face and still in haze he’s going to kiss her when their trance
got broken by anjali’s voice.

Anjali: oh god!! sorry sorry sorry for disturbing.
Arnav looked at Anjali standing on their doorstep closing her eyes with her palm and realised that he was going to lose control and kiss khushi in fact he have already pecked her lips, he didn’t dare to look at khushi, in fact keeping khushi still in his arms and back towards Anjali, he looks at anjali faking smile.

Arnav: di! what are you doing here? its late! do you
need something?
Anjali: are stop chotte! i was just passing by when saw you in that position, she said teasingly . so thought to tell you ‘at least close the door before romancing with your wife’ Arnav again faked a smile at her.
Anjali: i still can’t believe that my chotte can be so romantic!! stay like that always chotte!! now i’ll not disturb you anymore but close the door before continuing.

After Anjali left Arnav slowly looks at Khushi to see her looking at him confused and lost looking at him as if trying to see through him, before he can again lost in her eyes he pushed her back , rashly.

Arnav: to the earth... drama finished!!!!
"Drama?" she asked innocently only to break her heart more.

Arnav: yes! a drama! what do you think? I was going to kiss you? in your dreams! i have better options. it was just a drama for to see, he said nonchalantly while in reality he knew its all a lie. a big lie! he was lost in her for sometime and he would have been kissed her if not for anjali breaking his trance. Arnav turned his back towards khushi when he noticed her tears are ready to spill from her eyes, he can’t see them.

While for khushi his words hurt her deeply today
“i have better options”.

Does Arnav ji have someone in his life ? then why he married me? its contract marriage khushi ! maybe he did this for his family, so he can prove them wrong and live with that girl. Her mind was buzzing with different thoughts when sobs escaped her lips. Hearing her
sobs Arnav digs his fingers in his palm, her tears make him weak and he can’t bear it now, so he did what he knows best, “hurt her”.

Arnav: cry somewhere else dammit! Your fake tears
doesn’t makes any difference to me.
Arnav(mentally) : lie! you know it makes a difference to you. her tears hurts you. you are pushing her away because you can’t take see her tears. he dismissed those thoughts but Khushi’s
sobs hearing his harsh words, keeping her palm on her mouth she ran away from the room, at the same time Arnav turns to see Khushi running out of room , “crying”. he closed her eyes in pain.

On the other side, Anjali goes to her room and told shyam about what she saw, excitedly. where Shyam got more angry , khushi should be with him but saale sahab making it difficult, he smiled fakely at anjali showing that he’s also happy.

khushi was standing on terrace, crying her heart out to her parents. Arnav’s words has tore her heart into pieces. she stopped when she noticed someone else presence on terrace and recognizing who he is, she turned to go away from here but he again tried to stop her.
Shyam: done romancing with saale-sahab, Khushi ji? he can’t see her face as she was standing in bit dark.

khushi(trying to keep her voice normal): you have nothing to do with it!

Shyam: I have, Khushi ji! "I love you” he said catching her wrist.

Khushi: but ” i hate you" jerking her hand away from his grip she ran away from terrace , her view was clouded by her tears , she was going down towards kitchen without noticing her surrounding when it happened, she slipped from stairs shouting “Arnav ji !!!!”

Arnav was going to change into his night cloths when he heard her painful scream, throwing away his clothes he ran outside to get the shock of his life when he looked at khushi lying between the pool of blood on the base of staircase.

All colour drained out from his face, but soon he shouted “khushi!!!!!” and ran downstairs towards her. Taking khushi in his lap, he look at her eyes which was closing but she was trying to open them.

Arnav: khushi! how did it happened? don’t worry! nothing will happen. You’ll be alright, Arnav was telling her but in real he was trying to make himself believe that she’ll be safe

khushi(gathering some energy, cupped his cheek): your wish got completed Arnav ji! you don’t have to see me anymore, even till the contract. “best of luck for your new life! now i’ll be not present in it ! So you don’t have to hate me anymore!”

Saying this she closed her eyes and her hand dropped on floor.
Arnav(shouting): khushi!!!! no khushi! no ! i never meant that. nothing will happen to you. soon family gathered in hall hearing noises only to get shocked looking at the
scene front of them. ladies started crying and tried to come close to Khushi when Arnav shouted for Akash and told him to take out the car. Akash nodded and goes out , with Arnav following him carrying khushi in his arms.

To be continued....................

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