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Fairy Tail: Baby Problems


Gray's world is flipped upside down, Natsu is hiding from his wife, Laxus is tired, Gajeel is in the dog house and Lucy is filled with jealousy. Nothing is ever dull in the Fairy Tail guild.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter one

~ Natsu's POV ~

"I can't take it anymore." I groaned as me and Gray walked out of his house

"Just tell her, maybe you guys should take a break." Gray replied

Me and Lucy have been married for close to two years. Everything was going well, until she decided we should have a baby. We've been trying for a couple months now, with no luck.

"You don't understand, Lucy really wants a kid, and I'm afraid I just can't give her one." I mumbled

Gray patted me on the back "It'll happen when it happens. Plus it's not like we need a little you running around anytime soon."

"What's that supposed to mean!" I yelled at him

It only took a second for us to break into a fight.

~ Levy's POV ~

I was talking to Mira at the bar, when a fuming Lucy walked over.

"I'm gonna kill him!" Lucy growled

"What did Natsu do this time?" Happy asked while flying over

Lucy sat down beside me "He knew I wanted to try again last night, so what did he do? Stayed over at Gray's house!"

"Maybe they're going on an early mission?" I suggested and looked at Mira

Mira frowned and shook her head "Gray and Natsu haven't been in this morning."

Natsu has been taking a lot of jobs lately. At first everyone thought it was to save up for their possible baby, but he seems to be avoiding Lucy as much as possible.

"Maybe Natsu is getting tired of trying. Sometimes it's best to let these things come naturally." Mira spoke up

Lucy narrowed her eyes "Naturally? It's been five months! If I let it come naturally, I'll never get pregnant."

"She certainly sounds like she's pregnant." Happy mumbled

"What did you say cat?" Lucy snapped

Mira smiled "What Happy meant to say is, maybe the stress is really getting to you. You've been really moody lately."

Lucy sighed "It's just not fair, you and Laxus weren't even trying and you got pregnant. What if I can't give Natsu a child?"

I rubbed Lucy's back "Natsu loves you, child or not."

Lucy smiled and was about to reply when the guild doors slammed open.

There stood my husband holding a passed out Juvia in his arms.

~ Gray's POV ~

Natsu kept me up all night ranting about Lucy. Apparently trying to have a baby isn't as fun as I thought it'd be.

"So why'd you have to crash with me last night?" I asked

Natsu shrugged "Because you understand what I'm going through"

I raised my eyebrow "and whys that?"

"I'm a dragon slayer, I've smelt Juvia." Natsu replied

I punched Natsu in the face "That's my wife! What are you doing smelling her!"

Natsu sent a fire ball my way "I didn't mean to, I just did."

"Well stop smelling things that don't belong to you!" I yelled while freezing his legs

Juvia and I have been Married for a little over a year. It was the best decision of my life, I've never been happier. Surprisingly the subject of kids has never come up yet.

"So how long have you been trying?" Natsu asked when our fight ended

I looked at him funny "We aren't trying."

"But she always smells like you, she's literally covered in your scent." Natsu replied

My face flushed "Just shut up already flame brain! I've gotta go to the guild, Juvia should be getting home today."

Natsu ran his hand through his head "I guess I should go see Luce, hopefully she won't be to mad."

When me and Natsu entered the guild everyone gave us weird looks.

Erza walked over to us with a worried expression

"What's wrong?" I asked

"Is it Luce? What happened!" Natsu panicked

Erza shook her head "Gajeel and Juvia got back from their job today. It wasn't as easy as they thought it would be."

My heart started racing, she better be okay. I can't lose her too, if anything happened to her I'll kill Gajeel.

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