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Fairy Tail: The Sabertooth Menace


Gray isn't usually a jealous man, but he seems to be losing his cool after watching Juvia dance with Rufus Lore.

Romance / Drama
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The Sabertooth Menace

Gray Fullbuster has always been a cool and collected man. Over the years he's perfected the art of hiding his feelings.

But unknowingly to him, everyone in the room can see exactly what he's feeling at this moment.

Extreme Jealousy.

Tonight was supposed to be a happy occasion. Fairy Tail had just won the Grand Magic games and defeated a hoard of dragons.

Gray should be smiling right now. But he can't help but glare at the man across the room.

Rufus Lore of Sabertooth, that pompous jerk just had to make a snark remark about Gray's clothing choice, or more specifically his lack of clothing.

And to make matters worse, he refused Gray's challenge to fight, claiming that "Now isn't the time to be childish"

Rufus Lore was smirking at Gray from across the room, and Gray swore this awful man was on a mission just to provoke him.

"Gray-Sama" a gentle voice snapped Gray out of his glaring match

"What do you want Juvia?" Gray asked while turning his head to look at her

His cheeks slightly reddened as he took in her appearance.

Juvia bit her lip "Umm, Juvia was wondering if Gray-Sama would like to dance with her."

Gray sighed and looked away "Sorry, I'm not really in the mood right now"

Juvia grabbed Gray's arm and pleaded "Please Gray-Sama! Juvia really wants to dance. Just one dance!"

Gray pulled his arm out of her grasp "I said No!" Then he started walking away from her

Tears started to form in Juvia's eyes as she watched Gray walk out onto the balcony.

Rufus Lore couldn't help but smirk from the other side of the room. He just thought of the perfect way to get revenge on Gray Fullbuster.

Juvia made her way to a small table in the corner of the room, and layed her head on her arms.

She wasn't lying, she really did want to dance.

Juvia heard someone pull out the chair beside her and sit down.

Juvia popped her head up "Gray-Sama, juvia knew..."

But to Juvia's surprise, it wasn't Gray who sat down beside her.

"Gray-Sama? Now that's adorable. Won't you call me Rufus-Sama?" The blonde smiled at her

Juvia narrowed her eyes "Juvia knows you! You're another love rival!"

Rufus raised his eyebrow at the strange girl "Love Rival?"

Juvia pointed a finger at him "Juvia saw your battle with Gray-Sama, Juvia can't be fooled! You're planning on stealing Gray-Sama for yourself!"

Before Juvia could ramble on any further Rufus grabbed her hand "You are correct in one thing, I am a love rival. But it's not Gray Fullbuster I'm after. It's you."

Juvia blushed and pulled her hand away from Rufus "Juvia's heart belongs to Gray-Sama"

Rufus smiled sweetly at her "Well that's a shame. Would you at least give me the pleasure of a dance? To heal my broken heart."

Juvia shook her head "Juvia only wants to dance with Gray-Sama"

Rufus stood up and pulled Juvia to her feet "I'm not taking no for an answer."

Juvia sighed and allowed Rufus to pull her to the dance floor.

Meanwhile, Gray was staring out at the nights sky, trying to calm his mind.

Why does this guy bother me so much? I beat him in the end. I won.

When Gray walked back inside, his mood instantly soured.

There in the middle of the dance floor, was Rufus Lore and Juvia.

They were in the classic waltz position, gliding across the dance floor.

Everyone was in awe at how spectacular they were.

Gray clenched his fist and instantly the air around him started to cool.

Rufus Lore noticed Gray's presence and pulled Juvia closer against his body.

Gray made eye contact with Rufus and started walking over to the pair, ready to pull Juvia away from that jerk.

Just as Gray got half way to them, Rufus locked eyes with Gray and smirked.

It happened so fast, but Gray literally felt his heart stop, and rage fill his body.

Rufus grabbed Juvia face and connected their lips together.

Juvia instantly pushed Rufus away as tears began to fill her eyes. Without saying a word, she dashed out of the ballroom.

Gray gritted his teeth and stomped over to Rufus, grabbing him by the collar.

Rufus smiled at Gray "Your girl tastes as good as she looks. I really hope you don't mind sharing"

Gray wasted no time in punching the smirk off of Rufus' face.

Rufus glared at Gray "How immature can you be to start a fight at an event like this?"

Gray clenched his fist "I don't care where we are! When it comes to Juvia, I don't care how immature you think I am! She's all the matters, and you're gonna regret bringing her into this stupid fight of ours."

With that Gray turned around and started walking in the direction Juvia ran off.

Rufus stood up and yelled at Gray "Where are you going? Don't tell me Gray Fullbuster is too cowardly to finished what he started?"

Gray didn't even turn around, he just yelled "You were right, now isn't the time to be childish. I'll deal with you later, but someone else needs me now."

It didn't take Gray long to find Juvia. She was crying on a small bench outside the castle.

Gray walked over and sat down beside her.

Juvia started crying harder as soon as she realized Gray was beside her "Juvia is so sorry Gray-Sama! She just wanted to dance, she had no idea that Rufus-san would do that. You must think that Juvia betrayed you!"

Juvia quickly jumped up "Juvia's lips have been tainted, she no longer deserves Gray-Sama's love. She betrayed you....... no, I betrayed you."

Juvia covered her eyes with her hands and started to cry harder

Gray sighed and ran a hand through his hair "Juvia, you really are hopeless sometimes."

Juvia lifted her head out of her hands "What does Gray-Sama mean?"

Gray stood up and gently grabbed Juvia's face.

Then he connected there lips together.

The kiss only lasted a few seconds, but it felt like hours to both of them.

Gray pressed their foreheads together and smiled "That jerk might be better at dancing, but I'm definitely better at kissing."

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