Fairy Tail: Sorcerer Weekly


While Gray was Walking home from a job, the cover of a certain magazine caught his eye.

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter One: The Water Goddess

~ Gray's POV ~

We just finished a fairly easy job, that was 10x harder thanks to that idiot Flame-brain

"I can't believe we had to give up half our reward to pay for that vase" Lucy wined as we walked down the street

Natsu crossed his arms behind his head "I didn't think it was all that important"

"So you threw it at grays head!" Lucy snapped

Natsu shrugged "He looked at me the wrong way"

While Natsu and Lucy kept arguing, something, no someone, caught my eye.


She was on the cover of the Sorcerer Weekly Magazine, and I was at a lost for words.

I picked up the magazine and flipped through, Juvia was on every page. She looked even hotter the more you flipped through the magazine.

She was beautiful, it was like her eyes were staring into my soul.

A voice knocked me back into reality "She's pretty isn't she?"

I looked up at the shop keeper "Ya I guess"

He smiled "You should enter the contest then, maybe you'll get a chance to meet her kid"

"What contest?" I asked

He pulled out a poster "Well it's more like a bidding war, highest anonymous bid wins a date with Fairy Tails Water Mage"

I narrowed my eyes "WHAT!"

Juvia would never sell herself out for money like that, I need to go talk to her.

I stalked past Natsu, Lucy and Erza

"Gray where are you going?" Happy called

I didn't answer, I just kept walking towards Fairy Tail, to find Juvia.

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