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Doll-size Songwriter


He is about six inches ft tall and very smaller and smaller. Also, a doll-size songwriter lives in the dollhouse at his normal-size live-action tween brat girl's room in her house.

Children / Humor
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Big Chores

Episode pilot in my master bedroom of 105 Burtonwood Dr. "Dave, stay in your dollhouse while I have to go my Dr.appointment with my mom. Not go out or near risk?" His live-action normal size pal tween brat girl opened the black rooftop and talked to her CGI animated remake doll-size songwriter recently. "Sure! No problem," Dionne. He sits on the doll couch now. Although in his dollhouse... "Sighs. I might go to the kitchen and get some apple from the table counterpart." Since at the kitchen... "Oh wells? My live-action normal size pal Dionne forget clean up this mess here. I have to tidy up that." Her CGI animated remake doll-size songwriter stopped to walk then noticed at this. Duration on flooring tile carpet... "La! I am skating and mopping on that. All right. Next is washing all the stain dishes and glass cans are in the sink counterpart. Maybe I should climb up on the broomstick is bigger than I am." After chores... "Oh. I'm so tired of washing on them by the old toothbrush. I have to eat an apple now. Oh wells?" "Dave, I notice on the flooring tile carpet is tidy up and dishes and glass cans are cleaned?" His live-action normal size pal tween brat girl returns back from her dr. Appointment. "Absolutely! I am tidying up on this. Because you are forgetting to clean up this morning," Dionne. He is sitting on a doll couch in his dollhouse at her room. "Oh! I don't have a time because my mom and I have hurry to leave for my appointment." She replied. "I guess so. Sighs. I might hard to work on big chores today. Winking eye!" Her CGI animated remake doll-size songwriter eats an apple is bigger than he is tiniest now. The End!
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